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    post tips and recipes here. links to recipe sites are welcome.
    all recipies

    basic french bread
    5-6 C flour (any, i use all purpose)
    2 cups water @ 100-105 deg F
    2 tblsp salt (i use sea salt)
    5 tsp yeast
    1 egg white mixed with 2 tblsp of water

    mix water, and yeast, let sit until it froths, 5-10 minutes,then add salt
    mix in flour 1 cup at a time until a stiff slightly sticky dough forms, i use a mixer with a dough hook.
    oil a bowl with nonstick spray or veggie oil
    put dough in bowl, cover , let double in size
    once doubled, deflate dough and cut into 2 even pieces.
    knead each piece about 5 minutes
    on a floured surface, roll out into a large rectangle, then roll up into a french bread shape ,wet and pinch seams to seal
    do the same for the other 1/2
    place loaves on oiled baking sheet(s),seam side down. i use non stick spray, or a paper towel soaked with veggie oil,wiping the oil on .

    cover with waxed paper or oiled saran wrap, or a damp towel, let double in size

    with a sharp knife, make 3-4 incisions 1/4″ deep in each loaf
    brush on egg white mixture
    bake at 350-375 for 20 minutes
    brush on more egg white if desired
    bake another 15-20 min until loaf sounds “hollow” when tapped, should be a golden brown color.

    notes: all bread recipes will require varying flour amounts depending on humidity and ambient temperature, that is why the 5-6 cups is used.


    Wonderful! Thanks minifang!

    I’ve added this to our recipe database here: https://www.book-of-light.com/beta6/content/basic-french-bread

    What else ya got in your recipe book? 😀


    well the above recipe makes excellent fry bread and pizza crust. take out the salt and add 1/4 c sugar , less flour to make a light sticky dough, and you have dinner rolls.

    blackberry crumble:
    1 pie crust recipe (below)
    4-6 cups fresh blackberries (any berry will do i suppose thimble,rasp, mull, straw,goose etc. may need to adjust sugar amounts for sweetness)
    1 c +/- sugar (depending on berry sourness)
    1/4 c corn starch

    mix sugar ,corn starch and berries together
    place pie crust in pie tin
    add berries, more if using a 8×8 or other pan
    cover with the below topping, as thick as you want
    pie is done when pie is all bubbly and topping is browned.

    3 c flour
    1 tbs salt
    1/2 -1 c veg shortening

    mix the above starting with the 1/2 amount of shortening. if to dry and crumbly add small amounts of shortening to get a dough. i use a paddle with my mixer for this. do not overbeat/knead, it will make the crust tough.
    put in fridge minimum of 1 hour, overnight is better.
    roll out on a floured surface
    place in baking pan or pie tin

    1 c flour
    1 c brown sugar
    1 stick margerine or butter

    mix the above until a crumbly mixture occurs

    yes i have lots of recipes mostly in my head. lol
    i can also make stuff up as i go along, in my head.
    also simple recipes are usually the best.
    i was a cook/chef for many years.


    apple sauce

    brown sugar

    peel/core apples
    put in stockpot, cover with water
    bring to a boil, turn to simmer stirring occasionally
    when apples get soft/mushy remove from heat, cool to a manageable temperature
    mash with a potato masher to desired consistency (i like chunky) if a finer consistency is desired, use a blender or food processor.
    add brown sugar to taste, then add cinnamon to taste. every apple is different, so taste before adding sugar/cinnamon.

    i prefer the 20oz apple for this, but nearly any apple will do. the “delicious” and most eating apples tend to be grainy when made into sauce. granny smiths, 20 oz, or any sour/pie apple will work well.


    rice stuffed shells

    1 2lb box of shells
    3 lbs rice (whole or instant, i like whole better)
    2 cans beans (not pork and beans) or 1 pint dried beans bean type is up to you
    1 6 oz can jalapenos (sliced or whole) or 1/2 cup fresh sliced jalapenos (other peppers may be substituted)
    1-2 medium carrots
    1 small onion
    1 lb ground meat (chicken/pork/beef/turkey/sausage etc)
    chicken/beef stock or bullion (follow directions on to make bullion on the bullion package)
    1 fresh garlic clove,minced
    1 qt spaghetti sauce (more if desired)
    2 lbs mozzarella cheese

    cook rice acc’d to package instructions, substitute stock/bullion for water
    set rice aside

    cook beans as per instructions (or open can and drain well),add to rice when well drained
    set aside

    cook shells as per package, subtracting one minute. when time ie up put shells in cold water bath to stop cooking, drain.shells will be partially cooked.

