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    How One Can Manifest Their Healing


    This is a beginning of a time when we shall see things more clearly, more evidently than before. You will learn that all is spoken for reasons that you weren’t acquainted with before. All your past experiences were interwoven in time with other ideas and manifestations of conscious thought. You will soon be able to encounter new ways of using your brain so that you can manifest more for your Higher Good. Without even thinking about something, you will be able to prepare your table smoothly and effortlessly and accomplish all you desire within what would appear as a flash to you. Remembering that you are a powerful Creator Being will help you reach these outcomes successfully.

    I tell you this because this is soon to come for you. You will need to understand this concept first, however.

    If you wish for a certain outcome, you need not think about it much — you just need to focus your attentnion and let the process unfold Divinely.

    This way is different for you because you are used to thinking and doing and reading and listening and (on and on and on…).

    I say this lovingly, yet sternly because this lesson is a difficult one to master. We have all had to learn this lesson. It is as a baby must learn to crawl and then walk, so should you need to learn how to manifest your creations wisely and quite effortlessly.

    Do you have any questions?

    Joanie: How soon after I put my focus of attention on a desired outcome does it take for my manifestation to appear?

    David: This depends on what you have asked for, how strong is the desire, whether this is for your Highest Good, whether you truly wish the outcome, how realistic the outcome is in relation to your present set of circumstances, and how clear you are with your stated objective. Do you see there are many variables that affect your outcome?

    Joanie: Yes, I do. I have another question folks might ask you. Why does one not receive what they have asked for?

    David: They are not receiving possibly because it is not for their Highest Good. They do not see themselves as worthy, perhaps. Their self-diminishment is the obstacle between themselves and their prize. Their intention wasn’t strong. Their stated objective was not clear. They were not open to allowing it to be received.

    Joanie: I see there are many reasons here. Do you have recommendations for others who wish to heal and manifest a healing state? Many people wish to start anew or revise how they are asking for health and healing.

    David: I suggest that one sit quietly and ponder why they wish for something. What is their goal? Visualize the goal and see yourself being this way. Being new and fresh and healthy and wise and well and wonderful. By being in this future state, you can actually transport yourself to this new reality. One’s new reality is the focal point that draws the person there until they are one with their creation. It is a matter of practice and refinement. You are living in an age where things are not expected to simply appear without much arduous effort. One believes this is work — that this is quite difficult to achieve. In fact, it is really quite simple after you recognize how one can be an obstacle to their receiving their desired outcome. Clarity of focus is essential. Letting go is necessary so as not to push the effort — we in the Universe are here to aid in your efforts, too.

    Joanie: So, there is a certain amount of Divine Assistance that plays a part in healing outside our own manifestation efforts?

    David: Very much, yes. There are assistants assigned to everyone. You call them spirit guides. They are your gut instinct that drives you this way or that, depending on whether you are listening. Many make decisions regarding what they wish to change that are not for their Highest Good. Guides aim to connect the person with that part of themself that wishes to feel better. It is each individual’s task to walk steadily, think clearly, and live healthfully according to the values they possess. Balance is essential. We guides attempt to connect with you in order to bring you to a balance point of knowing and seeing and feeling and listening. When one is in balance, whether they are connected with their guide(s), they can achieve new levels of health and happiness. This is healing. This is what is meant by living!

    Joanie: Can you talk a bit about whether one must feel passionate about a desired outcome in order for it to manifest?

    David: I can share that the feeling of passion can move the energy along in a way that is direct, flowing and steady. The concept of passion is for another discussion.

    Joanie: OK. Please talk about one’s feeling unworthy of healing, whether it be conscious or unconscious, and how this is an obstacle in the healing process.

    David: This all folds under self-diminishment. One must work through issues of inferiority, self-blame, guilt, unforgiveness, despair, fear and shame. These are all ways one diminishes their Self. Whether the work is done with a therapist, friend, partner or healer, these issues are necessary to be addressed for the healing of one’s spirit. Manifestation for one’s Higher Good may be put aside as the healing of self-diminishment is of foremost importance.

