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    Interesting site, Opalescent. Well, yes, I can identify with a lot of those traits also, not sure if I’m a blue ray though. I hadn’t actually heard of that term before! So thanks for the info.


    Greetings to all

    I’ve been following the unfolding of this event to be with great interest and excitement and I am grateful to all of those who have taken the time to share this information. Recently though, I have had mixed thoughts and feelings and I would like to share with you in the hope that someone can make sense of all of this for me.

    I remember when I first ‘stumbled’ across the message from Blossom in a YouTube video. I can still recall my feelings quite clearly and indeed the feeling that my discovering of the information was no accident. The message itself though truly resonated with me though and I experienced a feeling of great upliftment as I know others will testify to. When my Mother and my daughter both read the message, they cried tears of joy which was a very moving experience for them and for me.

    Since then though, a veritable explosion of information has hit the internet and I am reminded of the scene from the film ‘Life of Brian’ where the fledgling followers are debating what Brian’s message is/was and whether to “follow the gourd” or remove a sandal in his honour!! Quite a comical scene. It seems that the message is diversifying with new twists emerging attracting ‘followers’ or ‘believers’ and this somehow doesn’t seem right to me. That message was so pure and unambiguous (save perhaps the Alabama reference) and yet multiple interpretations have manifested.

    Believe me, I don’t mean to bring a downer on the proceedings nor do I wish to point the finger at anyone but it does leave me feeling somewhat dismayed about the whole thing now and I would truly love to feel the way I felt again when I first read the message.

    Does anyone know what I mean? Can anyone help me?

    With joyful and kindest regards

    Confused of Planet Earth a.k.a. IIVeritas2007II


    Dear friend Veritas!

    Everything is unfolding perfectly. Your reaction unfolds perfectly, and you are transforming from what you thought you was to what you IS, and that makes your feelings quite differentianted at these times. I can at this moment not give you a better advice than to shut out the input for a little while, contemplate on what you have experienced in the last few weeks……and listen what you heart tells you….that is what ALL this is about. Nothing more nothing less…..just that. It is your feelings and your choices, to feel what you feel, and think what you think…. and that is your freedom my friend. You are in these days getting a nudge, to stay in that freedom your are about to discover inside your-self. So if you get into craving for uplifting news…..well then that is your choice aswell. You choose where you seek or for that sake where you hide – you are a magnificient creator beeing, and are on the very tip to discover it.

    And I guess you knew that your heart can speak, dont you…if you quite your mind!? 😉

    Things are totally perfect my friend!!

    PS: do some research on Alabama and what has happened on that place, in terms of history, that is a little clue from me.

    Much love
    Annan the Nordic


    @veritas… What I have been experiencing, personally, is like a working-out of old splinters of belief. Once the walls come down and illusions shatter, there is inevitably some shrapnel caught in the tight corners of thought. There are many people hearing about imminent contact (again) who have staunchly held onto certain, for lack of a better term at this moment, “fear-based” belief patterns for dear life, and are now on the brink of seeing how much of a death-grip that really is. So now those who have believed in something, or used to believe in something, or have gotten hurt by believing in something (ring any bells yet?), etc must face what’s coming into the periphery of their reality with or without their belief structures intact. So they have to test them out. One last run of the old program before all bets are off. I would imagine that many are finding the experience empty, once they get past the hero-worship stuff. Then there’s fear attached to a lot of that, and that can rear its head in many many ways. It seems a pattern of illumination, and will play itself out, rather quickly I think.

    My man always says, after enlightenment comes pissed-off. Then illumination.

    Food for thought there, hope it is digestible and nourishing 😉
    Excellent point you bring up, tho.


    Dear Annan and opalescent

    Thank you for taking the time to reply – after reading your words I do indeed feel better 🙂

    I think I’ll take a break from the info and concentrate on what it all means to me and let the rest of the world concentrate on what it means to them. As I’ve been reading Blossom’s messages and indeed Mike Qunisey’s, I’ve been experiencing physical shudders. At first I wasn’t sure what it was (here in England when people experience it, they refer to it as “Someone walking over your grave”). I’ve been getting them more and more and after much soul searching have determined that the shuddering is the result of something resonating with me and therefore a little energy burst. It’s possible that I’m experiencing the symptoms of a change in vibration?
    Actually, if anyone knows what it is please tell me!!! 🙂 🙂

    With only a few days left, my family and I will begin to prepare and I wish everyone a safe, loving and joyful experience on the 14th.

