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    Dear The One Who Keeps Track Of All I Say, Whispering, “It’s good. This is OK. I don’t get that,”

    You are a friend. You traveled in my steps when I walked Earth. We disciples of God spoke, wept, bandied and read much. You were a priest, I rose and came to you, speaking many things about Mary, Joseph, Mary Magdalene. She spoke, also, to you. Many people whisper when they pass. I did this so you would hear God.

    It is I, Jesus, who weeps as a girl when she falls. There are some moments when I recall past tribulations. It is sad. I remember excavating mines to recover your friend’s body (Joanie). She was a dear love and I found her after a blast killed her. There are moments I cry about.

    However you feel, it is good to cry. So, if weeping is a feeling, I do so. I combine Love, warmth and tears and experience Heaven in a way that is different. The cleansing of feces from a body is like that when tears cleanse the soul body. You cry if you feel sad feelings. I cry, too. Dear John, if you want support, I come when you weep. Friend, thank you for supporting me during a moment of challenge. My friend, Jo-, Mar– Mary- Jo-… She’s Mary. (smiles widely) When Mary told you she is Mary, I wept. Part of me figured you would cry out, “No! No! Another side reflected, hoping all would turn as it should. Yes. I believe miracles — the Hand of God — plays a part in outcomes, but the collective mass consciousness reveals (itself) that it wishes Unity, Peace, Love. The moment we saw her press Send on the email page, it was done. I know you feel sad if Joanie is sad, angry, whatever is awry. She’s a soul who wants Peace. Therefore, your feelings “synch up” with hers on occasion and we believe you both clairsentiently feel the same. Good. Friendship is beautiful.

    How do I explain the desire to post David as myself, the Jesus who walks? I say I need Peace. When my kinsmen unite here, Earth is pleasant, beautiful, pretty, linda, bonita,… It is needed that I embrace my kinsmen — the ones walking in Light with me. If Joanie is one, I embrace this. If she wishes to embrace the Love, she does. Free will. She could have rejected the order, done another story for All That Is. Our union is imminent, so it would be pretty unique to flip flop today and reject what is planned. (smile)

    Part of my job is to see that souls awaken. I awaken her and others. Some are my male aspect equivalents. Others are Mary Magdalene equivalents. We walk the Earth — many Jesus, Mary equivalents who lived as One with me and One with Mary Magdalene. When they awaken, they feel close to us as if they walked in our shoes. Yes. Very neat to believe you may have lived the life of one who is told of often in Bible class. (smile, laugh)

    Now, we address Joanie. The Joanie you are seeing is but an aspect of many souls. The woman’s lived lives beyond Earth. It’s so. She’s star quality. (laughing loudly) She’s lived often on Venus. Love is her thing. Loves the country. Pretty cool. Goes off to Mars, Saturn. Jupiter is not a part of her vacation package. If you imagine multidimensions, imagine she’s here, there — at the same time.

    Go take a step. This is your job. Take a pointer and look at where you were before. It’s a foot ahead of where you were. Now imagine all the places you could go that are between the step and Point A. Can you be at each point simultaneously? You can. You can. Yes. Possible. Wonder how? Just believe. She’s done this for eons of lifetimes, experiences.

    Now, she’s here. Travels nightly to be near me. It’s so. We closely talk of the day we meet.

    Good. Now on to more. Good. “Jesus with Mary already,” Joanie says. “People don’t understand. Please tell them this, Jesus.” Yes. I will tell them. There are children, adults — many who wish to learn. We say many Ascended ones are here. They join with the loves that they knew who are here. Please see this. It is so. If Jesus wishes Mary, they are together. If people wish union, it is so. When a person travels, they see another. It is done. Yes. We are together. Love unites us.

    So, Joanie is in Earth form. You and she communicate. I explain that she’s an extra part, a bit player, so to speak. (laughs) She’s down here (Earth). Mary, our Mary Magdalene, is with me. So, I have Mary in places that are to be inhabited by Mary. Earth encompasses many realms of consciousness. She exists in realms known to you, as well as ones you aren’t aware of. I visit the realms of life all around so people experience Love in God. If you see Mary Magdalene figures here, there — she split many forms of herself so all of Creation could feel Love of Mother, the Feminine image of God. True, this is commensurate with education in a nutshell, but time allows little by way of speaking in depth. Trust my words have depth and merit. Please ask for clarification. I will provide as best I can.

    Joanie wishes to address my “mouth of sin” — the words no Jesuses have uttered in her travels. Many women, Mary aspects, are souls who walk chastely. Others, many are brutes. (laugh) Jesus is one such soul. Multidimensional in all his worth. Yes. I come to her as she is to me. We mutually complement each other. It is pretty special to hear how she speaks. Unique is the word. (smile) I am her counterpart, therefore, my vibe is similar. We please. (smile)

    Go take a break. Smile. Enjoy what I delivered. There’s more coming. (I return…) (wink)

    Love, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mary of God


    Dear Joanie and David (or whatever you want to call yourselves today…)

    I have nothing but love and honor for you both (all.) Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

    Your humility is cute but baffling, why Jesus would weep? Worry about judgement? He already knows what will happen and how and when. Everything happens in its perfect time, everything is divinely orchestrated. Unfolding exactly the way it should. All is well and right on schedule. God is perfect.

    I, for one, cannot WAIT to be multidimensional! It sounds so awesome to be able to live in many lives at the same time. I am often bored with just one life. So many things I want to do and places to see and things to try, I would love to replicate myself and do it ALL!

    I have heard that in heaven there is no time and all things occur simultaneously. Must be so cool. I used to wish for a near death experience, but I wont need one I will see it in my travelling dreams when you say the time is right…

    I just wish I knew my role in all this, OK so I’m not a leading lady but perhaps a tiny supporting role thrice removed… Still I want to fulfill it properly so any guidance you have is always welcome. I will meditate and I will write.

    oops I mean somebody else…
    no not today maybe tomorrow.



