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    A clock doesn’t wake people when its not ringing.

    A clock can ring but not wake up someone who doesn’t want to wake up.



    If time or date was not important for this event to unfold, why give 10-14 and repeatly by many sources staying by this date if nothing happen..

    One said on a blog comment ” Sadly Blossom message wanted to increase love but instead, it’s creating hatred and frustration by many of those who believed ” Opposite effect.

    I don’t totally agree with this sentence but it has something true in it.
    I still want to believe but not sure I can.


    I am definetly a monkey, i even scratch myself (some humor between the talks and thinks) and yes i do have a short concentration.
    Nice piece of info wanderer 🙂


    Time is important to us, because thats how we understand when things happen or are going to happen. Time might have a different meaning for
    other dimensions or other parts in space.

    The monkey is weaving,… time… so time is intertwined and an old string crosses a new.. so the old string was weaved in before the new string.
    And yet they were there at the same time before the weaving. And they will be together when they are weaved together.
    So what is time… i ask you now, is it not a placement for us to understand when things occur.

    “They have been planning this for eons”

    Is time not a word we choose to define something or as a tool. If we had the RIGHT concept of time, things like monetary system cannot exist
    because end and beginning have no meaning because every end is a beginning and every beginning is an end.

    To me time is as irrelevant in what we think of it now as that we think a monetary system is. or the concept of working.

    Anyone getting me? If not i give up.

    Does anyone understand how i am thinking now or am i alone?



    Hi Thinker, I can relate to your thoughts…. Time exists in this reality for control…. it was created for 3D. Well that is how I perceive it right now. 🙂



    @Wanderer wrote:

    Coincidentally after editing my last message I went to check out the Mayan Majix website to see what the Mayan calendar says for today. I just had a small but very synchronous thought 🙂

    Check it out: http://www.mayanmajix.com/TZOLKIN/DT/DT.html

    The Mayan calendar says today is ‘patience’ and tomorrow is ‘manifestation’. VERY interesting.

    Another thought:

    Zingdad’s information on the ‘preparation’ did not indicate any ‘disruptions’ until tomorrow, indicating that whatever happens will not happen until later today or tonight, after the markets close and everything, hmmmm?


    I’m with you Lars, I understand everything you’re saying. Time is relative, just like Einstein said. Actually I think he said everything is relative, which would – in essence – include time. Time to me is but a tool just like you said, but also an illusion just like our reality. It’s just a measurement for being somewhere for something. It’s relative because our concept of time only works for Earth. The minute you step out of Earth you have to acquire a different concept of time because other planets do not have 24hours in a day and 365 days in a year. Therefore our view and measurement of time is relative to this planet only or so you might think.

    There is on youtube a collection of the Billy Meier Contact notes. It’s a collection of 16, 90min Tape recordings narrated by a man named Randolph Winters. He actually does lectures on the subject. I’m not sure if he still does or not but that’s besides the point. If you are familiar with Billy Meier you know he has supposedly had extensive contact with Pleaideans ever since he was a little boy. In one of the recordings they cover the concept of a day and a year for the particular planet that Simjase (one of Billy’s conctacts) comes from. It is said that planet has just under 24 hours in the day and just under 365days in a year – almost identical to Earth. I found that a bit interesting. I still don’t know what to make of some of the Billy Meier information. Some of it rings true with me and other parts sound a little off.


    To be frank, the date was 10-14……


    We have to keep positive! Didn’t the Federation of Light say that everything was on track? Then, it should mean that there’s a very specific reason they’ve haven’t shown themselves as of yet…

    Perhaps their ship IS visible right now but someone is keeping media from reaching the internet or TV. But not for long! If they’ve been planning this very day eons ago, then I can safely assume that everything IS in order and that they’ll arrive precisely on time.

