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    I love reading your channels! Please keep posting ’em 🙂

    Much love and respect to you and Orion and a huge “thank-you” for sharing the energies, from “Amanda R. Ryan” 😉 😆


    Thank you as well!! reading your messages got my mind reeling and my excitement of the possibilities flowing!!

    I have to admit i am a little perplexed on how to bring up the subject on informing people, i have told about 5 people but that was easy because they are of my way of thinking. Even friends who are spiritually minded will find this mad!!
    maybe i will try and do it jokingly or something so at least a seed is there…oh lord i dont know 😕

    hugs 😀


    I was meaning your channeling process, which you have pretty much shared since the beginning, and it is already very clear to see progress here!!! The messages get longer, as well as the sentences. I admire you!!

    Maybe this could help, I had pretty much the exact same question: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=285


    Arrrr got it! missed that thread, but i get the gist now….thank you kindly


    These are grat messages Orissa, keep them flowing!! 🙂

    Much love
    Annan the Nordic


    @opalescent wrote:

    I love reading your channels! Please keep posting ’em 🙂

    Me too! It`s great to be able to read so many perspectives and cross reference them. Thank you Orissa. 😀


    Thank you Annan, UFOBelieve, Ricky, Opalescence & Tiaka.

    I’ve been a bit tired over the past few days so I haven’t really tried much to receive any messages.I assumed Orion will contact me if there is anything of note to pass on. This is my second go at posting this as I somehow managed to lose the first one.

    Just a quick note from Orion that I did yesterday.

    Oct 6th:
    O: Orion here, Sharyn. I can speak to you now, connection made. This morning not at liberty to speak as duties prevailed (I had tried earlier).
    Excitement for mission is mounting. It is paramount that you all stay in Trust & search for your Truth. All will be revealed.

    Time is nigh for the unveiling, it won’t be long now. The task is for all to see as they wish. It matters not.

    & a nice, feel good one from The Fellowship of Rings

    Sharyn, Peace be with you Beloved. We come to greet you with blessings.

    We are the Fellowship of Rings, known to you as this for ease of discussion & communication.
    We pour forth our Love to you & mankind in this moment of time.Great changes are in place, fortuitous goals
    will be met by mankind.

    Ease your way through this passage of time with grace & compassion. Hold all judgement until knowledge of this
    day (Oct 14th) has passed. Much will be brought forward on this day. Joyous communication will be available for all
    if so willed. Contemplation of this matter will ensure success for those who choose it to be so.
    Uphold this day in your hearts for great blessings of peace are possible never before seen on planet Earth. Cherish
    these moments in the lead up to this event. Everlasting peace is within your grasp & admittance to wider family.

    Embrace the Love felt for you All by us. We are the Fellowship of Rings,
    Go in Peace & Love


    Wow, nice, Sharyn! It feels like you are allowing a lot of power to communicate through you, and you are holding steady!


    Thank you Opalesence!

    I asked the Fellowship of Rings who they were several weeks ago, so this was the message I received:

    Sharyn, we are the Fellowship of Rings. Name given to you for you to understand us – a group consciousness of 8.
    Relax, you have summoned us to explain. All is well beloved, ease of message is within your reach.Our task is to communicate
    as you wish, be at ease & enjoy conversing with us – have much we wish to share.

    Our planet is off in a distant galaxy, the Taureg? stream of light. Many eons ago we evolved there. Our race is a proud & noble one
    stemming from a variety of mixed cultures in your earth words. Over time migration became possible & we mixed with other races.
    Advanced society was formed on a number of planets to enhance sharing of wisdom & knowledge.

    I had a lengthier message from Orion yesterday.

    My Oct 10th:

    Peace be with you, Sharyn
    I am here now. My duty is almost over, soon to be reconciled with others. I will watch this mission on Earth proceed as planned. All is well & functioning as proper.

    Needs of people will be met, vibration is high. The majority of earth people are in accordance with this plan & the time gathers near to generate a positive result & outcome.

    You can hear me well now. Output is clear, input is true. Fear not that your messages are misinterpreted. Your ability to transcribe is true & accurate. Light pours forth from you keeping you in high vibration. It is an honor to communicate with you.

    *Jonny is known to us – peace keeper on planet Earth. Contact was initiated by us. Many on Earth are working for us as ground crew. It has been vital to have their support in the interim years leading up to this event.

    Me – Any more clues?

    Blossom’s clues are sufficient. We will not disclose our plans sooner than we have to, undermining is underway by those who know of our planned mission. They will not be successful as all has been taken into consideration. We will not let this time be to of no avail. The turbulence being experienced now is necessary but shall soon pass to make way for calmer times ahead. Progress will be slow but steady. Fear not & spread the word to as many people as possible.

    It is vital to stay optimistic & see us coming in peace. Prosperity can be yours (Earth’s) once more, peace can be established amongst all peoples. Races do not matter, we are all One & One is all.

