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    David’s Guidance – 7/4/12: “A Piece of Home”

    The Light in the heart of man shines brightly. It is a round light — perhaps the size of a man’s fist. It sits centrally, right above the solar plexus chakra. The Light of man is center to its world in that it keeps a flame unlike other chakra energies. When a person sleeps, the energy emits a warm glow, rising through sheets, clouds, atmospheric restrictions and warp speeds Home. We say astral travel can be spoken of today.

    When others “fly asleep,” we smile, laugh and remind them to be careful journeying in space time reality. (chuckle) We say, “Buckle up. The ride is swift. Take it easy.” (smile) All the while, the sleeping body lays dormant while the spirit releases its passion on the universe lying ahead of it.

    We see some don’t see what we suggest. Further clarification is necessary. Sleeping dogs lie, yet souls rest on other planes. The spirit travels at sleep and wakes ’round the world. There’s a travel one wants when they are resting, unlike the type of travel a Pan Am flight attendant would experience. You do not know you are sitting in a journey room with other souls. You think you’re here, in bed, yet you’re far away.

    Why do you think I moan in bed? Tired of the day and wish to complain all night? No, I sit wide-eyed at the marvelous creatures in Heaven-space and bring sounds out as exclamations. Why do people moan? It’s the way of processing their feelings gutterally. So, if the moaner in Heaven-space wishes to speak, they say, “I’m up. Gone from the state of sleep.”

    No two people have the same experience. No. Not a one. If one travels far and wide, another may find themselves in a situation similar, but different. It is based on perspective — one’s reality of the moment as compared to another’s exact same experience, yet their angle, or take is perceived differently.

    Why is this necessary to discuss today? I feel “astral” is a hermetic way of saying “broad-based,” therefore, I wish to say the travel is one that we need to understand, capture, appreciate and acknowledge while we’re in Earth reality together. You see Joanie as the one Mary works with. She writes. Together, they are in unison. The Mary I love is, through Joanie, the one writing as I dictate. Complicated, perhaps, yet easy to understand if Mary (Joanie) listens, experiences, understands the occurrences as they happen. So, you are seeing the same thing, a woman writing, yet not seeing it in exactly the same way as Mary Jo experiences it. (smile and hug) We want everyone to know that travel is perceived as only one dimension, or one way, yet, in fact it is many more experiences, aspects than you may realize.

    The sleeping baby counts sheep as he or she watches sheep jump over the bridge. The tortoise sleeps and dreams it’s running past the hare. Men dream and go on missions as women sit, rest, wish for more than cooking, cleaning, etc. (wink) The two (men and women) each have experiences that are both rejuvenating and restful. No generalizations now. (smile) I merely was joking. The point I make is that you can choose how you fly for a piece of Home. Each goes Home to play at night. It’s absolutely beautiful.

    We remark you like the talk of travel. Let’s see where people go, shall we? I have Tigris-Euphrates here while Earth anchors you to many regions below the crust. “Wow! Some go inside?” Yes. It is so. We have many stories for later dates about the Earth, cities, passageways, subterranean cavities for dwelling. All for another day. Today, it’s destination…

    Pluto, Venus… Mars. Some capture experiences near Nevada, South of the border (La cucaracha! La cucaracha!) There are many options. In fact, I’ll say you choose work destinations, as well. “Work? Why am I working at night? I don’t need aggravation.” The work is Service to others, you see. We understand you know work requires effort, however the Service that you offer is God’s work. “Pray? Huh? I do that and work while I sleep? Huh? Can I have a ticket back to bed?” I say this is good to know: You are a traveler at night. God uses its Lightworkers to space out how often routine checks are made on souls needing attention. You, others around the world “wake” at night to serve your fellow man, woman, beast. It is so beautiful. We see all Lights wake from slumber, rising from sheets to travel afar (or near, depending on the job site) so many can be assisted.

    Some rest as their mission is stated. It is so. If a soul wishes comfort, they leave for Home, finding solace amidst friends, angels, animals of yore.