    With an internal truth that we are all truly one

    Your friend



    Here’s the message that arrived in my inbox today from the Universe (Mike Dooley’s website http://www.tut.com Notes from the Universe daily email). They’re usually spot-on but this one was really unusually ticklish:

    Maryann, your “ship” was spotted off the coast this morning, slipping silently through the fog. Coming around the cape, she appeared in a shaft of sunlight and what a sight to see! Glimmering as much as the ocean herself. Massive and beautiful beyond belief. Laden with treasures, happy times, friends, love, and laughter.

    This week, though, you must prepare for her arrival. You must make space in your life for her gifts, before she heads back out to sea.

    Your first mate always,
    The Universe

    😮 😆 😆 😆


    …I am thinking that Oct.14 should be made into a planetary holiday…

    …we have International Woman’s Day and Worker’s Day and Earth Day…how about Galactic First Contact Day ?…


    Well, today, October 9, 2008, should be Countdown Day: 10… 9… 8…



    My lady-love and I have both taken off work for the 13th and the 14th. We figure if the Lightship arrives then we are automatically on leave for the rest of that week. 😀

    At worst we’ll have spent two days at home together meditating and relaxing and talking. No way to cut it that it’s bad news! 😎


    …there is more than just the 14th…

    …this is interesting…

    October 2008 Message

    The Akashic Records are an ethereal library, offering infinite information regarding every creation in the Universe. There is a unique Akashic Record for every period of time, including each month. As we approach a new month, the possibilities and probabilities of the month come into form, and can be understood as a general energy that each of us works with individually. The Akashic Transformations monthly channeling is offered to you by Jen Moffat Eramith in order to facilitate your life experiences as you move through the month.

    To view the Looking Ahead: November 2008 message, and much more, log in or become a member now.

    Membership is just $12.99 per month.

    Membership gives you access to hours of channeled information from the Akashic Records, and will allow you to attend Live Channeling events by phone.

    Explore this exciting opportunity!

    If you would like to receive the Monthly Message free by email each month, please send an email by clicking here.

    If you would like to schedule a Personal Consultation from Jen, please visit http://www.AkashicTransformations.com/consultations.htm

    A Channeling from the Akashic Records of October, 2008

    What energy and experiences can we expect in October of 2008?

    The energy in October has a roundness to it. Many of you will experience this as a softening, but things are not actually becoming softer. Instead, you have become fuller, more rounded, more complete, and therefore challenges and experiences that arise do not feel as difficult or harsh. All of that being said, the primary energy of October 2008 is one of balancing or rebalancing. You will see events in your personal lives and on a global scale that help bring humanity into a new kind of balance. A balance based on the expansion that you have gone through over the course of the last four or five months.

    The energy in October is also one of fullness. The sense of fullness in October also pertains to the experience of nourishment or fulfillment. It will be important for you to address the question of what nourishes you — what in your life brings fulfillment — and to turn your attention very specifically to those things. If spending time with your family and loved ones brings you a sense of fulfillment, then be sure to spend time this month with family and loved ones. If accomplishing tasks and checking off a list of things completed gives you a sense of fulfillment, then lay out a plan for how you can get things done during the month of October. If spending time in nature brings you fulfillment, then arrange your schedule so that you have time to be a natural setting. Define for yourself what fulfills you and decide to have those things in your life regularly this month. October is a month in which to attend to your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nourishment. This is the final phase in the recent expansion cycle, and the way you will come into a new kind of balance.

    Another thing you can expect in the month of October is to see some global events most likely in the form of natural disasters, large storms, the kinds of events that bring balance, that wipe away what is know longer necessary and make room for something new to be rebuilt. October’s fullness has a tension to it but because you are coming to an end of an expansion cycle, you do not need to do anything with the tension. The tension is not leading you to a lesson or to something you need to fix or solve. Instead the tension is simply there because you have gotten bigger and now the world around you is adjusting to you, and you are adjusting to the world around you. Throughout the month of October, give yourselves patience and offer patience to those around you.

