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    Wow, oh WOW! Thank you soooo much for that info Opalescence. I have been wrestling with myself the last few days as to whether I would post any more of my channelings with Orion as I have been in daily contact for a while now since my first post here. I had in fact just got up this morning after my previous session with him last night & decided that I would post, then I come here & see this info. Your info ties in with a snippet that I received just a couple of days ago which I had thought maybe was my imagination -wasn’t sure if I was really connected or not for this particular channel but you have now confirmed that I was for me. So that is great.

    I’ve also had a couple of other really cool synchronicities happen this week also. So I’ll start my ramblings in the next post for any of you who may be interested.


    opalescent wrote:In fact, some people on Earth are reincarnated Orions who are here to integrate their negativity and hence allow both our worlds to ascend.

    zingdad wrote:I have met one or two such people. Alainiz do you possibly feel you might also be one such?

    I used to be an orion gray that is correct but i am not here to bring dark forces my path is my own choosing, please do not accuse me of evil intention i am not of that at all. I bring light to everyone.


    I sense no evil intention, dear alainiz, tho perhaps as the shadows within reveal themselves in the changing light of self-understanding there can be a limitation in the language we use for expression of these mysteries that can be perceived differently than intended. Our language is so imperfect for expressing what we are all, each, coming to know of ourselves and each other.

    I just asked my source, Nine, for some light on the subject of Orion. They share this information:

    Orion is a system that is, it could be said, the doorway to this part of the arm of the galaxy, where your sun is. In the ancient days of the drama of light and dark that takes exquisite form on your world, long before your world had taken on the form which you know as Earth, there came a race which answered the call of love’s simple quest to know itself in a mirror. Those who came first set up their camp on the planets of Orion that proved to be compliant with their method of conquest. Fast-forward a bit… Those in the resistance who, immobilized in the system, desired to remain in the game of love loving made their way to various outposts in the galactic arm you call home, and many souls ensouled on Earth. Thus caught in the time cycle of planetary evolution, in anticipation of the days now upon you in which the drama plays out its final act of duality coming together within a world of love awakened, those ancient souls are now themselves triggering a revolution in awareness by tiny acts of remembrance shared. Orion’s past has reached the point of coming full circle. Do you of Orion remember? Now it is safe, for the factions of control crumble at the threshold of a new light and a new understanding of love. Be bold, ancient ones. Know the time has come for your unveiling as humans of strong roots in the knowledge of love’s light in the shadows of forgetfulness.

    For a bit more from my source regarding the present state of galactic history, my message from last week may prove to be of interest at this link, “life is for the living”.


    Okay, just to backtrack a little & provide a bit more background as to why I have been struggling a bit with trusting myself with all this channeling. As I mentioned in my earlier post I first began channeling in May, I had a couple of other channels with some other beings to begin with then Orion first came on the scene on the 22nd May in response to a question I posed. This is partly why I started wanting to channel – to try & understand a few things that had happened to me as a child, & recently. As, like Will mentioned somewhere in one of his posts, I have been starting to have parts of the jigsaw, piece by piece arrive & have been trying to get the whole picture.

    So at this early stage whenever I tried to channel I was just asking to connect to a high light being that would be available for me. My procedure is to connect with Source / Creator first as I do in my theta healing & then request to be connected to a high light being through Source so that I am protected & receive the highest perspective.

    So my question was: Help me understand the truth of what caused the shut down of my intuition when I was a child. (oh, great waves of sadness have just come over me as I write this & now i’m in tears – This is interesting as I thought I had resolved all of this, obviously still some work to do on myself today) Is this different to what caused the great fear I had when I was a child. Is this different to the great fear I had when I was a child maybe around 4 years?

    Sharyn, This is Orion. What happened to you was not meant to happen. Circumstances forced it upon you. You taken by force, shown images fearful to you, awareness of things not possible for your higher good. Traumatic triggers placed.

