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    wow and jesus Christ on a bike…. i had 2 choices this weekend one was to go down to Wiltshire and camp at the crop circle pub (in my book of light investigative capacity!) the other was to accompany my friend to a ‘contacting nature spirit elemental thingy hippy type workshop! But have just told her about 30mins ago i would do the workshop with her as i never do that type of thing 🙄 seeing the above crop circle and the one at milk hill has put me into a deep regret about my hasty decision 🙁
    maybe i can sway her?

    on a side note the one at milk hill is mind blowing, very different.


    I daresay there be elementals afoot in circle country. And an education in contacting nature spirits in itself!


    this be very true! but its too late… she gawn and booked it. maybe i will learn something from this girly endeavor 😆 i jest of course 😕


    …another very cool croppie in Switzerland…



    …croppies be sproutin’ like ‘sroom after a summer rain…

    …two more posted today… Beautiful !…




    …new croppie in UK…


    …interesting how it sort of…

    …runs off the page…

    “Will wrote:
    …interesting how it sort of…

    …runs off the page…

    Hm, yeah, kind of like it’s… entering into a different density? 😮


    so cool


    @Will wrote:

    …third phase -below Milk Hill…

    Just thought i would humbly give a little field report in relation to the above circle

    well basically it was bloody strong despite its varying age! My friend could not stay in it, but she is a pussy, the energy i could tangibly feel going up my arms just short of the elbows fitting like an invisible glove it was like a mad chi gong session.

    I felt super happing in the circle and i also said a few words to whoever made it mentioning the Book of light and to bring us understanding of this phenomenon i thought of all of you, this was kind of embarrising as i was standing there with my palm’s facing down looking like some new ager 😳 im so glad no one was around.

    As i have said i felt brilliant in the circle and had a sense of some thing good is gonna happen as i was leaving the circle i got a massive burst of dizziness that seemed to warp and twist my brain it lasted about a second. It was not like a head rush but it had a lurching affect almost?

    well that all im afraid it was probably the strongest one i’ve been in…… sorry i dont have more of a hotline.

    anyway until the next time


    …The year 2012/2013 in a nutshell…

    http://www.cropcirc leconnector. com/2009/ ogbourne/ articles. html

    The year 2012/2013 in a nutshell

    The information of this formation is really amazing and a remarkable example of extreme precision. At a close look the formation contains many small details, that all have a meaning. The following picture summarizes the head-lines of this formation:

    As later will be clarified, the white line of this image refers to the year 2012 from the 1st January until the 31st December. Apart from that, two circles refer to January and February, while this is followed by a period of 12 lunar months (353 days, yellow line), from the 1st March 2012 until the 16th February 2013 inclusive. The following picture gives a detailed explanation:

    It’s very notable that the spikes of the lower left and lower right circles form a cross with the spikes of the 2 times 6 circles (marked blue) above it. As depicted underneath, the spikes are a representation of the sun-beams, while the cross is a symbolic representation of half moon: the sun and the moon form a cross in the zodiac. This lunar phase marks the beginning of a lunar month, each represented by the 12 circles with spikes. Note that the lunar month is about 29.5 days only, considerably shorter than the Gregorian calendar month. January and February have been depicted separately (left under) and don’t belong to these 12 lunar months. So this cycle starts on the 1st March 2012 and indeed the day of the 1st March 2012 precisely starts with a First Quarter Moon (half moon, waxing)! As the 60 days of January (31 days) and February (29 days) fairly good correspond with 2 lunar months, this is also true on the 1st January 2012.

    Before explaining the significance of this 12 lunar months, I first go into the question why this cycle starts on the 1st March? The reason is that the 1st March actually is the beginning of the year! We can still notice this by the names of the months (Septem = 7, Octem = 8, Novem = 9 and Decem = 10) and by the fact that the leap-days are added to the “rest-month” February, but there is also a compelling reason for that from a calendrical point of view. This is related to the so called Metonic cycle. This is a cycle of 19 years which precisely equals 235 lunar months. However as the number of leap days in this period can vary from 3 to 5, the period is sometimes considerably shorter. Thanks to the shortened month February, this means that 235 – 1 = 234 lunar months still always fit in a period from the 1st March until the 31st January 19 years later. This is important as 234 = 2 x 9 x 13, while 9 and 13 are the numbers of divine creation; 13 months are to be considered as a “time-wave”. Generally, the first 12 lunar months of the last time-wave of the Metonic cycle are fairly good represented by the 12 calendar months (January until December), while the 13th lunar month that completes this cycle corresponds with January. The rest-month February that follows is a month “out of time” (it doesn’t belong to a time-wave) that completes the 19th solar year. This corresponds with the 235th lunar month, but can be 2 days shorter.