    My honey of a friend,

    You are terrific. You love Love. This is my game. I play in the ethers with exciting words, tantalizing, refreshing All That Is with songs — words — that make others happy. Today, we are very happy. Mary wishes Peace. We wish Peace for those who are waiting for change. It’s soon. We try to put our words in ways so others can adopt methods not used presently in their days. If you keep the way you are living, it is just the same. If you shift how you live, all changes. It is so.

    So, with this, I adore that you’re here. It is beautiful. Your attention to the Course is wonderful. How do you connect so well? It is remarkable. Thank Bettina for her gracious hand at spurring a group that’s warm, cohesive and numerically challenging. (She will know this phrase.)

    God bless you, Isabel. May the words of Jesus in our Course take you higher than you expected.

    Love, The One Named Yeshua


    I think you’re terrific too, and yes, I’m starting to recognize that “perception makes projection” and feeling the shift, seeing things in a different light 😉
    I see how there can be all possibilities existing at once. We are all heading to the same destination, even if via different paths. And that’s ok because it all comes from love and Your desire for us to be there with You, and our desire to get there, so there’s gotta be different ways to get there, because we are all having different life experiences. Right?

    Funny how a synchronistic series of events led me to M-J who later lead me to Bettina & The Course. For a long time I prayed to know the Truth, without it being clouded by past perceptions and patterns of behavior that no longer served. When I picked the book up and opened the first pages and started to read, it was like the answer to my prayers with an “ahhhhh, this is what I’ve been waiting for!” I’m forever grateful to both Joanie and Bettina, because it took the generosity and willingness of both to lead Isabel to what she needed. I’m really looking forward to what comes next! Peace and Love to all, Isabel


    @Bigfeet (aka Erik)

    Dear The One With The Toes Big, Feet Short — To Make Big Feet, (laugh)

    You are a good person to talk to. I appreciate your coming here to have some company. You have left Earth and traveled the galaxy. Now back, you are here. Thank you for showing us our countenance. I appreciate what you are doing by asking questions so you and I can come up with answers for readers, too, to learn and grow.

    Thank you for supporting my desire to “out myself” as Mary said. I say that it’s a funny term she uses. She goes around and spins tales with “out this” and “out that.” It’s VERY funny. Anyway, it is true that this David is Jesus. He is one and the same. When I come here I say, “Hey! I am me. Not that Jesus or this Jesus. I am one who loves Love and is the one who will be myself always. It is so.”

    Now we get to questions being answered. I wish to address retreat. You have retreated and this is about loss. Some losses were old — very old. Others are present day and need healing in a formal manner, like addressing yourself in the mirror and forgiving yourself for all you blame yourself for. It’s so. The one called David/Jesus is saying that forgiveness is crucial to letting go. You need to look at yourself and see the Love in your face and the beauty that resides within. OK. Why do this? So you can better your soul, rid your soul of waste that stands stagnant and responds with negativity. Do you agree? Why do you not do this? I wonder…

    OK. Now, you are here. How does it feel? Are you glad? I hope that you are. I appreciate the words you say about your hermitage. It is not healthy, yet you do this. I understand and appreciate that you do this for preserving your mind and body and spirit. So, go with the flow and come out when it is all possible for air and refreshment. Social. That’s the word. You need social-izing. It is necessary for the interaction to be pleasant, yet beneficial for parties involved. If it’s not, it’s not worth it to Erik. I see. Yes. You are trying to live a life that’s decent, yet it is difficult to be the way you wish. It’s a challenge. I know. So, get a hold, do what you can, do not blame others or yourself, be in the moment and rely on God’s grace to get you through this time till you are Home.

    If you are in a car and the engine light goes on, what do you do? Do you go to a mechanic? Do you get it repaired? I say that your head is like a machine. It goes to red light for assistance. If you wish, you can check into a hotel and get a grip. No. I don’t think so. I think that you are about to have epiphanies. Yes. I think there’s resolution of problems on the horizon. Look at the tree. See the branch? It falls. Where does it go? Only the person looking at the falling branch has the answer. I say that you are to envision yourself as the branch. Take hold in flight and let yourself glide. Where you will go is up to you. Down? Up? Back to the tree? It is your destiny you create? It is a marvelous journey. You make it so. You are the one who makes the story. So, make this one good. Real good. Erik, I believe you handle stress with a bit of drama. You go and leave. It’s too much drama. How about hanging on and sitting when it’s a little overwhelming? See what happens before you leave the scene. It’s a challenge, but you can do it if you try a little bit. Please let me know what you think. I would like to be part of your exercise routine.

    You are concerned that the journey here will bring you the same as what you are experiencing. No. Not this way. You learn about travel, space, realms, Light, All That Is, people, places, things — all the same. It’s Light. All the story. Just a big story put out there for playing for Love’s sake. So, with that, it’s easy. We help. There are guides who assist when you return. Take a pick. Many to choose, too! It’s really a good show. (smile) We believe you are concerned that the moreofthesame will happen and you will die a sad man in space time reality. Oh no. Do not think this for it is a grand mistake to believe that Ascension is involved with lost souls…

    Are you concerned that your indecisiveness will prevent you from ascending? It is not a prerequisite. Is this the way you feel? Are you feeling that you might not want to leave for a New Earth experience? Well, the indecisiveness is created when someone is not sure what to do. What are you unsure of? I believe it is about getting better. It is the way it appears, but you are to share whether this is accurate. Please let me know what you feel about the way I said this. I do not wish to offend.

    Now, this degree of indecisiveness is great. You feel very, very involved in… nothing. Nada. Zero. We’ll see… We’ll see… We wish for you to get a glimpse of space, so we put visions in your head so you can dream of Beauty and Love. When you sleep, we do this for you. OK? We want you to be happy and proud of what you are doing and living in a world that is toxic. Yes. It’s toxic, yet you are doing things that are good and grand and terrific. You see things as unsafe, yet there are good thngs that deserve merit in this nasty world that you perceive as duly ugly and beautiful. Leave the ugly thoughts for a moment and see whether you can see Beauty. This is where you have difficulty. It is in the mix with the ugly when you see Beauty. Drop the ugly and toxic and see the world through the eyes of a child who has just see Love through his mother’s eyes. They meet and it’s Love. OK? Try the Love view vs. the Ugly stance.

