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    @Paul wrote:

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to go ahead and print out some appropriate channelling materials and such, sort of like a little
    ‘information packet’ to give those who are interested?

    Fantastic idea!

    Oh, and tinfoil party hats!

    Hah! If anyone deserves to wear the chief tinfoil hat with a salute, it’s John! What a great find 😆


    @brad101408 wrote:

    Thanks guys. And I will make a mention on this forum thread on my next post on 10-14-08.blogspot.com.


    Brad Johnson

    Hey Brad!

    It`s good to see you on the Book of Light. And thanks for keeping us up to date with your 10/14 blog.

    Cheers from,



    To all:
    I choose to post up this completely new channeling from Saint Germain thorugh Keenya. I do so in light of what he speaks of, that we do not need the Galactic Federation, The Archangels or any other entity – because the truth, light and love resides in us. But he completely reveals that they are here, and is comming to help us re-member really what powerfull beeings that we are, every single one of us – so that we can take the power back – from those in government and high places that have taken it away from us. I have posted up many other channeled videos of same under Messages from the grid on this forum.


    Hello my friend Paul!
    I think you are quite goodly equipped in means of solid head protections, but might I also suggest that your welcoming sign is most appropriate, and expresses exactly what I underline – a saluting welcome full of Joy and no fear. Really a nice picture in many ways that one my dear friend Paul 🙂

    Hello my friend Brad!
    Nice to see you over here, and thanks for the good job you are doing on your blog. I completely embrace your suggestion in regards of preparation and looking forward to your work on your blog, to build up under the Joy aspect of this – and empower those reading it in a positive way – which is the solely most important thing, and also why we are getting galactic help at these times.

    Much love
    Annan the Nordic


    WRT the discussion about fear. I am on both sides of the fence. I previously felt that I was the victim to my experiences. I would be happy if happy things happened. I would be sad if sad things happened. I now discover I can work the game the other way. By simply BEING happy I bring to myself experiences which are worthy of being happy about. Weird. But true. We are all absolutely in control of our own emotions. But we must choose to be so and then we must make it so. And at first this takes a little discipline. Find a little mantra that works for you. Like: “I am the creator of my own reality”. If you feel yourself being victimised by your experiences repeat your mantra. In so doing you discipline your thoughts. Then you turn your whole universe around. Literally. Things go the way you want them to becasue you know they must. Too strange to believe, I know. So don’t believe it. Do it. Experience it and then simply know it from your own experience!

    Here is my personal preparation list:
    1. I have tow large-ish LPG gas bottles (camping variety). One has a lamp attachment and the other has a cooker attachment on top. I therefore have enough light to see and heat to cook for more than two weeks. I don’t need space heating. It doesn’t get cold like that here.
    2. Rice. Lots of brown rice. In a fix it is a wonderful food and it lasts long. All it needs is water. Which brings me to the next point:
    3. I have two large jerry cans of fresh drinking water. I will refill these on a weekly basis to keep them fresh.
    4. Salt. A bag of sea salt. If you run out, your cooking can be a bit sad.
    5. Sugar. In a fix it’s a useful thing. But I also have honey, which I prefer as a sweetener.
    6. Dehydrated lentils, beans, split peas, barley. Mix one or more of these in with the rice and you have a good balance of protein, etc.
    7. UHT milk. A good food source in a pinch. And it lasts.
    8. Concentrated tomato paste. Enlivens a bland meal of lentils, beans and rice (or whatever). As do:
    9. Dehydrated onions, dehydrated carrots.
    10. Olive oil. Good, healthy fats. Add some variety by occasionally giving stuff a fry in olive oil.
    11. Torches and batteries
    12. Two big bags of dog pellets. Can’t be eating happily and not feed my four-legged children! This is about a months worth for them.
    13. Plenty of toilet paper. What goes in must come out and you DON’T want to be without toilet paper.
    14. A good first-aid kit. All the usual like pain pills and anti-histamine etc. and then more radical stuff like bandages and a scalpel and stuff. You don’t want to need medical help when there is a Lightship in the sky. Can you imagine how the emergency services are going to be stretched? And how the phone lines are going to be clogged? And how the roads are going to be full of people all trying to be somewhere (with their family… out of the city… at home) when this goes down. You want to be at home quietly taking care of your own self and helping out your neighbours as you can. So… a good kit is a must as far as I am concerned. And obviously knowing how to use what is in there.
    15. A jerry can of petrol. Or “gas” for my American friends. Car fuel. I don’t want to run low, have the service stations be closed and I want to go somewhere. So: a jerry can of fuel.
    16. Possibly the most important on the list: A bottle of very good South African bubbly. Champagne – but made here in SA. It’s how I choose to mark the occasion of the arrival of the Lightship. I ALSO have a special “chemical” bottle chiller. You kinda shake it up and it begins an endothermic reaction. Cools a bottle right down without needing a refrigerator. So, even if their is zero electricity, I am gonna have a chilled glass of champers to celebrate the arrival of the Lightship!
    18. Binoculars. I understand that this thing is huge. But I want to be able to gawk at details if I want to.
    19. Camera. duh! With spare batteries. double duh!
    20. Tinfoil hat. Because I am inspired by Paul. That is just the coolest thing! LOL!

    I have put all this stuff together in one place in a corner of a walk-in cupboard adjacent to my room. It is all together so I won’t have to go searching if I need anything. I have put lighters there (for the gas equipment) and also stuck a little battery operated light right above it in case I need to get there in the dark. I have packed everything in plastic crates so I can easily and quickly bring it out.

    Other than that, I have a swimming pool full of relatively clean water. It can be made potable if needed but certainly it can be used to flush the toilet or wash and clean with.