    While it may be a challenging month for some, the primary experience available this month is one of fulfillment and one of grace. It is an experience of letting go of the fight or the struggle and relaxing into just being for awhile. As much as you can, give yourselves some gentleness. When you have an opportunity to argue or stand for something, sit back and choose to just let it be instead; choose not to argue, choose not to debate. Find a way to engage with people and with experiences in which you are not fighting for anything at all, but in which you stay connected. That is the challenge for October 2008.

    How can we best work with this energy in October?

    Aside from the things that we said, engaging the offering of grace during October will help you expand into the fullness that is available for you. This month is a good time to remember that in many endeavors, the more relaxed you are, the more efficient you can be. Whereas if you get yourself wrapped up in tension or conflict, you only slow your own process of fulfillment. This wisdom is more true this month than ever before. Engaging the idea of grace can help you maintain a mindset of relaxation. It can help you move with what comes and let go of resistance. One way some of you might think of this is to consider the image or example of Jesus Christ. You could also consider Mother Theresa, or Lao Tzu, or Saint Francis, or any other Masters, spiritual leaders, and teachers who are known for their compassion and for their ability to walk into an every day human situation and bring a perspective of grace and compassion.

    In October, consider that you could be the embodiment of one of these teachers — that you could walk into any given situation and with the calmness of your mind, the openness of your heart and the gentleness of your touch you could bring grace to the situation. Play around with this a little bit. Play with actually exerting this sense of grace in your everyday life. When you walk into a room, choose to hold this sense of grace and tenderness in your heart and see what happens. Moving through Enlightenment means claiming your divine self — your divine self is that teacher, your divine self is that master. At your highest level, you are all the same and you have that degree of love, patience and understanding. You do not need to fight for it or force it to happen, you just simply allow the energy of this month to invite you home to that energy and that way of being. It is part of who you are. You have been working so hard to remember your divinity. This month, you can actually live with your divinity; you do not have to work so hard for it.

    Are there any important days or power days during October that would help us to know about?

    Yes. October 10 is like the heart of the month. The life force and vitality of the energy of the month is centered on October 10. It will be useful for you to really seek an opportunity to love yourselves, to share your love, to open your heart, and to cherish life on October 10. Actively choose to avoid any experience that would be detrimental to you or your well being, to your sense of goodness within yourselves. October 10 is a day for honoring and for loving and that has to start with you as an individual. Once you love yourself, you will naturally release it to everyone else throughout the rest of the month.

    October 12 has a different energy. October 12 is a day of productivity. It will be a day that it will serve you to be out in the world to share your thinking, energy, thoughts, ideas and feelings with those around you. October 12 is not a day for isolation; it is a day for social connection.

    October 15 has a much simpler energy or a more simple potential. You can actually get things done on the physical plane. It is a day when you are going to come back to earth, but not in a heavy-handed way. It will serve you to focus on simple tasks one thing at a time. There is a lot of energy swirling around during this month because of that fullness and the potential for collective experiences, disasters, and transitions. October 15 is somehow a day where you will all be served in just taking one thing at a time, boiling life down into the simplest of tasks. This will help you move with all of the energy of the rest of the month.

    October 17 through October 21 offer a Stargate. It is a window of opportunity for you to connect with Spirit. This series of days would be a good time for you to use your spiritual practices, whether they are personal like meditation or whether they are collective like attending mass or synagogue. There is a potency and a need for you to engage your spiritual practices during this window of time.

    October 30 is like the cherry on top of the greater expansion cycle you have just moved through. The expansion cycle initiated in May and the expansion really began toward the end of June. On October 30 everything comes to a completion for this cycle. As you approach October 30, take care of any unfinished business, complete any unfinished tasks, and have any conversations that you have been putting off. The end of October is vitally important for you to finish anything that is left hanging. On October 30 and 31 have a celebration. Look back at what you have accomplished, look back at how you have changed in the last six months and celebrate it. Write it down and rejoice in how you have grown and what you have learned, or throw a party with your friends and loved ones. This is an excellent time for celebration.