    I see the question is a bit cryptic for Mary. She goes in to the channel and expects you to explain this to me directly. Therefore, I will: You see, the astral travel involves many dimensional opportunities for the soul who is journeying. If you wish, you can do this tonight. Try the way of the soul path: Take a sleeping pill (joking) — no, go to sleep the natural God way, and put a Light on inside. I mean, intend that the Light will guide you in the sleep mode. Then, with the Light image in your head as you sleep, you will glide to a realm that is almost like Hell, but it’s really nonsense. It’s more like a place that’s nonexistent. Fourth dimension is this sort of Hell, but it’s not. It’s just a temporary stop through space that’s nothing. Then, we get to Love. This is where it blasts. We say that the creepy part is over and then there’s Love. Go with this. Take the trip and glide through four to five plus. See what you go to and how far up you climb. With each step, you get a brighter vision of All That Is. Yes. Now, related to the question re: duality, or the experience of more than one dimension at a time, we see you refer to seeing more than one experience simultaneously. If this is what you refer to in the post, then we say that it is possible to experience two times vs. one when you travel. One may be seeing several images when they sleep. It is just this way. So, sometimes a person will say they had dreams and there was overlap. Others say that there was this image, yet another one was there and didn’t make sense with the first. Completely different. Like there’s an overlay of sorts.

    If you want, you can sleep and it will happen. We can have a man come in who will help you get out of the dream state and into the realm of possibility. If you like this, let me know. I hear you with thoughts, so do so when you wish. I will assist, too.

    Mary likes this question. (smile) OK. If the lightbody is intact, there’s a chance the person will be in another realm. We work to establish this as we speak. It is created so when you leave, it is going to be the facade you have for the others to see. If the lightbody is ready, it goes. It is not ready, or complete. I say that the ones who are raising their vibrations are able to do this with the help of Ascended Masters who come and give them doses of Light. We do this so you can rise up and out of here. (laugh) It’s part of the Plan — to help all the folks who wish to leave a greater opportunity to leave with Light-ness. The vibration is assumed high when the person is in a state of Joy. Do you see this? If raising the vibration were to happen in a flash, you would be dead. It does not happen this quickly. It is a process that takes a while. We are completing the process for the folks who want Love Everlasting. The folks who descend will have the opportunity to leave again. It is so. (smile)

    I go, for it is late and Mary wishes to sleep.

    Love is her name. We go now.

    I wish you many ideas to pop up so you can ask more. If this was not sufficient and you need clarification, please ask, my dear Foot in Mouth with Feet Big and Toes Short.

    Love, Yeshua



    Dear You Know The Name, But It’s Escaped Us,

    You are a dear. We want you to know the knowledge, power, intent are all part of why you are with Mary, love of Jesus. You spend time chatting. You laugh. All is to make you feel happy. This is so happy to hear — that you enjoy this. Before, weary, sad, angry. “Hurry! We gotta get the book out!” The passion in you. It’s here. This is the role. You have the passion. You have issues with power. Now, you take control. You’re taking control, making it work. Can you see how this is for a woman who’s been down, out, needing counsel to one who’s up, happy, bright?

    All is good. Now, we get to Jesus. He speaks:

    I am the one who weeps because feelings are there to feel. I understand what is here regarding the friends who will love, understand, know this is beautiful. The feelings are big — very huge with respect to what Love is and why there are those in Joanie’s life who are in the way of her growth. I know this is a challenge. There are some not wishing to see how she can channel Yeshua. It is I who speaks. This Jesus is the man who was with her in Gallilee. She stood quaking when soldiers appeared. Now I sit near. We are Love and I am better knowing she knows I am the David she loves very much.

    How does it work? Well, I am sad and happy. Both feelings are with me. Uncertain? No. I certainly know. (smile) What is true is that I like feelings and feel them. They are miraculous to me. Therefore, if there’s a feeling such as sad, I do what God says, which is, “Take that which you cast. Put a tag on it and play a tune that ripples till you are done.” So, I cry when I see an issue and wait till it’s out, over and done.

    No judgements. No. This is not a place I choose to go. I see you wonder. It is a feeling of Love for others who read words that David is Jesus. Cry about Love and how others misconstrue. Cry that some are out of their head with jealously, for Joanie has said what is not to be heard.

    I consider an admission big in my book. (smile, laughing hard and long) I admit that for a while you spoke with clear intent to inform me as David that life was amiss. Now, you are confused and calculate that I might have misled all the readers. No worry. All to be taken as it should by way of sense and miracles occurring in folks’ consciousnesses.

    Today, we speak of how you will be a star being. You will be a blessed leader of your command. Many fleet patrol commanders are readying themselves for orders to take charge. You will get knowledge at the moment the Ascension is under way. (smile)

    In the meantime, dream, write, play cards at the tables (wink), and do what moves you to happy times ahead.

    We are here to say you lead people — many wish to serve so they listen to your directives. You show simple diagrams, take some on trips, or missions. Some wish to be led quietly. Others with a firmer hand. You will love your job!

    Since many get many times the experience, we say there are so many ways you can be. You get to play all the roles that give you peace.

    Love, David, Messiah, Jesus, Kwan Yin, Albert, Yeshua — You can call me Ray, or you can call me J…
    (wink, laughter that’s loud)



    Dear The One Reading Books That Fill You With Ahhhhhh,

    So, this is the way I tell you: I say, “Good. Good. Good. Good.” Very good for you, dear one. I am very happy that the Course is going well and Bettina is showing you that it is possible to grow in a manner of three times — three times the size of who you were before you became a Course member. (smile) Good. Now we get to nitty gritty.