    I see this is a bit circular, so let me clarify. One must be in a state of balance. Guides are here to assist in helping one become more aware of imbalance and the steps needed to move towards balance. Self-diminishment is an obstacle towards manifesting. The aforementioned aspects of self-diminishment need be addressed to bring balance and harmony to the individual. Blocks will be eliminated. When one is in balance and feels worthy, manifestation comes with greater ease and enjoyment.

    Joanie: What if a person wishes to manifest balance, as well as the elimination of self-diminishment on all levels?

    David: Then their focus of attention is simple: “Please restore me to balance.” Or, “Please remove all obstacles that contribute to my self-diminishment.”

    Joanie: This is very simplified, yet what we spoke about earlier sounds more complicated.

    David: The readers will understand my words. They will know that healing takes time and there is some effort that must be expended in order to move through fire. “No pain, no gain,” as you say. Yet, this task is not really about pain as it is about the discomfort of moving from Point A to Point B. For most folks, this is experienced as painful.

    Joanie: I have known this to be true.

    David: Do you see how one can manifest their healing?

    Joanie: Yes, I do.

    David: Then this will be enough for today.

    Joanie: Thank you. Your words are clear and powerful. I know they are offered with love.

    David: As always, with love.


    Passion and How it is Involved in the Manifestation of One’s Healing 3/12/11

    One need not be an expert in the way they go about living their lives to the fullest. They need only have the determination to be a good student. If one were to examine all they are capable of, they would find that they have more to contribute to their own life’s chapters than they are aware of. If an individual is unaware of their capabilities, they will not fourish to the extent that they wish to. They will wither somewhat on their journey and find that all they had been looking for did not, in fact, come to be for them.

    I say that one can look beyond what they see and recognize that there are hidden aspects in their person that need awakening. This awakening of the spirit is essential if one is to move more fully into their experience in their current life. Without the realization that they have these capabilities — the capabilities to grow and flourish — they will remain at a status quo.

    It is here that I wish to discuss the concept of Passion. Passion is a word that is associated with physical desire. I am not referring to this idea. I am, however, wishing to discuss Passion as it relates to “those embodiments of desire that can bring one or move one forward from a place of rest to a new place of growth and understanding.” Passion lies deep within us. We all have a need, a yearning for more. Yet some are hidden from their own passionate calls for more. They do not know of this place where their Passion resides and, because of this, they do not call it forth. If there is no place for it, it cannot exist.

    So, I have decided to call upon you, dear reader, to go deep inside yourself to find a place that might be Passion’s “house.” Your house lies in a place close to your heart where Love resides. You see, Passion and Love are genuine friends. They need each other. Truly they do. When you encounter something or someone you truly love, you might become passionate about it or about them. The house “around the corner” from the House of Love is the House of Passion. Enter this place and welcome yourself. You might feel like a stranger, yet you have been here before in your unknowingness. I wish to share that you might find it a bit strange doing this exercise, but it is very important if you wish to learn about Passion, feel it, and use your Passion to manifest healing.

    As you walk through the House of Passion, come to a light and turn it on. You will be delighted at what your eyes gaze upon! You will have encountered your dear friend, Passion! Introduce yourself and ask how you can better meet its acquaintance. Within a short time, you might feel its fury, its deep longing for more within your soul. (I have found that your honoring these deep feelings is important. Passion comes across as unbalanced, yet in viewing Passion objectively, one finds that these feelings are perfectly in balance — perfectly “passionate.”)

    When you have felt the feelings of deep yearning for more, ask what you can bring with you from the House back to your soul’s “surface” — the place where your outer world resides. You will be guided beautifully as to what to take with you for the sole purpose of making magical healing happen later in your days ahead. Go away with your prizes — your gems of wisdom and return from whence you came. Adorn your spirit with the desire for more. You will understand then that your journeying into the House was necessary in order to learn Passion’s secrets.

