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    ThankYou so much for your guidence; I will definitly work with that! I’ still have a lot of trouble with pain so I hope it doesnt take from a clear mind. The Best time for me is early morning if I’m feeling well. I know about Gia and I love mother earth the older I get the more I understand. She talks with the wind in the trees; she shows with the shading of the sun in the tree’s or among the hills; it’s there if you want to see it, Nature is so smarter then us.
    I will work with your method and report how it works on me. Mediating has always been one of my weakness’s for variuos reasons but my imagination is vivid and working fine;if I can only settle my body down. It is funny you refer to my body in seprate enitity fashion as I have always felt this and that my body had betrade me; maybe it had no hand in this? So I will go to work on this with exuberance and hope for a positive outcome. But I do beleive there is a road I must walk so I hope this is part of that journey. Take Care!
    John 🙂


    The one thing we like is that you are ready for a take out that will trip you to the light fantastic, John. (smiles) We say “take out” to mean take you out of your place you presently reside and move to one that is far greater in length, width, height, space confines that you’re in now. If you saw the available energy that is here, you would take more, learn how to care for it, hone skills to master it. We know you are able to complete tasks fully. Your planes — remarkable — are an example of the Master’s works. So, if you can do more than sit, wait, listen, then we’ll say more’s coming for you. More is ready, waiting for you to choose whether it is beneficial, complementary, satisfying to your soul.

    All we ask is that you consider whether it could be better to try new ways to manage ills. The way we see things is different. We see more in terms of opportunity and available options to curing, healing, accomplishing, purifying, cleansing, rewriting scripts, total workovers, etc. We know you have tried many avenues, but no success. We also know much has transpired since your mother died. This has been difficult and you need to see how great the challenges are and have been. It is your awareness that is important, too, John, for recognizing what you have endured is very important to healing oneself.

    Go see what it is like to drive and see much through dirty windows. Doesn’t work, does it? We only know just how difficult the drive has been. So, on we go to a new car wash where the soap spreads well, the brushes work better, and the maintenance fellow (or could he be a she?) dries the fender well and leaves a brilliant lustre to the chrome bumper. (smiles)

    Go see through clean glass, John. We are sure there’s a man inside the car who wishes to drive with a windshield that’s glistening.

    Take care, and let us know how the meditation goes. We’ll look for you and wait to hear your response.


    The Divine Ones, plus David (smiles)


    Time to Take Time For What You Want

    The time is ripe. It is ready to be picked, and we see this as a part of the evolution of your person. If you can imagine reaching out for one more clock-tick, you’d realize that the click of the switch on the battery-powered clock is going off soon. So, we say, “Go take the batteries out. Put them away. Run around. Have fun. Dream. Create. Love. Have a ball!”

    This is the message we give you. Have a ball. Just do what is good — good and fulfilling — for there’s time for this. Time to see things are completed, worked through, generally offering you a sense of complete satisfaction. Do you ever think of doing more than what you are presently doing? I see you are not, often. So, we continue to see you sit, dream of what you could do, yet you wonder how to do it. What is the problem? Do you engage in activities that are mundane, unfulfilling, treacherous, banal, and/or trite? It is when you are stuck that you encounter “no time for this” or “not time for that” til you have no time at all.

    What makes this difficult? Do you see more that can be done, yet you aren’t able to manifest it? Why is it so that you aren’t able to see a thought, idea, dream through to completion? We think you’re in a place that restricts your creativity. What? But you say you are creative and you do create many things. I see this confuses you when we say we believe you are stuck. Try to look at this from our end, OK? If we see you sitting, dreaming, yet you are not creating the dreams you dream, it’s stuck we say. This is a conclusion based on our watching what happens if a person is unhappy and wishes more than what they have presently.

    What makes you sure you are able to do more than what you already do? Well, if you can do this — read our words — you are able to do more. (smiles) It’s the reading words that are “outside the box,” as Joanie says often, that makes you more of an adventurous type who might consider going out of the box you sit in to consider making more than what you presently are making in your life.

    To see yourself, you need a pair of glasses that are clear, clean, classy, clipped with edges that frame your face, and have a look that will attract more glances than a chicken laying eggs across a yard filled with turkeys, hens, rabbits, and a menagerie of peacocks. (We fill your head with visions for you to see that anything is possible to envision if you allow yourself to go there.)

