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    Hi friends, I just saw the new Adamu massage! that’s it, lets make a sub forum here if Annu wants, to discuss tips for preparation. Let’s discuss posible practical consequences and from there we prepare. Of course, who would like to go to work the next day? What airline would go up there while those strange things are up there in the skies? what basic services would be momentarly interrupted for obvious reasons? which will go forever?

    Lets open a new forum chat if you like the idea guys.



    Hi everyone

    Dan made the above post in the “YOUR INTERACTIONS” thread. I thought it really needed to live in it’s own thread. So I have moved it like this. So here it is! What do YOU think we need to prepare for… and how.

    Now remember! No fear… just preparation! 😀


    Thank you Dan for getting this thread up and running.

    I asked my wife, were the supermarkets to close for whatever reason how long we could live off what we`ve got in the house. She said, probably a week if we eat rice every day. Rice is easy to store and it`s not as bulky as potatoes. But I`ve been thinking that the Japanese in general (Especially the young people) won`t be phased by the appearance of a light ship. I`m sure they`d take it in their stride. I imagine lots of mobile phone cameras being pointed towards the sky. What the military and U.S. military will do is another matter, but I`m sure the GFL are prepared for all exigencies.

    Personally, I couldn`t wait to get back to work so as to discuss the event with everyone!! 😀 And guess which website I`m going to recommend, besides Blossom`s of course? 😉


    Well, I have stacked up my gear – after a little fire we had just down the street – so you will much likely see me in the same outfit, if anything disastrous coming out of this event aswell. :ugeek:


    Much preparatoryness
    Annan the Nordic


    Annan , my brother , I am glad to see that I am not the only one with a bit of a sick sense of humor here!!!!!!! 😆
    Humor , by the way , is probably one of our most important ass-sets! 😀
    As far as being prepared , we are simply planning for a week or so camping trip! With LOTS of SPECIAL guests!!!!!!!
    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!! 😎


    My dear brother GT!

    Yes, that was also my underlying point, and lucky-ly the picture above also made some joy out of what many might fear. But my point is – to fear something is to attack something, in its most simple yet profound understanding. And if I do not attack, I have the only choice by that to love – and that makes lots of Joy as a result.

    So, ofcourse I will not interfere with anyones preparations hence this will be their own creations, but for myself. I will jump on the funny ride of en-joy-ment by love. And if my Plan A doesnt work out and we are in som deep trouble, I will simply go to Plan B and follow my animal instincts:

    But there is a serious side to this, and that is not to make any fun of on the internet. There might be some people hearing of this event, and by this can do self-harm, as with any other upcomming predicted occasion that may – predict some truth to their eventually forced on indoctrinations. These need extra attention and extra amounts of love – and that is why we brothers and sisters of light are here right now, at these very moments scattered around mother earth – to reach out our lighthand – to those in need – and those that will accept it and walk with us. That is what preparation for me is all about. Black and white we unite – in light!!

    Much joy in preparing
    Annan the Nordic


    It has been my habit all my life to have about a months worth of food on hand. That came from living where there were no stores for miles, and being paid once a month. Also live in an area where electric goes out in winter, so are prepared to live without that also. Would the electric service be much affected if workers did not show up? other than emegencies, acidents, etc. wouldnt it just be in place? Losing electric in warm weather , may lose a few rozen things, but I know how to take care of that too. So, I guess I am prepared. All I have to do is come back here , if only in my mind!, to remember thse photos to bring on the laughter to almost tears!!!!!!! Thanks for that, I think. Not sure it’s a pic I want to keep in my mind except to laugh about!!!!!!!! Wont be able to hear the word prepare now without that pic coming to mind!!!! I have a well, but would need electric to run the pump. So, I suppose electricity would be the most uncomfortable to dowithout, and that is really not that big of a deal if I put up some water. So, sort of like camping, like you said!!! I am still curious about the love vibration they talk about, and its possible effects on everyone.



    Hahahaha friends I’d like to make, If you allow me, some distinctions about this Preparation WITHOUT Feaaar.

    1. It’s useless to ask some one not to fear. Fear is not a desition. Is somethng that gets activated in us as a resutl of how we live, think, feel, like, dislike, choose, crave, let go, and so on.
    2. You can not distract consiousness saying to someone DON’T THINK IN YOUR PAPA. Cause the unconsious mind doesn’t process negative orders. If you don’t want someone to think in his papa, then say, hey! do you remember how you fell in love for the first time?

    3. Thse preparations are not to save our little selves from a terrible thing. These preparatinos are for a BIG PARTY. We don’t want to get without beer and/or chips, and/or condoms, and/or CDs, and/or, fireworks, ect, IN THE MIDDLE of the party. We want to be stockpiled for the party to go smoothly and be open to many new friends who might drop in. Are we gonna say, hey welcome but we are out of Vodka? no way.