    …my copy finger was a little too heavy…


    Hi Opalesent,,, so funny as I got the same message on Oct 8th… I actually didn’t read it. SO thanks for opening my eyes to it..


    Can’t wait!!!

    Jill, your “ship” was spotted off the coast this morning, slipping silently through the fog. Coming around the cape, she appeared in a shaft of sunlight and what a sight to see! Glimmering as much as the ocean herself. Massive and beautiful beyond belief. Laden with treasures, happy times, friends, love, and laughter.

    This week, though, you must prepare for her arrival. You must make space in your life for her gifts, before she heads back out to sea.
    Your first mate always,
    The Universe


    See you on board, Jilly! 😉 😆


    It`s already the early morning of the 14th in New Zealand and just a few hours to go here in Japan. 😀

    Atmos 13-October-2008

    The excitement mounts as the prospect of the 14th October Sighting is upon you. The news of it has spread far and wide, and it has caused people to take a serious view about the consequences of such an important event. Some naturally feel uneasy about the possible outcome, but by far the majority are relieved that some form of help is coming to Earth. They may not all be aware of the nature of it, but in your present turmoil they look to any source that can offer a way out. Those who have followed the various messages coming through many different channels, have at least an idea as to what may happen. One fact that is absolutely certain is that you are at a stage in your evolution where you must prepare to move on. The end of this cycle has allowed for different options over the course of time, but many have chosen to ascend and have accordingly raised their vibrations. Ascension is a process that you have been involved in for quite some time, and by Divine Decree it must take place.

    The stage is set for a grand finale and a glorious time of enlightenment, and the spreading of much love and harmony. The Light is reaching into people’s heart centers, and awakening them to greater possibilities than they have previously considered. Some hide away from the possible outcome of recent financial turmoil, as it is an emotional issue for which they have not been prepared. Those of the Light understand that much of the old has been found wanting, and no longer able to continue at a time when the new energies are being grounded upon Earth. We would wish for all to have an opportunity to be aware of why so many changes are occurring, and when we can come out openly and talk with you the explanations will be given. Simply stated, you are in the end times and must be prepared to undertake the next part of your evolutionary journey.

    As you might imagine, we have not come thus far to be thwarted by the continued actions of the dark forces. They have been allowed to play out their hand, and it was seen that they would implode of their own volition. It clearly has resulted in many hardships and continues to do so, but you have our assurance that in the immediate future all will be well. The cleansing of the Earth means removing the lower energies and their manifestations, and as you have already seen, it cannot occur overnight. Having said that we will instigate the changes in a series of projects that shall run along side each other. In that way it shall seem to you that progress is made very quickly. Dear Ones, we have planned for this particular period for a long time, and once we have established our presence, shall move on to the next announcement of open contact. Your governments clearly already know of our plan, and have been as interested in our intentions as any one else. Some are reluctant to accept us however there is no choice involved any longer, as you the people have “invited” us within your midst.

    October the 14th will be a monumental day when at last you see irrefutable evidence of our presence. It will sweep away the deliberate policy of most governments to hide the facts of our existence. Not only that but also our contact with their officials offering to bring peace to Earth, which has repeatedly been rejected. Our help has been extended to you since you first split the atom, as it was seen that this would lead to the development of nuclear weapons with the power to destroy your Earth. We shall eventually prove to you beyond doubt, that on more than one occasion you were intending to bring about a nuclear war. We shall also show you proof that your actions could have destroyed your Earth. We wish you to be aware that we have acted as your guardians for many thousands of years, and you would not have been where you are now without our help, indeed you would not have reached this high point in evolution.

    Our help has been on both a physical and mental level, as we have tried to encourage a more spiritual and loving approach to life. We talk often of our allies, and be assured that many of our kind have taken a normal incarnation upon Earth and walk amongst you even now. They have brought a higher energy to you to help lift up your consciousness, and often been the very ones who have led the way to a higher understanding. You do not realize for one moment how much has been done to help you through this vital period. We along with the many councils that oversee your evolution, have constantly worked for your well being. We do not interfere with your freewill but have always kept a balance between the dark and Light, to give you every opportunity to lift up out of the lower vibrations. Whilst you have determined the nature of your experiences, we have ensured that the Divine Plan works out.