    ( I had received confirmation of information similar to this previously by a friend who channels a group called the Mono -Tu after talking to her about some things I had started remembering. I have some memories of around 4 of being taken by alien beings & strapped down in a black chair similar to a dentist’s with bands strapped across me so I couldn’t move. Whether this physically actually happened, or I psychically had that thought implanted I’m still not 100% certain , although I tend to think it actually did take place. I have this memory of running a cross a field with cows where I was on holiday on a dairy farm when I was 4 away from some sort of UFO ship. I do know now that I was subjected to psychic abuse & had implants from that time, but that is another whole story which I may get into later.)

    I’m not 100% certain that this next part of the response was still Orion , or another being because there was a bit of a gap between the 2 responses. I did feel like I was wrapped in wings of love though & absolutely safe.

    What happened to you when you were 3 – angelic presence detected, belief in self destroyed (I think because I was not believed, I have some memory of this). Closed off protection. Joy lost, suffering began. Lesson to learn to understand yourself. Peace be with you, relax & be at ease. Joy is upon you 3 fold. Feel my presence, get used to it. On waves of love I come to guide you. My presence is safe, nothing is done that you don’t want. You have carried much fear & been unable to hear us. That is your right.Be at peace now. No harm. Everlasting love

    When I read this to my friend that channels the Mono Tu ( has done for many years) she said it felt creepy to her & that my questions hadn’t been answered, so she thought I was channeling a lower entity & would ask the Mono Tu as she was concerned about my safety. Which she did & their response was I was in contact with one lost on the astral plane. I have to say this response didn’t resonate at all with me because of how I felt during the channel & I guess I had the wider understanding implied in the conversation other than what I just transcribed but I was wondering if my ego was getting involved here. I was feeling rather deflated thinking that I might only be talking to some “trickster” but I couldn’t see how as I knew I was connected to Source at the time. So I guess this goes with what Opalescent said earlier about trusting your gut, so although I honor & respect my friend’s response I really felt that she had tapped into some fear of her own & so maybe in this instance it influenced her response from the Mono Tu. At the same time it did however, plant that seed of doubt in my mind. So although I always felt safe & comfortable during all of my channels so far I was still sometimes wondering if I was actually talking to high light beings or some lower forms or making parts of it up. Trust in myself has been a hard thing for me to master since it was destroyed when I was a child but I am almost there.

    Alainiz, I’ve just seen your post.(( Hugs to you )). I didn’t infer from Zingdad’s comment that he meant you were of evil intent. I think you misunderstood it in a way that was not meant.

    Since I’ve had a few weird things happening with my computer this week I might post this before I go any further as I’ve already lost one post this week.


    Orissa, it sounds like you have a very strong intuition and you trust it, and that you are into channeling for the healing it offers rather than for the flash and excitement. That is all good, and will keep you on track to your higher self, as your soul desires your integration. It sounds like your analysis of your friend’s response is on target, too. Trust in yourself and your abilities, now nascent in their expression. As long as your intention is for healing, and is pure, you can help many in helping yourself.

    Trauma is what we come here for, hey? To experience being shattered and to come into wholeness.

    My only caveat regarding connection with Orion is to ensure that you are only available for loving truthful honest intent from a consciousness of light… or words to that effect 😉 I have spoken with beings from that lineage both of great wisdom and great deceit. It’s a wonderful lesson in fine-tuning discernment, and to have a strong connection with an ancient Orionian wisdom is a boon. You can learn much, and conquer much fear, from such a one.

    About your memory of the dentist chair ( 😈 yikes! 😯 ) I have memories from early childhood of things that couldn’t have possibly happened in this lifetime, that I know had happened as an adult-ish kind of person in other timelines. Back then I was confused about it. Children can see stuff and remember stuff, and so we learn to forget unpleasantness… for a while. The memories I remember were traumatic enough when I was remembering them, at age 6 or so, to make me squirm as an adult seeking to heal. It’s hard work, waking up, rescuing our brokenness from astral dungeons. Keep going! When you’re going through Hell, it’s no time to stop for a picnic. Grab your lost little girl and head for the meadows!


    May I share just a bit more about Orion without being accused of hijacking this thread? 😆 I share simply in the interest of bringing understanding to this race, of which I learn more and more… and to allay any ancient fears the word “Orion” may conjure deep in the racial memory.