    Yesterday is gone, tomorrow here, yet not exactly there yet. So, we place a pivot point in your experience so you know how to return to bed as the sun rises. Yes, You are able to come home to bed at the moment you awaken. It is perfect timing always. (smile)

    “Why does a soul live while their body rests? The spirit’s gone so why isn’t it dead?” Good question. Anatomy. We make steps — we put in barometers so the body’s able to manage breathing, all autonomic and sympathetic responses without leaving (dying) or having problems such as interfered breathing, choking, swallowing. All is coordinated so the soul is able to play, fly, grow and the body pumps endlessly. (smile)

    (Wiping brow) Whew! This is scary. I see few who don’t like this talk. They balk at the notion of leaving at nighttime for activity at the level of Home in Heaven. It is the piece of Home, dear Sir or Madam, that you wish to experience while you sleep in time space reality. You long for us, for our whisper, therefore, you take travel opportunities to reach us so we may commune a bit with you. Is it OK to miss us? Sure! Of course! We miss you. (kissing each forehead reading this piece) The Love we have is mighty. It is blessed. We miss and wish you Love in the utmost sense of the word.

    Grand times. This is how it works: It is grand when souls travel, find partners, play, sex, talk, rest, chat about how Earth reality’s treating them. All fun, serious — all of the above. You understand if one needs a break, they rest, right? Many wish our hugs, for it is challenging to be here on Earth at this time. We comfort, console, advise, too. The well-wishes are given in inordinate amounts to all who come Home. We love you and send you home to Earth with strength to continue what you set out to do. “Good-bye,” we hail and send you away to the bed you slept in before you greeted us. “Pleasant sleep,” I holler as the door closes, as the Gate closes…

    We wish to share that Mary sleeps, yet she dreams of work, of Service. Her travels include destinations far throughout the galaxy, to dimensions above the Earth 3D dimension. She is a Storm Rider — making sure all is done before waking. We like the energy she has. What she brings to Earth upon return from her travels is quantity in that we mean the vibration is rich with interesting tidbits, artifacts that assist friends, strangers, ones she greets in passing. Many she meets are assisted when they connect with her. Unbeknownst to her, she works with them, causing an effect that helps them grow, consider options that before were not available to them. Storm Rider. Yes. (smile)

    I go. I leave with the message:

    If you travel to Haiti, is there a town villager that sees you? Yes. There are villagers who await you. The Service is needed. Please go to sleep, dream of assistance at this town. This Port needs help from souls from this meeting place, Book of Light. Thank you.

    Love, Jesus; Mary, the scribe: Mother of God, Mary; many more who wish to share space on Book of Light, yet registering is tedious so they pass at this time (laughter and winks)

    Love is here. We see you, love each of you, mark your Day of Return to Home in the New Earth. xo


    Gina asks:

    So I wonder, when we wake up all nite..why, are we going 2 all different places in the nite or just one? & our dreams..do they coordinate with the destinations we visit or are they just for earthly understanding, a mask, so to say, as our souls travel to other farther places..& snoring, some are sooooo loud, or apnea, they are reactions to our travels?
    I love to watch people sleep.it all makes perfect sense.young, old & in between. I feel at peace looking at their faces. My heart feels full but at the same time, I sense the distance & sometimes feel fear or sadness. Now I know not to fear. I know where their soul is~

    Thank you Joanie, David & all the Beloved Ones



    Oh, this is so happy for you, me! I am thrilled! This is good. So very good! Yay! You are on the Book. I get to see you this way, in public, asking friend, Mary Jo, a question. I’ll come here for a notion spell, pull up a chair, eat cakes, cider, apple chips, granola till the cows are in the barn. Cheer! Cheer!

    Why the hamisch reaction? I love this: You are a friend of God Almighty. You see? You have a friend and The Word is you! Do you know you smell, see, feel God? Is it Gina? The one who fell, ran, fell, ran? I am tickled. So tickled. Very, very happy to see you.