    Each and every one of you subconsciously knows why we are here, even if you are not able to bring that knowledge to the waking mind. Many will deny this statement, as they have become tightly bound by different beliefs. We say to you that it is time to bring the truth into the open, and you should allow for a different approach to your understanding. The Spiritual Hierarchy that monitor your progress allow for your freewill choice in all matters, so no pressure or force is used to make you change. There will however be great Beings coming to Earth as teachers of the Truth, and no one will move out of duality without having been presented with it. There is basically one important message, and it is that “You Are All One” and have immutable links with the Source of All That Is. Therefore break down the barriers that separate you from others, and let go of any prejudice or perceived differences. Allow for a coming together, because it will happen once the old paradigm is replaced with one that brings you love, peace and harmony amongst all people.

    I am Atmos from Sirius and bring messages of hope and enlightenment, and would advise you that your material problems will be short lived, and a fair and just society shall see out the last years of this cycle. You cannot carry the old vibrations much further, and they must be transmuted into the Light. As always it is your final choice, but realize what an opportunity Ascension offers you to once and for all leave the cycle of Duality behind you. The Golden Age is about to commence, and you can step onto its pathway if you so wish. Live in Love and Light and you will achieve a great step up in your evolution.

    Thank you Atmos.

    Mike Quinsey.


    http://10-14-08.blogspot.com/ Two interesting posts recently posted from Brad’s blog. His description of the power blackout resonated with me & suddenly made more sense of the last message I received from Orion.

    Maybe our fellow french speaking Canadians can tell us if the translator did a reasonably accurate job of translating the message. I can understand some french but I’m not fluent in it.

    Sunday, October 12, 2008
    Military confirmation on October 14th follow up

    The individual has responded to me regarding the french canadian military’s involvement with October 14th. Here is the french email the gentleman had sent me:


    Bonjour à tous,


    1. Dans le cadre de l’OP Élocution (l’assistance du SQFT au Sommet de la Francophonie à QUÉBEC le 14-19 Oct 09), le 34 GBC a demandé que le GBT Salaberry soit prêt à déployer dans un délai de 48h en support au SQFT.

    2. La Compagnie A GPE a été mandaté de se préparer à déployer afin de supporter le GBT et le FAS.


    3. SUR ORDRE DU COMMANDANT DE COMPAGNIE A GPE ET APPROBATION DU COMMANDANT DE COMPAGNIE A 4R22eR, le Peloton 2 GPE se préparera pour un déployement possible le 13 au 19 Oct 08 en tant que composante de la Cie A afin de supporter des taches possibles du GBT et FAS


    4. 14 Oct 08

    RV Ordres

    5. AUCUN pour le moment


    6. Comme demandé par le QG de la Cie A, Commandants de sections et det doivent informer leur membres de la possibilité PEU PROBABLE de devoir se déployer en 48h entre le 13 et 19 Oct 08. Ceci peut être fait simplement par courriel.

    7. Commandants de sections et det doivent informer leur membres que cette possibilité est IMPROBABLE et a PEU de chance de se matérialiser. En aucun cas les membres doivent s’assoir sur leur kit en attendant un appel. En aucun cas au fait les membres doivent changer leurs plans ou perturber leurs vies civiles à cause d’un scénario hypothétique. Dites à vos hommes de continuer leurs vies comme si de rien était pour l’instant mais que ceci est simplement un ”heads-up”. Ceci DOIT être mentionné dans votre courriel ou appel aux membres de votre section. Je ne veux pas de dérangement dans la vie de nos soldats à ce moment-ci.

    8. Commandants de sections et det doivent me confirmer par courriel ou téléphone avant le 12 Octobre 08 à 1000L le nombre de membres qui seraient théoriquement disponible durant la période du 13-19 Oct 08 si jamais un déployment serait nécessaire. Le laps de temps est court et j’accepterai une estimation du chiffre. Vous n’avez pas besoin d’appeller chaque membre pour discuter d’un scénario hypothétique et d’avoir une confirmation de leur présence. On pourra demander plus en détail le mardi 14 Oct 08.

    9. Encore une fois, je ne veux aucune panique ou de rumeurs excitées. Ceci est simplement une combinaison de staff-check et de tenir le personnel du peloton informé d’avance.

