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    I’d like to introduce myself better here. I am a healer and a channel and bring forth messages from my dear spirit guide, David. He has asked me to tell you all that he wishes to answer any questions you may have. If the questions are pertinent to this forum, to the engagement of discussion around topics of healing, then they are appropriate to be posted right here. I will ask David your questions and post them for you to analyze and possibly dialogue around. If the questions are too “intricate” or “complicated,” as David just specified through me now, he might need further clarification. If the topic is too broad, again, he will require more specific information.

    Together, we can make this a place where individuals can find a place of enquiry and results. If this is pleasing to you, then please begin posting as your hearts are moved.

    With Love,

    Joanie and David


    Hi Joanie and David,

    It is great to see both of you here. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. My question is born out of love and admiration for both of you and a love for humanity.

    Question: There have been times when I see a physically disabled person, whether it be autistic, retarded, blind, wheelchair bound etc… and I look at that individual and I can feel the love go out of my heart area toward that person, almost as if there’s an energy leaving my body and going straight for the individual. I would love to walk over to that person and for Spirit to use me to heal them. I would love for Spirit to give them a new life, new freedom. I would love to (wow, crying as I write this now, unexpected) release them from the bondage that their physical body has encased them in. I couldn’t imagine the pure unadulterated joy that would come to the person/parents and/or siblings of a person that has been released from such bondage. I am also fully aware that physical handicap is a vehicle used by the soul for the purpose of the souls growth.

    My question is:

    1) How would one know when it is the appropriate time to step in and offer assistance or is it ever appropriate?

    2) I have gifts in other areas. Is spontaneous healing a gift that all are able to give or just some? Do I possess this gift? How does one know?

    In Light & Love,

    (Letters f/y Future)


    Dear Brett,

    Thank you so much for your warm and kind words. I am so happy to see you here and also channel David’s words for you:

    Dear Brett,

    You are feeling the pangs in your heart because you feel deep compassion for the soul’s painful journey. You see, your heart cries out when it sees another’s pain. However, you do not mention that the person who is wheelchair bound or disabled in any of the ways you described is crying out or reaching for help from others. It is their painful journey that enables them to reach the pinnacle of “success,” of unalterable Joy when they each realize that they, too, are Divine in their creation. When an individual sees themself as Divine, they release all figments of what a disabled person might feel themselves to be — in that “disabled” way. Once they imagine, realize, and embrace their True Oneness with ALL creatures in the universe do they find themselves outside in a world of Love, free of pain. Free of judgement. Free of deciding whether to remove themselves from the world as so many disabled folks do.

    So, Brett, you see that the disabled person has chosen this path with honor and courage, do you not? Do you see that they share similar traits? “What traits?” might you ask. They are just like you in that they wish to be free of their self-judgements, their issues of self-worth, their incapacities — the things that issue them or render them incapacitated. They are just like you in that they want to be free! They want to see and feel and emote and live and journey. They may not look like you, yet they do wish for the same things as you do.

    Take a little monkey: It walks and talks. It chatters. It eats. It sits around. It sleeps. It goes to the bathroom. It takes a nap. It has sex. It wanders. ALL the things that a human would do, but in a different set of dress clothes (smile). What makes this little monkey different? It draws circles in the sand while you sit at a desk and type on your computer. It wastes away time eating scraps while you feast at a table of wine and such.

    Why do I make these comparisons? Because I am illustrating for you that NO MATTER WHO JOINS US ON OUR JOURNEY, we will always be accompanied by strife — together– to share our similar and different pains, or experiences, for our own respective soul’s growth.

    It is here that I say that your desire to heal is commensurate to that of a profound healer — one who DEEPLY wishes to heal eternal wounds that were borne out of Creation. This means that your deep feeling you possess stems from a root issue that goes way back to when you were “created.” When you left the One, you were born into a world of change — of flight — of newness of Be-ing. It is here I say that you showed yourself as a being of DEEP compassion and the longing to return to the One. I can also say that you share this vision, this feeling, with so many others who are reading this today.

    What might you do with this profound need to “heal” others? Go inside and see whether this is truly your job or purpose in Creation. If you are here to bring others back to the Oneness, then this will be your determination. If you choose to consider that each being has the wherewithall to determine for themselves when they wish to return and how they wish to return, then so be it, as well.

    You are the maker of your destiny. Each being gets to choose how far away from the Oneness they go, as well as how they will journey and in what direction. When one embraces these ideas, they will be free of the heartache that encapsulates their souls when they encounter another in pain.

    I say this to you, dear Brett, that your profound soul is a loving soul. A soul that so wishes to assist others. The assistance you can provide is that of offering your love — for your love will heal your soul and assist those who carry burdens as they journey near you.

