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The Illusion of Choice: Ninety Percent of American Media Controlled by Six Corporations Gallery of Giants Ebook: The Book of Giants – Dead Sea Scrolls Illuminations Ancient Mysteries of Sound Levitation by Kathy J. Forti Video: The Real Story of Christmas Documentary Video: The Real Story of Halloween HD – History Channel Ebook: Egyptian Book of the Dead Ebook: The Lost Book of Enki – Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God Video: The Universe Space Time Mystery | Mathematical Science Documentary HD Video: Vedic Cosmos – Full Documentary Video: Buckminster Fuller – Thinking Out Loud (1996) Documentary Video: The Buckminster Fuller / Edward Leedskalnin Connection Edward Leedskalnin – The Mysterious Magnetic Coral Castle a Broken Heart Built Ebook: The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla – 20th Century Genius Video: Nikola Tesla’s Life – New Documentary Full Ebook: The inventions, researches and writing of Nikola Tesla Video: The Connected Universe – Nassim Haramein Video: UNGRIP (From the creators of Esoteric Agenda and KYMATICA) Ebook: The Book of Enoch – The Secret Old Testament Book Ebook: The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean Videos: Aleshenka – A Tiny Creature Found in Russia The Mysterious Georgia Guidestones – 10 Shocking Commandments Set in Stone in 1980 Book-of-Light.com STAR of LIGHT The Return of the Annunaki – Gillian DeArmond-Green Video: Secrets of Water, The Movie Video Series: Ancient Aliens – Full Series Video: Guided Astral Projection Technique Meditation Ebook: Be Here Now The Charge of the Goddess The Lake of Fire That Men Built Tantra and Taoist Cosmic Connection Video: ONE STEP BEYOND AND THE SACRED MUSHROOM Building A Post-Chaos Community Video: UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied Life’s True Beginnings Video: Urantia Book on “Strange Universe” Making the Connection Between Spirituality & Creativity The Four-Fold Path to Enlightenment The Hynek Classification System Ebook: Designing Our Future – The Venus Project Video: Why in the World are They Spraying? (Chemtrails, Geoengineering) Video: Kymatica Renewable Energy Directory Self Confidence & Inner Self Worth Video: THRIVE – What on Earth Will it Take? *MOST IMPORTANT FILM ON EARTH* The Zeitgeist Movement FREE DOWNLOAD! 4th Chakra – Green Open Heart Bliss 528hz & 639hz http://t.co/VZWQK5sJ Law of One / RA Material Forgotten In Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies Video: Zeitgeist II – Addendum Ebook: Oahspe – A Very Weird New Bible (1828-1891) Communicate Telepathically with Animals Techniques for Soul Growth Every person has within them…A Song of Life…Each of us know we have a song. A beautiful vibration within as a reminder of our essence… Video: Nassim Haramein – Crossing The Event Horizon part 4 of 4 Master Mayan Tzolkin Calendar The Messianc Complex Video: The Big Picture by George Green Video: Human Genetics Manipulated – Human Origins Intro Ebook: Out of the Matrix Video: *Quantum Physics* The Reality As You Know It Does Not Exist Authentic Sacred Jewelry and Talismans Ebook: Messages for the Ground Crew Jonathan Goldman – Holy Harmony Homeland Security Checkpoint "Those who are hardest to Love, need Love the most" – The Peaceful Warrior The Truth about Vitamin D Video: Zeitgeist I: The Movie Remastered Version Key to the Gnosis Video: The Freedom Movie 2: A Spiritual Awakening (1 of 14) 13 Moon Mayan Galactic Calendar Date Decoder Video: Beyond 2012: Evolving Perspectives on the Next Age Unconditional Love OMMM Reiki MI – Healing on All Levels Winston Shrout – Solutions In Commerce Thoughts, Words & Deeds aligned is total CONGRUENCY… Total Congruency = Powerful Manifestation of Goals Ebook: The Book of Light: The Nature of God, The Structure of Consciousness and the Universe Within You Codex Alimentarius…Bills C-51 and C-52 and C-6 Canadian Implementations of the CODEX ideals -Become Aware, be FREE to choose Implications of Oneness Sustainable Earth Friendly Living About Awakenings Does DNA Have Telepathic Properties? Thought Therapy Avoiding Victimhood Video Library: What About Me? Consult the Sabian Oracle The Magnificent You Inner Child Meditation About Love – Happy Valentines Day! XO LΦVE H20 Festival June 19th – 21st, 2009 – The Historic Summer Solstice Celebration & Concert For The Living Water Video: Gnarls Barkley – Crazy The Science of Oneness – Is Current Science Incomplete? many happy returns echoes Winter Solstice celebrations: a.k.a. Christmas, Saturnalia, Yule, the Long Night, etc. Ebook: Monroe Techniques for Astral Projection Ebook: The Astral Body & Other Astral Phenomena Ebook: 66 Astral Projection Exit Techniques Ebook: Secret Guide to Instant Astral Projection Ebook: Astral Projection – The Complete Guide

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  • in reply to: Mike Quinsey – Oct 14 2009 #13056

    When I read that post, Richi, I thought of Bill Hicks’ monologue about et visitation:

    Bill Hicks on UFOs

    They know the masses of people have been negatively conditioned to an extraterrestrial presence. What I thought was that they would speak themselves in Obama’s presence, introduced by him, that’s the picture I saw when I read this.

    in reply to: recipies #7371

    but wow, what a concept.

