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    …it’s 10.14 …no ship at this time…

    …does that change anything that You Know to be true ?…does this slip you into a Dark Night of the Soul ?…

    …I don’t know what is happening behind the scenes…I don’t have or need excuses for why our brothers are not showing up promptly when stated…

    …I KNOW who I AM…I KNOW why I AM here…

    …if this was/is part of a program of disinformation…I don’t know…but I know the Source of my strength and the purpose of this Earth mission…

    …that WILL not be shaken !…

    …search your own hearts…does your strength come from youtube ?…does your strength come from within ?…

    Bigfeet E

    I’m with you on that , Will.
    Can not be disturbed that easely anymore.
    Staying centered is the message & help those who are allready crying chaos and hoax and whatever displeases them.
    Strenghth shall prevail , power wil not.



    Me too, Will. Well done!


    I am so very disappointed, my heart was open wide for our brothers visit.
    But I don’t blame you.
    I know you only repeated the message you received.
    I am still hoping.
    I know in my heart they will show up one day soon.
    Please don’t stop posting messages you receive.
    Love mia
    Anyway, 14th is not over yet ………………… 😉


    Oh my thank you Will. You are awesome.

    I am totally confused right now.. I mean, the fact alone that Opal’s message were also a LOT into these things (“we come”), I mean ….. how on Earth could this be a fake or misinformation?!?!?!
    Uncountable different sources over months, talking about the same thing??

    I’m just confused.. I try to keep my Light in mind.


    C’mon guys, I can’t believe you are giving up so easily! 🙁

    Take a look at the extracts below from a recent post elsewhere on this site. It’s taken from the Akashic Records for October.

    (The full post is here: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=303)

    There is said to be a huge event coming up on October 14 where a spaceship will appear over major cities for three days so that there is no mistake about the friendliness of UFOs toward humanity. Will this take place on October 14?

    “…Some of you will experience this collective connection and some of you will not, perhaps because you are not ready for it or you are not interested yet. It will be available for all of humanity to have your heart and your mind come into alignment in a way that was not possible before. This means that your mind will be able to comprehend things that only your heart could feel before. Your heart will be able to infuse your thoughts more readily than before. It will become easier after October 12 to see the world through the Eyes of Love. (For more on this, please visit Ascension Radio and listen to “Through the Eyes of Love: Making Everything Easy.”)

    When that happens, so many of you will step into that sense of love that a new level of comprehension will become available. Of course there is choreography amongst all of the different beings on Planet Earth. Of course when the human race decides something, all of the other beings across the universe are aware of that decision and act accordingly. This is the reason you are predicting a visit from extra-terrestrials. Many are gathering in support of your collective shift.

    For thousands of years as human beings have been planning for this event on October 12, for your hearts to come into alignment with your minds, the universe has set up an opportunity for you to start playing with this new connection. That is what your seers and your prophets are seeing as the potential for October 14. The answer is yes, the equivalent of spaceships over the major cities across the world from October 12 to October 15 is firmly in place. This is not unusual; this happens all of the time. The difference is that more of you will be able to sense it or see than ever before. There is something important here to know, which is that many of you will not see it because you do not want to, your minds are not yet ready or your life path does not involve interacting with extra-terrestrial life, so do not worry if you do not see this.

    Another thing to know is most of you who do see this will not see it as a physical spaceship. You have been using this word “spaceship” because it is the best word you have to help you imagine life beyond Earth. A spaceship means a physical thing like an airplane or rocket ship and this is not that; this is a spiritual gathering; this is energy and it is energy that can be embodied — just like some people sense Angels in the room and others can actually see them. Some of you will sense this and some of you will actually see it and it is just as real either way. Do not get locked into an expectation that you will see something that you expect. Do not imagine what a spaceship looks like and then look for that.
    Instead, first on October 12 really look at your heart and what you love. Really look around the world and try to see everything through the Eyes of Love. Imagine that you are someone like Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Buddha or Mother Theresa. Imagine that you are the most loving person and imagine how you would see the world and how that compassion would color everything that you see. Spend time on this day meditating on those people, animals, places, and experiences that you love most. Let them fill your heart with love.

    Then on October 13, 14, and 15, spend your time daydreaming or looking at the sky. Allow your eyes to simply see what you see. It likely will not be a spaceship in the way that you expect; it will be something far more magical and interesting than that. Each of your minds will perceive it differently because that is the beauty of being separate and it will serve you to share stories with one another. It will serve you to read about what others see, but do not read so that you can check to see if you saw the same thing and therefore if you are right. Instead read, listen and share so that you can build a bigger picture through each of your perspectives. More than anything, with these unknown or previously unseen dimensions, your interpretations will color what you see more than it would for things that are expected or agreed upon. With this experience, each of you is going to see all kinds of things and all of them will be true.