    Now, we get to business. (smile) I talk of snooze — the snooze sleep that you have in the state where flying occurs. You ask whether location can be tri-, quadr-, etc. Yes. Many travel instantly to places that split their soul up. It is quite abstract, yet believe one can be here, here, here, here… Yes. So, when you are eyes shut, sleep well. Imagine floating, dreaming of where you’d like to be. Then magic (wink and smile) happens. We watch the Light come through to us for visitation among the friends who wait to be pleasantly entertained. Others counsel, guide. We work with you, too, so you can learn to then return with understanding that helps you in life in Earth time space reality.

    I think dreams correspond with visits, however some are carnal, Earthly, at best. So, the dream to Mary is a visit that takes a second to construct. Come, knock, she’s here. Talk. Go. Done. I say this travel is done at night when you dream. It is a story. Mary and Gina chat, sip tea, laugh, go home to the house where she lives. Story complete. Wake to learn you were there in dream fashion. OK. The travel I spoke about last week was clearly a dream state marked by non-remembrance. There are some who remember travel. Most, however, do not. It is different. Waves are comparable to theta, however, beta, delta are also travel states. So, we believe theta is a term for a brain wave activity promoting travel. No, dreams are different from astral travel.

    Zzzz… Oh! I was tired and… fell… asleep… Ah! I’m back. (laughter from angels; marked hysterics from John) We say snores are hysterical, but also a sign that some are asleep so deeply that they hear nothing. A nose reverberates, tongue moves such that air breathing is compromised when the person is sleeping. Not (great) health, but OK for living purposes. Now, apnea is a breathing mechanism difficulty. Not OK. No. Not OK. Please consult journals regarding breathing, “tick-off” of power in the head area, and cut-off of strength in the vocal cord area. This is apnea.

    So, if you sleep, dream of Haiti. This region needs souls traveling to the hit, devastated area the earthquake ravaged.

    Thank you. I love you. You are a friend. We picked berries for Mass in the early 1500’s as children. This is so. (smile)

    Love, Yeshua ben Yoseph


    My Love to All! Its been awhile since I have spoken here but I have been keeping track and it’s wonderful to see all come together for answers to questions!
    My Self I am constantly in change for the good and foresee a big happening here to all and that is why we chose to be here at this time!
    What’s in a name; just a way to call someone I will refer to David as that is how I learned to know him!
    David and friends 🙂 do you see Ghia leaving as has been stated or staying and completeing it’s job for this beautiful planet despite man’s overwellmeing attempt at controll? If so will be a forboding experince for all that reside on this planet and I mean man,plants, and those other animals that show no understanding?
    Humans were given a chance with technology and insite to life but as a group because of the few we have erred dearly and the cost will be great;is this a correct statment in your knowing or am I wrong?
    You have alway’s made light of the events that happen here and I understand that and find it fun, but this could be a very serious time for humanity and all other life that we have abused! Do you see hard times ahead for humanity because of a few dark soles?
    Thankyou in advance for whatever answer you give because you are our only contact on the other side of the veil that has shown a strait and honest answer!
    Blessy You All; I suppose to steal a phrase “What will be will be “.
    Bless You All!! 😉



    Ah. John of God is present, accounting and taking care of what is to be addressed. I will tell you you are a part of the journey in that you aim to please me. I tell this in a quirky, funny way. Why “please”? It is a way of saying that you say you are with David, yet Jesus, Yeshua, Solomon, Tom have been names I’ve taken on, too. (smile, chuckle) David is the king. If you prefer David, it is pleasurable to me. I hug you, friend. I appreciate “Called to Light,” too. (sniff into tissues with reminiscence in his His eyes)