    With this, I depart from conversation. Bless you, dear soul, and may your road to Ascension be sweet.

    David and Joanie


    Thank you Joanie. Thank you David.

    I respect and honor your answer.

    I do understand that a handicap is but one way in the incarnation for soul expansion. I also know that the experiences we put ourselves through take a great deal of courage. I often wonder, why would a person ever put himself through that? Of course the answer is one that is specific to him and the person(s) involved.

    While it is true that my heart aches when I see a person going through such a seemingly painful experience, I know that it’s not my role to play the part of rescuer. I have noticed about myself that I’m not drawn to every handicapped person I encounter, but there have been a few that, for one reason or another, have given me the sensations that I described in my previous post. Perhaps its one of those things that I have yet to discover about myself and my journey here.



    When guides and spirits are talking or communicating in some form are they doing this from the astral plane or from some other? ThankYou


    Hi John,

    I asked David this question and he replied as follows:

    John, you have asked us a very good question. We wish to share with you the following:

    If you were to go stargazing, where might you believe we might reside? On a planet? A star? A thing that might resemble a spaceship as you call them? Well, I will say that all answers are correct. We reside anywhere and everywhere that your mind can imagine us to be.

    So, with that, let me now share as you ask about our method or methods of communicating with one another. I share that we often find ourselves together when we wish to unite for a (shared) cause. When we are asked to serve in the lower realms, as is where your Earth plane resides in relation to our realm, we unite in a meeting of the souls for an “action,” or an “assignment” to be carried out. Our interactions may be short or they may be extensive, as you might imagine conceptualizing this in your linear time. Depending on how we agree to the situation or what methods or actions are to be put into place will determine just how “lengthy” our interactions will be together.

    For example, you ask to be treated fairly, yet you have difficulty finding your personal power to assert yourself in order to improve unjust situations. You ask for assistance, whether it be to your guide, an angel, God, whomever. We hear your call. We assemble instantly and commune as one thought process. This may be difficult for you to conceptualize at this time. We “group think” this idea, this wish you have and consider all options that would be beneficial for your Highest Good. When we have determined what options might work well in your present situation, we conclude with a blessing. This is a rite we often perform so as to seal the action with Love and Mercy. We bid it farewell and offer it back to you.

    So, John, you see that we are here. We are everywhere. We know you and love you. Your thoughts and dreams are spoken of here because we can understand you. It is now important for you to know that you can also communicate as we do. Put your mind to task and sit back and think to us your thoughts. Remove speech. Think thoughts. This will prepare you for even greater journeys to places yet unknown to you. We believe you are ready and able to move mountains with your thoughts. Dear soul, when you think something, you can move it or create it. This is a very important lesson.

    We are very pleased that you contacted us.

    With much Love offered to you, always,

    David and the Divine Others


    David, I Thank You and the Devine ones for your very clear answer. You also answered another point on my mind and that do I have to say it out loud or think it and in your answer I found that to be something I needed to know ;All I need to do is think.
    May I ask , you say you are everywhere but do you have a favorite place to go and relax?
    In awe and respect I humbly ThankYou


    David repsonded to John’s question: Do you have a favorite place to go and relax?

    “I do, dear John. I do. I love to be with my friend, Serena, who is my spirit-in-love-mate. We travel to destinations that are beyond the realms of your imagination. She and I concur that the most fabulous journey we have taken was to a place called Occipital 9. That is WAY past Jupiter, near Saturn, and around the bend from Uranus. This destination point finds us many times in wonder and awe of all things that exist in this universe. When we travel to this place, we are taken by a sense of contentment, Truth of What Is, and the Knowing that we are together for a Divine reason. We cherish being here and we hope to return there soon. When we decide to return, we will have a spectacular vision from there of your Earth. We can see you from all destination points, yet it is from this vista that we thoroughly enjoy our being there when you are here. Does this make sense? All we have to do is look at your world and know that all is well and good.

    We see you struggling through this Knowing of All That Is, yet we do not wish for you to feel that you must Know this all at this time. There is SO much for you to learn about that you must know that you can pull in some, sit back and relax in your un-Knowing. We will take care of what you need to know before you return to us (smile). And when you return, you will have SUCH a glorious time seeing all these wonders of Creation (smile).

