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    I’ve only been intentionally trying to channel in a general way (outside of what happens durings my “healing” sessions with a client), since May & mainly for my own purposes. So this is all very new to me & my communication style is still somewhat abbreviated & simplistic in nature. I’m still having a bit of a hard time feeling that I am connecting & receiving correct information & not playing mind games with myself because of wishful thinking.

    My first contact with Orion was back in May 22nd & the message revolved around myself. On the next channeling I actually got around to thinking it might be a good idea to try & ask some specific questions & find out a bit more about who he actually was 😆 so this where I’ll start from- I’ll just put in the relevant bits & leave out some of the more general waffle relating to myself :

    Aug 2nd
    Me: Who are you?
    O: Starship commander
    Me : Why am I contacting you in particular?
    O: To share knowledge
    Me: Where do you come from?
    O: Orion star group – delta group. Help is at hand. Our mission is to serve Earth in its time of need. You also. Guidance is yours.Fear not
    Me: Am I really speaking to you?
    O: Truth is in your heart, knowledge is yours when you are ready for it …….
    Me: tell me something about yourself
    O: We are an ancient race, many millennia old. Watch over you – part of the charter? council? of 10. We patrol the universe to keep peace. Your world is hostile but peace is possible. Change is nigh. We embrace & rejoice with you at the thought of it.
    Call on us when you have need . You are safe & divinely protected. Communication will grow stronger & more relevant as you wish.
    Farewell – transmission ended – Go in peace.

    Astronomy is not really my forte & I hadn’t heard of the Delta group so I actually just did some research this week on the constellations & found that there is a star in Orion’s belt called Delta by its common name so I found that interesting.

    Aug 4th
    O: Starship Commander Orion here summoned by your request. Earth portal open. Time is nigh to bridge the gap.Compassion is of the essence …….

    Aug 6th
    O: Sharyn, Commander Orion here. Connection made. Strong vibrational field of energy. You will know when time is right. Earth shifting right now. Playing game of hide & seek, illusion is everything.Change is coming. You will play a part in that change. Channelings will occur more frequently as desired. Worry not, desire for change is great. Process in place for planetary shift. Safety assured.

    At this stage I thought he was still referring to 2012 but as things have turned out I am wondering if this was alluding to Oct 14th? Then I had a few weeks where I was communicating with other a couple of other entities & Orion didn’t come back onto the scene until I requested contact & info about October 14th after reading Blossom’s channel a little over a week ago, which reaonated so strongly with me that I seem to have been obsessed about it ever since.

    Sept 9th
    Me: Orion, Is there going to be a visitation on Oct 14th as channeled by Blossom? Can you tell me anything more?
    O: Peace be with you Sharyn. Ability to hear is clear. Issue surrounding October 14th is true. Destiny to be fulfilled. Mankind ready for visitation, promises new direction to take. Consciousness expanding.Message to the people – important all receive. Trust is paramount, no harm done. Intent to bridge the gap between knowing & unknowing.
    Me: What’s so special about October 14th?
    O: Time is drawing near for the Galatic Federation – the time has come to show ourselves to mankind.

    This is still a little difficult for me to trust that I am receiving these messages & not making them up because I have just read about the event & am formulating answers to suit. I have no doubt that the event will take place. I feel it very strongly, I am just questioning my own part in the process.

    Sept 11th
    (This one was at a fairly rapid pace so I missed a few words here & there)

    Me: Orion are you there?
    O: Peace be with you, all is well. Orion here, Sharyn. Your world is gathering for a showdown of immense proportions. All will be made clear soon. Patience is required for a little longer. Plans are in place to reach goal. Visitation is nigh. Galactic Federation will assist you [ not me, you plural]. Mankind is ready. Vibration … (missed words) shift. Fear not, only here to help. Come in love & peace – tyranny suppressed.
    Me: Why was Blossom chosen to bring message?
    O: Blossom Goodchild is a representative …. ( missed words). Chosen to help humanity as you have done. Much work is needed.
    ME: Wouldn’t one of the more well known channels have been able to spread the message?
    O: They all have work in their own area. Blossom is deserving of this.
    Me: Am I making this up?
    O: You are hearing us clearly
    Me: What am I supposed to do?
    O: You are here to spread the word
    Me: Is there anything more?
    O: Tell all. Honor required. Rest easy now. Go in love & peace. Contact soon

    Sept 12th
    Me: Orion have you any further info for me re Oct 14th?
    O: Sharyn, much has been written about this event. Hold to Truth. All will see & be explained. Time is nigh & of the essence. All will be revealed when time is right. Structure in place for success. Visitation coming.

