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    David’s Guidance – 9/28/12: “The Matter of Time”

    If you took a candy bar, wrapped it, filled daily the shelves of a store with numerous bars that you wrapped, might you say you were stocked well? I believe so. The run on candy bars isn’t likely. We feel you’re set. Sweet notions are all set in your liveliness, countenance. Chakras are full of nuggets of goodies. Complacency does not appear to be your game. So, we believe it’s time. “Time for what? Referring to 2012 scenario predictions, Yes?” We believe you’re excited and wish many treats — bits of info to suck on for succor. (smile) Yes. It’s about time. (smile)

    We see the ships flying. Joanie predicts many that will assume global positions for awakened beings to see. We are expecting this Ascension scene to be like a ship parade. Are you sure you want to believe ships come? Huh? Many think you’re nuts. Out of your mind. We think you are grounded in reality. Peace within you. You are OK. (smile) The others assume ignorance; it’s too difficult to believe this fantastic story.

    Joanie wishes you understood this well. I’ll offer her a moment to get a grip on the pen for her Mary to come to the fore to speak:

    Yes. I wish all will see when the ships arrive. Soon for you. This is a big scene of Love we bring to you at Ascension. The door of Heaven opens, allows us to bring you fantastic images by way of super-sized beings that are discs. Just tremendous. Thank you, dear souls. We appreciate your cooperation when we asked you to slow yourselves. No use in biting down hard, expecting our arrival to wish our arrival now — immediately. (smile) I understand Joanie is sad, wants to leave. We remind her it is Service above all that keeps her in her place. We are having talks. (hug to Joan of Arch) She has moments of wanting ships to beam her aboard so she may go away, never to return. She has come so far. Thank you for being a great Light on Earth. I do appreciate all you do in Earth reality. Most children beam at sight of you. I see you gleam when they approach. Yes. It is fine. Continue…

    Now, upon entry to the atmosphere, we’ll show all the useful tools for cleanup and rebuild. Many workers delight in this project of magnitude. Carpenters, engineers, crafts people — all hands on experts will be needed. Apply skills. All will shift and appear clean, new, regenerated.

    We show you cumulative effects of radiation on atmosphere planes. We will store much needed particles to disperse to recreate general balance in the field. All is to be taught. Many children will learn the way of Love in environmental cleanup. (Mary notes: Women are included in the term ‘men.’) If you wish technology to be introduced, we gladly offer all we have learned so New Earth teems with new ‘inductees’ of learning. So much to learn. It is wonderful to see eyes ablaze with excitement.

    Can you picture children reading in a bed that’s lined with information? Just fabulous. Sleep to learn. Learn by lying awake. Information seeps into the crevices of membranes touching them with fabulous concepts. Just lie and learn. (wink) It’s truly spectacular. Some wish heady tales. We’ll tell you some: If Mars were to arrive at your doorstep, would you say, ‘I’ll think about whether to go Mars or remain in your present experience.’ It is possible to jump experiences, establish yourself doubly, to have twice the fun than a singular experience. How does this sound? Can you create fire? Do you wish to germ up a place to see if you can scour it in a fell swoop? (laugh out loud) There are possible repercussions, however, for creating fun. (smile) We see loads of guests knocking at your door to play with you. Are you able to accommodate the hungry-for-more friends? (laugh) Yes! It’s possible. All is possible.

    It’s a matter of time. You can see we wait patiently to see you. It is your job to also sit and wait for the moment Christ and I return to say, ‘Would you like to go to a place that is beautiful, new, and full of wonder?’ Can you envision us all together as One? It is so. We wait for you as you wait for us. We love you.

    Joanie has time to write more. We turn the tide and discuss Love. It is time. (smile) Some wish more, so go to the store, buy a fruit, eat the succulent, ripe piece and enjoy. When you’ve had enough, consider whether this fruit is to your liking. If so, please vision more of the same. If there is a bitter aftertaste, consider upgrading to a new variety. We encourage more. Find what is a match. The message here is pretty simple, dear travelers of Love in Earth reality: The beauty of Love is to see this in others’ eyes. You know you are Love. Now you switch vistas and encourage same visions as you see yourself. Choose who moves you, expands and permeates your soul. If they shine, you know the Love is real and beautiful. No settling for dingy. We have been there and want upgrading to new heights if your bitter taste remains.

    Go find a friend. Discuss Earth’s transition to a star. She (Gaia) looks for a beautiful residence while you take her shell, expand it and make a new home for yourselves. We watch in excitement.

    (smile, hug to Joan of Arch)

    ~Mary Magdalena

    My dear Love. She is a woman I adore. Yes, we married. Yes, it is so. She is the woman who carried children, bore them. It is so. I am so pleased Truth is unfolding in news reports. Thank you for placing designs around her so she can feel redeemed. Bless you all, dear ones of Earth.

    Love is your name.

    ~Yeshua ben Yoseph

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