    This means that the last Metonic cycle ends in February 2012, while the 1st March 2012 is the start of in this case only 12 lunar months instead of a Metonic cycle. The point that represents the end of this cycle on the 16th February 2013 has been depicted on exactly the same height as the beginning of this cycle on the 1st March 2012 (dotted line). Despite the fact, this period is less than a year, it represents a completed cycle and the end of this cycle even implies the end of the Gregorian calendar! In this case, the beginning and ending of each lunar month is determined by the day on which the lunar phase is a First Quarter Moon. The central line of “moons” of the formation represents the Gregorian calendar months. As the crop circle makers didn’t hand us a manual how to interpret this, there are 2 options:

    1 The first “moon” simply follows the month January underneath (depicted black), which then represents the month February. In this case the upper most moon represents the month May. Above this month there is a horizontal line that represents the transition to new age. This makes sense as the 1st June is the true end-date of this age (see end_of_time ). As the period from the 1st March 2012 until the 1st June 2012 equals 3 months, the position of the sun on both dates exactly form a square. This relates to the square of the First Quarter Moon, as the position of the sun on the 1st June exactly equals the position of the moon on the 1st March. The 7 circles above this line represent the 7 remaining months (June until December) of the year.

    2 The first “moon” follows the months January and February underneath the white dotted line and represents the month March (white). In this case the upper most moon represents the month June. However as the circles above the line represent a minimum of 6½ months (2 circles are only partial), it’s more likely that this represents only the first half month of June. This fits, as the 14th June 2012 is the day of the recreation of the world. In that case the 6th month partly merges in the “spikes” to the left and right and these spikes get an additional meaning: Like the spikes of the other circles, these spikes refer to the lunar phase. As the upper most circle actually represents the dates of the 1st and the 14th June 2012, these spikes represent the lunar phases of these dates. To these dates also belong a point of time and it turns out that the yellow and purple lines perfectly match with the lunar phases on the given dates and times! On the 1st June the angle of 135° actually corresponds with the angle between the sun and the midpoint of the moon and Saturn on that day. On the 14th June, the angle of the lunar phase actually is 53.5°, while the angle of the formation is 58°. However this value corresponds with the angle between the moon and Neptune on the specified time. The reason that the crop circle makers referred to this angle is very probably due to the fact that 53.5° doesn’t correspond with any astrological aspect, while an angle of 58° still can be considered as a sextile (angle of 60°). Early on the day, during the heliacal rise of Venus, Jupiter and the Pleiades, the lunar phase exactly corresponds with a sextile indeed and this is the actual harmonic relationship between the sun and moon on this day. Note that at a closer look the formation is not 100% symmetrical and it’s obvious that the (direct or indirect) accurate representation of the lunar phases on the dates and times are the reason for that!!!

    These long spikes have also been connected with the third and tenth lunar month. The 21st December 2012 is an important date as it completes the erection of the new world tree and this date marks the very start of the eleventh lunar month. When we draw a line parallel to the line at the top of the formation, we come out at a point in the formation that corresponds with the 5th May. This day is an important starting point as this is the bridge between the planetary alignment on the 5th May 2000 and the recreation of the world 40 days later (see “the erection of a new world tree” milkhill3 ). It must be noted that the real transformation period in the year 2012 is from the 20th May (solar eclipse and begin of time-wave) until the 21st December 2012. When a line is drawn from the point that represents this date, we come at a point that represents the 3rd April in the central line (black variant). This is very remarkable as this is the date on which a Venus-Pleiades- conjunction will occur. This happening indeed will be connected with the solar eclipse, as the solar eclipse will take place in a conjunction with the Pleiades! Also the line between the 5th May and the 21st December 2012 crosses a point in the central line that has a meaning, namely the 20th March or the beginning of spring. The beginning of spring and the winter-solstice clearly have been connected as the position of the sun on both dates forms a perfect cross in the zodiac.