    Sept 16th
    O: Peace be with you, Sharyn, be at ease. I come when called. Continue as you are . Momentum gathering. Struggle not, cease all fear. Love will bring awareness. Great possibilities & joy coming. Felt by all who open to embrace it. Search the skies from now on for sign. Open to all to see. Love very strong for all. Great achievements coming. All mankind ready as wished. No force. Important to know this. PEACE is only intent. Help for mankind.

    Me:Is there a Commander Orion & another Orion? ( This has confused me a little as I’ve had both names given to me at various times which has also led me to think that it is my mind fabricating the information)
    O: Known to you as both, speak to you as one. Much love & excitement gathering as time draws near. Connection with you is strong.
    Me: I don’t feel it at times
    O: Don’t fight it, breathe & realx, practise makes perfect. Channels are open. Veil is thinning. Soon we will meet.
    Me: Are you going to be part of this first visit?
    O: Duties elsewhere, available later – miss showing.

    So that’s my story so far. I am still wavering back & forth about the validity of all this information & whether it is coming from me or Orion as most of it is very general. Although one interesting fact that resonated with me was the comment about watching the skies from now on for a sign. I wrote this channel my yesterday afternoon. Some hours later that evening I went to 10-14-08’s site & read their latest channel from Commander Ashtar which had just been posted & watched the video & they mentioned the same thing about watching the sky from now on.


    Nice start to connecting, Orissa! I had a lot of doubts as to whether I was hearing myself or making real contact when I started contact. Just trust your gut, keep your heart pure and your intention pure and focused. Channeling, I have found, is above all a healing experience.

    The name I write under on my blog, Amanda R. Ryan, is an anagram of my name. But if you listen to it (rather than read it) you’ll hear “a man to Orion”. 😉


    Thank you Opalescent. Taking little baby steps at the moment!

    Actually, I just realised it may have been more appropriate to post this in the other more general channeling thread under Experiences, rather thanin this thread here so maybe you or one of the other moderators could move it?

    @opalescent wrote:

    The name I write under on my blog, Amanda R. Ryan, is an anagram of my name. But if you listen to it (rather than read it) you’ll hear “a man to Orion”. 😉

    That is very cool & synchronistic! 😎


    VERY beautiful witings Orissa – thank you so much for sharing!
    Welcome! 😀


    WOW I’m TOTALLY stunned!!!
    very awesome. congratulations!!


    found this on the UK My Yahoo group.. called HIGH DIMENSION…


    Matthew thru Suzanne Ward

    This is Matthew with loving greetings. We will present our requested perspective on the potential for a “very substantial and disruptive” event during the next sixty days, which the collective consciousness that some individuals have the ability to tap into, have reported.

    Those who planned the 9/11 and the dark forces behind them enabled the Illuminati to manifest that tragic day. Thatis when Earth chose never again to experience such death and destruction at the hands of dark ones, and in honoring her free will choice, God authorized off-planet helpers to use their technology to prevent all such unconscionable attempts anywhere in the world. Since then they have done so successfully on as many as a dozen occasions.

    The Earth puppets of the darkness have been seeing their power erode to the extent that it is “do or die” time, and despite their failure in plot after plot, they feel that they still have a chance to prevail if they can prevent both of the following scenarios that indeed will be “very substantial and disruptive” events. And they cannot prevent either!

    First, the undeniable presence of other civilizations. The time for their announced appearance October 14 has simply come. If safety cannot be assured for people on Earth and the souls in the star nations until that date, the delay in that occurrence will not be lengthy. When it happens, it will be extremely disruptive especially within the US government. It has been under Illuminati control long time. Thus it has denied the possibility of other civilizations’ existence. And much less it has admitted that extraterrestrials have met with its leaders. And even much less they have admitted the consequences meted out to those beings who came with only peaceful intentions.

    Second, the truth about who planned and executed 9/11 with come out in the open. In the higher vibrations in which Earth is now orbiting, that truth cannot be hidden much longer. It will emerge along with its purpose, which was much deeper than controlling oil resources in the Mid-east. The purpose was to dominate the entire planet and kill many and enslave the rest. The Illuminati’s long reign of terror will now meet its just end.