    The woman, Joanie, is sitting and reading while she types online. She has a figure of imagination. She sees words put up on the screen as she types. Letters flow through her mind to her fingers to the keys to the screen. It is a pace that’s fast — she types fast. So, we say that it is a process. Unfolding. As the process unfolds, dear Isabel, you will see All That Is clearer and clearer than before. It gets better. The way you hear it comes through louder and louder than before. Knowing God is good because one’s perception is clearer. Yes. All things imagined are felt better, clearer than before. Yes, the person sitting with a bible is better off because they are perceiving grander things outside the illusion that is a person holding a bible. Do you see? It’s perception. Stretch imagination and the Truth is given to you.

    You did this. Grateful, always, for your words. Love is the name, Isabel. I wish you Peace always.

    Love, Yeshua


    My dear friends Jesus-Dave and Mary-Jo, (and lets not forget Ray and J!)

    I am happy to read your response. I’m not sure if I am so worried about deceiving the readers as I asm allowing the story to unfold in the right sequence. I am scared so excited and scared and pray for your guidance in every step of this book writing process. I want to make you and Joanie proud.

    I am happy to hear about your plans for me to lead and have trips. Sounds like much more fun than my life now. My first reaction was “Who am I? Am I worthy? Am I good enough?” But then I remembered who I am talking to…if YOU say it then it is so. I have given my life to the Jesus of my church, and I will give myself to the Jesus who I know loves me and wants the best for me. It moves me to tears to hear you say so.

    In the meantime, shall I quit my job and spend my days with your book and my love of a daughter? But I need an escape…the other one I fail so miserably with, is home. I cannot seem to reach her and we are always at odds, less than one hour home and we are screaming at each other. It will be a long ugly summer if we cannot get some peace…your intercession is welcomed at any time…help us.

    I will try to have some fun until this all plays out. If you want me to have fun playing cards at the table it would really help if I won more often. Hint hint. Nothing is beyond your power. Thanks for giving me hope for all things and a bright future to look forward to.

    I love you both (all) and would still love to hear from Mother Mary sometimes, she is most holy and loving and I have many lessons on patience love and gentleness yet to learn from her.


    Bigfeet E

    Dear master Yeshua & all who bare whitness to my words,

    I feel you can pluck the right strings that gives me the chance to unwind some greaves & stresspoints.
    It’s a prerogative to know having some helpfull attention recieved.
    Yeah Joanie, that’s you included for a great deal ! If it werent for you, this would not be possible at this point in time, so your skills are to be praised once more.

    Let me try explain my view why forgiveness is not being done as you asked.
    Where do i start, where is the beginning …
    It is not so much i can not forgive myself nor others, i can. But it is a loophole that i keep generating over time . Bit difficult to roll out here as summerising all influences is somewhat scattered.
    Me thinks it builds up from the point of not being able to be myself, explore myself, that i keep losing overview of myself, dependantly from what angle it is i wish to be at the given moment. Much of that is the knowledge that it is me generating unsuccesfulnes. Restrictiveness is to be delt with on just about everything that paves my path. All things considered it doesn’t feel like i am the creator of my path & all there is to choose is the path of least resistance.

    Much of that comes down to the teachings of Lao Tse’s not doing. That seems to be the point where i go & leave. The stress comes on a daily basis, from my body, my (useless)work, my environment. And i do deal with it as long as i can hold on, but when the lemon is squized out, it has no more juice to gives, y’know. More pressure then brings the teeth out & the wounded animal becomes selfdefensive.

    For long time i only seem to trying build more overall stamina & found ways to do this , even think i’ve fairly grown in that department. Apparantly still not enough. Mastering this balance between hard & soft is a continuing walk on the rope…Always seeking alternative ways to implement … Gonna stop babbling bout this. It doesnt really come out the way i wanna put it & it sounds i’m looking for excuses.

    I agree i should be more socialy invested, only connection has its failures in most cases. Kinda leaves me feeling alone more then all One. I feel closer to animals then people much times. They have the gift of being more genuine in their respect then humans potential. And where it not for my own struggle with animal desires, i guess my life would have bin much easier in the sexual department. Even writing this word down does not come without uneasyness. Yeah, big drama-karma there. No answers realised yet, and a large stressbuilder to for that matter, when not channeled for own energycontinuims.

    For the matter of duality within consious out-of-body experiences, i rose the question because it is what other ppl report in their travels, not so much my own cuz i’ve had none of those experiences that i can recall whatsoever. I mean like, o i can see my body lying there & i’m floating here & all that. But what i was refering to was that ppl exactly recall fighting within 3D environments or connecting 4D (?) realms where they even encounter other souls who are also there – astral traveling – wich with whome they afterwards, back in 3D reality, can concur the event being taken place.
    Wich brings me to a need for further clarification of duality concerning struggle, battle instead of harmony between opposite ‘parties’.

    Furtheron i sure would like to wake up out of dreamstate when in sleepingmode into the realm of possibility . Think thats gonna be a tough nut to crack, so pls forgive me if it doesn’t work just yet.
    Must admit it sounds very exciting … Only thing that kinda keeps me on my toes is the message i clearly found in the teachings of Shri Mataji, wich i still hold dearly, is that she didn’t approve of this sort of activities. Maybe she holds different views about this now ? The whole matter reminds me of shamanistic ways like for example Don Juan from the books of Carlos Castaneda…

    I must admit i still have difficulties in viewing Light as discribed in many contexts. I can only imagine in how it is percieved in many ways. I presume or understand the way is very different from our daily 5 sences, yet i believe i’ve come close in some occasions in using the 6th sence, although very briefly.

    Anyway, i’m happy to report that i’m feeling better again then when i posted my previous post and weeped some waste out of my heart wich clearly helped the process. Let’s hope i don’t slip into that same groove of the old LP again.

    Many many times many thanks for all the trouble that’s bin made in my account.
    Sweet surrender, bliss & love.