    We can’t give up now, there’s still plenty of time guys! 😀 *hugs*


    Nightfable, I would tend to agree with you but when I say I am loosing faith it’s not into 10-14, it’s in the hole idea of Federation of Light and the message of GBlossom. So, you see where I stand…


    Nightfable , Thats the spirit ! And Dax … do you remember the movie Animal House ? ” IT’S NOT OVER UNTIL WE SAY IT’S OVER ! …. WAS IT OVER WHEN THE GERMANS BOMBED PEARL HARBOR ? ” 🙂 Keep the faith brother . – Mark


    🙂 Love light and joy


    Day is not over and I m relaxed, home and feeling good and quiet. I will have a great night. If no show tonight then, all is good and life is good too 🙂

    have a nice one!


    One to take in account is that in the spiritual world they are on linear time…not calendar time. I have been through this a lot and it no longer bothers me like it did. There were times when I thought it was such a horrific thing to do to give me a specific calendar date and nothing would happen. It reminded me of the story of the boy who cried wolf.

    WELL, what I know now and have a DEEP BELIEF AND FAITH IN IS GOD’S TIME…THY WILL. If it is to be done…THY WILL. GOD is so much more than we are and he is very complicated. He is a MASTERMIND OF THE HIGHEST.

    Have faith everyone and BELIEVE. Most of all believe and trust in yourself. The rest will follow when it is GOD’s time. He wants you all to know again that he does NOT play dice with HIS universe.

    Love to all,



    Hi All, I’ve been away from home most of the day, just got back… and I’ve been thinking of you guys 😀

    This is all off the top of my head, after reading this thread first and having the rest of the forum to explore… 😯

    My messages have all been that light is coming, not a specific date, but the feeling I’ve had since August is like “shhh, shh, be quiet, they’re almost ready…” like when someone’s throwing you a surprise party and has the lights out, then you walk through the door and BAM the lights go on and you’re, well, surprised. My experience with Pleiadians is that they LOVE this kind of thing. I laughed when I thought about this today, and figured, if it’s to be on the 14th, then it’ll be at 23:59hr on the hairbreadth longitude this side of the international date line. Just for drama’s sake, just to let us whine and whimper and lash out because again God’s playing games with us, everything we fear is true and doubt is a permanent state of mind for us in this crazy world. Right? Wrong. We have to grow up and step into being galactic humans, if you will, we can’t allow this to trip us up on our quest for wholeness and sanity on this planet of irreconcilable differences. We must find integrity within.

    I’ve lately been accused of channeling darkness, told that the dark is too wily for us to outwit, that the dark is too strong. It’s not like that. “Dark forces” teach us, strengthen us, enliven our awareness and open up a whole new spectrum of reality every time we become conscious of the interaction in our usually . It’s not about boogeymen playing games with us poor little lightbeings. It’s about us recognizing ourselves as more than we’ve been told we are, programming be damned! I have channeled darkness in the past, and I have learned a lot from “dark beings”. I have channeled a lot of light beings that have taught me a lot about loving the dark, too. Once you get past fear, what else is there to do? 😆 The dark forces only have the upper hand if you let them, and the light can lead you astray just as much as the dark. It can blind. It can cause confusion. It can blast out all the demons of old hurt and trauma, secret shadows, demonic tendencies or whatever you want to call it. We all as humans on this plane carry something that gets you if you hit it just right. And when the light blasts with full brilliance, you better be prepared for all that to come out from the core of your being to the surface where you can deal with it… or turn off the light.

    Perhaps if we can get past all this… the specificity of the date (how many people are married to their daytimers and blackberries and such technology to keep their lives on schedule?) and the structure of the FoL (we are so programmed with military, corporate, social etc heirarchies and that is NOT the be-all, end-all of how the universe works), and the fallibility of humans, and get connected through ourselves to our own light, a greater light will inevitably answer.

    Morning has not yet broken. But the sun has not yet set. There is no beginning without an end, that is true, just a continuum that gets more and more breathtaking as it unfolds. So don’t hold your breath! Breathe and be.

    The ships are always here, in some form. Our cosmic extended family is always near, in some form. God is immanent in all things. OM reverberates through all creation. What is there to worry about, I ask? The channelings are tools with which we can pry open our awareness. Using them as a crowbar rather than a hammer is quite effective, especially when the target is your own head 😉

    Be strong, yes, and find greater strength through letting go. God knows, I have! No one’s a greater critic of my work than I am… 😆

    I embrace you all with love.

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