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    Hi guys,

    Really not sure if this is the right forum to throw this question in but as of late I cannot find anywhere else to go that will give me an answer/insight/enlightenment and you guys seem to come up with great advice and knowledge.

    My job is that of a Counsellor, working with people that are going through a variety of things from trauma to addications and so forth. My latest client is going through the grief of loosing her son to S.I.D.S (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

    Sorry to be so blunt but from a spiritual point of view – what is the answer to this. Why do people die unexpectantly when they haven’t had a chance to live a full life, especially children at a young age due to S.I.D.S.

    I would like to offer my client a different point of view other than that in which she may believe. (that of which I am unsure of at the moment but the more information I can gather the better it will be the next time we meet.)

    On a lighter note I did read somewhere that when a newborn enters the world the reason they scream when they take their first breath is because they are not happy about being reincarnated and have not moved on to the next level. And the on going crying for the next few months is them getting used to being back in this existence and being in a physical body.

    Hey, any information would be greatly appreciated, or even some reference material whether it be by books/documents or links online.

    Thanks Guys


    Dear Syme

    I would like to offer a channelled message which you may pass on to you client. It is from Adamu who I have channelled elsewhere on this forum.

    Please tell your client that this is channelled info. It means she is please to use her own discernment in receiving this message. It is probably best to accept it as a work of fiction. If some part of it is right, meaningful or true for her it is only because her intuition approves of it. There is no other proof or guarantee of the veracity of these words other than what resonates with her own heart.


    Adamu: I will address the grieving person who has lost her infant child to this phenomenon called “cot death”. I will address the reason for such a thing happening in due course. But first I would like to speak to the emotions… to the HEART of the matter. First I wish to take a moment to say to you that my heart cries with you. Reason, logic, ideas… all of these have their place and are important. These things will play their part in helping you to move forward. But first we, the hosts of heaven, bend near to be with you. We feel your pain. We feel it with you. This is a time of the opening of the heart. Your loss is our loss. We are with you. Dear being… before we get into the matters of the mind… before I talk to you of the how and the why of your loss I will first ask you to be aware that you are not alone. That this is not an uncaring, unloving universe. You are surrounded with love. You are supported. It may take time for you to feel this but if you open yourself to the infinite love that is available to you then it will be there for you to receive. This is a time for you to know that you honour your love for you baby no less if you allow yourself to be consoled.
    I would tell you something quite important now: You know that your baby was only one incarnation of an infinite immortal spirit being, do you not? You know that this little life was not the ALL of this being? Well now is the time to know also that this Being that chose to be born to you is not gone from you. This Being is with you now, loving you, reaching out to you. Not as a baby but as a spirit that stands in its self-knowledge. The Spirit Being did not die. What happened was that the relationship between the Being and its very young body was terminated. The Being is absolutely fine and unharmed. The one that is hurt the most and has lost the most is you. I say this that you should be aware that you grieve not for the Being of your baby but that you grieve for your own loss. You grieve for the loss of the dreams and hopes that you had built. You grieve for the loss of the relationship and the direct one-to-one love that you and this baby would experience as this being grew. You have lost so much. You have every reason to feel the pain that you do. I simply wish to say to you that the Being that was incarnated as your baby is not only fine but is with you now, now supporting you. I also wish to say that it is important that you allow yourself to express your grief. It is very well that you are speaking to others about this. Expressing your grief and crying your tears is vital if you are to find emotional healing. And yes… incomprehensible as this may sound… you WILL find emotional healing eventually. Be open to that. Be accepting of the fact that it is in no-ones best interest that you remain wounded by this for all time. You do not honour the Being that was incarnated as your baby by remaining in a state of grief. So feel the pain – explore it, express it, discuss it, cry it out, breathe it through, honour the life that was, honour the love that is… and allow the healing to come. You are loved.

    I wish to speak some more of matters of the heart before I move to matters of the mind. I wish to offer you a method of feeling the love of the Being that was incarnated as your baby… and indeed the love of the heavenly hosts. I would encourage you to try to do a meditation in which you allow your body to relax completely. You must sequentially relax each and every muscle from the tips of your toes right up to your scalp. Relax each muscle until your body is quite relaxed. Then focus your concentration on your heart. Imagine that instead of your heart there is a ball of the most beautiful radiant light enclosed in the petals of a flower. Now imagine that you are standing opposite a Being. That Being is the One that was incarnated as your baby. You are going to very slowly open the petals of that that heart-flower and allow the radiant light to shine out of your heart and illuminate the Being that is standing before you. Imagine this and allow yourself to FEEL it. Feel the flowing of the love. And be conscious of the feeling of love that returns to you. Feel yourself being flooded with the loving and healing… the tender caring… that comes back to you. Try this. Keep trying. You will feel it. Probably more profoundly than you would imagine.
    You see when you are in a state of grief then you close yourself in on yourself energetically and you make it very hard for another to give you the loving support that you need. You make it difficult for the spirit world to give you what you most want. But by sending love in the above way you open your heart to receiving it. You also open yourself to the miraculous. Open your heart and open your eyes and you will be touched and shown that all is perfect. The Being that was your baby will find ways to confirm to you that you are not alone.

