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  • in reply to: Ascension School: Introduction and Invitation #13144

    Just finished watching, you have a nice clear voice and speak at an enjoyable pace, so you’re fun to listen to!
    Funny that you mentioned people fear change, I fear a lack of it! I very much welcome change, never have been a man of tradition. 🙂
    The quantum leap explanation was cool, the quantum world seems to have a completely different set of rules then our world, yet it is what our world is made of.
    Did you know we can teleport information between atoms now? An interesting article about that and more if anyone is interested: here

    Thanks for the vids!

    in reply to: Questions for Zingdad and Friends #13203

    @Zingdad wrote:

    My friend you ask an important question. This issue of “proof” and undeniability ” is a tough one. I struggled with it for a long time and I know of other people that struggle with it also. We want to know for sure, without doubt that the thing is SO or else why would we trust it, right? I feel your concern!

    However. The simple truth (from my perspective) is that:
    1. “proof” is not what it seems and
    2. seeking proof will actually impede your growth

    Let me deal with those things one-by-one.
    Firstly. Is there anything that you CAN actually prove beyond all doubt and question? Anything at all? I would like to make the perhaps surprising assertion that nothing can actually be proven. Let us take science as a model. Science doesn’t offer us “proof”. Science offers us hypotheses that fit the data available. If we test the hypothesis experimentally and it continues to fit the data under all kinds of different conditions we call it “proven” and accept it as “fact” but, over and over again science shows us that there are always exceptions that come along to upset the apple-cart and force us to re-evaluate those “facts” and come up with a new, improved hypothesis. Then the process starts again.

    Actually, a hypothesis leads to a theory, not a fact. That’s why it can change later on, it’s never a fact, “just” a theory. However these theories are usefull.

    @Zingdad wrote:

    And where are we now with science? The fundamental building blocks of science… the most essential elements upon which all theories and ideas are built are these things: time, space, matter, energy and light. Pretty much every scientific theory starts with these things and builds on them. And yet we don’t have a clue what any of these things are! Do yourself a favour: see if you can find a working, scientifically valid definition of what “time” is or a description of how it works.

    You won’t find one because there isn’t one. No one knows what “time” is. And yet, almost every physics theory or experiment is predicated, at some point, on measuring or defining something in relation to time! So what is the value of the “proof” if it relies on something else that is utterly unknown.

    A scientific definition of time? It’s simply the measurement unit of change, just as we use feet/meters for small distances. If you’re talking about past, present and future…I’d think the general consensus is that only the (ever changing) present exists, past is memory and future has yet to come.
    So if time in science is nothing more than a measurement unit, the theories created with them surely are valuable.

    @Zingdad wrote:

    And the same thing is true for “matter”. Everything we can interact with is “matter” but what IS it? Atoms? Yeah, okay but what are atoms? If you just keep asking the question you get to sub-atomic particles that we have some vague descriptions of how they behave but no idea at all of what they ARE. So again… all the “proofs” that are based upon matter are actually irrelevant if we don’t even know what we are talking about.

    My point here is that “proof”, if you dig a bit, turns out to always be built on a few layers of things we think we know, and then underneath it all is always something that we don’t know. All “proofs” are like buildings without a foundation.

    I think you’re only partly right here. Why would a theory be irrelevant, just because you don’t fully understand all things involved. Take the theory of gravity for example. We know gravity exists, what it does and how it works. We don’t know what causes it or even what it actually is.
    It’s a force that pulls with a constant power, for earth that is 11.1km/sec (escape velocity). Without this knowledge, we wouldn’t be able to send anything into orbit. So we don’t know it all, but we know enough to help us in life…That is pretty much the “proof” I’m looking for here as well, something that can help me in my life.

    @Zingdad wrote:

    Simple question:
    Can you PROVE to me that you exist?

    You can’t.