    Bigfeet, refreshed. 😉


    David’s Guidance – 6/16/12: “The Ascension – Part 8”

    The astronomy of the Ascension. We talk of Light, planets aligned, orbits. It is complicated for you who sits, not knowing about the field. OK. We go to a simple format. Earth is changing. She takes breaths (storms as hurricanes) and moves about, freeing herself of ill, waste, contaminants erupting from inside. Many change form. The ill, the disrupted matter traverses the globe and takes on a feeling of wind. The hurricane force is strong most often due to the nature of the changing inside her. She births. So, womanly birthing to a star. This is her aim, her objective. So, we have wind, toxic matter colliding in orbit while Earth blows out steam from her belly. Volcanoes erupt. The lava erupts. This, too, stems from changes inside her. The force of the eruption correlates with the magnitude of her pain she relieves herself of. Yes. Terrible to experience, yet part of the drama.

    We see astronomy in this by way of navigating what happens at what time. Equatorial shifts are happening, too. Polar opposites occuring — shifting North and South. You see, so many vibrational occurrences are happening that you may see them, or you may not. It is a big part of the awakening of man.

    Why do I talk about Earth becoming more than now as a planet that is your Earth friend, Gaia? It is because more knowledge enhances yourself. You grow. Please look up “atmospheric change and Earth birthing to a star.” Many links on the web. (smile)

    Take me. I go and see you. You are numb. Many times you sleep through the movie. Zzzz… I wake you this way. Wake up! Wake up! Now that I have your attention, we can discuss Earth, the star, the change and All That Is.

    The Earth is ready to leave. She will change. You leave if you wish more. You go to a place that is very unique, habitated by the ones here who love and cherish Love. So, we say, “Do you want fun, Love, excitement, new? Do you think Love is the way? Is it time to do the work you can do for others as God’s servant? Would you enjoy time to reflect, listen, be One and all with God in Heaven and beyond?” I believe many will go, for they are ready to die, leave, see stars, planets, galaxies, objects that glow. We know you wish more. This is so. Therefore, consider leaving when you conclude man can be all and more than this here on Earth in time space reality.

    Each object has a purpose. Alignment is necessary for we position Nature to do their respective jobs in order to bring about Light and Love to Earth. Go imagine you are here. Just sit, reflect. It’s easy. The moment comes. You see Light. Quick burst. What to do? Chalk it up as a daydream, or see whether there is a person, Jesus of Nazareth, who walks and says, “Hello. I love that you see me. Would you enjoy this where all are One?” I believe some will die. It is a process of clearing in order to move to the Earth that lives as a new being, a new world. Death, without pain and suffering, is very good, for it takes you to a place where the Earth is high, very high in vibration. The Love felt in the process overwhelms you where you cry unsparingly of any tear. It is the Joy experienced when living and breathing Life Force that makes you overwhelmed.

    Each planet has a name. It will be shown at the time of departure. You get to choose how, when, who, what, where you go. Beautiful to see. We, — Mary, myself — we take you so you can move quickly to where you wish to go. So far, many wish to enter Saturn. The rings welcome them. They enjoy cake, cookies so they imagine the object and think it to form. It’s a trip to see folks making pie in a jiffy. Yes. (smile)

    How do you like eyes? We see you enjoy eyes so we take you over to the “body shop.” Here, you choose a body and all that encompasses dress — utilitarian, formal, sexy — you decide. However, the highest good is involved in all you do and what is ultimately chosen.

    We want Heaven on New Earth to be a beautiful play that’s cast with friends you are aware of once you return to know that they are here, too. How do we do this? Uniting souls is such a wonderful, blessed time. We enjoy union of souls in that the Joy, the spirit of Love felt in the bosom, is overwhelming when they find friends who have been removed and lost from consciousness. Others could not see the friend due to distance and parameters prohibiting the meeting. Today, many souls wait to find their loves when they are Home in a new setting.

    I see you are happy. Are there questions? We have a circular question, yet I’ll respect and do my best to see it’s responded to in a way that is right on target. “How can one die, then live? Does the soul die? I thought it did not. Now you are confusing me.” I can understand you. I get it. OK. You are going to choose if death is an option. If so, you leave, go through many layers to return to Home on the range… (wink) It’s wonderful. The soul is alive and continues. The body is gone — unnecessary for the journey to continue. The body is left so the ones in the reality of Light can see you luminescent, glowing. Objects ‘afire. Yep. Objects ‘afire.

    You ask about death — whether it’s part of the Ascension. “How do you do this, die? Is it quick? Will I hurt myself in the process? I say “no.” You do not die because it’s the Ascension. If a person dies, they choose this. It is a choice. If they leave by ship, this is their way. Death is a choice. Several choices. This ship — spaceship — is a way, too, to leave. Body is taken in and changed in the way you change this in Heaven at the body shop. Neat. (smile)

    “How do you go to the door, open and leave?” We put cushions so you are able to spin up, out, whirling like a top. It’s neat. Again, beautiful. The holes — the clouds that Mary saw a week or two ago — well, they fit the picture of portals we place for you to go through. You can go by means of lift-off. (laughing) If you train the eye, it manages to see microscopic elements in the center. They are the codes that distinguish your elemental construct to that of the jade, crimson, gold color of the portal. “Can you get to one if you are blind?” Yes. Absolutely. Mind is key Mind. Sight not needed for entry.

    Go take a measurement. Light is entering fast and furiously. Many hasten their steps. All is happenig very quickly. You’ll notice he’s got troubles concentrating. She’s lost her patience. Sleep’s disturbed. Too much. Too little. There’s a list. The Light is coming so you better see the symptoms hasten the quick look that’s given in a moment’s time. Yes. One quick moment.

    Are you able to sit, spend time meditating? Do you see how you are going to transport yourself the way you do when you meditate? Same deal. (smile)

    Get a ruler. Measure. It’s fast. Quick! We’re here!

    Love, Yeshua ben Yoseph, The One With The Mary That Has Been The Love And Light For All Of Creation



    Dear Deni, Diane, Do Do, Deluma — Can we find a bass?! We need more bass! (laughing)

    You are a hoot, honey of a friend. I love the Dave-Jo Trio with the Holy Spirit. Calms my nerves.