    The 2 circles that have partly been merged into the large circle at the top of the formation also have a meaning. When adding 47 days to the 31st December 2012, this is the 16th February and the end of the Gregorian calendar. When subtracting 47 days from this date this is the 14th November and that is the end of the year 1433 of the Islamic calendar and the end of this calendar.

    Still a few questions have to be answered. What does the lower-right circle/spike represent? In this respect we have to be aware that the 12 lunar months precisely equal 13 so called draconic months: this is the period between two passages of the moon over the ecliptic. The points where the moon passes the ecliptic are called the lunar nodes and are important as these are the points where the lunar and solar eclipses can take place. These points also have an important spiritual meaning as they refer to our origin and destination. The meaning of this points is stressed by the fact that at the beginning and ending of this cycle of 12 lunar months / 13 draconic months the moon is conjunct the south node. This is also true during the solar eclipse of the 20th May 2012. During this period the south node is conjunct the Pleiades and this is important as we know from Maya-research amongst others that the Pleiades will guide us in new age. The conjunction with the south node means that mankind will totally reconnect with his true origin, free from ego and in connection with the guidance of the stars, especially the Pleiades. The following shows how the southern node passes the Pleiades during this cycle, while at the midpoint of this cycle – the 24 August 2012 – the south node and the Pleiades are exactly conjunct.

    Begin and end of this cycle also are characterized by an exact conjunction of the moon with the south node (along with a First Quarter Moon). On the 24th August however, the moon is precise conjunct the north node opposite to the south node. Note that there is a perfect cross on this day and this day corresponds with the transition from the 6th to the 7th lunar month. In the formation this is also represented by a cross! On this day the bridge between the origin in connection with the Pleiades and the new destination of mankind (north node) is built.

    Now we can also understand the meaning of the 13th month in the formation: this is a symbolical representation of the time-wave of 13 draconic months. Also the question why the spike of the 13th month right under has been twisted with 19 degrees (see above) can be answered, as the 19 degrees exactly equal the clockwise rotation of the south node during the period of 12 lunar months!! This is very compelling evidence that the interpretation of the 12 lunar months / 13 draconic months is correct!

    But there are a few more indications that the description as given here is fully correct. A point of mayor importance is that on the day of the formation (29th July, 00:00 UCT), the lunar phase also was an exact First Quarter Moon! When multiplying day-number and month-number of the end-date of the Gregorian calendar (16th February 2013), we get 16 x 2 = 32. This number exactly equals the number of lunar months between the day of the formation and the start of the cycle on the 1st March 2012!! Note furthermore that this is the second formation within 5 days that refers to the end of the Gregorian calendar (see Smeathe ) and this is – as far as I know – the first time in the history of crop circle formations!

    Marc Smulders



    …Infrared Video of Light Flashes, Moving Darknesses – and Entity?…

    © 2009 by Linda Moulton Howe

    July 30, 2009 Yatesbury, Wiltshire County, England – After midnight on Tuesday, July 14, 2009, Yorkshire engineer, Winston Keech, had set up his four infrared cameras on a pole looking across the East Field wheat below Adams Grave. The rest of the huge East Field had not been planted this year and was a mass of dark soil next to the far west end wheat. Winston is an entrepreneur who develops renewable energy systems and is fascinated by crop formations. He wants to see what he can capture on infrared (IR) videotape, and the carpet of East Field wheat seemed a good place to night watch. His four cameras are Samsung 0.0002 lux infrared with 570 line resolution on closed circuit TV, mounted on a high T-bar in front of his van.

    Engineer and renewable energy developer, Winston Keech, on July 14, 2009, set up his van a little after midnight with four Samsung 0.0002 lux infrared with 570 line resolution on closed circuit TV, mounted on two high T-bars in front of his van. Image © 2009 by Winston Keech.

    Win Keech also used a high resolution, fixed lens, Digital Still Camera (DSC-R1) with 10 megapixel images made by Sony. The combination of the still camera with the four infrared cameras mounted on the pole helps give angles to gauge distances and heights and make comparisons between the visible color world and the infrared’s shades of grays, blacks and whites. Comparisons also help Winston to identify which images are only in the infrared.

    Winston began filming with his IR video cameras and at 12:24 AM on July 14th, the infrared captured two flashes of light followed by two large dark spots that move around in the wheat and appear to be later joined by smaller, moving grey spots, all moving until 1:44 AM. Then the large moving anomalies disappear, after two further flashes, from the infrared videotape.