    4. Remember to have batteries for the Sony, so dancing won’t be interrupted.
    5. If we, the chosen ones!!!, the light workers!!! are to help people we maybe can tell them
    Hey dude, it’s ok to have some fear, it gives the situation the drama and weight it deserves, after all, it’s the biggest thing on history of all times on this planet, and you want to be just there like wathing tv ads? Noooo lets permit our stomachs feel the thrill of fear mixed with exitement like when we go to THEEE party and we know the girl/boy we like is gonna be there and we feel like somebody gave us a kink in the pit of the stomach, and when we meet her/him we speak bullshit cause we are trembling and sweating. THAT’S the kind of fear we should let in, so things are more interesting and romantic. But don’t make it sooooo big that you will have to reamin in the toilet for the whole party. (it’s a good trick, you see, so you encourage fear but with a slant, remember that we humans do the oposite of what we are told) And we love drama, so let’s mark up the field for fear to breack’n’loose inside a “party framework”

    6. Humor and irreverence are great allies, aren’t they, Annan.

    7. I had to put number 7 cause it’s a mistical number.

    See you fellas


    Here’s a start of a list I jotted down this morning… please add to it!

    propane tank (and camp stove if ya got one)
    ice (we are freezing water in empty plastic containers)
    oil lamp & wicks
    film for camera
    notebook & pens for jotting down interstellar addresses 😉

    Milk and butter are both freezable, to keep fresh and on hand

    Haven’t been camping for a while, but yep, that’s just what this is like planning for!
    So, more lists?


    Yes, some ideas here

    – look in youtube for this “rocket stoves” you can make.
    – Camping showers (we don’t want to stinck in Adamus precense right?)
    – food that doesn’t need cooking -Oats are good in water with lemon and banana and honey
    – HONEY it’s left so little of it since bee-maya-calendar is marking 2012 already.
    – Chocolates, dryed food.
    – BICICLES and gear to fix the tires just in case.
    – Binoculars
    – And the Interestelar amulete that I sell for chip, you need it friends, 50 bucks each, you can find it here http://www.interestellar-amulet-to-defend-from-the-aliens-and-find-your-love.com

    what else?


    Dear Daniel!

    “It’s useless to ask some one not to fear. Fear is not a desition”

    You are completely right, fear are for those ho are afraid. And I guess you are right about that, if you feel you have something to be afraid of, in terms of this eventual upcomming event – then you are creating fear for yourselves. And if you are not in control of your feelings, then you are not in control of your-self. And to be quite forward I do not quite see a connection on the beginning statement of your 1. and the end of it. Arent you creator of your own feelings Daniel? Are you your lifes own co-creator? Havent you chosen this life, and its premises, on your own behalf before you entered this life? Is it a life after death? If the answers to these questions are NO (which is a decision), then this is fine – I would suppose that could provoke some fear, indeed.

    Me personally would answer YES to all these question, and by that, after deciding to create for me and my surroundings – a zone of comfort and joy: anyhow, where or when such an event as scetched out would take place. And that is because I recognize on my own behalf, that I am a magnificient creator beeing. So No, it would not be useless to ask Annan the Nordic not to fear. For others I do not know – but for quite a bit others I know it is the same as for me. And for you Daniel – I would wish to inspire to the same. But hey, I am the creator of my life and you are the creator (eventually) of your life – but if you are in fear of this eventual scenario, then my hand is stretched out, to comfort you and uplift you Daniel, any-time. You know where to find me if you are in need 😎

    Humor and irreverence are great allies, aren’t they, Annan.

    Irreverence? Allies? What? :ugeek:

    Much Joy
    Annan the Nordic


    You are the creator of your reality.
    Ok, yes, maybe, but which YOU are we talking about? I am quiet inmersed in this game of vails and hide’n’sick so I don’t control my feelings nor my fear except some times and indirectly. I know that beyond the vail thers that ME which is out and WHO chooses and creates my reality. But for the games sake I, the I that is writing, am “disconnected enough” from that Big Self of which am part so that I can be human enough.
    But I think this thread should maybe be used more for the Preparation conversations, we can discuss these things somewhere else don’t you think brother?



    My dear friend Daniel!

    I do not personally see that this discussion, goes beyond the topic of this thread, thus it is been raised questions about fear – and questions asked on this forum is in purpose to be answered and discussed. This as far as I understand the complete meaning of this very forum – and also this topic so it can cast light upon others physical, mental, emotional and spiritual questions, for ALLs preparation, in these regards. And if it is un-appropriate I am sure that the fine moderators of this forum will put the postings somewhere else.

    As Adamu, has pointed out several times, (hence all others from the other side comes forth with) this is a game, as you also portray – and in this little game there are players. Some players choose to play as dark-actors and others choose to play as light-actors. Both are needed, unless it would not have been any game, hence neither any meaning to this at all.

    So in regard of this, preparation would mean fellow advice – per se – advice to any kind of actor in this game whatever part of the game they have chosen to take part of. That means also advice to those afraid for this and need advice beyond batteries to flashlights, cans of soup, gasoline, toothpaste etc.

    Well, as a little metaphor I would like add this clip, on how pleasant the end of THE GAME we have been playing so long….will be….And the black large inflatable and very soft cushion at the end…..well….I am here amongst many many many others, to make absolute certain that it will be there – the light-cross-mark for ALL ONE to land on, aswell as all the parttakers of that wonder-full party they are having 😉


    Much love
    Annan the Nordic


    LOL Annan, I need some of those shoes!!

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to go ahead and print out some appropriate channelling materials and such, sort of like a little
    ‘information packet’ to give those who are interested?

    Oh, and tinfoil party hats!


    Hey guys,

    The only thing I can say for preparation is this:

    – Get rid of your fear.
    – Listen to yourself and embrace love and light.
    – Get what you need to prepare for the days ahead such as food, etc.
    – Prepare for the most absolute excitement you have ever experienced in your life.
    – Ignore the skeptics and nay-sayers.
    – Prepare for humanity to be changed forever.

    Thanks guys. And I will make a mention on this forum thread on my next post on 10-14-08.blogspot.com.


    Brad Johnson

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