    The global impact of these two major events is part of the ongoing world transformation. The spiritual renewal of Earth’s humankind, the God-blessed ascension venture with your space brothers and sisters is something all of you on the planet chose in prebirth agreements to be participants of.

    It is equally important that you know what other individuals who also have the ability to tap into the collective consciousness are seeing. Many are accurately seeing what we have described in Earth’s Golden Age –the loving, peaceful life of all peoples, the restoration of your planet’s health and beauty, the harmonious co-existence of humankind with all of Nature.

    This wondrous higher dimensional Earth is on the near horizon and already created in the continuum.


    Hi Orissa

    Please understand that every single conscious channel has gone through exactly what your are now going though. You are like a person who wants to be able to play the piano sitting down behind the piano for your first few lessons. This is a skill that you must learn. And while you learn you will make some off-sounds. But that is okay. You are “tuning your instrument”. And doubt is a given. You cannot BUT doubt. You are here beyond the Veil of Unknowing where, by definition, you do not know. Saying “you do not know” is synonymous with saying “you doubt”. Doubt is okay. It’ll keep you questioning and keep you humble. And honest too!
    So go ahead and doubt. Just don’t let it paralyse you. Just keep going. At some point the info you are pulling though will start to mount up into some powerful circumstantial evidence. it will look more and more as if this is what it seems to be: communications from another being.

    And as to the question of “are you just creating this?”. The answer is “yes, you ARE creating this”. But there is no “just” about it. You are making a connection in a much more subtle realm with some other intelligence. You are receiving the “pure thought” emanations from that being and then you are creating in your own mind, in your own inner-voice the analogue for that other beings thoughts. You are interpreting his thoughts into your own mind. This is an intensively creative process! So yes, you are creating it. And yes, it WILL feel like you are making it up inside your own head. Just be okay with that and keep going.

    Trust me, there are more interesting questions to ask than “is this real” and “can you prove yourself to me”. Those types of questions go nowhere. But real delvings into these other beings experiences and what they think and how they live… stuff like that… that’s where you begin to get interesting stuff that you KNOW you would never have invented.

    Orissa, my best advice with this? Just have FUN! You are doing GREAT!


    Hi Zingdad,
    I have a little something for you. I hope you are ok with it!… 😉 Its all for the light!




    but arn’t orion from territorial greys?


    Thanks for your comments GTTOWNSEND & UFObelieve.

    Thank you also Zingdad for taking the time to respond & your encouragement, I greatly appreciate it. If Ican ever get to the stage of receiving information & being able to interpret it with the detail & wisdom that you & Opalescence do then I will count myself as extremely fortunate.


    @alainiz wrote:

    but arn’t orion from territorial greys?

    The history of the stars is more complicated than we can guess. From my understanding, the ancient Orions are a very noble race, before the trouble came.


    thats interesting can you explain more of it opal?


    We are in a universe of duality, remember… So is Orion, an ancient battleground of dark and light. Here is what I found, searching briefly…

    from this site:

    Orion Empire

    The “Orions” are made up of two opposed races. The “Council of Light” was one based at the star system Betelgeuse, and the equally powerful evil Orions were based at the star system Rigel. The Orions took over lots of planets back in our galaxy’s less spiritual days but were always balanced by the Intergalactic Confederation. The conquering part of Orion empire was defeated 200,000 years ago by the Intergalactic Confederation, and they haven’t been a threat to Earth since. They are presently getting ready to “transform into the 4th dimension” just as we of Earth are. In fact, some people on Earth are reincarnated Orions who are here to integrate their negativity and hence allow both our worlds to ascend.

    In the book “Prism of Lyra” Orion is described as:

    This is the main “battleground” for the challenge of polarity integration, seeded from Sirius as well as Lyra and Vega. There is a direct connection with Earth, as explored in later chapters.

    from this site
    I would like to briefly discuss some of the groups that have been interacting with our planet over
    the last few million years. In the book “You Are Becoming a Galactic Human” it is shared that Earth’s
    history began some 35 million years ago with an etheric life form acting as a guardian species for the
    earth; with the first Orions arriving some 10 million years ago.
    The Sirian group “refers to a group of extraterrestials (not necessarily all from Sirius) who were
    instrumental in the inception of Earth and the development of the human race”. “Sirius, known as the
    Dog Star, is a member of the constellation Canis Major. It lies 8.7 light years from Earth and is the
    most brilliant star (as distinguished from planets) observed by the naked eye.”(this and the following
    quotes are from PL)
    “The constellation of Orion is a pattern of stars that has intrigued mankind since ancient times.
    The word Orion may derive from the ancient Akkadian word “Uru-anna”, which means “the light of
    heaven”. Western cultures have often identified this constellation as the Hunter. The inherent energy of
    Orion is associated with polarity conflict. Earth is presently attempting a final integration of these
    polarities, hence the strong feelings that many humans display regarding Orion”