    This is what is next. Find time to sit and think what you want. Do you want books? Paper elephants? Cocoons and butterflies afterwards? What about dear friends? Challenges? How about tremendous rewards and visions of kind and noble women and men who offer service when you lend a hand to them? All these things are possible.

    So, try to envision what makes for a happy person such as you. Can you imagine doing this now? Is there time to do this? Do you see that if you find time to sit, it can make a great case for butting out of other people’s business. We think sitting alone takes you away from others who might be needing breaks from you. Has it seemed possible that there are times when the time spent is too much with another? Is it true you can afford to be with yourself for just one moment in time? We feel time is needed for sitting, let alone, alone, sitting, just alone — doing nothing. If sitting and thinking alone is good, then do this, but time to be is critical if you are to go ahead with plans for more.

    Trust that the moment is now. Now is the time to be aware that time stops at about 11:11. We see that you will need more preparation before the clock stops. So, get ready by envisioning sitting, dreaming, listening to what is there, on your mind and in your heart, for reality creation.

    If this were easy, you would be doing all you want to do. So, how about it? Is it sounding good? Do you feel it’s possible to make more than what is currently being made? Or do you believe we take lessons from ones that crap up others’ lives and now we pass this on to you? “Is this just bullshit?” you ask. We reply, “No, unless the bull was walking, talking, thinking, and created the pile after he thought about it.” (smiles) The bull could be that you have taken a pile, thought about it, yet you never did more than sit on it till it went through… Well, we won’t go on. You see our point.

    The message is about trusting yourself enough to complete what your heart wishes to see, feel, explore till Joy emanates from you for all to see. Can you see that we wish you more than what you currently reside in? Do you feel the Love that generates through the words we write through Joanie? If you feel we are trying to move you past, forward, ahead, you are correct. The plan is to go be more — more and more — as you journey Home.

    If the road is long, shorten it. If it’s scratched, smooth it out. Take creases out. Unfold the path. Put it down where the edges fade and the marks disappear. If you know a good tailor, get a hem or take it in, for the road might need alterations.

    All the roads lead Home, dear friends.

    We wish you Abundance, Joy, Peace, Love, exhuberance and the manifesting of your dreams come true.

    With Love,

    The Divine Ones and David


    Hi everyone,

    I’m reading Eckhart Tolle’s THE POWER OF NOW and came across passages that dovetail what David and The Divine Ones shared in Time To Take Time For What You Want.
    If you have a copy or can look at a copy, pp. 27-8 are quite relevant.

    Talk about reading something at the right time…. 🙂




    David’s Guidance: To Type is the Way to Ecstasy – 6/26/11

    Joanie, here,

    I began writing on the train today and David and The Divine Ones had a fun time with me. I hung in there and wound up with a wonderful piece. Hang in there, too, as they will take you on a ride that will jostle you til you smile. 🙂

    Huh? Is this a title? We see you can do most anything, so if you choose this title, you’ll see we are about all of the most delicious pieces of chocolate you are about to eat, for if you do, you’ll be ecstatic.

    Ecstasy? Typing? This is the most fun we’ve had with you, Joanie. Try a more popular approach: Channeling in a quiet place. (smiles) If you wish to do the easy way approach, you’ll jackrabbit yourself through the experience. No. We want to see if you can do this. Perfect.

    Now, let’s begin. You’re en route to places unknown. What do you think? Do you? Are you thinking? We believe you think about nothing. This is good. Dream. Be. Do absolutely nothing. This way, you will be ecstatic.

    Truly ecstatic. If you can imagine nothing, you will feel all, everything. Everything! This is what we’ve told you:

    Go do, be, sit, all things related to nada. (If you want to imagine yourself in a place where there is silence, you will be able to do this better. Go do this and return.)

    The way we imagine journeying is nothing but absolute Be-ing. Be-ing is absolute nothing-ness. Try to imagine you are here, yourself alone on the train, with only the light to guide you. You are here, sitting, and you walk to a door. No one sees that you can be more or less walking in space, for you glide, shift — imaginary space is what you list through to reach a door. This door opens and you walk through. Before you go through, you see many people. They are inside and beyond the door. What you see are faces of others who are there waiting and wanting you to join them. They love all of you, all the aspects of you, Joanie, and they respect much more than you realize, too.