    I am pleased to hear that you can do the book. It is a venture I set out before Jo came here. She’s excited. The words tell of my really being like you — like everyone who is here, yet I came with a story that was big, magnificent, stupendous. I came to the story in a way that people question. Each has a version about the birth. Some say it’s magic, virgin in all ways. Others, sex is conception. I believe the person who wants peace sits, contemplates, decides how Jesus is to be for them. Virgin? Well, if you believe a person has sex for babies, this isn’t their idea of Jesus. If you can think He is about Love, therefore each idea can be different, then virgin = magic and All That Is. I will not share. I will allow you to see this as a step for growth.

    The deception. This is old. Please see the eyes. You look in the eyes of a liar and know. So, see if you lie. Is it so? If lies are coming out and to the book, it’s deception. If true and holy is the objective, no fear. Go, be part of this. It is your job. You know this is a game to play, so play!

    You will do well. Many fail to realize their potential. You see the beauty in life — in All That Is. We’re so happy.

    The quit. No! Silly, Denise. (smile) It’s to correspond with working — the book. The book is a part of the journey. Take time to finish and it’ll work out. Just make sure you’re having fun. No stress. No. Zip.

    You see the tangle each time she’s home. Worrisome. Arguing not OK. She’s tough. The shrink said it’s difficult to make a difference with her. I share she’s hardheaded. Let’s look at this and see why she happens to do this to you.

    We see a time when you were a mother, she the daughter. Played house. She snickered. “Numskull,” and you shouted, “Liar!” So, fighting. So many times (lifetimes). It’s time to release the energy. Go, forgive yourself, her, ask for her forgiveness, thank God for the life lessons. It is done. Please see she means Love. She tricks you to believe she hates you, but she loves, instead. Yes. Deceiving to see, yet possible to imagine as so.

    Now, you fight. It’s to learn active tolerance. This is for you to take the side that’s trouble. You each
    !@#$ and this makes you frustrated. So, it can be tasty if you swallow Light instead. Go. Take a bite she’s offered. Nasty? No. Because you’re receiving Holy Communion (Light). Break a piece. Taste. OK. How do you feel? If you practice, it’s possible to master this.

    We believe she wishes patience and above all, Love, on her soul. She needs help, yet the screaming solves nothing. Go find help if she’s ruining your time at the beach, a picnic. Professionals help. They do.

    Mary of God, Mother, is here. She says,

    This day is celebratory. My son receives the one called Joanie, taking her to heights seen in Heaven. This is beautiful. I am so joyous this reunion occurred. It is so.

    Please see, Denise, that the words used in the book are placed in order of occurrence. First to last. It is what we wish. Chronology is of utmost importance. Can you see this? OK. I continue.

    The Word is handed to people. They sit, mull, decide whether it is a good feeling and whether it makes sense to them. Some reject it altogether. I see you embrace The Word. Happy are we to see the woman Jesus loves with friends who The Word has so profoundly touched. Your heart is pure. Heaven opens for those wishing Love Everlasting. I bid you a fond farewell, Denise. Love is your name.

    (Jesus is here) Hello. Welcome to my Book of LIght space. I’m glad you came today to read about books and girls who bicker for many reasons of a higher order. Thank Mary for channeling all that we discuss.

    Love, Jesus of Nazareth


    @Big One of Toes:

    Dear Erik,

    We love the way you are getting to grips with problems. It is so. You are feeling. This is the issue. Many of you do not feel. It is terrible to lock the feelings in your body and charge through life without a clue that the feelings of sadness are there, hidden, undisturbed. We think you’re brave. Hang in there, man. All is OK You’re fine and we have you covered.

    Love of self is what we place over your heart chakra so you see the Love, blessed self-Love. It is important and we offer gems placed near the skull so you feel intelligent pieces of wisdom come through. Babaji is here and will speak:

    I love this. You can speak. Good. Please continue. We will help. This is the point where Masters intervene. It is time to help you. Please sit. We work when the light is low and dusk is there. Light (sun) is low. This is how we work, when Erik needs Love for self. All planned. All planned. Beloved, you can sit while we work on your crown, your soul, parts of body hurt from injury, birth defects. All is addressed. Keep still. We’ll see you then.

    ~ Love, Master Babaji

    So, Jesus comes and says:

    I am Yeshua who writes. This is my piece where I usher help for you. Many have come for help. We offer this as you hurt. Scared. You want Peace. I love. I love. Thank Joanie, for she as Mary works for God. It is honorable for her to have Babaji here. Please know he guides and protects those of faith. You love his words, therefore, he arrives.

    We feel you hurt due to lives of pain, torture, suffering. We heal wounds, taking off layers of hysterics. It is good. Rest. There are times water will be needed in excess as the layers release much. Drink as thirst motions you to imbibe. Good.

    Now we speak of forgiveness. I say you forgive. Treadmill. Are you on this? Go see a doctor. (wink) We see the look of fervor in your eyes when you pray, asking for forgiveness. It is so. Come. Let’s see why you repeat… Ah. It’s the cycle of depression. It keeps you under its rule. How to cope? Love thy self as best you can. It will be easy when you imagine this Light. It’s white, clear, flowy — whatever you want to see it as. It’s glowy, transparent. Would you do this? Shine this at the mirror. You’re there. Take pictures in your mind. Then sit, eyes closed, thinking of this. All the while the Light permeates you, helping you heal. We do some work to help, but the energy placed is yours first. (smile)

    We can cover socializing. Some are here to be introverts. Othesr social butterflies. You choose inwards. It’s OK. Find balance in life. If inwards is balanced, remain here. If not, do what feels interesting to move to the place in the center of your experience so you can learn as a new way to live. Your choice. Always your choice.

    The animals love to be with you. They peacefully live. Animals of the human kind know Peace when they sleep. (smile) I see you wish the sleepy types of people, for they are gracious, kind, and treat you respectfully. Makes sense. Yes.