    We begin. I say you are correct in saying change is happening. Large, huge. The proportion is infinite in how it could be described, measured. So, we agree. A momentous arrival is to occur. Planets will commune, align. Light comes to those who “see” it. (smile) I share a smile, wink and arrive with the friends (Masters) who envision change, ushering in new. We arrive in a blink. It is too quick to say how fast the moment takes. We will “ship shape” some, for some like space crafts. All the while, children sing, fly to places in Heaven in heartbeats that quicken as they get high, higher, HIgh…

    We understand you feel our Love here. We do Love now, as we Love always, forever. This Love is special, unique in that it reverberates quickly. Time stops. The world rattles. Calls to friends are made when people panic. Some leave via death. Others try to survive in seconds after shake-a-shake occurs. (smile, hug for constant reassurance) We aren’t saying death occurs in a flash. We say if death is preferred, you choose how you fly to Heaven. In a cab, white stallion, air bus? How do you prefer to travel? Make a story — a good story. Juice it up with intention, and ride the cockamamie contraption to us where we say, “Hey! Good to see you, John!”

    We have discussed the change and will say more is to be revealed. When people die, they choose their destination. She (Joanie) goes where Love starts: Home. Planets, galaxies await her arrival. In multitudes, folks yearn for reconnection with members of planetary families left behind for eons of time. (smile) “Reunite,” we say. (smile) You die if you choose to. Body withers, vanishes from sight. You go, by spirit-sense, through etheric valves, channels, portals to destinations of your choice. We admire this curiosity.

    Gaia is fine. She’s about to leave. Her carcass, or shell is truly ruined. The Earth as this shell is today will be given to ones without Love in their spirits. Deemed as a sore, sad situation, the old, decrepit Earth remains untended, hurting. All we say is it stays as such for reasons to be understood at the Ascension moment. (smile)

    She is finding a home. New Earth is a beautiful endeavor. Will she please us to partner, occupy this place? (wink) (Joanie’s note: David did not go on, as you see. It will be revealed another time.)

    Man, plants, children, animals remain in the way they choose. If decrepit, sad is challenge for them, maybe a stint on old Earth is necessary to complete experiences for growth. Language. We say language impedes how to describe the transformation of Earth to Gaia as a birthed one. So, see the way you shift now. She also does and her cocoon is about to crack where the chrysalis opens and changes. It’s magnificent. See. Your eyes will pop…

    There are words used to describe situations unlike nirvana and hell. We believe some choose scenarios unlike others. It involves meeting at a crossroads where like-minded souls work and not like-minded souls toil. The choices are infinite. You will see how many choices there are when you leave the Earth for New Earth, John. (smile)

    If you believe humans erred, yes. I believe great damage was incurred over the last three to five centuries of Earth reality. You remember HItler? He escaped. No death befell as they told you he died. So, the murderer escaped. Yes. Later, when death did happen, he cleaned up good. Well, we’ll say rich. How’s that? Many people are believing it’s been pretty bad. I believe astronomical debt is a sign of imbalance, weakness, ego. People who are homeless, ill — well, it’s so shameful… Human waste of effort on goodness and Love… The people perish. It is so. Some come for help and guidance, but most “perish.” Quite a sad scenario.

    We believe now is when God is insisting there be shifts for all wishing Ascension. It is joyful to give you the opportunity to leave and fulfill your dreams. If you do leave, we want you to feel your decision is one of peace, not sorrow. Some feel leaving others will ruin life for them (their loved ones who choose to stay). I think it is best to focus on self in this matter.

    Can you try to imagine good tidings to all who remain? This is good. We believe the visual is important to create. Manifest scenarios where children abused are taken by Social Services for proper placements. All children are free to be happy in their healthy environments. Please see Earth and old inhabitants as plodding Lighter, happier. It will look strange without Joy, yet choice is here. They choose a scenario pretty bleak for grand opportunities.