    Go through the door and walk to a place where man, woman, child reside. They wish you peace, goodwill, acceptance, solace, fortitude, strength, humility, passive lovingkindness, and sheer pleasure. We see you are figuring. There’s no figuring here, honey. Only dream and forget. This is the journey. So, have this, OK? Take a moment to imagine this. We will wait. OK?

    The sooner you do this, the better. This is how you can be each day. Full. Right here (hand over heart). So ,what do you make of this? Is it more than possible to do? We see you are able, so what’s up? Why do you shudder? I see you can do more than this, yet you aren’t. Why? What keeps you from having more? What holds you from this? Are you all about nothing and nothing stops you? What? We see you’re very confused.

    Joanie, confusion is the key to getting you to see, so we do this. We’re confusing the !@#$ out of you in order to show you it’s OK to be. Be. Hah! That’s it! We got you! Do this. Try sitting, standing, walking, chewing gum, listening to more than the radio at the same time, and circling airports with your spirit. Can you imagine this?

    If you can do this, you’re clearly able to be. Huh? Again, we confuse you. What about sitting? That’s possible. So, join us in a sit down. It’s easier than the other task we proposed you do. (smiles)

    Sit. What comes through? Us? Your (inner) child. You? Joanie, it’s the best. Just neat. Come closer. We’re going to whisper something in your ear. OK, ready? Now, it’s time to stop. Stop. Come on. Get it? Stop. What? Mischievous are we. (smiles)

    Let’s play more. Come closer. Have a ball. Get on the ball. It’s about the game. We see you’re downright fed up. (Joanie: “It’s about time you give me something for the others, guys! Get a grip and produce!”)

    Ha, ha! This takes the cake. Trust us that we’ll guide you. You are our lovely Joanie. Here’s the catch. It goes like this: Whenever you ride the train, we’ll be with you. Our Joanie is more to us than precious rubies. Joanie, go see that this channel is tremendous. You are here and channeling for others now. Just your riding the noisy, jostling train with kids, babies, adults, conductors, a humming son — all in symphony — you are serving. Serving in a way that is indescribable. All is possible. All can be done if one chooses to open, sit, be. you are be-ing while the world around you moans, hums, ticks. What a trip! Really and figuratively! Hooray! Accomplishment! Trust this is the channel for others. Sit in a quiet room, or ride the train to Long Island, and either way, you will be with us. We are here for all those who connect, no matter where they sit. I see you can sit anywhere. Mazel Tov!

    Ha, ha!

    Go, type till you are ecstatic! This is what makes us tick. Go! Have a very good time vacationing. When you get there, say hello to the ones in the forest. We know you’ll connect there, too.

    Be well. Prosper, lovely Joanie. Tell all (that) you and they are One.


    The Ones Here to Guide, Renew, Ask for More Than You Can Imagine Doing, Being, Riding, Sitting, Till You Collapse, Laughing, Tired, Confused, Ready For More

    David, The Divine Ones, and lovely Joanie writing for Us


    Joanie here,

    Riding the train, put pen to paper. They surprised me with this piece. Enjoy!

    Do you see how we take care to make sure you are all about the best? The best. It’s true. You can be in a coma, or be a victim or take pills or believe you’re damned, and we’ll be there for you. Yes. It’s true. We are here, whether you know this to be true. Go out — into the ocean — and dream you’re without. Without terrible things. Go there to dream. We follow. We can enjoy pain while you flourish in harm and the pain you create. How do you feel if we say we enjoy pain? We do because we know you will be fine. We know all is turning just perfectly fine, good. Perfection.

    “How can you say this?” you ask. We answer, “This is just part of journeying, our dear friend. It is part of the Plan to come here, make mistakes, journey through muck and mire to come out with knowledge, understandings, complete revelation, and distributed muck and mire to others so they may learn, too.” So, what do you think of this?

    We believe you are here to imagine more than what is humanly possible, too. If a person comes through a window, do you see them? Do you notice they are here, or do you go take care of business as usual? Do you see who comes through? Why? How? What? Trust the window’s open so you can see us, see more, see things that tremendously, outrageously improve the state of affairs you are in. If a person walks to you and whispers to you that you are more than what you are, do you listen? Do you take the time to sit, watch, learn? Trust we put them here for your path needs refreshment, nourishment, renewal and tremendous glistenings of love, excitement, fortitude, strength, angry cries of phenomenal self-worth, and jostling.