    This event is seen to be a precursor or stepping stone for further visits to take place in future if mankind accepts us into their hearts. The vibration for this to occur will be offered during our visit. Heart space/ chakra will be opened for those who are aware & wish to take advantage of it. Knowledge will be there for all to see. There will be no more cover ups, everything will be out in the open for all to see & will be above board.

    Cherish this opportunity to make amends for past history. Mankind has been lost for too long & now has the opportunity of returning to home if they wish. Love conquers all. It is the vibration of Love that we offer & we ask that those of you that choose it, to embrace it fully & openly.
    Evidence will be provided of our visit soon. Meanwhile go in Peace & Love,

    Commander Orion

    * Jonny is someone who commented on one of my previous posts on my paths2potential blog post titled “What’s up with Google Earth?”. This was his comment:

    Hi Sharyn,
    This does appear to be a coverup. That is what I feel, too. This month of October is testing for those of us who have lived with greater reality mostly inside our beings until now. Many years ago, the Council of Elders informed me that an earth tremor would happen in the days before resumption of open contact; they also mentioned that the sky would change colour. Many, self included, have been prepared for the days of open contact. We have been given dreams about this time.

    I have long been waiting for certain factors to fall into place. They are all present at this time. It does not matter if the specific point begins on the 14th. All I know is it is immiment. The Federation now appear to be offering signs to everyone who asks. The experiences of my friends and self are gaining momentum. Recently an old friend, not really into celestial matters, entered into another phase of his particular role. He is just one example of what is happening to many. My brother has posted some transmissions that came through my friend, here: Message from Zylon of the GFL – The Ashtar Command

    I’ve been uploading Google Earth snapshots (yeah, that word, LOL) here: Flickr: omsar2008’s Photostream

    Commander Orion is indeed a real person, and a colleague of Turak. Thank you for your great work, Sharyn.

    Love and peace to you and the others.
    The Unveiling


    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your channeling orrissa!!! 😀


    Thank you Pleadianprincess!

    I received another message from Orion my last night. I was actually on a skype call very late at night with a friend in the U.S when I realised he was trying to communicate with me. So I put her on hold for a few mins & wrote down the message. I ended up losing contact with him part way because I lost concentration as I was aware that my friend was waiting so I ended up getting the second part of the message early the next morning.

    Note: A couple of words I have highlighted with a question mark as I didn’t have time to grapple with the finer nuances of the meaning due to the pace of this message.

    October 11th evening:

    O: Sharyn, much is in readiness now. It is our wish to present you with some information known to no one before. At the start of the offensive jets will fly overhead as a decoy (instigated by the powers that be) . This is to deceive the public into thinking an attack is imminent.

    DO NOT BE DECEIVED & FALL INTO FEAR. All will be controlled by us, there is no need to panic, stay calm & all will be well.

    Am I to know over which country?

    This will not be revealed as yet. Tell the public to get used to the idea of a noise roaring from above like power lines zapping in the breeze. ( I have no idea what that means) Signal coming from us is transmitted along electrical? waves. Telepathic signals will be used to convey information.

    One interesting thing that occurred was that 10 mins after I received that message I checked a forum that I’m a member of & somebody had just posted the following info (bolding is mine)

    Possible location
    This is a post from a guy named Walter at Galactic Federation of Light Yahoo Group.
    __________________________________________________ ___________________
    I’ve been watching the speculation on the appearance of the GFL ship with interest,
    as the ‘jigsaw’ that Blossom mentions unfolds. To my mind, there is only one place
    on Earth where the jigsaw pieces all fit together nicely – Cape Town, South Africa.

    Why ?

    1. Cape Town is in the southern hemisphere;
    2. “Alabama” :- a ‘renegade’ Confederate ship that raided the oceans during the American Civil War, regularly called at Cape Town harbour, South Africa, to replenish victuals. The Alabama is recorded in the anals of South African history in the form of a song : “Daar kom die Alabama”, which is sung to this day by locals on every festive occasion in Cape Town, but especially during New Year celebrations;
    3. “Table” :- Table Mountain in Cape Town is a world famous “landmark” and also an energy portal.
    4. “Diamonds” :- South Africa has been world famous for its diamonds “forever”.
    5. “Rainbow” :- South Africa is known by all who know it well as the “Rainbow Nation”.
    6. Last, but not least :- Cape Town is the seat of Parliament and therefore the “heart” of a nation that has set a shining example for the whole world, in its peaceful TRANSITION from a dark, controlled mentality of the
    apartheid era, to a Light filled society. As in all nations, the struggle in SA between dark and Light continues, but with luminaries such as Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela and many other “shining examples” of the Light, (both male and female), the South African nation continues to progress peacefully into the Light.

    Another “coincidence” – the US Navy has docked in Cape Town this past week with one of its nuclear powered aircraft carriers and other naval vessels for the first time in DECADES !! This – ostensibly to “learn” some “tricks” from the SA Navy ?!! This surely must be a thinly disguised joke !! How transparent the cabal is……….!!