    in a fry pan saute garlic,carrots and onions until onions are translucent. if fresh peppers are used put them in as well.
    set aside

    cook meat to well done and well crumbled (as if adding to a sauce). i would use the pan you used on the vegetable mixture
    turn burner off when done and add the veggies,meat and rice
    stir well
    taste, add salt/pepper as desired
    put aside to cool

    when cool enough to handle use a spoon to put rice/veg/meat mixture into the shells

    in a 13X9 pan put down a thin layer of sauce

    put a layer of stuffed shells down , if stacking then put sauce between layers. or you can do 1 layer per pan.

    put sauce on top of shells
    cover with the mozzarella
    bake uncovered at 350 F or until cheese starts browns slightly

    serve hot with bread/butter or garlic bread

    you can do only 1 layer shells per1 pan ,if you like,these should freeze well for later use.
    you can add things like chili powder, italian seasonings,etc as desired for a different taste.


    peaches and biscuits

    very simple and very yummy

    make a batch of bisquik biscuits

    ~2 quarts peeled & pitted peaches. fresh from orchard is best. frozen is “ok” . store bought “fresh” peaches need to be left in the store.

    put peaches in a bowl,if frozen thaw in fridge overnight.
    sprinkle a small amount of sugar on the peaches 1/8 cup. stir , let rest in fridge 6+ hours.

    take bisquit, crumble slightly into a bowl. spoon peaches on top. top with a dollop of whipped cream if desired.

    note this works for many many fruits including :
    apricots & necterines
    or any juicy fruit
    it doenst work well with apples/pears though

    i grew up on a orchard. i dont eat store bought fruits, except bananas and oranges. the “fresh fruit” sold in supermarkets is crap.find a neighbor with a fruit tree or berry patch, offer to help them with it, and get some fruit. or start your own fruit trees and/or berry patch. thats what im going to do, a 20oz apple tree (makes the best pie/sauce), maybe a cortland apple tree (my fav eating apple, try and save the pear tree, and have a berry patch (straw and rasp,got plenty of wild blackberries around), and a veggie garden as well such as tomatoes,squash,peppers (bell, and hot) maybe a pumpkin,and some other veggies i havent decided on yet.


    simple blackberry jam

    3cups crushed blackberries
    1 pkg powdered fruit pectin (you can use liquid pectin, it wont thicken as much)
    2 cups water
    5 cups sugar

    be sure fruit is crushed
    put water,pectin and fruit into a suitable saucepan
    bring to a boil
    add sugar and dissolve the sugar
    boil 3-5 minutes until thick stirring frequently.


    spaghetti sauce

    warning large batch

    2 # 10 tins tomato sauce
    1 # 10 tin whole tomatoes
    1/4 cup Italian seasonings
    1/8 cup garlic powder or 1-2 large cloves minced (3-4 tablespoons if canned garlic) garlic
    1 large onion (chopped) or 1/8 c onion powder
    1 c sugar (optional)
    put the sauce in a large stockpot
    put whole tomatoes in the blender,juice and all, puree (do not use tomato puree, its not the same)
    add to stock pot
    start to warm sauce over low heat
    lightly cook sliced onions and minced garlic in butter or olive oil(if fresh is used), add to sauce. stir well, let cook for a few minutes, taste, cook more garlic/onions as needed.
    add 1/2 the onion powder, taste (if used)
    add 1/2 the garlic powder, taste (if used)
    add 1/2 the italian seasonings, taste
    repeat the above to taste
    add salt/pepper to taste
    add sugar to sweeten as desired

    i used to make this in a nursing home i worked at. it was always a big hit. i would leave out the salt/sugar due to some peoples dietary restrictions.
    you can experiment with smaller amounts (reg sized cans) of tomatoes. just use 2 cans sauce to 1 can whole (pureed). the puree gives it a texture that canned pureed tomatoes do not have ( i think they puree 1st, then cook the tomatoes).
    i put the amounts “to taste” as different varieties of spices taste have differing “flavors” ie the cheap spices are not as “well flavored” (or perhaps “do not have as much flavor”) as the good spices.



    use the above french bread recipe
    spagetti or pizza sauce
    shredded mozzarella cheese
    other toppings as desired (onions peppers mushrooms etc)

    follow bread recipie
    when you get to “form into french bread loaf” just roll it flat (1/4 ” thick)
    put it in a large cookie sheet or a 1/2 bakery tray
    put on sauce as desired (i go light on the sauce myself)
    put on cheese, as desired (i go a thin even coat)
    add pepperoni then other toppings

    bake in oven at 375 till cheese is melted all the way
    slice and enjoy.