    Why do we do this? We put others here so you are able to increase chances to make amends. Chance meetings are rare. These happen if two can arrange feeling good, working through problems easily, gracefully, adorned with loving ornaments. Trust we put you here to work through adventures in order to create better scenarios than were made before you came here. Today is a manner of speaking. Today was yesterday, or should we say tomorrow was today, but before. (smiles) If you can make amends with others who come through the window, you will improve more than just your flavor. You will improve the quality of life for those you are with.

    We see this is a bit complicated for you. Take a place in space. Put yourself beneath a star. Point yourself in the direction of Mars, but do it where others would jump on the ride –take the ride in space that wins you both the ticket to ride. (smiles) This ticket is big. Go ride it and find yourself there. Mars is new. It’s new for you because you didn’t journey there. Now, see all that’s new. Be careful, friend, because it’s strange, beautifully eerie, and lovely to sniff. Go be there. Be and sit. OK. Now, you’re there with another. It’s strange. The newness overcomes you and your companion. It’s particularly strange when you haven’t a clue as to what to do.

    Be. Allow. Just listen. It’s natural to do this somewhere you know about, so why not do this elsewhere? You are able. Go sit there and meditate. It’ll taste different. Just a bit different, yet you’ll enjoy the flavor of Mars.

    Do you see how journeying is fun? We join you wherever you go. We put others there to join you as you travel to new lands. We enjoy journeying as you go to new places, new lands. Rockets fire from your habitations. You set them off when you set up camp. Just shoot off rockets and believe they’ll light the sky with wonderment for you and others. Then all who see the flares will learn, grow, shift, rearrange.

    We believe you can do anything. We think you can believe this if you consider we are here to guide, instruct, love, and cherish you.

    You are the ones to listen. You can go forth to lands while we instruct you how to land your vehicles. The landing gear is easy to assemble, disassemble as you travel to new lands.

    Go. Be more. Trust we’re with you all the way.

    Love, The Ones We Take Over The Moon, Around The Galaxies, Moving Faster and Faster Through Helixes and Wormholes, Til You Cry With Love, Laughter and Hysterics,
    Thanking Us For More Than What You Came Here For

    David, The Divine Ones, and Joanie, transcriber of motion words (train talk)


    My Best to David and Friends. 4th time lucky 🙂 . This is in response to the task you gave me awile back and I would like to say I failed miserably 🙄 . Shutting my mind down is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do!I cannot do it . Very frustrating. How people meditate I do not know; I suppose what I need is an on hands teacher to guide me but I know of none around here and I couldnt aford one anyway’s. I beleive it will happen when it’s supposed to. I have much respect for people like Joanie who have mastered this and love the messages she gets……..A little confuseing at times but nothing a reread wont fix. How do you manage to do it on a train? 😀 When I first came to understand the enormity of what I have learned and where it has lead me, I knew I had found the real thing so I rely on people like Joanie and Zingdad to get the truth to me (I have learned to trust them completely). I suppose I have a lot of 3d stuff that keeps me busy where I am at ,but that’s OK because things happen when they are supposed to.I thank these people and there contacts for there guidance. I dont give up when I am confused; I push forward or do a double take until I am on the same page as the teacher 😉 Until we meet carry on David and I will to.


    The message we give you is this: If you try, you will succeed. “What about failure?” you ask. We say if you try, you succeed. If is part of the life lesson we want you to learn. So, go and try. You will succeed.

    We wish you were trying less. This is about allowing, not disallowing. You disallow when time’s tough and you stop all in front of you. You stop allowing when word’s that you can no longer be good to yourself and all fools can take you by the throat, check in, and do up some nasty rigamarole dance in your head. We are sure you wish allowing, John.

    So, go to the store. Remove eye patches, earrings, hooks, the peg stump and march like a soldier. It’s here we say your’e a trooper. Yes, trooper! Value merit, leadership, optimism, zeal. You have these traits. Others strive for them, and you have received honors, for you value them.
    (@Joanie) “Go forth and try examining what went wrong. Can you see he wants to learn? He does, so give him options to do things new, varying in difficulty. You have to see he admires your growth and ability to handle much when it comes to tough challenging lessons. Go tell him you were not able to do this before/up until now. He will see you are like
    he is: human. (smiles) )
    OK, John. It’s Joanie, here. They want me to interject and share that I, too, was once unable to still the chatter in my mind. I didn’t understand the concept of meditation, I was unable to sit, and my thoughts did not cease, despite my asking them to stop coming through for a bit. It took years to get where I am able to clear my mind and Be. Allowing myself to be quiet and ENJOY the experience were my challenges.