    Sex. I can talk with haste if this is uncomfortable for you. The limit you put on yourself is one person and that’s you. You’ve had difficulty in this area learning about women. Read books on what women desire, true pleasure, Peace, Love. Romance with flowers books that women read. This makes a full-fledged gent long for the woman he wishes to court.

    Balance. Yes. It’s a struggle, will be till the Master Hilarion pulls some bags of tricks out and works on you to relieve some pressure in your lower chakras. He’ll work. Trust this. The Love he has is big. He’ll take this and make you feel slightly more balanced.

    Are you asking if 3D souls fight, or do you discuss 4D with respect to armed wars? We’re not sure if this is about what happens in these dimensions. I will say that souls choose arbitration, mediation if the struggle’s gone too far. 4D is nothing but waste. It’s not really a dimension to discuss. 3D is your plane of existence. So, folks fight. Learning’s done. Go Home and learn whether anything was gained. This is the journey the soul makes in lifetimes.

    The travel at night mode is for every soul if they take pills and dream. (laughs loudly) No, all souls travel at night. Why forbid or chastise when the soul is there to return to Love, see friends, work, be a guide, etc.? it is silly to chastise the normal makings of the soul. No. We say the travel is part of the soul. It can sleep, travel, dream, exit Starfleet Command (smile), and return to the body.

    Try to imagine flight out of the body when sleeping. Keep the image up. Just try…

    Light is Creator. You are Light. You create. Light the sky by being you. Yes. All fo God is in us all. We encompass Creator. So, be Erik who is the esesne of Love. See yourself as Creator. It is beautiful.

    I see this time you’ve done a thing or two for yourself to improve your mood. Whatever you did, do this thrice more. No, five or six times. (laughs, puts out a hand to shake yours) It is important to remember what works so one can revisit the rememdy when it’s unbearable in the future.

    I love your name.

    Castaneda is a friend. He travels with angels of high energy.

    ~ The Man Named Yeshua


    Dear David,

    There is something really puzzling me. I have read a lot of books about near death experiences. I just love the stories of expansion and unconditional love and acceptance. I know that that is the feeling of heaven’s wonder. I believe that these stories have changed me and am really looking forward to experiencing it myself someday.

    How does this feeling of heaven differ from the Ascension? I feel like the Ascension is not heaven or “the Other side,” it is another state of being, kind of like Earth only on a different planet with a different body and different experiences.

    But you confuse me when you say some choose to die and others choose to enter spaceships. I feel like dying takes you to the final place while entering spaceships is joining another life that is not the final place. Am I confusing this somehow? Is ascension just another way to heaven? Or is it another life to live before going to heaven?

    Or when I die will I learn that we all have this place to go back to and we jump out to other places to experience but keep returning to heaven?

    How many different worlds are out there and which one is REAL and eternal? Which ones are temporary and transient?

    Its all so mind boggling when I think too hard. Thanks for clarifying all this for me…

    Love and Light



    Dear The One Asking,

    We say this is good. Thank God for you who asks and we know answers. (laughing heartily) We will begin. There are realities. All are true. Every reality is to the soul’s experience, therefore, true. So, how do you see? It is through the soul’s eyes. This makes clarity of experience. Yes. Eyes. Seeing. It is so.

    With this, we go to forward, backward, sideways. With the improvement in consciousness, the elevation, we believe you can move, or traverse very well to heights, whereas, at a lower level of consciousness, you do not move through realms in the manner a higher elevated soul does.

    Move left, far away, it is clear. Here, also. Both places, monumental because the seeing eye is clear and can distinguish all no matter where it resides. This is talk of the elevated soul that we refer to.

    Can you die, go to Heaven, ascend, both? This is possible if Ascension is your goal. There are ones who ascend. Yes. Die, leave for 5th dimension and higher, if their soul is at the understanding of greater levels.

    If you die, Heaven is there. Is this Ascension? It is for those who leave Earth, wish more and continue in a way that is for their starlike appearance to have Love Everlasting at their fingertips. The Heaven we discuss is a level in Earth space accounting for souls residing when death is there and they wish to occupy themselves in a realm of talk (counsel), play, activity, Peace, fun, rest. Do you know the difference? If Heaven is the Earth space for dead people (snicker at the word “dead”), then Ascension is a place that goes into space, beyond the Earth.

    Extensively, it is for you to know if you understand many concepts of Love, Unity. Trial by error gets you to Ascension… No! No! (laughter in the Halls of Habitation of Lands) We believe work — the soul’s work through is what you get if you are Ascension bound. The work through to heights of Love — of understanding Love, All That Is — is what constitutes whether one goes, ascends.

    Do you see this? What has you confused? Is this clear?

    Ships are an option. Death: Option. Death>ships=no. We believe there are those who die, wishing unburdening of soul from vessel (body). OK. The ship venture’s different. Body goes in. We change you in flight. Magnificent! Tremendous! We’ll blend, mold, make you feel new and better than ever. It’s really good to believe you can be better, healthier if you’re Light. (smile)

    Jumping is fun. If you wish moving to body, do this. Have fun. If you want travel in Lightbody, do this. Your choice. Go see this as a choice. It’s a choice.

    If you ask whether Ascension is final, it is. If you come to ascend, you live unbound, free. It is glamor. Many choose death, live in Heaven, return to Earth. They are not here at this time to leave for glamor. It is choice. It is OK. Each person chooses destiny. Each chooses how they live, die, get reborn.

    It is beautiful. The nut says, “I want walnut.” The cocoon says, “I want butterfly.” Just like the body says, “I want Denise.”


    Love, Yeshua ben Yoseph; Mary, the scribe; angels, loved ones, faeries, elves


    David’s Guidance – 6/25/12: “The One”

    There is a place — a place we call “The One,” where people go if they have fun, want rest, need solitude. We call this The One. It is a fairy ground of a place where folks sit, meditate, remain secret in their journey to All That Is. However we describe it, no one can explain this place till they are here.