    I see Lyssa Royal Holt has a tape with a channeling described thus:
    #5 The Orion Conflict (Germane and Akbar) 11/89-Sedona. This poignant tape explores Orion’s eons of struggle and conflict and how this conflict has been brought to Earth for resolution. An Orion being speaks candidly about the new dawn that is finally emerging in their devastated worlds.

    and from this site:
    Some claim that ‘negative’ entities have been associated with some of the stars in the Orion constellation. Other sources claim that the Orion Nebula is a cosmic ‘doorway’ to ‘infinity’ or the realm of the Creator, which transcends the time-space-matter universe. Some astronomers claim that a huge, beautifully-illuminated multicolored ‘light’ has emerged from the “nebula” and is on an intercept-course with Earth, although at a rather leisurely pace and at this rate this ‘light’ or ‘star’ will reach earth approximately 3000 AD (give or take a hundred years). Could this have something to do with the prophecy in Revelation 21? Since the Draconians are attempting to conquer the ‘heavens’, they may have made futile attempts to enter the ‘Eternity Gate’ and intercept the emerging ‘Light’ (‘War In Heaven’ between Michael and the ‘Dragon’? – see: Rev. ch. 12). This may explain the alleged presence of the Draconians in the Orion constellation, although certain ‘human’ groups have allegedly become curious of the ‘Eternity Gate’ as well. The Orion open cluster itself is the base of a joint Reptiloid – Grey empire called the Unholy Six, which has been working out of NEMESIS in an effort to sabotage the human presence in the SOL system. Many of the “planetoids” that have entered this system and have made observable “course alterations” are arriving from NEMESIS and the Orion-Draconian EMPIRE.


    Sirius is the apparent epicenter of the ASHTAR or ASTARTE collective, where humanoids of various types, Sasquatch, Reptiloids, Greys, Insectoids and Reptilian-Insectoid hybrid species as well as cybernetic “MIB” entities have collaborated in the past. The Sirians have waged war in the past with the Orion Empire or the “Unholy Six” reptilian star systems in the Orion open cluster. The ancient dispute involves just who will serve as the “landlords” of a sector of space containing 21 star systems including the most strategic star system, SOL and particularly planet Earth, Terra or Shan — which is a virtual cosmic “oasis” of water, mineral, plant, animal and genetic resources in incredible variety compared with most other worlds. This dispute between the Sirians and Orion Reptiloids dates back to the ancient invasion of Orion by the Draconian EMPIRE, as a result of which many “Nordic” type humanoids escaped to Procyon, Sol, Sirius and elsewhere. In recent times a RIFT or SPLIT has occurred in the Ashtar collective following the discovery of massive infiltration into the collective by agents of the Unholy Six and Draconian EMPIRES, with many humanoids taking sides with the FEDERATION — which has a major earth-base under Furnace Creek, California; and many of the Reptiloids taking sides with the Orion-Draconian EMPIRE — which has a major earth-base below Dulce, New Mexico. A Collaboration of sorts (via the electronic collective mind which links humanoid and reptiloid intelligences into a master mainframe via psionic implants) still exists however, a collective-collaboration which maintains bases under Paradox, Nevada; Dougway, Utah and near the Denver International Airport in Colorado. This war in Sirius-B is gravitating towards the Sol System, in that the opposing agendas for this system is one of the major issues of dispute between the two [or three] warring factions.


    Wow, that’s a whole lot of info there, Opal! Most of that is outside of my field of knowing and so I can’t comment. There were two sentences which came home to me as both important and right:
    @opalescent wrote:

    The “Orions” are made up of two opposed races.

    and the notion that there is quite a strong polarity of light and dark over there, and:
    @opalescent wrote:

    In fact, some people on Earth are reincarnated Orions who are here to integrate their negativity and hence allow both our worlds to ascend.

    I have met one or two such people. Alainiz do you possibly feel you might also be one such?


    I too have a friend who identifies herself as an old one of Orion. She is a caretaker of the elderly and infirm who also talks to garden fairies.

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