    I believe becoming more mindful is a process. First, you can take out ten to fifteen minutes to sit in a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed. I find comfort to be high on my priority list. Consider you will ENJOY the experience and LOOK FORWARD to it. You set the stage. I close my eyes to block out light, objects, and motion. Then, listen or observe your thoughts. One usually finds thoughts are about the past or worries about the future. Do not judge what comes up. Be an observer. As things surface, make note and watch them go. You can make them disintegrate, float away, dissolve — YOU decide. As you observe, themes of concerns might become apparent. Again, take note.

    All the information gleaned is for your soul’s growth. You get to choose whether the concerns serve you. If you conclude that these energies in the past and/or worries re: the future hold you back from experiencing the Now, let them go. (You don’t need years of therapy to do this!)

    With each sitting, you might find yourself less interested in being sad, fearful or worried. You might find yourself more interested in being RIGHT where you ARE at that VERY moment. If you experience the “Now Moment,” Joy is what oftentimes bubbles up. It’s beautiful, powerful, and mesmerizing. I share this because it’s something to look forward to. It’s like when the teacher says, “And at the end of the year, if you’ve earned 100 gold stars, you will have one less day of school.”

    No judging or criticizing how well you do. It’s not about that. It’s a beautiful exercise in being with yourself. No one can do this for you but you. And you don’t have to label this as easy or difficult. It just IS.

    The other way to meditate is by doing mundane activities such as sweeping, washing dishes, dusting, filing, ironing, etc. Background music is not recommended. A quiet and comfortable setting is what’s optimal. Again, observe as was aforementioned. What is different here is this: Keep your eyes open! LOL When you are engaged in a rote activity, you are blocking out other stimulation. It is quite natural. The quiet setting combined with routine activity lend to meditation.

    You get to choose whether sitting or doing feels right for you. Enjoy the journey!

    Blessings, Joanie

    What we have is a chance to show you are able to be, sit, watch thoughts. Love sitting, John, as you watch yourself glide through mind space. (Joanie @John: This could also be applied to meditation a la doing.) Take trips. Switch gears. Motor on or off — you choose. This lesson — flying in the mind — is like your plane you made. Take the yellow flyer, park it where all can see, dial it up and watch her streamline ahead ’til she grows legs and walks home. (smiles) This is how she rides — like a fast turkey — wings, legs. Gobble! Gobble! We got you laughing because she’s mightier than a turkey, yet smaller than the engine inside your head. Your head is magnificent and brews much to get rid of. Take the filter out, clean it, remove debris and return it with a new, crisp filter.

    Here we go. Take one out, remove old, put in — “What? Put in? I thought you said, ‘Take out, but KEEP out?’ ” This is funny. You put in more gunk. We say, “Stop.” Do the best that you can do. If you put in worries, we understand. Try telling yourself, “He’s alright. Alright.” Don’t disparage yourself. “He’s on. He’s on. It’s good. Yes, keep on this.”
    Yes, that’s the way to do it.

    Try making time each day to sit. We’ll help. Remove glasses, hats, scarves. Pillows can make you sleepy. Try remedies for anger like Love. Treat all the ones you dislike with harmony, grace, cheers. The best comes when you downgrade the wind to a 45 knot threshold and compete in accurate accounts of Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony.

    Have a good preparation. “What?” Yes, preparation. Prepare for a flight. The wind is good. Go! Take off! Happy mind travel, John!

    Love you, always,

    David and The Divine Ones


    Hi, everyone. Joanie, here. I have been wondering for a while now why David, my guide, communicates so abstractly. Metaphors proliferate each piece. I began to wonder how many readers actually read his pieces through to the end and whether they understood his cryptic and convoluted messages. So, I went in with the intention to find out what this was about. I hope the explanation given clarifies for you what was clarified for me. Enjoy.