    And now. Finally I will address the question put to me by Zingdad. He asked me why babies sometimes seem to die for no discernible reason. In answer I will say that there are many different reasons but the prime reason is that an infant baby is not yet fully invested by the Spirit Being that was to live in that body. It is a time of transition. A time of engaging more and more into the life that is to be lived. So on the one hand you have Spirit Being that is free and unfettered. That knows who and what It is. That has access to knowledge insight and wisdom. On the other hand you have a baby human being that is confined to a single perspective. That doesn’t know or understand anything of why its world is the way it is. That has no power or influence over its world. That is at the mercy of its experience. It is a drastic and somewhat terrifying transition. Some Beings find it quite difficult to integrate fully into this new life and they have difficulties throughout that life because of it – they find themselves sort of half-in and half-out and really struggle with that. Some beings quite simply choose to leave before they no longer can. You see the window of opportunity closes as the baby grows. Some spirit beings feel the pain of the experience and they choose not to continue. The choose to return home.

    Now the thing to understand is that there is a dichotomous state for this spirit being. There is that part which is immortal Spirit and there is that part which is engaged in the human consciousness of the baby. The immortal Spirit wishes for the incarnation to continue but the quanta engage as the baby does not. Even though it is one being… there is internal conflict. And in some cases the desire to NOT continue the incarnation is too strong and there is a termination of the life of the baby. The Spirit leaves without there being any discernible illness or damage to the body of the baby.

    I will offer you another thought. There are cases in which the parents of such a child have, on a higher spirit level, felt the need for the learnings of certain experiences. It does occasionally happen that the Being that will incarnate as the baby will allow itself to be the instrument of teaching by choosing to leave early in this manner.

    There are many possible reasons. It is not permitted for me to give you the specifics of what has happened in your case for complicated reasons having to do with free will. But I will say to you that this is not a random reason-less event. There is reason and there is a plan. Heartless as this sounds I will go so far as to say there is even a greater good being served. And a time will come when you will see that. But of course it is understood that you will have great difficulty right now understanding how that can be so. Which is fine. And which is why I say to you now is far more a time of opening the heart to receive love and healing rather that a time of opening the mind for rational reasoning.

    I am Adamu of the Elohim, of the Bright Ones. I am with you. I rain my love upon you. You are not alone.

    And that is what I got. I hope it is of some value to your client.

    Bless you for the work that you do.


    Thank you, thank you and thank you.
    I knew that this was the right place to ask.

    It literally took my breath away while I was reading it.

    Thank you


    I’m really glad you liked it. I hope your client is in a space where it can be of meaning to her.


    Hi you both!
    Just a little addendum, to known experiences of this in my surroundings. A lady in my family lost an infant child just after birth, which was a hard hit for her and her husband. After many years though, it faded away, but the grief was there someplace. So a couple of years ago, this lady, because of several other incidences in her life got in contact with different mediums and clairvoyants. In the beginngin she was told that there was a young man comming forth, but he kept in the background – as thought of beeing a spirit guide.

    So after a couple of years of different regressions, and alot of spiritual work on her self, the time for truth came to her. She was at a session after some lecture at an alternative center. A lady told her in detail that the young man was not her spirit guide – and that she had been told so on purpose earlier, wich was not given too much attention in the earlier guidances she recieved, and that was for a reason.

    He came forth and told how dearly he loved his mother, and that he was always wathcing over her – but also playing som funny pranks on her, since she is a very tidy lady – and he moved wallpictures a little and other subtle things to stir up his mothers attention and e-motion. Then comes the part why I choose to write a little addendum, to this wonder-full topic. It comes forth that her son, where he resides, is a master pianist. He presentes himself with a propers galla suit, and tells of his deep passion for the music. She gets quite flabbegasted, and details comming through makes no doubt that this is her very son.

