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    hi Zingdad, and everyone else who is a current reader and poster

    i was wondering if could ask 8, Adamu and yourself about a dream very mystical dream i had. i interpreted it myself and to my surprise i was very close but there is still a large gap missing and im hoping you and your spirit family can assist me. i will tell the tale and the side notes i have attached to it, and then i will tell you want has come to pass since.

    at the time of the dream me and Cynthia (my now and current soul partner) were not official together. shortly after this dream there where to many synchronicity, none of which could be discounted and we are now walking very happily together.

    The Dream* May 8, 2011

    My brother Alex had dropped me off at a subway station so that I could meet up with Cynthia. We chilled for a bit there and then we left. The next part is kind of blurry but Cynthia was taking me to different locations in order to show me important things around the city. I can only remember the last. I told her I though it was time for me to go but she insisted there was one more place I had to go that was extremely important and that I could not miss her taking me too. So I followed… she took me to this back alley and there was a large white wooden door that was elevated 4 feet off the ground in the middle of a concrete wall without any means to get up to it. There where no stairs that would help you climb and there was no handle that I could see to open the door with. When I pushed the door it was very firmly shut and there was no way I could open it from the outside. There was though an opening at the bottom of the door were I could stick my arm in and up. She told me that only she could go through this door but she needed help in opening it. So all of a sudden she walked right through the door and told me to put my arm though to help her stand in order for her to reach the lock on the door and open it. With my arm bent in a L shape she used my arm as support to get higher and reach something. During the time I was helping her I though of what was behind the door and I pictured these difficult set of stairs that had to be climbed. Our first attempt I almost slipped, so I repositioned myself concentrated and she tried again. This time the door swung open and a pair of very beautiful stairs with gold railings suddenly appeared so I could walk up and be level with the door.

    She come out and said thank you and told me that she had something for me. She gives me a tarot card that I have never seen before. The card had the picture of a calm blue ocean that extended as far as the horizon. There was a well dressed and wealth man sitting in what looked like an expensive carriage being pulled by two royal white horses. The carriage was floating on the water and showed no signs of ever sinking. The horses were swimming with no sight of ever getting tired. The whole sense of the card was that of calmness and of an everlasting peaceful journey. I then asked her what would prevent the horses from being attacked and the driver sinking or being stuck at sea. She then pointed out that in the water there were 3 sets of fire works floating in the water not far from the driver, a yellow one a green one and a red one. She said that these would protect me from anything. I took the card and look up the stairs. They went upwards and were endless. They had a red velvet rug that went down the center as if to signify a special home coming or royalty. I woke up after that.

    *Side note*

    This dream says a lot to me, for instance the fact that only Cynthia can walk through and open this door means that she is the only one who can decide to let me in, no one else, also that I must lend my SUPPORT because she cannot do this alone. The fact that I slipped could mean me not focusing on her total support but am being distracted by something. This I will change she will have my total and 100% support in what ever she is deciding to do. Next the card, I will need to get this part interpreted as well as the “stairway to heaven” kind of baffles me….

    that was May 8th of this year. shortly after that i helped her through a live guided mediation done by me (your meditation downloads on your web sight inspired me, and yes i gave you full credit lol) in our first session she encounter her sacred garden in which she meet her spirit guardian or animal totem, a beautiful white crane. in our second session she made contact and she asked it “who are you” and it show her a book with what i believe were her different incarnations up to her current one. those where my gifts to her.

    Her gifts to me where just as wonderful. she lead to me to take a job with IBM (i was in between jobs at the time and just could not find work) and later she lead to the school which i am now attending in order to graduate as a spiritual director with the goal of opening my own practice soon. a way to express my truest happiest self in service of others in their journey.

    what i have been unable to figure out is the rest of the dream and how it relate to what is to come…. for instance the true meaning of the tarot card i was given, and the stairs to heaven, and then your perspectives on the dream as a whole… if you and your spirit family could provide some guidance that would be phenomenal and greatly appreciated.

    Thank you Zingdad, and everyone for reading

    Your friend Ronnie (AKA Damion)
    with love

    Bigfeet E

    Hello again Zing & everybody still visiting here ! 😉

    First i’d like to say waw to your acomplishments with the whole housebuilding-and-turning-around-your-life bussiness.
    That’s hats off in my view. I can appreciate hard work for what it’s worth. Admiration …
    Liked the pictures you posted on y’r blog, and 1 catched my eye where you are standing in the late evening watering your crops.
    The sweatshirt or t-shirt you’re wearing has a sweatstain in the form of a heart.
    I found it very applicable in the whole scene of giving yourself on the job totally … made me laugh. 😆

    Now i’ve bin thinking about what would be a good question to ask regarding the info given in the ascension papers.
    Usually they come to me during my own travels of investigating all concepts, and now i can’t seem to remember any of them (typical)
    I believe its because i have a habbit to let it loose as quickly that grabbed it, in order not the get stuck and make it an issue.

    … contemplating …

    Ok, here’s one:
    I was wondering, on regard of the dimensions part, if we individually evolute (or is it involute) from 3d to fourth & fifth & so on in a kind of lineair fashion, as in that you can not ‘skipp’ one because
    they all need to be experienced before you can level up? I realise this maybe a question that has no simple answer, as the density part has not bin toppled yet, and wich i’m sure it’s totally interwoven
    with the dimension part back & forth & in any way i can not even come to imagine. The reason i ask this lies in an underlying question wich involves trying to wrap my mind around the actual ascension
    of the individual part and of the earth part and for the whole solarsystem for that matter. (and even larger maybe ?)

    Some ppl present for example that earth would ‘shed it’s skin’ literaly and become a star. They ground it with pretty good arguments . They speak of going from 3d to 5d, wherein 3 & 4d would collaps…)
    Although plausible i feel this is not entirely correct, more like ascension works more on the perceptional manner, also on a cellular level and doesn’t include a destruction or collaps on the material (& astral)plain in totallity.
    Then again, i don’t really know … haha. Maybe i should re read the ‘papers’ again. Every time i do the image changes and with every new piece i find in other sources the global picture becomes more confusing.

    The net is buzzing of all kinds of interpretations & theories around the happening and makes it hard to shift. Much of these perceptions start offcourse from our current level of dimension & density.
    Also i try to puzzle these within my own experiences & learnings involving the inner rising proces of Kundalini in the most spontaneous way.
    I’d love to hear a perspective how this fits the ascension process in any way possible. I find it most workable in my own process, but still haven’t got the full feel of it, sorta speak.

    Finally in the end i know i have to live it on my own and mentally i rush to far for the rest of me to follow.
    And usually i feel ending up with to little to grasp that helps me in the sence that i’m progressing.
    Probably i’m being somewhat frustrated with impatience in that matter.

    The question(s) are open to whomever likes answering. From channeled to non-channeled i mean.
    Thank you for listening anyway !

    Warm Greets,
    Erik. 😉

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