    Ah. The question is whether people will remain abused, abusing. Yes. It is ugly to report. Quite dismal. Take a raincheck on the outlook. We’ll return to it in the future. I believe we say “good-bye” and “adieu” around this topic. (slightly bowing His head)

    I believe women understand how we operate, whereas men have been challenged. We’ll explain: You ask, we answer. Joanie, women prefer to ask about feelings. Would you like feelings? I’ll “Joanie-ify” this and you’ll laugh:

    “I see float. Feel why you’re light. Go up. See a ray. Put a glance to the sun. Warm, cool at once. Take a breath. Light is air now. (smile) See Joy enrap your world, your view of All That Is. Find candy everywhere. The sweet honey drips off stars for you to lick.”

    Are you laughing? I bring up our view about men and women so you see channels’ filters differ when discussing Ascension-related issues. Your Mary (friend) is happy with silly, buoyant. Others are not interested. They prefer coordinates, amalgams, phrases corresponding with astrological charts.

    One more thing: If you die, we see you Light. You are a ball, an orb of Light that makes you unique to all others in Creation. Albert Einstein would love to discuss this! (wink) Geometric waves are your signature. So, Mary, Jesus have signatures. John has a particular pattern. All Light have patterns distinguishing them from another. First class in frequency recognition… (wink)

    Have a beautiful evening, dear one. We think the story is good. Very, very good.

    Love is here. You are Love.

    Thank you for always coming to see me here. I love you, John.

    Love, Yeshua, the David of the East (smile)


    David’s Guidance – 7/21/12: “We Ask You To Take a Seat”

    We come from the rain. It’s wet, chilly. We ask you to take a seat. Seen many storms. Askin’ you put wool over eyes now. Please. OK. Now that yer covered, let’s ask whut yer thinkin’. A… yup! Duh……

    This is dumbed. Way dumbed…down. So many are piloting in the atmosphere that we aren’t able to convey what really happens in Earth reality. Please take wool off eyes. Repeat: Off eyes. Thank you. It’s best to be prepared for all accidents of Truth-finding.

    How is it that so many are hooked to screens? How do you think? Do you? It is tremendous. We find all folks stuck in a mind rut. Stuck. Sick thinking abounds. Do you see the mess the brain’s in? “Nope,” he moans, with tongue ‘a waggin’.

    We are determined to sit you down. Here. Grab a sofa. Better yet, a Love seat. (wince) It’s a good feeling to have Truth be shoveled to you when you’re comfy, cozy. (laugh)

    How is this, this upset world that aches, destroys good cheer? Do you like this feeling when you view hate crimes, videos of war, lust, greed, revered motion pictures of hate, vengeance? It is amazing. Violence in the home. We see many who play games on computers of death. Why is this allowed? Children are present. Adults are present! It is horrifying to see the world change for the worse over a mere tantalizing bit of fear. This fear eeks into bones. Then it creeps to the blood, surfacing through pores. Eyes are ablaze and it’s over. Yes. Well… It’s not over if you turn this baby of rot around.

    Let’s discuss Love, can we, you and I? I’d like to whisper happy thoughts, just a few. One is about God. God is here to speak. It reads and channels messages through the ethers to us. We pick up signals and transmit waves to our friends, family, individual cells in the body, all that exists. We take the Light (that’s God’s Love transmission) and we steer it in, as well as outward to others. It creates vortexes where others can feel good, too. Have you had a kiss that’s tingly? It stings in a close way. We say the reverb is good, not bad. Well, it’s a Love zap placed in the mouth to get you hot, happy, noticeably ready… (blush) It’s God. Yes. All That Is separates and pours in rays to Earth, galaxies in other realms and says, “God play. Have fun.” You are here to Love. Period. No war. Love. Period.

    On to second Love whisper. We have two who love. They are happy. Take two. Make another baby and this is God in Love form. We say this is about why we say no hate is to be distributed through the reality of Earth. It is because Love children need happy to grow. No hate. Love. Period. Join ranks and say “No” to violence. Can you take a minute to say you won’t watch death? Can you say you will watch Love in forms of records, movies — broadcasts of any kind? If it’s possible to do it, try bringing more people together for a Fun Fest of Light. Try a movie with laughter. Clean fun. Just pure happy.