    As you awaken to the realization that Passion plays an essential part in creating your healing, you will see that your throughts about wanting to feel better will be added with feelings of want, as well as of mirth. The combination creates that of Hope and Joy. When one looks upward as they visualize their healing, they tend to draw healing towards themselves. Passion’s role is key in that if one is not positively hopeful about their desired outcome, they will not be able to see their desired outcome create itself. One need, instead, motivate their Passion in order to create their healing. Pure and simple. Without Passion, healing is questionable.

    You ask, “I have experienced healing and have never felt Passion.” I answer this, “The Passion you felt was deeply set back in your consciousness. You were unaware of the role it played in your healing.”

    I offer the “Passion concept” for you to have the opportunity to raise it to the surface if it lay motionless for you elsewhere. With the more conscious awareness of Passion and its role in the healing process, you can be better able to manifest better outcomes and see your desires play out how you wish them to.

    If this is something you wish in your present journey, I recommend doing this alone at first. Sitting quietly in a comfortable place is a good start. Remove all distractions and follow the aforementioned exercise. If you wish to contact Joanie about this process, please do as she is able to guide one through an exercise such as this.

    I wish you much happines as you journey here. It is a wonderful life to have — a gift to treasure always. May you be blessed with finding the Passion that motivates your heart and mind so that your healing is completely and utterly breathtakingly fruitful.

    With Love,

    David and the Divine Others


    Wow this is so enlightening. Put forward by David in a concise and clear manner with intelligent questions by Joanie! It not only makes one pause and try to figure what there doing but how there going about it.I can certainly see how passion is as important as reason and want. But when it comes to illness its what is needed to control problems. Sometimes pain is so strong all goes out the window when fighting for control; in the up and down world of illness sometimes an indivigual is unable to find reason or control. No matter the truth of existence right now,this very minute I am human and being human is a tough go. If it wasnt for my beliefs and the help from people like Joanie who knows what would happen. ThankYou ! It feels so good to keep learning and hearing the truth.



    I see that you are in pain and this is part of your daily experience. You must know, first, that you are greatly loved and we wish you healthy days and nights, always.

    Now, let’s see if we can envision a John that is pain free, shall we? Let’s imagine that the man who has many illnesses no longer suffers so greatly. Let’s imagine a time when you are actively happy and your body is reeling with excitement when it considers another day out somewhere. So, with that vision put out there for you, let me say that you can also imagine not feeling badly about your situation. You can imagine going to the doctor and having him or her tell you that you are doing the best that you can do. If it pleases you, you can also imagine being in a place where no one even discusses your illnesses and you are left completely responsible for the outcomes, OK?! (smile)

    So, if you were in charge of your health, might you consider imagining being well? Well on all fronts? If you can imagine this, then, let me say that this is truly possible. I do not recommend you stop medicine or doctor appointments. What I will say is that you can begin to lighten your load by taking new steps in the healing process.

    “What would that look like?” you ask. I will tell you that you can now begin learning how to heal yourself without anyone doing it for you. You can begin by believing this is so. Then you can trust that the poiwer of the mind is a great tool for healing. If we all believed this, there would be no health problems.

    So I say to you, John, that this is possible and you can envision healing yourself if you choose to do so. First, be clear about what you want to say. Then, when you state it, make sure that what you are envisioning is exactly how you wish it to be. If you wish to be pain free, then state this. If you wish to be less dependent on medications, state this. Whatever you state, say it with emotion from the depth of your heart. This helps move the energy along so the idea or concept can manifest itself.

    So John, what do you think of this idea — the power to change your present state of being? It sounds pretty neat, yet you appear doubtful. So I will say again that this concept — the concept of manifesting your reality, or Reality Creation, is more powerful than any tool you have ever held before.

    If you wish to hold this up to a mirror, you will find there is no hidden message. It is straight up David talk (smile). I repeat, it’s just me sharing what I Know from Here. (smile)

    I bid you Happy Creating, my dear friend!