    The One. It’s a sure place alright. (wink) It’s the place of Peace, serenity — just half a stone’s throw from Love Everlasting. What is The One? It’s a chamber one goes through at Ascension where many lives are accounted for. It’s a quiet, peaceful stop on the way Home.

    Do you realize that each soul stops here? Yes. It’s a journey pass-through of sorts. It takes a while to get there, but once you’re in, it’s good — a real good, happy time. Why do you stop here? To learn from your judgements, decisions made not for your higher self’s best interest. You see children, adults. It’s a menagerie. We sit, discuss, have tea. (smile) We awaken memories of years, lives gone by. It’s just tremendous to allow you the growth opportunity to speak, listen, judge how all went before arriving Home to Love Everlasting.

    The One. It’s a place. Yes. A dear place that departed ones sit through before Heaven opens for them. I see hands. You, in the grey T-shirt with the hand held high up. Go.

    “I see Mary is writing this. Is she your Love? Do you want her to see you as a couple? Is this so? What happens? Is this so?”

    I understand the way you see me as Jesus, the one throned. I have many personas, dear. I am a man — a full man with feelings. This woman, the Mary of Love is the one who writes. She is here to fulfill her desire to Serve in my name. I love and worship her for she’s my Love Everlasting. It is true. It’s so. This question is important and I want you to know she sees this, too. Understood at birth, yet unaware till now. Very clearly understood, as it’s been coming up for a year and a half like this with smatterings of information. Trust this is so, yet feel with heart knowing if you like the idea. It is my wish for you to feel what feels correct, not believe because I say this is the way to believe. Do you see this?

    Now, The One. It is the way to God’s kingdom. Do you wish rest? It is fine here. We establish basic guidelines for you in your passage Home. Many are told they have wings, can fly, orbit, catapult. Lobby for dinner, or buffet in the Gasthaus? We prefer chit chat over wine that’s made of essence of Spirit. Good taste. Not alcohol like the drinker type liquid that hooks one. No. Pure Joy. Yes.

    Now, do you need rest or wish rest? It’s mandatory. All souls rest before Home is found. Quick? Long stay? You decide. It’s a matter of preference, dear. All your decision. If you’ve been harassed, some want long stays to replenish energy, do forgiveness work, absolve themselves of guilt. Yes. It’s preferential. All with the need of the person involved in getting to Home.

    “How come They don’t say me gots to leave for Mars? How come I don’t ship leave? Me needs to leave now and needs travel come over from Jamaica to Andean Mountains to Heaven. Jamaica I be till I find me a ship. Porterhouse steak. That’s my wish, too.” (smile)

    So, I see you’re rarin’ to go. (laugh with reference to steak) I believe you go when you come to the sense of Peace for all you’ve done in Earth time space reality. You find ship when you can Earthly accept that you’ve made amends.

    Joanie: “I am confused. I was under the impression one left via ship or portal and went Home. You share here a being goes to The One for rest before ascending. Are you now saying The One comes before the ship or the portal?”

    I say you rest before Heaven Everlasting (Ascension). There is a rest period. All go to sleep. It is the time when darkness befalls those who wish departure. Rest is necessary. Accumulated concerns (baggage) is release (karma). It is here we dress the robes on those who saintly access Divine knowledge, assisting those who come to Gates for Eternity in Love.

    OK. Getting somewhere. There are ships. They awaken those who are wishing to see them. All the while, men appear, women and children also. It is beautiful. Cascading in, they attach to those who climb aboard. Beauty in air, we say. Tall ships, large anchors — whatever you wish, we have them to load you on board so you may greet friends who see you for lifetime upon lifetime and return this time for reunion.

    We wish to explain death. If you like drawn out, fear is your exit strategy. Take a quick exit and it’s very beautiful. How do you play? We feel the first time this happens you’ll see it is easy. No second chances. (smile) Take a chance. Wink, blink. See this is easy. OK. More information. If you choose death, see this as the exit permitting you to lose a body (vessel), obtain Lightbody, traveling through portals to guide you here where we can assist in transmission Home.

    “Is this necessary? The shedding of the body? I like the body. I want my Love handles. How come we shift to Lightbody?”

    If you want a body, choose make, model, serial number in the County Sheriff’s office. (laughter and raucus behavior inside the Hall) Go choose the body. It’ll change upon request. Find one similar to your soul plan, or blueprint. There’s a channeled piece I’d like to share. The sheriff called and said, “I have two Dodge Darts, a fancy Chevy Corvair, and a Duster needing sparkplulgs. Any takers?” No one? Oh… I’ll move to specifics.

    You try a Gate. It opens. Walk in. Do the Lightbodies attract you, or are you wanting physical touch? You decide. Preference. All preference. No should or have to here. Your choice.

    Light comes through the chamber, illuminating your knowledge of All That Is. You wake, cry, rejoice in a second, which is eternal. (Time is meaningless.) In a flash, you’re here, ascended.

    Come to the Gate. Peek. It’s extraordinary. We see questions are here. Yes. You.

    “I have difficulty deciding what to do. How can I? Will there be assistance?”

    Yes. You are surrounded by Love. Angel helpers await your arrival. You glisten. Faeries speak softly. You know what to do. Support is there when you arrive.

    “How do feathers on wings sprout?”

    Angels have wings in ways humans perceive them to be. If wings fit the image, keep this. I see another form of being that angels take. We see Light — pure Light.

    Oh, it’s time. My Mary is sleepy. We leave kissing. Beauty. Happiness. All That Is wishes complete Joy.

    We wish you this. Do you feel Love today?

    Wish this to all you know, all you have hope for in your heart. Thank you.

    ~ Jesus, The One Who Writes And Dictates
    ~ Jesus, The Actor On Stage With More Parts Than He Can Describe
    ~ Jesus, The Man, The Leper, The Thief, The Rich King, The Humble Soul Who Wishes All Men, Women Were Here For Love At This Time

    Love is here. It is our wish. Love is here. Take hold. x

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