    …and that is my list. I feel quite prepared for any eventuality where the stores are closed. And of course all this is over and above what is my kitchen anyway. I always have a bunch of fresh stuff there. So I guess I could eat the fruits and vegetables first before I need to dig into the dehydrated stuff. So I feel quite prepared.

    Can’t think what else I might need.

    Anyway. I share my list in case someone else wants to use some of these ideas. And in case you want to suggest some things I might want to add to my little “chest o’ loot”


    Can I ask if there are written transcripts of these latest videos please? My Mum is deaf so the vids are no good for her and my typing isn’t great (14th October will have come and gone by the time I’ve typed them up!!)



    READY OR NOT HERE I COME – YOU CANT HIDE……gonna find you and take it SLOWLY!!

    Be prepared thou intolerance, fear, sickeness, hunger, poverty, dis-ease, sadness, greed, stupidity, anger, hostility, unrighteousness, depletedness, ……..Prepared or not – we are going to find you – and finish you slowly. The times of oneness is right here, right now – you cant hide…….you cant hide from love – between ALL of us – which is what you fear so much…..ready or not you cant hide…..

    Anyone have something to add to this list, to what we ALL want to tell to these concepts to be prepared – on its soon to be taken away status?


    Oh man I’m still living with my parents and my brother, but on Oct 14th I will have moved out most likely.
    My parents don’t know about this announcement (my brother does), if I go to my mum and say “hey, we need toilet paper, can soup and batteries for at least 3 days”, she would .. well, .. no idea what she would do.. xD
    I told my parents I have the strong believe (well knowledge) that if they would come, they would come in peace, so they are prepared for the spiritual experience, but they would think I’ve gone mad after telling them about this .. also because I’ve been talking about conspiracies and such things. xDD OK my parents also believe in them to some degree, but still… (I’m just not sure how far I can stress my credibility without making them think I’ve gone nuts.)

    I’m gonna prepare in my own domicile nonetheless. Any suggestions for me??

    Edit: Oh by the way, 14 days left!!! =DD


    UFOBelieve, how about having an extra bag of groceries on hand for mumsie? What a nice gift that would make 😉


    Well if them people can appear from thin air, shouldnt be too much to ask them to drag up a sandwich and a couple of sodas – and a little talk, and walk, around the house for a sight-seeing. Manna came from heavens in earlier time under need…..thoug I would like it to rain sandwiches instead of those fishes and hard bread….. 😆
    So think I have enough in the house having my-self here…..but that is just me UFObelieve



    @Annan wrote:

    Manna came from heavens in earlier time under need…..thoug I would like it to rain sandwiches instead of those fishes and hard bread….. 😆

    You crack me up Annan! 😆


    Out of earlier responses I would say that fear only comes in not knowing. People fear what they don’t understand. So in essence we have to get knowledge and through knowledge we can come to gain wisdom and within that wisdom we receive clarity. Millions of people will fear and there will be the millions who will not.

    So ready or not we can’t hide! 😆


    Dont forget some bags of flour!!! you really can do a lot with it… wow between us all we’re gonna have a feast!!
    I must declare i am feeling excited about this… the repercussions of this event are mind boggling.. not to mention the ‘I told you so’s” i will direct to a few select people ;)…. i jest.

    Thanks guys, i fire arrows of love to you all 😀

    oh yes some good quality stock powder


    Nothing can express the incredible excitement I have… this will be the most important event in all human history and I seem to be one of the only ones who believes. You know how much hype everyone had for the Olympics? Well, I see this as something a hundred– no –a thousand times more impressive and grand. So many will be taken by surprise — it will be a shock beyond belief!! Even my mother, an Astrologer who’s usually open about this stuff, remains skeptic. I have to say, I feel a little trapped and frustrated being in this situation, my husband is getting annoyed with me talking about it all the time but I can’t seem to stop thinking about what’s coming for humanity. It’s as if I’ve had a glimpse of what the future holds for us and no one is ready to believe something so incredible.

    I’m very impatiently waiting for the 14th and I’m glad that on here there are other people who are just as excited about this as me!!

    I’m Yours by Jason Mraz always boosts me up when I’m down:


    OMG, Nightfable thank you SO MUCH for posting this video!!! What joy 😆

    When I lived in San Diego, my friends and I would go to Java Joe’s in Ocean Beach (a couple of blocks from the photo in his website journal entry “OM”, I just discovered… ) and catch his sets as often as we could. Usually just him and Toca, who I see on the vid is still with him, and it makes my heart soooo glad to see them still together. We’d hang out with them on the street corner after the sets for hours in the cool Pacific breeze and just, you know, hang. Then he went big time and I moved away from the Pacific… 😥 🙄

    Wow. Thank you for rekindling a memory of a very special time, and I hope to see them both on the ship!!! We can all hang out, hey? 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Much love to you… and welcome to the Book of Light!


    About this “I told you so” thing. I had a dream of the big unveiling way before the Oct announcement came (lol actually I realized this just now), and I stood there, looked up, had tears in my eyes, and I also said “I told you so” silently, to a random person, don’t know. But this is the Ego. You should get over it. I see this dream as sign what I should avoid if I could. In this radio recording that was posted in the Adamu-Thread by tiaka, Blossom says that the Pleiadians themselves don’t really like this behavior. It’s not about being right or being wrong, it’s about being ready to get it. You were, and some weren’t. Maybe this means that you have had more incarnations, maybe this means you incarnated from somewhere “else”, and maybe this could mean nothing at all – you were just more prepared to be open-minded.

    I know I will also have this feeling, but I think it’s a great opportunity to overcome your Ego. You should find a better way to tell those people you were right. By saying “I told you so” you put yourself on a higher level than them, which you shouldn’t do.
    Just my two cents. :mrgreen:

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