    With love, always,

    David and the Divine Others


    ThankYou David! I take to heart what you say and appreciate your input. I have been ill for many years and have had much time to do what you say. I’ve used passion ,force,begging,and anything I could think of and all in the deepest of senserity but I am still where I am. My conclusion is that this is what is meant to be and it will change when it is supposed to. In the mean time I do the best I can with what I have been given; I accept it and move on the best way I can.
    I know I’ve said this before but if it wasnt for people like Zingdad and Joanie (and theres not many like them) with information I believe in I may have been a lost soul. I’m alway’s learning something new that solidifies my beliefs and that is what I hang on to now! I know my family is waiting for me and when I’ve finished my task here I’ll be welcomed home.


    What We Do For Ourselves and How We Can Be Even Better 3/28/11

    How about the first time you found yourself in the middle of a storm? Yes, a storm. Well, when you find yourself in the eye of a storm it is very quiet and peaceful. The winds have died down and all the tumult has subsided — for the moment. Then, the winds pick up and you find yourself again faced with fury, anguish, longing, desirous lust and all the things that brought you to this stormy place. I say that you created your storm and that the storm didn’t just happen to fly in by you.

    It’s here I’d like to challenge your beliefs. It is here I would like to offer my take on storms and their manufacturing. If we look off in the distance, can we sometimes see a spectacle taking place? I mean spectacles such as yourself in the midst of a longstanding argument with another, or a rift between you and another, or even a misunderstanding that occurred. Well, if you can envision a far off problem on the horizon, then we have set the stage.

    Now, we come to storm creation. What does this entail and how does one get to manufacture one such storm? I will tell you that the storms that are generated are generated by you and that you see all that comes with the package: manipulation of the truth, electing to ignore options that will quell or abate its movement in any direction, the belief that a little bit of drama can’t hurt, the notion that all people have problems, the desire to hurt or anger another, the issue that some folks just don’t get it, the release of frustration by being cantakerous and allowing the brewing of the problem to play itself out for purposes that fulfull desires to hurt or destroy others, and the wish for everything to disappear so as it never happened in the first place.

    I say all these possibilities for you to look deep inside yourself and envision just how you might create storm activity for yourself. I am not suggesting you do these things. And if you do do these things, I am not suggesting you utilize all of these methods of storm manufacturing. What I will say is that I believe that many of you have feelings of sadness inside and this sadness can make one imbalanced, veering off course.

    Veering off course is what is to be addressed now. Shall we look at that? If you have ever been on a boat, you will know what it feels like to sail smoothly across the water. To veer off course is to go against what you are supposed to be doing, which is remaining in direct alignment with your purpose — your desire to be balanced and determined, despite what is happening around you. For those of you who wish to be in imbalance, this talk will not serve you. For you see, you enjoy stormy days and nights; they rile you, yet you fancy them, too.

    If I were to take a guess as to how many times a person has chosen to listen to another for guidance instead of listening to their own internal guidance system, I would tell you that the number of individuals participating in this game of mind-tricks is astounding. You will see that you actually are able to move through storm manufacturing with others’ assistance. Yes, others can join you on the production line.

    We see another variable here — the use of “anonymous donors.” What is meant by anonymous donors? Those who put in their two cents, but really haven’t been asked for help by the original “stormer.” We see donors everywhere. They come in the form of homemakers, giants in business, “looking glass experts” (you know — the ones who can see right through you), “triple fudge sundae experts” (the ones who offer “fatty” information, yet it doesn’t stick), and the “revelers” (the ones who cheer you on as you go upstream, sideways, or due North when South was your destination). I share these anonymous donor examples so you can see that you often bring in extra material to pad your pockets with more than what you were originally carrying. Thsi is not for me to say that what you bring into your life is bad or destructive. What I am saying is that instead of minimizing, refuting, or turning a situation around, you move it further to a place where it cannot be so easily rectified.