    Bacon Jam – Your Wildest Dreams Come True!
    October 8, 2009 by Not Quite Nigella (http://www.notquitenigella.com/2009/10/08/bacon-jam-your-wildest-dreams-come-true/)

    I first heard about this rather bizarre concept from the blogger Morta Di Fame (meaning literally dying to eat, a concept I can wholly understand). She linked to a recipe for Bacon Jam which was originally a product that a company called Skillet Foods makes and sends around the United States. Knowing that I’d have no chance of getting my greedy paws on a jar I simply daydreamed about it and for every day since I saw it, I’d think about it. I’d eat eggs and think “This would go so well with that Bacon Jam” and eat some slices of tomato on sourdough and think “Something is missing, I think it’s bacon jam!” and I became somewhat of a food stalker thinking about it day and night until I got my hands on some double smoked bacon and the rest as they say, is eating history.

    I should add this obsessiveness to my next10 or 12 Things You Should Know About Food Bloggers. Sometimes, when we hear of a recipe, we just cannot get it out of our minds and it preoccupies our thoughts for all waking (and sometimes sleeping) hours. We suddenly won’t rest until we do this recipe. And you may know that Bacon is my Waterloo. I give up and surrender my worldly possessions to this smoked meat.

    I cooked it for two hours, watching the shade go from pink to a dark, glistening brown and then pulverised it in the food processor and tasted it. It was fabulous. I’ve developed this rather annoying habit of High Fiving people (which worries me somewhat as I wonder if it goes along with speaking about yourself in the third person) and if I were anyone else around I would have High Fived them. This was good stuff indeed. I don’t know how it compares with the Skillet Foods Bacon Jam as I’ve never tried it but this is good on it’s own and doesn’t need to be an imitation.

    You can do this with regular bacon but smoked or double smoked bacon is best to convey the bacon flavour but it is by all definitions delicious. if you use regular bacon the addition of liquid smoke might be a good idea to replace the smokiness. Sweetish (it is after all a jam) and spicy (although the spiciness can be adjusted to your taste) the savoury goodness of it and the versatility meant that after 4 days, the jar of this bacony friend was depleted. During this past long weekend I asked Mr NQN what he wanted every day for breakfast and the answer was: “That Bacon Jam”.

    So tell me Dear Reader, do you get obsessive about recipes or food items? If so, what food was your latest obsession?

    Bacon Jam

    An Original Recipe by Not Quite Nigella

    * 500grams/1 pound smoked bacon (or use regular bacon and liquid smoke)
    * 4 cloves garlic, chopped
    * 1 medium brown onion sliced
    * 3 tablespoons brown sugar
    * Tabasco sauce (according to taste)
    * 1 cup coffee
    * 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
    * 1/4 cup maple syrup
    * Black pepper to taste
    * extra water

    1. In a non stick pan, fry the bacon in batches until lightly browned and beginning to crisp. Using a pair of scissors cut into 1 inch pieces.

    2. Fry the onion and garlic in the rendered bacon fat on medium heat until translucent.

    3. Transfer the bacon, onion and garlic into a heavy based cast iron pot and add the rest of the ingredients except for the water. Simmer for 2 hours adding 1/4 of a cup of water every 25-30 minutes or so and stirring.

    4. When ready, cool for about 15-20 minutes and then place in a food processor. Pulse for 2-3 seconds so that you leave some texture to the “jam” or of course you could keep whizzing and make it a smoother and more paste like.

    Full post with pictures at http://www.notquitenigella.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/main-baconjam3-1.jpg

    in reply to: Inspirational gems for life #12959

    Her books are full of gems, they sparkle! I recently started following her on Twitter.com, where she shares a few gems every now and then: http://twitter.com/marwilliamson

    Yesteray’s: “When the women awaken, mountains move.” — Chinese proverb

    in reply to: Anica’s Notebook: Name Your Dream #12953

    1) We are held in fear by the social structure and enforced culture.

    2) We hold on to what we perceive as real in response to fear.

    3) In the holding pattern of fear, we just go in circles around the central docking point of the soul.

    What would happen if instead of holding on, you just let go? Would you lose yourself? Or find yourself?
    Spiral into the center and see what you find there.
    Share this idea.

    We can break the hold of fear by becoming more aware and more interactive with consciousness. This video series is a good place to start, or continue, exploring the realm of truth: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=2181F162DD1EBEDB[/youtube]

    in reply to: Anica’s Notebook: Name Your Dream #12951

    Fear is a holding pattern.

    in reply to: …UFO sighting… #12957

    I wonder if this is the same one?


    in reply to: Me #12946

    That poem really moves with life, chandra, thanks for sharing, and welcome to the book of light! I’m sure you’ll find kindred spirits here.