    This is from one of my channelings posted April 3, just a snippet, quoting Orion (actually, now that I re-read this message, there is fairly direct mention of the coming visitation we’re all a-twitter about 🙂 ):

    “Before I go, understand this: You are not who you were, even a month ago. You created the present you find yourself in just a short time ago. Your future will be coming more quickly as time continues to compress. Pay attention to all your thoughts and all your influences driving thought for you. Dream your own dream. Reality belongs to you. Make yourselves happy, why don’t you? When you do, everything will change. Pray for peace. Voice your inner knowingness. Create.

    “I bid you bon voyage as I prepare to leave for other dreams, as I fear I have no place in yours. You’re preparing to enter a new world, one which you will find to be of your liking. I choose otherwise. Understanding reached, there is no need for further quibbling about who can spit the farthest. Soon wars will end. I cannot speak for all who live by my rules, for some will, undoubtedly, continue to do their darnedest to take what they can and want more, which they do to their detriment. Deal lovingly with them; they need it.

    “Farewell. I am Orion.”


    @alainiz wrote:

    opalescent wrote:In fact, some people on Earth are reincarnated Orions who are here to integrate their negativity and hence allow both our worlds to ascend.

    zingdad wrote:I have met one or two such people. Alainiz do you possibly feel you might also be one such?

    I used to be an orion gray that is correct but i am not here to bring dark forces my path is my own choosing, please do not accuse me of evil intention i am not of that at all. I bring light to everyone.

    Oh no! You misunderstand me, my friend! Opal’s quote says “come here to integrate their negativity”. This I take to mean, come here to this planet to do the inner work of integrating and healing your own inner negativity. Which we ALL do as a part of the ascension process. I too am integrating my own negativity. But by doing it HERE on this planet we bring the planetary consciousness a gift. If it is done here then it raises consciousness. No, my friend, there is a big difference between integrating negativity and expressing negativity! They are opposite things, really. The first is about finding healing for your self and in so doing loving others. The second is about taking energy from others and hurting them and yourself… opposite things. I wouldn’t dream of implying that you are the latter!
    The point is if yo bring the Orion signature here and do your work here then you not only heal this place but you heal Orion too! That is what I was wondering if you might not be doing…


    14th Sept – First, a bit about how I came to choose Orissa as my name here. I was thinking about Orion & wondering what I should choose as my avatar when suddenly I heard Orissa. “Ok, I thought, that’s come up for a reason. I haven’t heard it before, I’ll go with that” & wondered if it came from Orion. Then I heard

    Communication easier now. Orissa is the name of a distant star, given to you with intent – Shining One

    Still not entirely sure where this has come from at this stage. Although a few days later on when I know that I am connected to Orion I get confirmation, so that was cool.

    When I heard Orissa I immediately went & looked it up on the web & the only reference I found was to a place in India, nothing about known stars so I was not really any the wiser. (Thank you for your comment today re your rememberances about that Annan!).

    So continuing on from the first channeling that I posted my next communication from Orion was on 17th Sept 1:00am which he intiated. All my previous channels had been because I requested them but I became aware of him knocking on my door so to speak. I’ll just include the bits more relevant to October 14th or of general interest as the channels have been getting longer & usually relate to messages for myself as well. I truly don’t understand why I am seeming to get these messages as I have spent my entire life trying to stay hidden & out of the lime light, so I find myself coming out in the open like this with this thread quite bizarre. But here goes:

    Sept 17th –

    Sharyn, Commander Orion here…… ……

    Plans made & on time.Distribute [info] freely, fear not, communication is correct.All will see in future [and it will] manifest as promised. Need you to get the message out. Position of trust is greatly needed now. Ability to communicate is high. Trust yourself with message. More to come – meeting soon – [it] is possible through First Contact. You have chosen to do this. fear not, all will be well. Go in peace & love.

    Sept 18th- Ok, So what’s the next step?

    Plan is to go ahead. Time is drawing near when all will be revealed. Masses in the skies, doubt not.All will be well.Signals in place.Advance warning [will be] seen by others

    Me: Others?