    The Time To Understand His Pieces Can Be Found Here

    David is the one who tells it as he sees it. He is the one to give you many ideas that can be interpreted many ways. For you to understand him, you need more vision, clarity, just plain ol’ insight, fortitude, and companions to take his ideas and discuss them. For you to see what he sees, you need a broom, a shovel, a hoe, scissors, a cutting tool, many sharp objects that pierce through shells, tough labor, and an opinionated mother who can challenge you after you’ve read his pieces. (smiles and laughter)

    Trust he is here to sift into/through your consciousnesses to find where you lack vision so he can pierce the outermost shell and awaken your senses. This is how he is here for you and those who read him through Joanie.

    If we were to take the pieces, combine them, and move through each and every person’s spirit, they would flourish — just flourish with understanding, growth, happy visions and awarenesses. So, if we took you, Joanie, poured the pieces through you, you’d feel light, airy, darkenssbegone in a flash. If we take apart the pieces and, one at a time, paint them on you for absorption, you would slowly see what he knows and wishes for you to wake up to realize.

    Most everything we put here is for pleasure, for you all read things so dreadfully serious. How about fun?! If we perk you up as we awaken each soul here, we’ve done well. We want aliveness, trusting you continue to live, laugh, play, enjoy during the awakening process. (smiles and sighs) For each reader, they get to sit, examine, ponder what is going on. “Is he mad? Is she crazy? Have the ones who say they read David’s Guidance lost it, too?” What makes this so special and different from other channeled works? We will say the one who writes our words is helping us very much. She enjoys language play, so we give her tons of idiosyncratic remarks, epithets, jargon, soliloquy, rambles, identifiers, syntactic anomalies, and every lexicological mishap one could dream of. (smiles and chuckles) (She knows this is true as she writes these words and laughs.)

    If one is to channel, it must resonate with their spirit. Joanie resonates with hieroglyphics that we put up for her and for others to dicipher. She can and will hope you enjoy puzzling puzzles David and we give you who read the Delightful Tabloids of David.

    With this said, take a moment to see how well you do when information is served without salt, fat, delightful specks of marjoram, thyme, and fruity bits that sweeten the landscape on your plate. Bland. Distasteful. We offer up grits that shake down the best cowboys! Can you see why she wants to channel David’s Guidance often? It’s a right full bowl of lip smacking goodness to her. She wants you to see and realize just how delightful awareness can be. If she weren’t on track, we’d do this with another. She knows what is “on” versus” off” and she got our tastebuds ready to taste her takes on things, too. She’ll dish out good servings, too, for us to note how it is where you sit/reside. She’ll show you more if you open the lid and peer inside. Take her site, Joanie’s White Light Healing, http://www.CircleofIntention.com/JoaniesWhiteLightHealing.html . She has a life and lives fully. She’ll put up his (David’s) stuff there, for she knows he is truthful, wants others to learn, and the time is now for others to learn, too. What is different here is that Joanie took out a contract, fulfills this contract, writes and delivers. We wish you would see the merit in reading pieces of enlightenment for your soul’s growth.

    What more to say? It’s clear to us. Is it clearer to you? What more? Nothing. It’s just perfect. Go read. Do. Be. Allow. Sit and learn more than if you sat watching TV all day.

    We love this and hope you do, too.

    David + The Ones Who Sit, Rate Each Episode, Wait For Takers, and Hope They’ll Get a Bit From Each Episode (smiles)


    I for one find your egmatic statements of great interest even if I have to read them more then once.But I would hope that information and teaching would be more important then entertainment. I enjoy a good sense of humor but knowledge is what I am looking for and I’ll take it anyway you wish to feret it out 😉 . I am on a quest you might say trying to understand more about existense and where it leads to. You ;David are my teacher, Joanie is my guide and I am enjoying the trip! You have much knowledge and I am sure communicating with humans can be boreing at times so I understand your need for humor;Ihope you understand my need to learn. So teach away and if I’m confused I’ll read it again till I understand your message 🙂 .
    Blessings My Friends
    P.S. Give it to me any way you wish….just give it to me… 😀


    The first time you read me, the words spoken through her, is about the last time you’ll need interpretation from anyone. You are the one to interpret words. Believe you can sign, handle all jokes with two hands, while others read lips and stumble as they are confused, ask for help, guidance, meanings and reference points. I say you are the one to go to Source, listen, learn, rewrite truths till they fit what is “right” in your mind and challenge what is distasteful, “off,” reworded, funny-tasting, or pure garbage.

