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    Thought I would add my thoughts upon reading Blossom’s latest. My thoughts only and I really needed to get them down and share them………..

    I fully understand what the FOL are saying, I too had a feeling that the reason for not showing was because it would have been too much for us. I reflect back to how I was feeling prior to the “day” – I believe I was very anxious, nervous, in high anticipation that I let it consume myself and I forgot everything that was going on around me. All I wanted was to be saved and the world to be saved. By bringing us ‘the message” and not showing really showed how true we are and should be to ourselves. I am sure the sceptics at heart were bitterly disappointed that there was a no show because deep down inside they also want to believe. I am sure now that there are lot more people listening to their inner self.

    I myself have become much more relaxed, taking a lot of things in my stride, knowing that one day we will see. I am consistently looking to the sky, hoping, sending my love. It is almost like the no show was to kind of numb the populace so when they do show it will not be a shock to the system. If they did show tomorrow, next week, next year, I would look at it in a much more relaxed frame of mind and really appreciate what I was seeing a lot more.

    There are many trains of thought going on about all of this and where’s and why fors and why nots. The no show could have been just a little test to see how we really would react, how the governments would react, how our souls would react and by allowing ourselves to calm down it will mean a lot more when they do show.

    For me personally in my own life, I feel like I am giving the sense of a lot more love than I used to – to my friends, my family and my work colleagues, almost a sense of ‘everything will be alright’ – because I truly believe that everything will be alright.

    Everyday I awake and I am more thankful that I am here, to help, to listen to, to guide everyone I know and those that I do not know.

    Everyday I awaken and let my body and soul absorb the light.


    I am glad that Blossom is channeling again, I’m sure all the love we sent her helped.
    I think I need to reread her latest message a few times more – its as if I can’t take it in. Its not that I don’t believe it, I think the test of the 14th has changed my whole being. I know they are here and I continue to send love
    The only downside for me is that some good friends of mine are very worried about my grasp on reality, and are treating me like I have mental issues, It makes me sad.


    Patrish xxxxxxxx


    Friends, respectfully I would like to say to those of you that have said you no longer trust blossom or other channellers for you truth that this is a wonderful and joyous thing. I would like to say to you that this is precisely why the Oct 14 non-event was such a huge success. I will be writing an article and explaining my reasoning in more detail but I have come to understand that what ails earth’s consciousness the most is that we human beings are saviour-fixated. We want someone else to tell us how it is. To be our truth. And then we want someone else to come and fix up our mess that we have created. Now this sounds judgemental of me but it is not intended to be. Everything that went before now conditioned us to believe that we are not the powerful creators of our own reality that we actually are and to instead look to some authority figure to take care of our creations. So in that sense the announcement of the lightship, the huge build up and then… nothing… was JUST what the doctor ordered. It has had the net effect of opening people to a more amazing possibility and the shaking them hard if they were demanding that the lightship come and play saviour-saviour. You see the beings on the lightship want us to know that we are creator beings in our own right. If they show up and fulfil the saviour role then they are teaching us just the opposite. They are teaching us that we need them to make things okay. When, instead, our consciousness is on the very cusp of comprehending that we can each create our own realities.

    Now I have to admit I also hit a wobble on the 14th. Which is strange as my channellings didn’t specify the 14th at all. But you see on the evening of the 12th and the 13th I saw some amazing stuff in the sky. It’s pointless trying to describe what I saw so I’ll just say there where millions of pin-prick lights that danced together in a kind of a mist. But it was such that I could never get a proper fix on where they were. Now here’s the cool bit. On the night of the 13th my lady-love was outside with me and she saw the same phenomenon BUT what she said the lights were doing was different from what I saw. In other words we were each seeing something different and yet still the same. Freaky. But anyway I knew what I saw was somehow not generally visible. Like it LOOKED to me as if it was in the sky but I was actually seeing it with my heart. or my third eye. Or something. So obviously nothing was reported in the press or anything. But I was fine with that. I was sure this was just the preview to the main show which was going to happen on the 14th. In my mind I had a very rigidly held idea of what was going to happen on the 14th. The HUGE ship was going to become visible and it was going to be visible to everyone. And then as a result of that everything would be a bit chaotic for a while and then we settle down to a much rosier future. The point is, in my mind I was insisting that the lightship should be VERY substantial and real to all eyes on the 14th. So when that didn’t happen I went into a tailspin of doubt. I guess I ALSO needed to have my saviour-complex shaken loose. What followed that was some of the most amazing and growth-filled days of my life. I have suddenly began to awaken to who I really am and what its all about (for me). Its just been incredible. All I needed to do was finally decide I no longer was waiting for any kind of a saviour. I decided to just let all of that go and instead create my own reality and be my own saviour. That choice has catapulted me forward into astounding growth an realisations. I come to truly know, understand and believe that I am really the creator of my own reality. Really. As are we all. We just need to awaken to that understanding and claim it. And so I did. And I claimed for myself that I would be able to see the lightship. Just that. Not that I NEEDED to see it. Just that I could. So today I went outside and sat and meditated for a while and… there it was! I know this might sound fanciful but I stand in my truth and say I saw it in the sky with my eyes. or my heart or whatever. It was still not solid and substantial. You see I can claim the right to see this for myself but I cannot claim this for all the other inhabitants of my city. What it looked to me like was a HUGE lens of glass in the sky in that I could see right through. I even saw an aeroplane through it. But the edge was defined by the most beautiful delicate rainbow! So there was this slightly darker almost invisible lens shape in the sky surrounded by a perfect rainbow such as I have never seen before that made a big circle in the sky. The only other thing that I can really comment on was the way clouds behaved when they blew into it. They made a completely unnatural movement as they came to the edge of the lightship and then passed into it. I can say it was as if they were passing between two different media. And the other thing was, if I dropped out of the meditative state then it faded away. If I went back into egolessness then it appeared right back. And it was there for at least two hours that I was aware of. But when I looked up and saw it a simple knowing arrived in my heart – this is it! So that was pretty awesome.