    I have had some pretty vivid dreams in my life. How can I know for sure this is not another dream and that you are not just a figment of my imagination? Or maybe you are not a real person and just a very clever computer programme that I am interacting with. You can’t prove to me – in such a way that I absolutely cannot doubt – that you even exist.

    Neither can I prove that I exist to you!

    There is a lot more I can say in this direction but I think you will understand where I am going: nothing is ultimately provable. The very idea of “proof” is becoming redundant.

    And this is just as well! Because the idea that something should be “provable” is an idea that limits the growth of the one holding that idea.

    That’s pretty much the gist of it, I could prove any math formula to you, but first you need to agree with me that 1+1=2.

    @Zingdad wrote:


    Because the simple fact of our reality is that everything changes. Change is the one and only constant. There is not one thing anywhere ever that does not change. And the concept of “proof” is that you must be able to pin something down so that it cannot be anything other than what you say it is. It cannot change. Well this cannot happen.

    I don’t know…That’s not how I feel about prove, sure you pin something down to one thing. But it could still very much change. If you don’t pin down a certain definition of something, it gets rather hard to communicate… Imagine everyone having their own definitions for what words mean, conversation would be utterly impossible!

    @Zingdad wrote:

    And more than that. If I can PROVE something to you in such a way that you cannot doubt it then I take away from you your free-will right to see it any other way than what I say. I block you from your inalienable right to be a creator being and to create what you observe as you desire.

    How about if I ask you to prove it to me in such a way, isn’t that my free-will decision then? You obviously have the free-will right to decline such a request 😉

    @Zingdad wrote:

    But this cannot be done! I cannot make you other than what you are! I cannot stop you from being a creator being. I cannot limit you. The closest I can come to this is to, maybe, convince you or trick you into agreeing with me that what I have is proof and you are not allowed to question it or doubt it. Is that not the game religions have always played? Is that not the game our governments and other “authorities” very often play? They say “this is The Truth” and if you argue or doubt then you are to be punished. So we generally comply and agree that that is The Truth even when our hearts know otherwise.

    No no no, religions and governments don’t try to convince us with proof, they try to convince us without any proof, we simply need to have faith!!! Isn’t that much much worse? A religion telling me I need to believe in god, because they say so… It cannot be done! A government making cannabis illegal without informing the public about the possible uses of the plant…That is taking away my right to be a creator being WITHOUT giving me anything in return!
    If religion would have any valuable proof, I’d be a believer. Taking things on faith just isn’t my game, believing that anything is true if I want it to be doesn’t really do me any good either…

    @Zingdad wrote:

    But the time for this mode of being is now coming to an end. People are awakening. They are discovering that the only truth they need to heed is what is written in their own hearts. Each being knows its own truth – if that being will but trust it. And this is the meaning of the statement I made about embracing uncertainty and doubt. You need to be willing to “play” without the experience “proving” itself to you. Because no independent verifiable external proof will come that you cannot also doubt.

    I’m getting to that conclusion as well, just play with these ideas..Don’t try to prove them. Problem is that it’s all so wonderful I really want it to be “true” 🙂

    @Zingdad wrote:

    But take heart my friend! What WILL come is something much finer! As you travel this road you will discover in yourself a KNOWING. You will discover that all the proof you ever need is right there inside you. You will KNOW when a thing is right and true for you and you will KNOW when it is not. And that is far better than proof. Because it is yours and no external validation is necessary.

    A final thought, Nekodos:
    Have you ever really asked yourself the question “who am I?”
    Try to answer that question without speaking about things that can and will change. So not your job, not your relationships, not the things you do… none of that stuff. And, if you believe in life-after-death then who are you when are no longer even in a human form? Who are you REALLY.

    Its a tough question and it has given philosophers since time began a headache. And the reason is that YOU cannot be defined. Because you are an inseparable part of The One, which is infinite. And the maths of infinity is such that you cannot divide infinity. So this means that you too are infinite. This means that Who You Really Are has no boundaries, no limits and no restrictions. And a definition is actually just a boundary. If you define yourself as something you are at the same time saying you are NOT something else. This is a boundary. But you are not definable.