    When travelling home, she walks up the main street of the city she lives in, and in the middle of a shopping street, sits a young man playing at a grand piano – with a galla suit – and playing the most wonderfull Mozart sonata. She can not believe what she is experiencing on the other hand she is, because she knows. This was an event, she found out, as part of a promo for new Opera in her city – but coincidence?….she and me does not think so!

    After this she has had much experiences, and have got a profound understanding of why he was just “in for a visit” and that they can never be separated – which is later in her life, much help for her. And she can not miss someone she really knows is still around, and that opens up really new ways of beeing affective, not taking life for granted – and keep going until the illusions end and the separation falls.

    Much love
    Annan the Nordic


    Very Interesting Annan 🙂 .
    What a beautiful channelling Zingdad, my goodness!!!!


    Yes , Zingdad , very beautiful!


    What a lovely offering, Zingdad, and your thoughts Annan, I agree. I lost a child (miscarriage) and while the pain does fade, the presence does not. Ever.

    Syme, there is the possibility, as with all difficult things, of a great healing for all involved in the circumstances. The experience of grief can be extended to encompass all beings who have felt such a loss and in this way let one’s healing help others heal. This is what I did, after I found out that the baby had died, before I had “delivered” her… I dedicated my experience of miscarriage to heal all the women in my family who had lost babies, all my friends who had had abortions, and by extension, rippling from that, to all women everywhere. I believe that is part of the purpose my unborn child came to us for. We are all one.

    I have discussed on many occasions with my homeopathic doc/friend the dangers of childhood immunizations. He remarked once how 17 days (or 21?) after a certain vaccine was administered (DPT, I think) was the danger point for SIDS/cot death. If a child has had such an injection, or more likely a series of them, the parents should keep a very watchful eye indeed during that period of time. Mercury is not the only neurotoxin added to vaccines… aspartame, formaldehyde…

    This site, ThinkTwice, may be of some use.
    This site lists a lot of articles on vaccinations and alternatives thereto.
    Dr. Mercola has a wealth of info on SIDS, vaccines, and related topics.
    Here is an article on homeopathic immunizations. However, my doc friend says, when a child has had constitutional treatment, his immune system is strong.

    Opening the pandora’s box of information on vaccines can be disturbing, to say the least. I encourage anyone with children to do the research and not entrust their child’s life blindly to the medical industry. Homeopathy is one viable alternative to providing the antibodies, if religious or philosophical exemptions are not. Additionally, if a child has had immunizations in the standard western-medical way, homeopathic treatment can alleviate some of the potential complications.

    Regarding mercury, this is what our doc said: Certain foods can help chelate the mercury (such as yogurt, cilantro, etc) but a child chelating mercury can be a pingpong ball bouncing all over the place, banging his head on the wall and so on, so bread, crackers, eggs can help absorb and eliminate the substance from their systems, as can certain remedies, easily administered with immediately visible effect (we’ve tried it, and it works–he got the mercury from my system as I have silver amalgam fillings, hoping to be able to get them removed someday soon!) but huge caveat here, see a licensed professional homeopathic practitioner!


    Sorry, Syme, I got a little off track with this, but if this information helps anyone, it’s worth it, hey?


    So, Syme, back on topic…

    Here is a brief bit of channeling I received after the miscarriage that may be helpful. I pray that it may be, and offer it in love:

    “You do not need to grieve the life of the child, for its soul has achieved what it set out to do. Where there was distance, now there is not. Where fear was, now love is. Where needs were being thwarted in fulfillment, now a bounty exists. This was made love by the child’s desire to experience knowledge of mastery of directing energy all alone, unseen yet conscious of its smallness, unborn yet alive, dead yet loved as a member of a family it didn’t know in flesh. As long as you want to know, we will tell you this: The child had no intention of living. Its sole purpose in its brief appearance in your lives was to nemesis part of your reality and demand that you make knowledge of love more goal-oriented. Now you can say goodbye and keep loving as love has been taught by the experience of love lost yet more deeply known. You do not do dishonor to the life by letting go of the remains. You will never lose what the child has known and shared. Far away from all choices of how to operate with another child are you now. Know that the child has fallen into paradise and awaits you there. There is no need for the body that your body was fashioning, grief of loss, or sadness of heart. All is well.”


    Thank you all for your comments, insights and thoughts everyone. I am taking it all on board as at the present moment my mind is a sponge and I am wanting to absorb more and more everyday. I am at the precipice of change within myself and i can feel it moving faster and faster towards me as every day goes by.

    This is why I love this site and forum.