    So if I can express anything to you out of all this then I’d like to say to you that I believe there were no mistakes. It is all working perfectly. If you feel you can no longer trust channellings or words from various ostensible channelled beings then I say to you you have taken a good step. It is time everyone stopped trusting external sources for their truth. But now you should complete the process and take another good step – claim your own truth. By all means give up on reading channellings. But for goodness sake replace it with something better. Don’t just go to a place of doubt. Doubt is utterly useless. It is a dead end. So claim your own truth. Signal your intent that you will know what you need to know when you need to know it. State unambiguously that you will experience the highest best most amazing and beautiful reality. If you claim it it will be yours. If you claim doubt and fear then unfortunately that too will be your experience.

    Friends, lets make our world the way we want it! Lets make it love filled and a happy place. I just KNOW this is possible.

    Bigfeet E

    Great breaktrough you expirienced, Zingdad.
    Seems to me you found that place with your attention & the abillaty to steer that attention with the proper intention.
    Can’t say that i have yet, found the steer yes but i’m still moving in a circle i think (and feel)
    The ‘holding on’ of the right intention pared with a vibrational rise is growing as time goes by.
    …one day i will pas my (own) test, this i’m sure of…

    Greets 😉


    What a wonderful thread. This has made my day. I am so happy to see that Blossom is in good humor, as are her contacts. The truth of Love triumphs! And Zingdad, I can’t wait to read your article. In my opinion, your message is spot-on. We all need to be constantly reminded to not engage the piece of us that wants to play victim and look for rescue as opposed to *doing the work* of transforming our minds and hearts. As we do this, we will be ready, and we will create the world we all so urgently crave. Our souls are ready, our minds have the knowledge– we just need to bring it into our hearts by making that knowledge part of our daily choices and patterns.

    I’m so happy to be living in these exciting times! Never a dull moment, eh?! There is always more to the picture than our simple 3-D emotional reactions might show. If we look, every day the many layers of the weave astound us – complex and beautiful.


    I can’t say I was disappointed by a no show. When there is no doubt in your mind that they have been here watching over us for a while, you can’t really be let down. I’ve already had several sightings, but not like the one Zingdad just described. What I have seen is a little different but they definitely have been light ships – the small kind. I wrote a post about it on the UFO ET forum and you can find it here viewtopic.php?f=61&t=348

    What I wanted the most to happen was a mass awakening. The type that I would wake up on the 14th, go outside and see everyone in the neighborhood looking up. I would see some people in awe and others wondering what’s going on and that moment I could explain it to them to let them know it’s alright. It will happen and we’ll all be able to consume it in all its glory.


    hey, it’s really good to hear from you blossom! you have been on my mind! i have never doubted blossom’s, opalescent’s, zingdaddy’s or mike’s sincerity & integrity… i just have this thing about truth being one of the ways we show love, even if it hurts…

    people speak about telling their truth & this is mine. you never mislead or deceive someone you love & see as an equal…

    & i speak as one who has chosen the other way in the past & justifying to myself why i was telling lies ‘for the greater good’!

    if you choose the light, you know that truth & love aren’t optional…

    i don’t know what the hell 9is going on but i’m glad blossom is ok…

    as for whoever she channels, if you hear or care what i think… you do yourselves no credit by not staying in truth.

    i always say to my children, whatever you do never lie to me because that would be so much worse than anything else you could do!

    love comin @ everyone from me & thanks to all for making this place very special…

    hey, it’s the weekend people! time to play some choonz & be happy with those we love!


    Hm, I didn’t know whether to put this video here or in the “do ETs have a sense of humor?” thread… so I opted for here. Be aware, mature humor!

    A channeled message from Evel Knievel about Blossom and MPixie:


    Wonderful video dear friend! 😆


    hahahahahhaha thats like ufos, glf’s for dummies!!!! to funny but damn if it might not work


    Wow that was brilliant.. how did i miss this thread ?

    For what its worth i have felt alot of what was said in the message and have felt they are here, and since the 14th i am literaly (well nearly!!) dreaming of ET things every other night.. i have had more ET dreams in the last 2 weeks than in my entire life!! and what makes it poignant for me is that i am not the type of person who dreams of things that happen in everyday life i.e if i watch Stars Wars i wont dream about it or say an important job interview etc… anyway love is the ‘in’ vibration at the moment i want more please.

    Hooray for everything i love you all 😀 😆


    Opal, you had me coughing and spluttering over the keyboard with that video!! 😆 Have you sent it to Blossom? I`m sure she`d get a kick out of it!


    😆 right! thats all i have to do is grab my balls and go for it… jesus!! 😆 the answer was below my waist all the time.


    Hahaha Opal that was extreeemely hilarious!! xD

    I especially liked the sign: “ILLEGAL ALIENS HERE”. Hahaha totally awesome!! xDDD 😆 😆 😆


    @opalescent wrote:

    Hm, I didn’t know whether to put this video here or in the “do ETs have a sense of humor?” thread… so I opted for here. Be aware, mature humor!

    A channeled message from Evel Knievel about Blossom and MPixie:

    ah, thanks opalescent…made me smile ya big softy! 😉

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