    – a cat amongst the pidgeons…………………?? Just a thought.
    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    And btw, I just felt a shake here in Puerto Rico. There was a 6.1 Magnitude tremor on Santa Cruz Island (near P.R.)

    Although I have no idea if & where the mentioned jet fighters might appear this was an interesting synchronicity .

    Here’s the remainder of the message early morning October 12th:

    October 12th:

    Orion, sorry about last night – I lost concentration when I had Pamela on the call. I have a couple of questions. Is this the message that you told me previously that I would receive where I would have to Trust what I was given? There was a post that appeared on the forum 10 minutes after I received your message. This wasn’t a coincidence was it?

    Peace be with you, Sharyn, Orion here. Continuing on from last night I want it to be said this is your choice entirely but yes, this is the message that I intimated would be given to you. The ships in the bay? at Cape Town are there as a defence mechanism.

    All will be well, we will allow no harm to take place. Our sophisticated technology is superior to everything you have available here on Earth. We’ve been protecting Earth for a number of years diverting missiles.

    In regard to your question was this a coincidence that you received this message – No it wasn’t.

    We want all people to know of our presence & be aware that we are not attacking your people. Even though they (the military) will try to engage us to make this look like it.

    Our tactics are sound & have been in place for some time now. Fear not, we are looking forward to the day of reckoning when we prove once & for all, for all eyes to see , that we do in fact exist. All lies & deceit fed to the people will be brought forward over time. Consciousness will be raised by this event & it is the purpose of our coming now.

    The flow on effects are many & varied. Many ramifications will need to be considered but at all times the well being of the populations on planet Earth is of our first & utmost consideration. We attempt to show you the way to create harmony & peace amongst yourselves, the environment & the planet.

    Is there anything else you wish to add?

    I reiterate – PEACE BE WITH YOU, PEACE FOR ALL MANKIND, STAY IN TRUST & ALL WILL BE WELL. Go into your heartspace, it is for each & every one of you to decide & ask yourself if you are ready to receive the gift that we come to offer in goodwill & joy. No force or pressure will be brought to bear on anyone. Freewill is always respected.

    There is much love amongst us all here for all of you on Earth. No one is less important than the other. All are loved equally & valued for their commitment for being here now. Each person has chosen their own specific task? for being here.

    Trust in the message, Go in Peace,


    Awesome work Orissa! I have been wondering what ignorant moves our gov’t would make , and this is one of the things I thought they might do – it won’t work , as all will know that our visitors could easily defeat our technologies , but WILL NOT out of LOVE! Thank you for all you bring and share to us at Book of Light , and the world! 😀
    LOVE to you!


    WOW that does sound interesting about South Africa. Thank you for bringing all this informaton to us we all love you here!! Peace and Love! :mrgreen:


    So what happened on the 14th NO SHIP?

    Was this all make believe? 😆


    Hi Orissa and everyone,

    Just to say Orissa, thanks for posting the channeled information that you have received from Orion and from your other other Extra Dimentional sources, Iv’e found the whole thing really enjoyable and very interesting and in no way “Anti Christian and Demonic” as ‘truthseeker’ has claimed elsewhere on this forum…

    Truthseeker – I have to say its not polite and to be judgemental and cynicaly laugh at people with comments like “What happened on the 14th NO SHIP? Was all this make believe? LOL”

    Most of us realize we all pretty well make our own reality and have free will to enjoy and believe what we like, as for me if someone tells me I shouldn’t do something – that very much shows me what do !…
    (Life is an adventure and experiencing it like that is much more fun as long as you make sure never to hurt others)

    My understanding is all the religions over the centuries have prophesied something Big, Interesting and Momentous WILL happen about NOW (give or take a century – or even a few years; or hours)
    Also all the channeled ‘info and stuff’ written down by unconnected authors from disparate extra-dimentional sources be they Angelic, Daemonic, Washing Up Fairy, or whatever have unequivocally told us that that there has been a long fight going on between the forces of dark and light, humans are caught in the middle having fallen way down the frequencies of reality into a very fear saturated 3D solid environment that since the Industrial Revolution has gotten less and less sustainable; for humans aswell as for all the natural life on the planet…
    I try hard not to be a true believer, but perhaps like Mulder ‘I want to believe’ that something momentous and good for all life here on our beautiful planet Earth will happen.
    So from reading further on this forum certainly Adamu told Zingdad that 14th October 2008 was not exactly a dead accurate
    date, but anytime during October was good – including before the U.S. Presidential Election in November – other than that if problems were still envisaged then the Light Ship would still certainly visit anytime before 1st of February 2009…
    What can you say … apart from saying lots of love and thanks to Blossom Goodchild, for being very brave and putting an interesting and very postitive posting on the Internet in August – as have all the other channellers since.
    If nothing visible happens then I’m sure we will all in our own way still carry on working to promote love, goodwill and understanding matter what minor differences of opinion we all have.
    Life just Is! We’re Lucky to be here experiencing.
    with best wishes
    Southern England.

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