    Thanks minifang! These look great! I’ll add them to the recipe database soon.

    So now, in your repertoire, do you have any low carb recipes?? I’m still losing pregnancy weight…and it’s actually just started falling off of me on this diet. (thank goodness!!) I’ve lost nearly 25 lbs in less then 3 months on this diet, so I intend on staying on it for awhile. To make things more difficult, I’ve stopped eating mammals and only eat poultry and fish/seafood for meat. I eat dairy too, eggs, cheese, cream, etc. So? Got anything tasty, full of protein and whole fats for me in the ‘ol recipe box??? :mrgreen:



    Mini is here! Hi friend! I only now found my way into the kitchen section. What a nice surprise to find you here.

    I also love to cook. I find some of my best recipes come from the “what’s in the pantry?” mode: You’re hungry and so you have a look at what’s on hand and then whip something up. This is how I got to my favourite pizza recipe:

    Roast Veg Pizza
    Pizza base (you can pre-make a few and store them in the freezer)
    Thin layer of tomato concasse
    Mixed roast vegetables (roasted in olive oil and balsamic vinegar)
    Mozerella cheese
    Fresh herbs (I like Origanum and Basil)
    Coarse salt and freshly cracked black pepper
    Sprinkle a little olive oil over all this and then
    … the magic ingredient…

    I know, everyone at home thought I was mad too when I said I was going to put yoghurt on a pizza but you have to try this to believe it. When you bake the pizza the yoghurt thickens. It almost takes on the texture of soft cheese. And the way it goes with the roast veg… Mmmmm!


    if you can roast the veggies over a grill they are even better. esp peppers and onions.


    @Annu wrote:

    Thanks minifang! These look great! I’ll add them to the recipe database soon.

    So now, in your repertoire, do you have any low carb recipes?? I’m still losing pregnancy weight…and it’s actually just started falling off of me on this diet. (thank goodness!!) I’ve lost nearly 25 lbs in less then 3 months on this diet, so I intend on staying on it for awhile. To make things more difficult, I’ve stopped eating mammals and only eat poultry and fish/seafood for meat. I eat dairy too, eggs, cheese, cream, etc. So? Got anything tasty, full of protein and whole fats for me in the ‘ol recipe box??? :mrgreen:


    hmm lets see what i can come up with…low carb means no:
    potatoes,squash or pumpkin
    no pasta
    no bread
    no flour

    baked fish
    pinch (or 2) of salt
    pinch (or 2) of pepper
    pinch (or 2) of italian seasonings
    1 fish fillet haddock, cod or trout. salmon could be made to work but requires different seasonings as it has a stronger flavor
    1 cup sour cream

    mix cream, salt and pepper to taste
    add italian seasonings, again to taste. do not make it to strong it will mask the fish flavor, rather than compliment it. you want a light tasting cream.
    take the mixture and spread on fish evenly, depending on the fillet size, you may use it all or not.
    place in oven for 10-15 min at 350 deg F. fish should be flaky when checked with a fork. serve on lettuce leaf with a non root,high fiber veggie,such as broccoli.

    note root veggies are nearly all starch, which is 100% carbs.high fiber helps fill you up, and stay full longer.
    also most beans except the wax green and yellow beans are rather starchy.


    Root veggies tend to be grounding, very yin.

    I like to peel broccoli stalks and slice or chop or julienne the inner pale-green part. Sauteed quickly over high heat, they’re quite a nice addition to whatever melange you’re cooking up. If you’re paying by the pound, might as well use it…

    To boost fiber and good fats, you can toss a handful of walnuts into a stir-fry, help make leftovers more interesting. They’re a great natural source of 5-HTP, which helps with relaxation, sleep, mellowness in general. Just don’t cook ’em or you destroy the benefits of the oils.

    If you like pancakes but don’t want to deal with the gluten etc from white flour, try buckwheat, which is NOT wheat per se and doesn’t cause the allergic reactions many have with the white stuff. Toss some chopped pecans in too, yum! And again, good fiber and fat. If you can get it, use grade B maple syrup. It has more minerals and isn’t as chokingly sweet and won’t spike your blood sugar like the highly-refined grade A.

    I’ll be posting some actual recipes as I can… Awesome thread! :mrgreen:


    just a note i have 7 (seven) black walnut trees. you would use 1/2 the normal amounts of black walnuts due to the strong flavor.also i have several apple trees, blackberries and a seagull in a pear tree lol.

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