    Thank you for this thread, I am a member of a birthboard forum and one of the mums little girl passed away from cot death at 11 weeks, as a new mum myself this has broken my heart and I was searching for answers, reading this thread has helped me understand why this sometimes happens.



    Rosie, know that your mum loves you so very much.

    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx


    Thank you mum, I love you very much as well xxxx



    So I have had a few sessions with my client since I first posted this.
    Obviously she has taken some information on board and other information she has not, but that has been her choice and I have offered her what I can – from what I have read and from what I seem to just know. Which in itself has blown me away cause a lot of stuff that I have come out with for her, I have no idea where it has come from but it came out and really just flowed and felt really good.

    But we seem to be at a cross roads.
    She is slowly transitioning to the acceptance of her son’s death and slowly understanding the reasonings for it and why. But a part of me feels that she really does not feel it within her heart.
    She is now doing the fertility clinics but is not having success. I have given my perspective on this and why she is not falling preganant. She now understands that by having another child is not going to fix everything and she can no longer see a new child as a replacement for the one she lost. Yes she may hear these words but does she really feel it. She has told me that she has so much love to give to a child and just feels that it can be no other way.
    I have advised her that this is what she needs to focus on. Yes, never loose the lose of her child within her heart and he will always be there with her but focus on the love that she has so much more to give of.
    But there is something missing, some missing link to get her from A to B. There is something that either needs to be accepted, or she has not thought about, or hasn’t let go of, or something she needs to do, or if it simply is not the right time right now. Maybe she just isn’t meant to have more children or now is not the right time, place, or environment for her to have one.
    She also carries around with her the ashes of her child in a necklace. It has taken some time but I have finally come out with it and advised her to stop wearing the necklace. She needs to find a special place that she can place this, it will always be there for her but she needs to stop carrying this around with her as it is keeping the burden of the death of her child on her shoulders and is stopping her from moving on. If she was to let the necklace go then she will find that her mind will start thinking about other things, she will start to flow and new energies will begin to envelope her being.

    Ok, After reading this back I think I may have answered my question, but thought I would post it anyway. Maybe I am looking for a little bit more help in helping her to “get it”. The right word, the right sentence, the right trigger phrase to allow her to “click”.

    Thanks Guys



    Oh Syme, this is going to be a rough time for this poor woman no matter what anyone says to her. My heart goes out to her.

    These are the thoughts I have to offer:

    Ask her if she believes losing her baby was
    1. just a meaningless, senseless event in a random universe, OR;
    2. something which had some meaning, which was somehow “meant to be” or served some purpose

    If her answer is 1. then I cannot help. She is then not ready to be a part of her own solution. If her answer is 2. then I would suggest she needs to do some inner-work and find out WHY; For HER what was the meaning. What did she have to learn from this. Let me suggest it in this way: if NASA tried to land a craft on the moon but their first attempt failed. If, let’s say, the rocket didn’t launch and in it’s failure to launch people were hurt or even killed. In that event NASA would be considered negligent if they just went ahead and tried again without first gaining a good understanding of what went wrong and addressing that issue so that it didn’t recur the next time.

    And what I mean by this is quite simple: this poor dear hurting person is not done with her previous child until she has found what meaning the death of that child has had TO HER. Not the greater meaning of the SIDS phenomenon, not the medical cause, not what might have motivated the child’s soul… none of that stuff. What it meant TO HER. Until she can take a learning from it, she has not SEEN the experience… not HEARD what it has to tell her. Instead she wants to put a plaster on her pain by having another baby. She hopes that this new baby’s love will heal her. Syme, this is an intolerable burden to place on the miniature shoulders of this new baby! A baby should be free to just BE A BABY. It should not need to come as a vehicle to heal the broken heart of a mother. Until she has processed the death of the previous child, how will she be able to look at the new baby as a being in it’s own right? She won’t! This new baby will be framed by the loss of the previous child.

    I guess the question is this: does she want a new baby for the love she has to GIVE, or, does she want the new baby for what she expects it to give HER? If it is the former then she should love that new baby enough to desire to give it a mother that is actually ready to receive it into this world. She should give it a mother that is whole. That is healed. That is ready to be a mother. If it is the latter… well… then she should admit that to herself and then maybe there is a whole lot of processing and counselling that can happen around that.

    Syme, I know these are hard words. Words one doesn’t want to say to a grieving mother. I’m not sure that I could say these things to her face-to-face if I were in your position. But this is what is in my heart and I share it with you to use or not use as your intuition dictates.

    God bless you for the work you do, my friend.

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