    It is here that I will talk about your habits. The habits might include talking too much about it, generating steam by thinking too much about it, taking too much time in your day to replay it over and over again til you are blue, or making peace with it by ignoring it. These are common habits of the “stormer.” Do you see yourself here? If you do, then you are learning how you generate storms for yourself.

    It is easy to forget, minimize, rationalize or just plain imagine that something else really occurred instead. Yes. It’s easier to do just that. Why? Because so many do not wish to feel discomfort. Why feel it? Because, as I shared in “How To Cure,” one must walk through fire in order to come out unharmed and more learned. One must consider choosing to feel pain in order to grow and shift and change and expand.

    So, you have a choice. Do you engage all of these factors that contribute to storm building, or do you consider what is before you and address it head on? I say head on is the way to approach everything you do. For when you see what is before you, you can make decisions that are real and genuine and smart and just and everything that would help keep you in a place of balance and alignment. You see, you are really the only one who drives the ship, the vessel on the water course. You’re the one who gets to decide everything from water management to barnacle cleanup to hull washing. It’s you who gets to man/woman the boat and steer it in the direction of Higher Truth and Highest Goodness for your Self. When you choose to look at a problem head on, you will be able to make clear decisions that lead to happier outcomes. I say this so you might consider a brighter, more simple method to your daily managing of affairs.

    “How simple,” you wryly respond. I answer you, “It is simple if you say it is, visualize a happier outcome, and believe that what you are envisioning came true for you. (These are the Laws of Creating Reality, which I discussed in “How One Can Manifest Their Healing.” When you apply those principles, you will be able to create happier outcomes as compared to when you engage negative factors that impede positive outcomes from manifesting.

    We feel this is the time to stop as you can see how one is clearly able to produce more havoc than when they first started out on their daily journeying. We also see you have learned a bit regarding “How To Create The Perfect Storm.” It is for each of you to decide how you would like to ride out your problems: stormy or on due course — for Home.

    With Love,

    David and the Divine Ones


    My Best to Everyone: So well put a lot of the problems we have now are inticed by others and instead of listening to my own senses I accept theres. But as you grow you should have learned to listen to yourself(unless you still think like a 15 year old)and know how to handle problems maturely. Its always just when you feel you have control of things that you can slipup and wander off in the wrong direction or get weak and listen to the wrong advice when you are vulnerable. But if you stick to your guns and listen to your inner voice you will come out on top.
    The toughest problems to handle sometimes is with yourself, or your body. Sometimes I feel my body is an entity unto itself doing what it must. When its suffering it makes me pay 😉 .
    David and All the others Thankyou for such an interesting topic and analagy. And Thanks to Joanie for interpreting! Much to think about!

    Knowledge is a Sword with a Sharp Edge :geek:


    Oh, John! What a perfect response! I see how you took this piece for what it was meant to do — to move one in the direction of, first and foremost, creative challenge of thought with respect to your present mindset. If we all stood in one place and did not move a muscle, we would feel lame and aimless. Aimless in this case would mean directionless. If we choose, instead, to move out of our present mindset to another viewpoint, we can challenge old ways, old traditions, and grow and expand.

    You, my dear John, are not content with sitting OR standing in one place.

    Now, with respect to your body. Your body is and is not following its own set of instructions in order to live and work and play. It, on the one hand, chooses to live independently of John and function as a well-oiled machine so John can go about his days. On the other hand, John’s body needs your input in order to carry out its tasks more efficiently.

    So, I suggest you consider that you do, in fact, play a large role in the outcome of your body’s responsivity to all there is in relation to its workings. So, instead of feeling so far removed from its workings and goings on, you might want to consider knowing it as a friend of yours. You can acquaint yourself to it and it will be glad. (smile) As you get to know yourself this way, making the connection that it is actually your friend and not your foe, you can begin to alter the way you envision illnesses and their beginnings.