    We believe you are mastering The Word. The Word is The Way. So, take time. Listen. Create wonderful/beautiful passages by which one could walk as you do, John. It is the best thing you could do — to walk The Way — The Word.

    If you aren’t familiar, please see us as we journey to the Light together to pull out texts. We see you know pieces — pieces that rhyme, falter, move, create love within. So, find The Word online. It is a passage and can be found in bibles throughout history. If she can show this to you, it could also take care of your searching, long and tired…

    So, The Word is our saying that you follow The Word — The Way. We love you and know you are coming to see The Word as it shines true.


    The Ones + David, too


    Interpretation you might say is in the eye of the beholder 🙂 My search is for and always has been for the truth and in a world filled with mistruths and people interested only in money it is difficult to find the truth! I have come to the realization that we are not meant to know the entire truth as it would sabotage the reason we are here so we are fed tidbits to feed our hunger. I suppose that is better then nothing?
    If the “word” is the truth or part of the truth then I will find it 😉 ;I do have the rest of my life to do that! And I have your help to keep me hunting 😉 . I suppose I do not need proof anymore as it was to believe or not to and I do ……Believe that is! The funny thing is that my truth is not necessarely someone else’s,but thats OK as we all end up in the same place in the end regardless. So I will search for the word on my quest adding it to my list.
    I do have a question though; I see lots of for sale CD’S on meditation, do you think something like that might help me? I love talking to you guy’s so keep up the good work and Joanie continue to grow with your talents and people will take notice.
    Love You All


    The first part of the journey comes to a stop when the one here named John asks for help with finding truths that are inside. If you can find truth within, there is no need to look outside. If we say you are a person who comes from the most unusual place — let’s say Aries — then we’ll have to assume you know much about Aries. If we asked you to come forth with non-Aries information, you would have a tough time, wouldn’t you? So, the part one needs to learn is that truth resides inside the soul, yet some parts are outside — to be found elsewhere.

    If we give you a moment, you could come up with a pretty good measure of tranquil, peaceful commentary about rockets, space, flying objects, saucers — anything that flies, orbits, vanishes up and about. This is the truth. (smiles) If we asked you to recite, word for word, the moment the sun hits asteroids, what trajectory paths they assume, and what patterns they take so form, function, matter assume functions relative to congruent lines, we believe you’ll sit, stare, dumb, till the cows come home. (smiles)

    Here we have Truth. Truth is more for looking and seeing what is when another thing already exists, too. It stands in relation to other things. If you want to see truth, look at the one that sits, reads, watches, notices all that comes through, never to walk, listen, learn, grow. The two are different: One is steady with finding answers while the other listens inwardly till all is beautiful; knowledge is in for taking and living.

    The tape (Joanie: Reference is to meditation tape) can move you to a place where she said you are possibly going to find Joy, Peace. Truth resides here. So, take a tape, put it on, and listen. If what you hear is good and you enjoy it, do the jig, tango, foxtrot. (laughter) No. We mean enjoy, learn, do, be, go to places far away and love growing this way. You will feel very good after you sit meditating.

    Trust this play, this game you sit through is worthwhile. It fills us with happiness to see you join the ranks of sleuth, elder statesman, jovial one, lover of life’s missions, and class act person of Truth, Glory, Love.

    Have a wonderful time tripping the Light Fantastic!


    The Ones We Love To Call So They Can Sit, Learn, Be More Than Terrified If Shown Three Objects: Love, Peace, Hope

    David, The Divine Ones, Joanie, and Your Guide, Abe (Abraham)


    OH MY….I am almost lost for words….almost 😉 . You have told me so much ,given me so much; You have put me on the road to my truth. Abe is my guide wow I have asked for his name many times when I tried to contact him but to no avail . And you tell me his name is Abraham……Abe. I like that! Is he a part of your group ?
    You mention the word of which with help from Joanie I was able to decipher to my likeing. Metatron ,Gods second in command you might say is so many people includeing Jesus Christ.Over the eons he was many as sent by god to help guide mankind and part of what he did was the “word “. Part of what we all do is the word as it comes directly from god. My understanding is that the word can mean many things but most of all Honesty. The strength of anyone is their word or The Word. Their is a controversy as to whether God was first or the word? I firmly believe God as the word is an intangble thing which could not exist without being created. And as God was the first he then created Metatron to carry forth the Word on earth.
    The only problem I have is the reference to the bible as this is a book created by many People of religious belief. I do not beleive that Spirtituality is a religion so I get some confusion here. I think religions are created by man to control man and they may pickup on a lot of truth there purpose is self fulfilement and control for wealth. I do not like putting religion side by side with Spirituality because Spirituality is the truth and in a way the word. This is a really tough subject and so open to indivigual deciphering that I do not believe as humans we are ment to understand . That is for the otherside!
    I could go on but I will stop here as I am so interested in how you feel about what I have said or I have I missed the mark entirely?
    I Love You Guy’s. Thanks to Joanie I met you!
    John 😀