    OK. Why now? Jesus is here and wishes to say he’s in trouble. “I have a problem,” I share. I have to go and find friends who can share this Love Escapade with me. Oh, Michael! Anthony! Peter! Paul! Mary! John! Luke! Crazy Horse! It’s a true party here! Ha! Ha! We joke. (smile) You can find people to play with in a Lighthearted way if you consider this piece as worthy of consideration.

    Go find two. More come. Attraction plays a part in Love-making. If you discuss happy, Love movies, some will join. Movies must resonate, however, with your spirit. Some join and others repel because the frequency isn’t quite at their level, or speed. So, try finding a friend and see if you can agree on watching a movie that’s neat.

    Castle building. We are talking about block on block till the castle’s complete. Join ranks with like-minded souls. Discuss violence, trends with movies. Filmmakers surely know how to screen up the hate, OK? Yeah. We have news (for you), too. The news is full of writers who blame, cheat, laugh at you. It’s incredible how hate is dispersed through media outlets.

    Find Peace. Rest your eyes. Don’t see this as a warning. It’s a sign.

    Love is here. You are Love.

    Jesus is the name I call myself. I love you in spite of your viewing what makes you tick. I always want to tell you the Truth. I am sad when you cry as hate is on the TV. I cry if you are sad. I wish for your spirit to be heavy with Love, not sad feelings.

    Good-night, Joanie. Your day was full. I love my Marydoll. (wink, hug, kiss)

    Love, Yeshua of the East

    Bigfeet E

    Hello …

    Greetings accompanied with a heartbeam, like a sunray that bathes the skin with a golden glow and carresses its wearer in a moment of eternity …

    As i sit here imagining how to fill the page with the subjects i feel adressing , it slowly takes form from word to word, clothings of sentiments, meanings, intentions bend in to expressions… It is not fully planned out in beforehand, but it flows as it goes along, forming itself as it were. Same like it is with creating a drawing or painting or music. Recieving – transforming – releasing. It’s nice to see it happen at a comfortable pace giving it enough s-pace , so you can observe it happening while doing it at the same time…The rythm…like expressed language of one’s heart. It’s funny. It’s like watching a flower that is opening its petals and reveiling itself in beauty, or like watching a dot of ink flow out in to whatever it becomes on a blank sheat of paper.

    Why do i start this way ? I guess to just share how form takes place and giving myself and readers the oppertunity to wonder over the process and thanking it with a smile and realisation. It’s just … beautifull, amazing, perfect. And all together a nice prelude towards how creation is, can be felt from numerous different angles of perception. Multiplicity of forms born out of the same source at the same time. Fluïd like clouds, yet different in patterns. Like the nature of female and male, matternal and patternal. Always both, everlasting playing on the rythm of life. Life on the plane of Earth, Gaia, So(l)-phi-a(um).

    In my travels of wonder or observations i sometimes think about how ascention is discribed here (and other places) on the thread. How it is that She (earth) will ascend along aswell. Meanings of discriptions are blend and i need to analyse and feel the messages at the same time to uncover the full extend of the meaning. Trying as many points of view as i can find to come to a satisfying conclusive overview. Here i come to the crucial point of my quarry’s.

    It seems like when we – creatures living on earth’s skin – are to ascend, we leave our matterbody or transform it so in both cases it equals the lightbody (Mer-ka-ba ? question on the side). And when Earth/Gaia/Sophia ascends it is not so clear that the process follows the same nature, as it’s said that Earth as matterbody will still be present yet probably in a different and improved way to be because it starts a new cycle availeble for souls to attend. Here we come to the ways how dimensionality and density are involved , i puzzelingly suspect.

    When we talk about a different or new earth i presume that earth’s consiousness expands in the same way we do, attaining herself in a broader frequency and thus ‘occupying’ more dimensions then previously and on multiple density levels aswell. So it seems ,from the 3rd dimension and density, evolution just keeps it course on a lineair fashion in time. All along ever changing aswell in its own rythm. Mind me, i’m just trying to overlap multiple points of view in together here 🙂 Same way dimensions get overlapped in the, let’s say, frequencyband of Creator of One, wich is both no-thing and all thing, all that is and all that not is… ?