    With Love and Devotion,

    David and the Divine Others


    What a Wonderful story! ThankYou! It is good to know that you have someone. I look forward to that view also 😉 .You make me feel good inside realizing there is so much more for me to learn. Enjoy your break.
    I’ll Be Seeing You


    Well, folks. This is where I have to say that I truly have fun with Joanie. She is a laugh riot when it comes to asking me questions. I love her dearly and all who are reading this must know that she is a brilliant Worker in the Light. She thoroughly tickles me with question upon question. It is my job to keep her informed so she is a very knowledgeable person here. So, with that introduction, I want to share what she recently asked me:

    Joanie asked, “David, please let me know: ‘Of the books that I own, which ones should I read in their order of importance? I would like to read what is most important first.’ “
    Well I found this incredibly funny because all books are important and I do not know what is important to Joanie. I know what is important to me.

    Here is the lesson: If you find yourself stuck and you ask for guidance, who do you ask? Your friend or neighbor or fiance or lover or apartment-mate? Or do you ask yourself what YOU think?

    I ask this because most often we look outside for answers to certain questions that oftentimes lie within us.

    So, Joanie has allowed me to put this out there for all of you because she is, well, let’s say “a good sport.” I really admire her spirit. So, this is my response to her:


    Please read the following in this order —

    — MY TAKE ON WHY THINGS ARE SO INCREDIBLY SCREWED UP HERE ON EARTH by Joe Impossibly Upset With All That’s Here Before Me
    — THE NEXT THING I SHOULD DO BEFORE I GET OUT OF BED by Find Me Another Reason To Live Without My Head On Straight Or Whatever It Says One Does With Their Head On Straight
    — TELL ME HOW TO CONTROL MY LIFE, FOR I ONLY HAVE “THIS” MUCH TIME TO GIVE MYSELF by Whatever And Whomever It Is I Address My Problems To, Please Listen For Once!
    — TELL ME ANOTHER THING I MUST DO BEFORE I COLLAPSE WITH GUILT AND SHAME by (this one’s for you, Joanie) The One Who Stays Up Waiting For More To Be Handed To Her
    — GIVE ME A TASTE OF MY OWN MEDICINE by Whatever Is This In My Coffee Cup? Have You Tasted This Lately?
    — FORGIVE ME FOR I HAVE GRINNED by The Ones Who Take You Places, Yet They Won’t Tell You Where You Are Til You Ask Them For Directions
    — WHOEVER GAVE YOU THE IDEA THAT YOU WERE FROM MARS, I TELL YOU YOU ARE FROM VENUS! by The Impossibly Funny Readers And Writers Of Books That Make Sense Only To The Ones Who Listen To Them Speak Such Nonsense

    And the last one:


    I hope that you all see that the flavor of this response is not like any I have ever given Joanie. She understands that it is best to ask herself a question first before looking outside herself.

    I wish you all many blessings of Peace and Happy Intentional Loving,



    David I think you were a little hard on Joanie for coming to you with a simple question. Maybe you reacted before thinking, no coffee for breakfast,a fight with your loved one? Joanie is a dear soul trying to help others to understand the truth of life. You cannot blame one for the thoughts and doings of others. You came across as angry not helpful. If I misread then I apologize. Let us always be positive in our responses. All the Best!


    John – The One who brings about change in us all because he writes from his heart,

    I meant no harm when I responded in this way. Joanie is smiling now as she knows I was being very playful with her. We have this type of relationship and it is one of open conversations and very amusing discoveries. Lessons are sometimes learned through humor and jest.

    Please know that the words that I bring forth are truly and Divinely inspired. I mean to illuminate points for the sake of learning, and teaching these concepts sometimes involves going to places of greater resistance. So, in Joanie’s case, she can take a “bat swing” hard. I mean hard!

    You see, John, the guide that is with you offers you pieces that resonate with your being — your personality. I would be safe to assume that the humor I exhibited here would not be the type of interaction you would prefer receiving from your guide. Instead, you would probably like messages and signs that are a more “unique fit” to who you are in relation to learning and seeing things in a new perspective. Each person’s guide assignment has been carefully chosen and the matches are completed when both parties agree that the decision is a good one. Work begins at the pace that the soul wishes to set. Options for learning opportunities can be created before incarnation, as well as afterwards. We see both before incarnation and after incarnation planning essential for the soul’s growth.

    Joanie takes things quite literally at times. It is I who illuminates her path with shining gauntlets for her to be able to laugh or rest. She works very hard each day and my brightening it with loud and raucous ranting of this nature pulls her away from her tendency to be in a still and serious place. I help keep her in balance when she goes there.

    So, you see, dear John, that my way with her is truly a loving way of interrelating with her. If she could not handle this manner of relating for learning’s sake, I wuld not feel right offering her guidance in this manner.

    I so humbly respect your words. I see you cherish your friend. She knows you are a dear and she appreciates your kind, thoughtful, and caring words on her behalf. Therefore, please accept these words as they are offered to you sincerely and genuinely.