    10. SVP ack à la réception de ce courriel et j’attendrai les chiffres par section et det dimanche.

    Capt Nguyen

    I Ran through this a translator and it came up with this:

    1. Within the framework of l’ COp Elocution (l’ assistance of the SQFT at the Top of the Francophonie in QUEBEC 14 Oct 19, 09), the 34 GBC required that the GBT Salaberry be ready to deploy within 48h in support to the SQFT.

    2. The Company has GPE was elected to prepare to deploy in order to support the GBT and the FAS. PROBABLE MISSION

    3. ON ORDER OF the COMMANDER OF COMPANY HAS GPE AND APPROVAL OF the COMMANDER OF COMPANY has 4R 22eR, the Group 2 GPE will prepare for déployement possible 13 at Oct 19, 08 as a component of the Co has in order to support possible spots of the GBT and FAS NO FRONT MOVEMENT

    4. Oct 14, 08 RV Ordres

    5. NONE for the moment INSTRUCTION ADMIN

    6. As asked by the HQ of the Co has, Commanders of sections and det must inform their members of the NOT VERY PROBABLE possibility to have to be spread in 48h between the 13 and Oct 19, 08. This can be made simply by email.

    7. Commanders of sections and det must inform their members who this possibility is IMPROBABLE and has LITTLE chance to materialize. To in no case the members must s’ to sit on their kit while waiting for a call. To in no case with the fact the members must change their plans or disturb their civil lives because d’ a hypothetical scenario. Told your men to continue their lives as so anything was for l’ moment but that this is simply a ‘ ‘ heads-up’ ‘. This MUST be mentioned in your email or call to the members of your section. I do not want a disturbance in the life of our soldiers at this time.

    8. Commanders of sections and det must confirm to me by email or telephone before October 12, 08 with 1000L the number of members who would be theoretically available during the 13 Oct 19, 08 period if ever one déployment would be necessary. The amount of time is short and j’ will accept an estimate of the figure. You n’ do not need d’ to call each member to discuss d’ a hypothetical scenario and d’ to have a confirmation of their presence. One will be able to ask more in detail on Tuesday Oct 14, 08.

    9. Once again, I do not want any panic or of excited rumours. This is simply a combination of staff-check and to hold the personnel of the informed group d’ advances.

    10. PLEASE ack with the reception of this email and j’ will await the figures by section and det Sunday.

    My power was mysteriously knocked out.

    Across the city of Victoria, my city’s entire power was knocked out for about 30 minutes.

    It was the strangest thing, the clock on my stove and microwave felt like faded out and zoomed out before just cutting out. Turns out that everywhere I looked no one had power.

    If anyone else has had a power outage where they live, please contact me. I have never seen a power outage before like this…This could be in relation to October 14th, but I’m not sure. Please contact me or reply via this comment if you have had your power knocked out recently.


    UPDATE: I have just tuned into the radio news where I live, and a BC Hydro tech was talking about the incident. The transmission was lost for reasons unknown. They cannot understand how the power went out. There is no explanation for the lost power.

    Guys, my own haunch is this may have something to do with a possible light ship perhaps near the pacific northwest. It may have caused a transmission interference disrupting power. Another commenter mentioned that power was recently out in Las Vegas about a day ago for two hours, no explanation given.

    My truth, my feelings is this has something to do with the light ships. And from my experience of this. October 14th IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!


    I contacted my local news radio that was doing an update on the power situation. I MANAGED TO GET ON THE AIR TO PLUG OCTOBER 14TH! I said these words:

    “I’ve been following the current internet phenomenon of a UFO entering our skies on October 14th. This UFO could have very well caused this transmission interruption. Everyone, keep your eyes peeled to the sky on October 14th…”

    After I said that, they hung up on me…But it was too late. I got it on the air before they could cut me off…Hmmm, cover up anybody? LOL

    Man, that was fun. LOL!


    “On the other hand your planet will be made aware of our presence drawing closer through different signals and transmissions that we shall emit through various sources.”

    Transmissions…Well this definitely qualifies as such a presence of awareness to me. I cannot wait until Oct 14th guys! I’m more excited now than ever

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