    So, if you have an ache, you can say, “Hey, body! I found out I’ve got an ache. Can you help me with this? I need a little help from you.” Then, sit back, connect with your body, smile, and feel your loving body’s response. Put Love and Light from your heart into the ache. Then, thank your body, your Higher Self, God and all the Divine Ones who watch over you and dearly assist you daily in your healing. If you do this, you will find that aches such at the one you just addressed can simply disappear.

    This is a matter of “mind-ing.” Mind-ing takes practice. We often see you all emotionally caught up in your aches and this does not serve you. Therefore, we believe that moving to the place of beliefs, in your minds, is where your power shifts and you gain a better sense of how to manage illnesses.

    I take it you are here to tell me you have done this before and it has not worked. I resopnd to you, dear John, that we all have tried this, at first, and failed because the concept was not that we were very familiar with. I say to you that it takes practice — this mind-ing of illness, aches, pains, and so on.

    I believe you will have questions for me as I am always here to serve you, my dear friend.

    Blessings to you and your family and loved ones.

    With Love,

    David and the Divine Ones



    I was doing what I am known to do — channel — and was guided to share this with you all. Please take a moment and read what I received today:

    This information was directed at me, Joanie: “You are here now to tell others that you have found that many others in your life are from past lives. It is important you share this as we would like others to begin considering that their present Earthly experiences with others are related, directly, to their relationships with those from the past. Please take the time to email friends and post on Book-of-Light, both on Joanie’s Healing Sessions and David’s Guidance regarding how you have come to notice, tremendously notice, that your interactions with others has opened up the possibility that these relationships are to work through past life issues in this present lifetime.”

    This information is directed at you all: “Please, friends, consider looking at your friendships, relations with co-workers, loved ones, departed souls, and even pets, to see that they come into your life in order for you to learn and grow and shift and reconsider all that has transpired over the course of your lifetime here today. Please note that each and every feeling you have as it relates to another can have implications for learning and growing. Do not disregard these feelings. They are gifts. They are meant for you to listen, learn, and grow tremendously.”

    “We leave you with this:

    Remember that we are here.
    Remember that we want you to love yourselves.
    Remember that we want all that is best for your Self and for others as it pertains to life’s work and life’s fun here on Earth.

    Always, do we love and cherish you, now and when we see you again — Home.”

    With Love,

    The Ones Who Bring You Mountains of Hope, WellSprings of Joy, and Rivers of Gladness

    Divinely, David and the Others of Light(ness) and Love(liness)


    Dave ;Your messages are deep and so true. When I started walking this path it took me awhile but I did come to the realization that this life is just another one of many that I have previously played and most people around me are playing with me for various reasons of their own and helping me along my path. I now hold no anger towards people in realizing they are doing what was asked of them; for this I am greatful even though it does hurt at times 😉 .
    What I am not sure of is do we always follow the road preplanned or does nature do things to interfear? Are there the unforseened actions that step in the way?
    Is it possible that some illness’s are unplanned and must be delt with here under the veil of unknowing on our own?
    And I do so much appreciate my friends and family now for their part in my life and especially people such as Joanie and Zingdad who are helping guide me with their wisdom love. To these people especially I hold my hands out in love! Also I would never have met David and his friends,and Joy Devine,or Adamu with their guidence and help and love. ThankYou,ThankYou So Much! :). I dont where I would be without you all!


    Well, John. I will answer your first question like this. If you were to go into a room and pick out every item you thought would look good and lovely in another room, what would you do? Would you take the items that were beautiful? precious? markedly different from the rest that you already possessed? I dare say you would choose the ones that were meaningless and drab.

    So, we have your choosing indescribably beautiful, precious, and markedly different objects to be placed, or repositioned, elsewhere for a later date. Well, what do we do now?

    OK. Now we have fun. (smile) It comes to the time when we move our objects over to the next room. Some have a definite place for them and others do not. So, we place the ones that have a definite “home” and position them just so. The others we hold onto for safe keeping.