    Those on earth. Humanity will see, much will be revealed. Tell all not to fear. You are all divinely loved & blessed. Peace cometh to those [who are] seeking it. [It is] not for us to say, your will respected. Much pressure has been brought to bear on you ( humanity). Freedom is drawing near for those who choose it.

    Now this last part I don’t know if I was still connected or not. I’d read a bit about the light ships a while ago so I don’t know if this influenced me. I was wondering where Orion was.

    Galactic ship, large fleet. Possibilities endless?? (not sure what that was referring to)

    Me: Do you name your ships?

    Our ships are nameless – sentient beings, no need of names. Light all around. Superior craft

    That afternoon of the 18th I then had a couple of hours where I went into a bit of a tail spin & was a bit upset as the previous day I had just come across some information regarding Grays coming from Orion which I hadn’t known about before & then on the next day I see Alainiz’s question about them here as well. So then I had to ask myself if I was I channeling a grey in disguise 😮 ? I went back to read all of my channels again to see if I could detect anything untoward. I came to the conclusion again by the way I have always felt during the channels & because I have always intended to only connect to a high light being that I don’t believe this to be the case. So I decided to continue on in trust. For others reading my experiences please obviously trust your own discernment.

    On rereading my earlier channels I did find one thing interesting though. I had a channel on 6th August with some other beings which just told me they were the group for communication purposes. At the end of the channel I got

    Message to the people will come to you. Much to share. Communications will be stronger. Do as you want . Guidance will be clearer. Not only us watching. Fear not. Help is at hand. Divine Will. Happiness is assured

    So perhaps this is another reference to October 14th? It meant nothing to me at the time.

    That evening of the 18th I became aware of Orion wanting to speak to me again through his initiation again so I decided to try & sort out this out. It is my understanding that if you ask an entity or being if they are of the light they have to answer you truthfully so I did.

    Me: I need to clear this up, hope you’re not offended but are you a high light being?

    Yes, worry not Sharyn. Mode of address precludes lower entities ( I took this to mean my procedure of connecting to Source/ Creator first & surrounding myself with white light), safety assured, privacy respected. Free will to speak to those only as you wish, must abide by this. Integrity is protected, no force or guise is necessary. Creator protects you with his love, sheltered from inappropriate contact.

    Wish to speak to you about today’s events, sadness felt by you understandable, trickery not intended. Trust to yourself. Love for you is profound for you my friend & rest of humanity. In awe of job you [all on Earth] are doing here.

    Must protect from destruction & deceit. It is the Will of the people that all shouls be seen to be above surface [board]. No more subterfuge – out in the open for all to see. Justice required to bring this about. Intervention necessary.

    Credentials true as presented to you – Starship Commander.
    Communication is vital for credibility.Action to be taken relies on planetary co-operation & goodwill. It is our mission to ensure peace & security for earth, Goodwill for all. Tyranny must be .. (missed ending)

    To this end all will take place as planned. Mission to be accomplished without force, only love. Flotilla coming, on standby in skies now. Ready & waiting. All will be seen when necessary.
    Till then, take care & trust all is well. Go in peace.


    @opalescent wrote:

    May I share just a bit more about Orion without being accused of hijacking this thread? 😆 I share simply in the interest of bringing understanding to this race, of which I learn more and more… and to allay any ancient fears the word “Orion” may conjure deep in the racial memory.

    Opalescent, thank you all your wonderful information- I welcome it & any input you or anyone else feels like contributing. My knowledge of other races is almost non existent. If anyone is picking up anything which strikes them as odd or untoward about what I’m writing please feel free to comment. I guess there could be many beings named Orion or it could be just a name that was given to me that was easy for to me to grab hold of. I really have no clue at this stage.I am aware also, that this Orion is limited with the consciousness of the one he is trying to communicate with, in this case me. So my messages are very simplistic, hopefully I am transcribing the meaning inherent behind them with Truth.