    I’ve been working on a book for a few years now, life gets in the way of finishing it sometimes, but I’m on the home stretch. Keep going, it’s a work that’s meant to be written and you are the one chosen (and the one who chose) to write it! I celebrate your mission 😀


    in reply to: Flu Vaccine? #12920

    The Sad Truth: Mercury & Fluoride

    in reply to: Here I Am #12932

    Well I find it interesting, then. This is all new to me, the material you draw this from, so perhaps interesting would be a better choice as you describe the word. However, these words carry for me vibrational loads that inform from a slightly different angle, based on the understanding that has made itself open to me. So let’s share, this is fun!

    I see “fascination” as a form of utterance which attunes one’s inner awareness to a frequency that is from outside the usual field of input. Perhaps that is something which is asleep within and invoked through …

    a “code”, that which (to me) brings an idea into form, the vibration taking a linguistic form. A form of magic in which the unseen is made to be understood on subtle levels from within the idea of the thing towards the appearance of it. Perhaps a kind of vector, in that sense.

    I’ve always wanted to hear people speaking Proto-Indo-European, and I’ve often wondered if it is a language that comes from the stars, and how to trace it, and how it’s changed and what remains embedded for us to discover in language.

    As to the description of Pleiadians, well okay. I’m not really familiar with the context you’re using, but I’ve never really explored that school of thought before. The P’s I communicate with are all about Nine.

    The IE root of “glad” is bright, shining, so yes there’s another reason to be glad to be alive now, sharing in each other’s light and reflecting the myriad facets of Truth!

    So I share with you in loving celebration of the light that we all are, this, from my friends, the Pleiadian linguists:


    In the substance of particulate matter is the mode of understanding made real in which the infinity of all possibility intersects with the potentiality of awareness focused on itself in space and time. Nowhere else can you truly be except where you are when you are, aware of yourself as the dot of manifest beingness existing within an ocean of conscious is-ness. Within that moment of now in which you are aware of your existence as you, everything that is, was, or has yet to be is brought to a grinding halt to reflect in the mirror you provide, as an individual and as a collective planetary union of consciousness. There, you are. Outside of that moment, you as the individual recognizing itself as a single personality are not, yet you as part of a greater Self always are. In the moment is contained the vastness of all. In the individual is all consciousness made manifest from a single thought of “I AM”. In the material reality of form is all movement coalesced into a single brilliance, cloaked in the frequency-specific bends of light which harmonize in accord with the nature of the temporal pause that defines a moment of existence. Light is the crux upon which reality gathers itself. Light is thought in balance with the activity of being, it is the essence of I AM and the totality in potential of all. By focusing awareness on the now within infinity can infinity upon infinity be accessed. A single dot of light serves as a focal point. Illumination is what lay at the intersection of awareness, time, and space, in the energy of light as movement from OM towards I AM, the lateral glance from now into the timeless eternal and here into all that is. It is always and everywhere present, and every bit of matter that takes the form of reality is illuminated at its core. By seeking the core of all that is, illumination is found and transformation into light inevitable.

    from the Garden of Unknowable Things

    Cheers, eva!

    in reply to: Flu Vaccine? #12919
    in reply to: Here I Am #12929

    Welcome, eva, well come. Your work sounds fascinating. Language is such a subtly powerful tool. I write in code all the time, well we all do, really. I mean, the Pleiadians write in code, I just take the transcription 😉

    Glad to see you here!

    in reply to: Flu Vaccine? #12915

    GA, that’s the second validation dream someone’s shared with me in two days! Wild.

    I encourage everyone to take a look at this (I cannot post the image, alas), and share it with whomever will look:

    A chillingly direct question asked by the National Autism Association on behalf of human beings everywhere.

    in reply to: Flu Vaccine? #12913

    This might be one of the most well-informed and articulate researchers on the subject from all angles, Dr. Russell Blaylock. This 4-part video is packed with information, crystal-clear.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    in reply to: How to … #12925

    Hi earthlightflower, I can take care of that for you.

    I looked at your website, http://teenwarrior.webs.com; it looks great, I really like what you’re doing, and I wish you great success in your mission. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if that strikes your fancy.

    Happy trails, peace, and good cheer,

    in reply to: Flu Vaccine? #12908

    This was written a long time ago but the science is sound: http://books.google.com/books?id=jKc3WdszeOYC&pg=PA1&dq=horrors+of+vaccination&ei=08-rSsfIMYSwNM6yodEN#v=onepage&q=&f=false

    Of course, now there are mercury, formaldehyde, etc in the regular vaccines, and the swine flu vaccine has squalene added as a bonus. Squalene attacks connective tissue and has been shown to cause rheumatoid arthritis.

    Good reading: http://homoeovision.blogspot.com/2009/04/swine-flu-and-homeopathy-some-helpful.html

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