    It is here I will say that others are now entering your room. What to do? Who will enter? Who goes astray and knocks something out of position? Do you allow them to touch or handle the objects? We see there are many variables when it comes to protecting one’s valuables. It is easy to place them there, but it is not so easy keeping them in one place for that long.

    We see a long list of variables. They include:

    1) Wandering off into the sunset.
    2) Making decisions that suit others better than yourself.
    3) Enjoying time for other things when it is the object at hand that requires attention.
    4) Calculating how much risk is involved in arranging yourself around the objects vs. just being near them, with them, around them, in front of them, etc.

    We see you are a bit confused. First, we must say that you are here to schedule events at certain times in your lifespan. You place them in various locations along the timeline so you can see how to help yourself grow and learn and possibly change for the better. If the objects, or events, that are placed on the timeline do not feel absolutely necessary to experience once you have stepped on that timeline spot, you can choose not to experience it.

    Now comes the question about other factors. The “others” take it from a different set of rules. They come in to show you they are there, that they count, that they are here to be noticed, that they might want you to experience them. I dare say you have been seen in these scenarios when someone comes along and says, “Hey! Look at me! I am RIGHT here!” So, you look. You pay attention — because they made themselves known to you and they wanted your lovingkindness, attention, and purposeful mastery of a situation. I will define more what I am saying here. The person wants you to consider that they are worthy enough of being recognized. They want you to make a shift — a shift on your path — for the better. They ask you to choose whether you are able to go deeper into a problem with their being tagged along for assistance.

    Now, we have the Master that comes to change the game plan. The object or event that was put in the new room now has the attention of a Master. The Master wishes to not only hold the object, but also discuss it, revel in it, and help you gain a better understanding of it. Why should you NOT ask for the Master’s guidance? Because you would like to remain exactly where you already are on your path along the journey. Take me, for example. If Joanie didn’t want my input, she would have thrown my ideas out from the moment I introduced myself to her. Then, her path on the journey would look quite different from how it does now. You see?

    We all make up rules for our respective games we play here on Earth. If you and I wanted to collide and change the scenery, we most certainly could. And if you and Joanie wanted to add more variables so you both could grow, you could, as well. You see, we all move at a fast rate, unbeknownst to most who walk along in bodies here on Earth. It is the challenge each one faces to find a way to continue growing, shifting, changing as variables shift and sway with the breeze.

    We find ourselves at your question about whether the final outcome of a scenario can be affected by multiple variables, for example winds, tides, moons, stars, etc. These “unforeseen” variables do play a plart in the outcomes of your respective plays. If we left out any other unforeseen variables, it is because we didn’t see them coming. (smiles) They, the unforeseen, come out of nowhere to the average person — the one embodied here on Earth. To you all, it is as if something hit you and you remark, “How could THAT have happened?” We tell you that it COULD happen, MAY happen, and WILL happen. There are so many forces unbeknownst to man/woman that they will be unable to comprehend the invisible players in the game here.

    We would like to say that you are listening, yet you are not necessarily hearing us. We want you to know that although you have made some definite decisions about who, what, where, why and how your game will function, the rules do change when unforeseen variables are put into play.

    Now, we wish to tell you that the answer to your third question has already somewhat been answered. What we do wish to say is that your memory is very good and serves you well, John. What about telling us the many ways you have made choices that went wrong/sour? THESE are the things we wish to help you with. You see, when one puts an object or event on the Path of One’s Life and the scenario backfires, it’s HERE that we get to examine how one could learn from this and determine whether another, more appealing outcome could have been directed, produced, acted and written. What do you say, John? Would you like to share a moment or moments so we can help you see where you could learn more so they never repeat again?

    I believe this is where we bid you farewell for today. It is our utmost pleasure to serve you here, our dearest John. You are a Light to us and you shine on our visages, bringing us such Joy and laughter and good times.