    Speeded up Quicktime movie of first light flash and first appearance of dark objects that move at that location in East Field. Later that location is exactly where the basket weave circle pattern is first reported in thick fog by three Norwegian visitors to the East Field near sunup. Movie © 2009 by Winston Keech.

    Same light flash sequence with added frames to see slight motion of dark objects where the flash occurred in the East Field location of the subsequent basket weave circle pattern. Movie © 2009 by Winston Keech.

    Still frames of sequence from first light flash, second light flash and appearance of two dark objects in East Field wheat. Still frames © 2009 by Winston Keech.

    Winston confirmed that on the 1:05 AM visible still and IR video images, before the disappearance of the larger spots, he could still not see any shadow or indentation in the wheat that would suggest the flash of light and moving spots had created a crop formation.

    Winston Keech adjusted the RGB Gamma in his infrared cameras to increase contrast in the East Field images after the light flashes and dark objects had moved around, but there is no indication of any shadow of a pattern that would be found at sunup. RGB Gamma Adjust image © 2009 by Winston Keech.

    But forty minutes later at 1:45 AM, the first shadow line appeared in the East Field on the infrared video that was later confirmed at 3:15 AM on Winston’s visible light camera with RGB reduced to penetrate thick fog that had gathered over the wheat. At 4:36 AM, a man and two women from Holland were walking along the edge of the East Field and walked close by the formation, detected a shadow and eventually the tightly woven basket weave circle pattern with two arcs extending from it was reported.

    After the fog cleared on July 14, 2009, there where Winston Keech’s four infrared cameras videotaped after midnight to sunup was this tightly woven circle with an arc extending from each side. Aerial image © 2009 by Olivier Morel WCCSG.

    Nearly 170-foot-diameter “woven” wheat circle with long arcs projecting from two sides was reported in the East Field near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, England, on July 14, 2009. According to infrared, the extraordinarily intricate formation appeared in a half-hour time window before sunup. Aerial images © 2009 by Russell Stannard. For other images and information: Cropcircleconnector.

    The next day on July 15, 2009, Charles Mallett, Director, Silent Circle Research Centre, took his digital camera to the same place Win Keech had parked his van and set up the infrared cameras. Tramline comparisons between this color photo with the basket weave pattern now there and the light flash infrared image below show it’s the same site. Image © 2009 by Charles Mallett.

    Frame Comparison of IR Light Flash and Dark Figure with Basket Weave Pattern

    Animated comparison between Winston Keech’s July 14, 2009, infrared frame of light flash and dark figure with color still image the next day on July 15, 2009, by Charles Mallett. The light flash corresponds exactly with the location of the subsequent basket weave pattern. Comparison animation by Eric Vanden Heuvel.

    More Infrared High Strangeness July 7, 2009 Near Knap Hill

    One week before the East Field event, on July 7, 2009, Winston Keech was running his infrared video cameras at 3:24 AM near Knap Hill, not far from the East Field, when he caught another highly strange “moving shadow” that suddenly lighted up in two rapid phases and eventually dissipated.

    Speeded up Quicktime movie of sudden, strangely patterned light near Knap Hill, not far from East Field, on July 7, 2009, at 3:24 a.m, that seems to “release” a small, walking entity that dissipates. Movie © 2009 by Winston Keech.

    Slowed down Quicktime movie of sudden, strangely patterned light near Knap Hill, not far from East Field, on July 7, 2009, at 3:24 a.m, that seems to “release” a small, walking entity that dissipates. Movie © 2009 by Winston Keech.

    Winston refers to the strange infrared event as the “tiny entity” because as he emailed me: “The height is estimated against the height of the grass surrounding the entity and the known (1 metre) height of the distant fence posts in frame, with known distance exceeding three times that of the entity to camera and later compared against the size of rabbits that hop along the same piece of hillside an hour later! The tiny entity is just over two rabbits tall!”

    The eerie implication is that whatever suddenly lit up in the grass, seems to move on legs and then dissipates into thin air might still be moving around unseen in the fields. But what is it? What is it doing? And why?


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    All Rights Reserved.

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    …two nice ones to start August off…

    …check out the square within a square…


    …orbs within orbs…



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