    Perhaps the topic dimension vs density could be adressed here on it’s own for a bit aswell. I think i speak for many to see some light shead on these 2 , cuz like myself i’m very interested in both . I know Zingdad is busy in full education from Adamu and … in his own work around these humungus topics aswell, and we all eagerly await further amazingly chapters to follow in his/their efforts. But that doesn’t make me any less cravingly curious about your take, dear Da-shua, i mean Ye-vid…no SolomonTomjhfvjhfaezer … sorry fingerslipped there 😆 But seriously, you and/or any Guest appearance of love that likes to tag along.

    How’s that for food for questionthoughts ?

    It is here i like to send my written gratitude with most beautifull colors, tastes of fruit & sugar on top to Babaji for his words of guidance, Master Hilarion with his green bag of wonderfull tricks, all souls and shakti’s involved yet to be identified and certainly the host & producer Jezus & Joanie for the efforts.
    What a team !

    By the way, ofcourse i had to do some research on Babaji and master Hilarion, as i had’nt heard of their names before. Found a powerfull compilation on youtube made in honor of Babaji & Shiva i just had to share here. It inspired me during this post.


    Turn up the volume Joanie & enjoy 😀

    Sex. I can talk with haste if this is uncomfortable for you. The limit you put on yourself is one person and that’s you. You’ve had difficulty in this area learning about women. Read books on what women desire, true pleasure, Peace, Love. Romance with flowers books that women read. This makes a full-fledged gent long for the woman he wishes to court

    Yes well … guess all has bin said allready.

    Had a dreamvision a while ago, just between awake and sleep (that’s cuz why i remember),of a most beautifull apparation introduced with a woman with golden blond hair and dress with a certain intense expression in her eyes observing carefull and deeply in the distance. I know cuz i sort of zoomed in on that expression, so close i could see this in incedible detail. This was followed with waves of most sensible colors of pastel interflowing. Kinda overwhelming me with sensations & then i caught myself slipping in to instinct Erik again…
    Don’t know if this was my own projection or a brief visitation, but for a moment i was aware of myself being dreaming there. ‘t Was a weird & special sensation but to short to cling in for continuation of the grade of awareness. It was a nice experience and reminded me of some equally lucid dreaming long time ago. I guess the trick lies in the capturing with attention within the flow of moment.

    How is this, this upset world that aches, destroys good cheer? Do you like this feeling when you view hate crimes, videos of war, lust, greed, revered motion pictures of hate, vengeance? It is amazing. Violence in the home. We see many who play games on computers of death. Why is this allowed? Children are present. Adults are present! It is horrifying to see the world change for the worse over a mere tantalizing bit of fear. This fear eeks into bones. Then it creeps to the blood, surfacing through pores. Eyes are ablaze and it’s over. Yes. Well… It’s not over if you turn this baby of rot around.

    Hmmm, i feel compeled to have some thoughts in return bout this. As i spend time doing this sort of ‘play’ myself, i can share some of my findings around this. Violence in the home is not healthy, i know. I grew up in a violent ‘home’ , but not over digital ways in the first place. What i’m getting at is that violence, horror, war, lust, greed and the likes of the list can indeed provide the devastating subliminal impulses imported in to minds, young & old. Often the way it is presented bring all sorts of views of battle and struggle that wants to cover so called good vs bad thrills. The audience grade their quality by personal choise of thrill or other type of emotion they are open for to recieve.