    And, you see, all things are, in the same way, a part of The Oneness. This means all things are, at their core, beyond definition.

    Does it not seem then like we need to get ready to live without proofs and definitions?

    And if that sounds like a horrible chaotic way to live then I can assure you there IS a way to deal with it that is wonderfully liberating and empowering. It is for you to observe what is true for you in any given moment and accept that that is what it is: something that is true at that moment. And then allow that that will at some point in the future, also change. Allow also that RIGHT NOW that thing is also untrue for someone else.

    And THIS is what is true from me. But I accept completely that it might not be so for you. 🙂

    It’s not for me, but it sounds great! The thing I realized after I had read your post, was that I don’t think I need to ask any more questions to find this proof that I’m looking for. I believe if I would just take the time to actually try and get in touch with myself, I’d quickly discover if there is, indeed, more than meets the eye!

    So thanks again Zingdad for your response, hope you don’t mind me fighting back a bit ;-p

    in reply to: Questions for Zingdad and Friends #13190

    Hey Zingdad,

    Thank you very much for your response! I’ve given it some thought and made some interesting discoveries 😉
    I’ll give you a more throughout response later, when I’ve formulated it into a readable post :-p

    Best wishes,

    in reply to: Questions for Zingdad and Friends #13189

    Hello Wolfke!

    First let me congratulate you on your baby girl!!!

    How very insightfull what you wrote here:

    @wolfke74 wrote:

    Is it that we need prove because we need to satisfy our EGO? 😈
    I must amid that sometime I also want prove and I always look upon in the sky to try to spot an UFO.
    And then I think: why do I need so badly proof that they are out there?
    Maybe this is also a legitimate question to ask.

    The only thing that we can be certain of is change.

    Wish you lots of love, light and laughter.

    After reading this, I’m also stuck with this question. Why do I need proof so badly? If Zingdad and co. could look into this question aswell please 😉

    P.S: I too sometimes look up into the sky in the hopes of catching a glimpse, because if I’d see one, I could start taking this whole deal seriously!

    in reply to: Questions for Zingdad and Friends #13186

    Hello Zingdad, everyone!

    What a wonderfull initiative!! Too bad nobody’s asking questions anymore… I love reading the questions and answers, so I’d like to encourage anyone that has a question to come and ask it! As for my own question…I’m not quite sure how to put this, but I’ll give it a try.

    Just like Syme, getting in contact with my soul-family is very high on my wish-list. So I was very keen to find out what Zingdad had to offer in response to his questions. And there it was, hitting me in the face like a ten-ton hammer.

    The fourth is that this will never, ever “prove” itself to you. To play this “game” is to actively choose to play with uncertainty and doubt. Any attempt to force “proof” will result in distortions in your communication and will most likely result in the whole thing being proved false.

    For me that means as much as: Game over. You may not insert another coin!

    So my question is, if I’m not willing to accept anything as long as I don’t have prove, should I just give up on the idea of ever establishing contact with spirit?

    Below in tiny (since hidden text isn’t available) is just some ranting I wrote down before, you’ll have to copy the text yourself if you want to read the miserable rantings, they are no fun, you have been warned!

    If nobody can prove it to me and I can’t prove it even for myself…Then I’ll never truly believe it, I’ll just wish it to be true. If uncertainty and doubt are to be my playmates, then I’d be playing with my lifes greatest obstacles. So to get in touch with my soulfamily, first I have to overcome my biggest fears… That sort of makes sense, but I’m rather sure that I’m too weak to do that. So…Maybe 8 or Adamu can let my spirit know that I’m sorry and hope I’m doing better in an alternative life? That’s about the best question I can think of. But I’m sure spirits aren’t in the habit of making excuses..But enough with the ranting, this was supposed to inspire people to post their questions and all I got down was how much of a failure I am on the spirit level.

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