    With this being said, in some places, events will occur that bring you to the same collective experience of love. Some cities will be distracted by events that lead you to look for love in one another instead of from outside the planet. This is all part of the potential you have built – it is all part of your collective path to bring your minds back to your hearts, and your hearts to your minds. If you are part of these events, continue to strive to see the love that infuses every human life. Allow your hearts to break open and make room for a bigger sense of love than you have ever felt before. This is the ultimate potential in the events planned for October 12 through October 15.


    …Some of you will experience this collective connection and some of you will not, perhaps because you are not ready for it or you are not interested yet. …

    As mentioned. I was allready open for it before i even knew of this site or the Niburu thing. Suggesting that i am not interested or not interested
    enough is lunacy.
    I have not seen anything all day and i have been watching all day with happiness and soothing nature music on the background.

    People try not to be over enthusiastic because when things appear not to be something you wanted, you’re only going to hit rock bottom harder.

    Again, i do not feel connections to ‘perhaps’ or ‘might’. writing in a matter that it would not be personal does not work on me nor do i feel
    spoken to by it.

    I know things, i know for a long time we’re not alone.


    I’ll have to disagree with you, jontxi…

    Yes, ships appear over major cities all the time. Some see them, some don’t, some take pictures of them; it is nothing unusual. That’s besides the point. This case was supposed to be different. Now, I’m referring to the channeling(s) that specified Oct. 14th in particular, which sounds different from the information you have. That channeling made it very clear that this was not meant to be some further attempt to condition human consciousness so that it may someday be open to ET contact. This was/is supposed to be an official declaration of contact with Earth and undeniable proof of alien life. IF that was the intent, then to say that only so-called believers would see it is rediculous. It is my understanding that this is not happening for the believers. I do not need a 2,000 mile long spaceship to block out the sun for three days to know there’s extraterrestrial life. I AM extraterrestrial life! This event was meant for those that don’t “believe,” and explicitly so. This event was part of the preparation for the consciousness shift in 2012 that no being on this planet can avoid. Now, I’m not giving up hope for this day, and I also am not giving up hope on Zingdad’s channeling that this window is open for the rest of the year. But to say this event is only meant for those who already believe, who are ready, and/or those that are willing to see… is to defeat the point of its stated purpose!


    I love it!!



    Don’t you think non believers will just go into ‘denia’l with such a thing? Why would this be any different I wonder?



    I’m with you on that one Neiru. My understanding was that this event’s purpose was to uplift and awaken the sleepers out there that have no idea of other life outside their homes. I also don’t need a two thousand mile ship to believe in life outside of this planet. I know they are out there because I have seen them with my own two eyes. My experience was wonderful but what about everyone else? My view of this event was that it was going to open the worlds eyes to what has been in front of them their entire life and THAT would be a major catalyst for good change. However the day is not over just yet and perhaps a surprise is in the works (I hope). I’m keeping my hope alive and waiting for the evening hours when it gets dark to see if there’s anything out there for us to see.

    One thing that has me thinking is, what will the federation of light say next about a no show(assuming there is none)? What will poor blossom say? Oh so many things to think about…

    Another thing I would like to add is that at this point in time, after having read a good amount of information and channelings regarding the 14th, we need to practice being patient. According to the channelings the federation of light has been waiting eons for something like this to happen, EONS! How long have we been waiting? Pretty much a blink of an eye in comparison. Patience. Good things come to those who wait.


    I find and feel large controverse in people’s written thoughts on these matters.
    It should be visible for all, what is the point of first contact…. if only few can see them.
    That would make no sense… there is nothing to fear here, especially for ‘them’… because
    we cannot possibly become a threat when they are so advanced.

    We are not afraid to show ourselves, why should they. 2 sides of the same card is still the same card.
    so i say, Show yourselves fully and use the media.

    A clock doesn’t wake people when its not ringing.

    The whole purpose of this in my thinking is to reach people with what they can hear and see at the same time.
    But then they should know this.

    So pick me up then, i’m as ready as i will be everyday i say.



    Wanderers message makes sense to me


    Coincidentally after editing my last message I went to check out the Mayan Majix website to see what the Mayan calendar says for today. I just had a small but very synchronous thought 🙂

    Check it out: http://www.mayanmajix.com/TZOLKIN/DT/DT.html


    Waiting for eons or for minute… Is time really that relevant when it is different everywhere, even on what we dont know or can see.
    To me time does not say much. its just something we envented to put in that slavering thing of routine and working, getting up early and going to bed
    on time…. time… does that make sense?
    What is time… think about it…

    (don’t feel defensive about this, its not personal, it is thinking).

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