    With Love,

    David and the Divine Ones


    Love your answer..ThankYou! 🙂 . I did have to go over it a couple of times then I put my glass’s on 😉 .I understand your points in regards to unforseeable circumstance’s and events coming into play but I suppose thats all part of what it’s about. AS for my good memory I havent found it yet…. 😉 . But I do recall some such misfortunes…..I remember once it was snow covered day, nice bright sunshine and I was on my way to pickup my girlfriend after work. Now the roands were covered in snow and there were two tracks in front of me ;a 10 foot ditch to my right if I followed the correc path I would just keep going my merry old way but no I took the wrong ones and it pulled me into the ditch. I was late 🙄 . Another one was when my mother was in the hospital dying of bone cancer. She had been unconcious then for about a week when all of a sudden she woke up and said ” I know what your doing keeping me drugged and asleep, let me wake up so I can speak”. Well it was the very end of my mothers illness and she was in a LOT of pain but when she was awake her mind was good so I went to the doctor and told him to cut back on the drugs so my mom could wake up and visit. It was a hard discision and she lasted another 2 weeks but the pain was always a problem for her. Sometimes you dont know left from right but as long as you do the best you can what else is there. And of course there’s many more but I think that should do. It’s great listening to you guy’s because you have taught me so much! All the Best! 😎


    John, you are so good to have found these two memories in your chest of items to retrieve for me to examine for you so you may learn and grow and shift and expand. Thank you for this opportunity to guide you, my dear friend.

    Now, let me say that your first example is very clear. You had a choice whether to turn right or left. You chose left when right was the correct answer (do you see how I played with these words, John?). (smile) If you had considered right, you would have surely ended up at your girlfriend’s workplace. But, you didn’t. Therefore, what did YOU learn from this. I ask YOU this because I am curious to know whether a lesson was learned. We will be able to go over this when you reply to me.

    OK, now in terms of the next example, I see your mother as asking you to lower her medications so she would be better able to communicate and see and hear and do, correct? And you abided by her request, no? So, my question, again, is, “Was there anything you feel you learned from this experience, dear John?”

    I can see you are confused by my asking you this again. I ask because I wonder whether this experience was a new one for you. Have you ever been asked to make a choice as great as this before? I do not think so. Therefore, you had no option but to comply, no? Or did you? What did YOU feel? I am curious to know whether you regret your decision. If you do, let’s look at this, OK? Then we will go over the finer points and chat so you can learn from these two very powerful, yet subtley different moments in your life.

    I love your ability to adjust your glasses so you can “see” the words I write more clearly. (smiling)

    With love,

    David and the Divine Ones


    Thankyou for giving me your time and expertise! Yes I did learn a good lesson from that first experience and that was to pay more attention to what is going on about me to avoid silly mistakes as such.
    As for my mother…..That was an experience I could have done without but I loved my mother and would never of abandoned her. She just wanted to be able to spend more time with her family and felt she could handle the pain by staying awake. My job was to make some discissions for her at this point and the doctors and nurses answered to me for her care. When I realized how coherent and alert she was the descission was taken out of my hands because my mother was clearly able to make such a discission so it was then my job to get the doctors to do such as she requested. I do not regret for one minute the discission I made on her behalf. She had a week more of her family and was so happy and so much to say. It was a sad time it was a happy time.


    You are a very smart man, my dear friend, John. You see where you were put to the test, and you also see where you were moved to make decisions for the best possible outcomes. We feel that you have made decisions that are very clearly in the direction of helping others. Do you see this as true and correct? We see you as learning much from others who offer you suggestions. Is this true? What we are not sure about is whether you are able to stick out your neck and see when to say, “No.” Do you have problems saying “no” when it comes to big concepts related to taking care of someone else instead of yourself? We ask this because we believe that you do this at times and sacrifice yourself when another calls you for help. Do you see this as a possibility? We would like to hear from you as we believe it is possible that this is what you do.

    Thank you for your time that you spend here on Book of Light.
    We feel that your presence is very important here.

    With Love,

    David and the Divine Ones

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