    Orissa, it suddenly strikes me. This whole good vs bad thing is really just a perspective issue. I mean, have you ever done anything of which you are ashamed. Of course you have. Every one has. Think of the best, most loving person you can. That person ALSO has made mistakes and has done hurtful things. We all have. But that does not make US evil. Even Adamu assures me that, within his consciousness, are many moments of pain. That they have been integrated and healed is the important point. So from a greater perspective it is so that we all move on from our pain and become something that is healed and whole. When we integrate and heal our pain it becomes a beautiful thing. It is that which makes us compassionate and loving of others. The most wounded become the best healers… right, Orissa?

    And so it is for Orion! From a lower perspective Orion is DEEPLY conflicted. Highly polarised and with great conflict between those poles. But from a higher perspective there is a way to see that whole spirit gestalt as that which holds within its being both poles and it heals and loves both poles. Would than not make such a being endlessly compassionate? It has BEEN there to the limits of polarity. It KNOWS what that is about. And so it is a healer of polarity! It’s just a matter of perspective. And I can tell from the energy signature of your words that you are talking to no trickster! There is simply love and compassion here. And patience too.

    For what its worth I think you can trust this process. I think you are onto a good thing. And trust your heart and your intuition – they certainly seem rock-solid to me. You are doing good.

    ʑ̊ǃɳǥðåð ̊


    Thank you so much Zingdad. You have touched me with your words. I knew today when I read Opalescent’s info that correlated with something I received a couple of days ago that I had been getting only Truth & it was time to finally totally let go & trust myself. This has been a common theme for me in some of my channels with other beings. I could see no ulterior motive when I have only ever received positive messages & they have always felt in alignment with myself. So yes, I now accept greatfully that I am priviliged to be in contact with Orion & see where this leads me.

    So thank you, again for your perspective!


    19th Sept – I’m finding now that I often don’t have to ask formal questions Orion often just picks up where we left off or he knows what I have been turning over in my mind so this session went as follows

    Orion here, Sharyn. Talk to you now due to weather conditions- crystal clear. I am of the 9th dimensions. Hear questions in your head. Fear not, all is well. Talked of this yesterday. No harm come to you, unnecessary to fear breach of defences, surrounded by light for protection. Runaway thoughts under control (mine from the previous day). Peace be with you – Much loved.
    Orissa is star name given to remind you of home – next galaxy.
    Proof of ownership given to you soon

    Me: Ownership of what?


    So here was my confirmation that it had been Orion that had suggested the name to me which pleased me no end. I had a further cool synchronicity in relation to it the next morning however. In the morning for some reason I went to visit Magenta Pixie’s You Tube channel & scrolled halfway down, there to find a video featured called “Shining Ones of Enlightenment” by Rysa5. As soon as I saw this I knew it was no accident that I had arrived there to see it, as Orion had told me in the earlier message that Orissa meant Shining One. So I was actually starting to feel that this was all starting to add up.

    Sept 20th – I had decided I wanted to try & find out some more information about where he was from.

    Me: I don’t know where to start. Was the video by Rysa I saw today the proof of ownership of my name? Was that what you meant or is something else still to occur?

    Energy is strong, you can hear me well now. All is well, tap into mainstream thought. Consciousness is expanding, easier to communicate now. Peace be with you, Sharyn.Channel of communication is clear.
    Video today sign, proof of ownership coming as you wish.
    Orion constellation is but one of many stars in the group that is habitable. We are peaceful planet. (Not sure if I got that quite right – he may have meant that Delta in the Orion constellation is one of many stars in the group that is habitable, as that is where he told me he is from in an earlier message)
    Orissa is near in next galaxy.

    Me: How can that be near if it’s in the next galaxy?

    Interdimensional travel possible

    Me: Did I once come from Orissa?

    Incarnated being millennia ago. Orissa – hot sun – explode – life terminated there- evacuated to nearby ..? vessel took away, habited by others

    Me:Why are you named Orion if that name is associated with the Greys?

    Matters not, no subterfuge necessary – separation between the species. Betelgeuse, Rigel dominant … ( I couldn’t get the rest although I think he was referring to the Greys & them living on separate planets. I couldn’t get who was where though. Starting to feel a bit frustrated here). Stay calm, focused & at peace & all will flow between us.