    With Light, Love and Friendship to You,



    First I Apologize!! I had actually written a reply before that one but it up and disappeared so I wrote this second one and I thought I lost it also…. I didnt think of page two 🙁 . I love a sense of humour and enjoy this type of banter. I really did misread you because I did not know you but I should have known better. I have said this before but obviously dont follow it and that is “Think before You Talk”. But no more excuses . I am very interested in what you have to say and Joanie is Lucky to have found you.
    Humblely John



    Your response was perfect in and of itself. I am markedly impressed by your curiosity, as well as your love of learning. Keep exploring all facets of the life experience as you know it now. You will find gems coming ’round every corner for you each time you peer around a corner.

    May your newfound gems of learning shine brightly on your path.

    Forever a friend in learning,



    Hi everyone,

    I was guided to post some pieces that I channeled from David. It is at this time that they are to be shared with you:


    It has been many ages of pain for many people who reside on Earth. They go through their various life phases and are unaware of what is happening to them and through them. All the while they sit and wait for something to come along and cure them. They, in fact, are their very own cure.

    How to Cure

    Curing is a term that you use frequently, yet no one seems to be able to show what they mean by the term. Many individuals who state they are cured have simply found rememdies to allay fears or diminish symptoms. What is wrong with this concept that is so terribly misconstrued is that to “cure” is to walk through the fire unharmed and be stronger than before. This does not sound simple, I know. You want to hear something easy and more understandable. You long to be offered a magic pill or instrument or potion that will bring about Divine healing without moving much of a muscle. Again, this is understandable. You came here to experience pain(s) and your burdens grew too many. How could one walk through fire unharmed and come out stronger on the other side? I will tell you:

    Imagine you are in a meadow and the breeze is blowing against your face. You feel no pain, just the pressure of the wind. Then suddenly a gust comes along and you are thrown off your feet. You feel hit and assaulted by this sudden assault. What to do with the feelings surrounding this? One might curse the wind. One might put their fists up in rage and shout angry epithets. One could become fearful of sudden short surprising moments. All are possibilities.

    If we looked at another way of handling this, we could find a way to prevent ourselves from becoming hurt– becoming a victim. It would entail some creative thinking, stemming from the belief that we create our reality, we can harbor feelings and they can either work to our advantage or disadvantage, and that there are forces at play that are guiding us for growth on many levels of the soul.

    What would it take to change our thought patterns? Does one desire a better outcome? Each person gets to choose the path they take in their soul’s health and happiness. Why would someone choose a different path? Because the path they are on is leading them to chaos, to sadness, to illness — dis-ease — and, therefore, to their ultimate demise. Demise in this context would mean their soul’s diminishment of vibrancy and aliveness.

    Joanie: So, what would you suggest, David?

    David: You have the ability to reason with yourselves and others. This is a gift that has been given to you. You came here by choice and can return by choice. Why not make choices regarding the quality of your existence?

    Joanie: This is not easy for many.

    David: What one does with this information is entirely up to them. They see a car coming and they jump out from the middle of the road. Simple. Other scenarios might not be as cut and dry, but you see the point. One can choose at every turn, every step. This is the key to curing oneself.

    Joanie: We can choose to heal.

    David: Yes. This is what I am saying to you. If a person does not feel well, they can choose to feel better. They can make decisions that are for their betterment, for their soul’s health. Happiness is a choice. So is health. So is misery. So is uncertainty. So is salvation. Do you see? This is my message to you on this day.

    Joanie: Thank you, David, for this powerful and clear message.

    David: I know there will be people who will answer, “Easier said than done.” I will reply, “This is a choice — to say, ‘It is easier said than done.’ One chooses to make their road to healing difficult if they believe this to be true. ‘This is easier than one thinks’ is another way one can choose to approach healing.”

    Joanie: I see that this is about choice. We choose whether we wish to heal. We choose our illnesses and our burdens.

    David: That is why I am here to share a way out — a way through the fire to feel stronger on the other side. There is simple beauty in healing. If you go inside your heart you will know this beauty.

    Joanie: I have been to this place…

    David: Then ask your readers whether they will choose to walk through fire unharmed…

    Joanie: I will. I will ask them this very question.

    David: Thank you for allowing me the entry point to share my Knowing for your planet’s healing.

    Joanie: Your welcome, David. I offer myself to you as a channel and healer in Service of All That Is. I love you and thank you for your assistance.

    David: Until our next meeting. I love you, too, dear friend.

    Joanie: Dear readers, might you consider walking through fire unharmed?

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