    OK. The Word is more than the word. The Word is just — well… We want to say you hit it on the head! Go and do it! He’ll go, do it, come, return for more. He’s our guy! We love that you looked here, there for information/answers. It is truly lovely to see the excitement in you when you go, figure, figure. It is lovely when you take a piece of pie, sit and eat, nibbling, till you’re done. It’s juicy good.

    Go to the mark. OK. Go! Now we’re here to say you are the one to take more — more, more! It’s truth you’re after, now isn’t it? We have one. Here it is. What about exploring why the Earth is made so everyone goes to find pieces that fit without trying? “What?” you ask. We’re giving you one that’s hard, John. This is good because you are not finding it in the oven, the freezer, the milk box, the cereal container. No. None of these places. The answer lies in a place hidden and removed. We like this as it brings you to uncertainty.

    What if we asked that you go find truth amidst chaos? Could you dare find some? We are saying you will find truths and times you won’t. To see the truth will be enough. So, if we want you to see it, we’ll help you find it. Other times it’s impossible, so hold the rail, look over, but don’t jump because it’ll be pretty nasty to fall.

    We find you loving this and want you to have fun when you walk the path in life here — your Earth. So, remove the hat, waistcoat, gloves, walk towards the hanger and sit till she takes the adornments. It’ll be close, but the view will be better without trappings.

    Please step foot in the door. Come on. Come in and look. OK. It’s dark. Where’s the room? Who’s here? We are seeing you ask questions and you have answers. You have answers and we know this. You ask, for it’s good and well — easy. We’d like you to answer when we ask. We ask so you answer. How’s that? The answers to John’s questions lie within and we wish he saw this.

    The answer to your question is, “Yes, we are part of the group and we know you, Joanie, Zingdad, a host of friends who they know, as well as more who are in the mix. You are one of many in the group. We are here to see you and she, Zingdad, many others form a bond, connect, so when we see you at the point when the Light is on you, you’ll come to see each other, laugh, blow kisses, rejoice, tremendous jubiliation, hysterical laughter, and all that makes for merriment qrander than time has known in your history of humankind. We wish you more rejoicing while you eat, sleep, dine out, focus on all that lives and breathes.

    It is good to see you are happy. We are so happy you shine, John. She’s glad you shine again, too. It was a difficult time earlier, no? It can be said you are a big person. One who is terrible when sad, yet awful when happy. “What?” you share out loud. The time is now to say you’re a sport who can take a whiff of alcohol, move it past your lips, drink more and then spit it out as if it tasted bad. “Huh?” you say. We see you sometimes take it, move it over, spin around, do the Hokey Pokey, and fall down. I see you wonder. Yes.
    It’s true. You move, make more, then stop if it gets hard/difficult. It works better if you see obstacles as opportunities rather than blocks that stop you from doing things. When you’re stuck, you’re terrible on yourself. If you saw this, you’d stop. Here we say you can if you wish. Just stop the sadness when it hurts. Go North, South, West, East. Just go and make a better move than where you go when you’re sad, which is nowhere.

    Do we get you where it hurts? (laughter) We want this, so you’ll try more, do more, go out, shoot the shit with friends who love to laugh. It is our way of saying, “OK, John. it’s tough sometimes, but this is tougher when you sadly say, ‘I’m a mess. I’m a wreck.’ “

    We see you’re wanting more. We’ll give it when you return with responses to this message to you.

    All is good. No. Great! How ’bout that? We want more. Yep. More. Go and chew on this. How does it taste?

    Love, The Ones We Keep Here, Take More Down, Put Up Others, Take Them Down, Until The Dryer Is Full And There’s Nothing More To Wash Out

    David, The Divine Ones, Joanie, Abe

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