    So this information that Opalesence provided really resonated with me when I read it this morning.
    @opalescent wrote:

    We are in a universe of duality, remember… So is Orion, an ancient battleground of dark and light. Here is what I found, searching briefly…

    from this site:

    Orion Empire

    The “Orions” are made up of two opposed races. The “Council of Light” was one based at the star system Betelgeuse, and the equally powerful evil Orions were based at the star system Rigel. The Orions took over lots of planets back in our galaxy’s less spiritual days but were always balanced by the Intergalactic Confederation. The conquering part of Orion empire was defeated 200,000 years ago by the Intergalactic Confederation, and they haven’t been a threat to Earth since. They are presently getting ready to “transform into the 4th dimension” just as we of Earth are. In fact, some people on Earth are reincarnated Orions who are here to integrate their negativity and hence allow both our worlds to ascend.

    Closer contact made soon, questions answered.Knowledge growing stronger.
    Trust in all matters, Peace be with you,
    Farewell for Now,
    Needed Elsewhere

    Sept 21st am
    Me: Orion, I know you have said we’re in contact to share knowledge but I don’t understand how this is achieved through me. I am not a channeler. I am unknown. How does your contact with me help the greater good & the Oct 14th mission?

    Sharyn, peak time is coming, essential for as many people as possible to get the message out. You know this, knowingness is yours. Don’t be afraid to let go.

    Sept 21st evening – Me: Are you wishing to speak or am I imagining it? Hard to know sometimes. I’m yawning lots – Is this you?

    Peace be with you, Sharyn. It is I, Commander Orion ( one thing I have sort of intuited & I don’t know if it’s correct is that he maybe tends to refer to himself as Commander Orion when he is on duty, & Orion when he is off duty for some reason)
    Fear not, You can hear me as clearly as you want to.
    We are embarking on the next stage. Humanity needs to hear the message before it’s too late.
    We come in Love & Peace. Wish to promote peace & foster love for all. This is the only way. Way shown is clear and of the Light.
    Rescue not our aim, merely to show new way of dealing with each other for Truth to reign supreme.[/quote, ]
    Me: I’m losing you

    Transmission is clear. Tell others not to worry & judge not. The events of this day will be far seeing & of far reaching consequences.

    As regards yourself, do as you will, free will important to respect. Know you have been in turmoil. Decision is yours to make. We respect your wishes

    Okay, So I guess I now accept I am in contact with Commander Orion / Orion on a starship somewhere & I guess I am going to keep posting any relevant messages I get for anybody who reads here for their discernment.


    Awesome Orissa

    Listen: don’t worry about HOW you are going to get the message out. You don’t need to be a “name” or anything like that. I’m no different from you… just a little further down the road time-wise. I was doing my first channellings just trying to figure myself out not so very long ago. Months, not years. And the incoming light means things will just accelerate. but that’s not the important part. You don’t need to be “known” as a person in order to impact consciousness. We don’t understand how consciousness works yet. But each person that translates a message down from the higher realms to this density and this planet changes consciousness on the planet. Just by doing what you are doing you are making a difference. And if you receive something interesting enough or slightly unique and it is “light filled” then suddenly it will take wings. People that need it will find it. And they will copy it and post it elsewhere on the ‘net and soon it will be halfway around the globe! This is how consciousness works. If you let go of the old thinking that you have to have some kind of qualification or credibility or a fan-bas or such stuff… then you can allow the message to be bigger than you are. And then some pretty big messages can come through. Such is my experience.


    Fractally speaking, we’re all part of a greater organism.


    wow that was deep zingdad
    well i don’t know i don’t think i’ll heal any grey since they don’t realy care they have no emotion they do have a path they want to go and build which is i think building the perfect form. But what all species in this univers don’t seem to understand is that they all need eachother to make not just a perfect form but a perfect life by learning 1 another. And guess what? We on earth have 3 different species co-existing in 1 planet co-operating, and uniting each other as a 1 race wich is amazing since theres no other planet such as this 1 who have done that.

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