    I understand this is brought deliberately for the masses to keep in check, feed their fears for profits agenda’s. Yet at the same time i find it challenging & even educational. Mostly not in a direct way offcourse, but it certainly can provide, imo, the possability to simulate the emotions they can induce and reactions in the observer, wich on it’s own can be less harmfull than when it would actually happen in their lives. At certain point they can even be recognised as it is, dispite the intention to dull the sences, and you can let it slide. From there you can view seemingly violent games as adventure, playfull game.It is fiction. Like when y’where a kid playing in friendly competition with friends, pets, … It is open for joy and laughter.

    When i engaged myself in learning a branch in martial arts, we learned shadowboxing. This was explained as a fight with an imaginairy opponent. But the real dynamic of the teachings was to learn about yourself. To free oneself of one’s own negative emotion, to discipline mind body & spirit in manner of introspection, to be able to defend when attacked without loosing temper of hate or fear and hold the balance. Strenghtening the body, focus the mind & clearing the soul. Selfempowerment with respect of life & love. The only ‘enemy’ is a fiction created by false ego.

    Is it not said all pain & drama can be a teacher ? All i’m saying is , it can speed lessons up. A catalyst. If it wouldn’t i don’t think i would be here learning aswell. I guess that is what you ment in the last sentence of the quote. In general ofcourse very unhealthy …. but it can make teachings of true Love all the sweeter. And then again maybe my opinion is not really shared by the most. A double edged sword symbolises the 2 choises in it can be used , in Tarot it is symbol of the mind. Love is still as ever the greatest Force.

    At the moment my attention is grabbed towards human’s history regarding Lemurie, Atlantis, ancient civilisations, nephilim, star wars, intentional dna manipulations, and so forth… Why was this allowed ? I believe it has simular reasons of lessons that was allowed in honor of free will and God/Goddess’s wish to learn and teach their creations. But then again, there is most probably a lot more to it then i can concieve right now.

    I must be getting to bed now, so i ‘ll take my leave.
    Maybe i will see more of you there, but i likely won’t remember 😆
    Hope i brought some good wood to keep the campfire going.
    It has bin my pleasure again.

    Goodnight every One!

    Bigfeet (back to the mist)


    David’s Guidance – 7/31/12: “The Time is Near. We Show You Spaceships”

    We have people purportedly saying that we are landing. We are landing in a few months. This is not a joke. We land, but not the way it is being suggested. There are those wishing riots, therefore, the idea of landing is too upsetting to be taken seriously. Please be careful reading blogs, posts, channeled pieces that cause tension in the ranks. We are not going to create mass confusion on a scale that panics the populace.

    Now, I begin the piece about Light, dark, where we fit in between, all the above. (smile) Rapidly, we approach Ascension. Quick! It’s here! Gone. Done. OK. So? What to say? It’s here before you realize this. We are discussing what options one has in the order of things. There are a few suggestions we say might help one understand what is happening at the moment of choice — the choice time. You have figures, Ascended Masters, who join you. They speak Heaven. Yes. (smile) We discuss options. “Quick! Call Dad! He needs a jolt. We gotta get him hearing this!” I say each one hears. Every one of you hears at the time of choice. Now we whisper as a baby listens when mama speaks in this quiet manner, “Is this what you wish? Unity? Love? Honor? Resplendance? Glory? Majesty? Surrender?” It is a perfect fable — one that is true in that it speaks, yet it is not true to where each hears, sees exactly the same thing. Truth is resonant with each soul, so the soul hears messages come through that speak to them differently from other souls. Comprehend, digest, allow. It is brilliant. We say God Almighty takes you and says, “I wish you will join, yet I do not know whether you are ready, able to do this.”

    I allow all to decide, as they are able in this setting. I see brilliant, stupid. I see happy, not happy. I see shame and pride. All types of feelings erupt in this moment of solitude. So, if I return for you and you cry, it is because life is challenging and you are taking time to decide whether leaving is a good idea.

    How about when you visit a person, a neighbor, friend who is back from a trip? Do you bake bread? Visit for a day? Weekend? Or do you pop over, get a quick “hello” in and leave? We leave before it’s announced we’ve arrived. Within a quick moment, you’ve decided. (smile)

    So, this is our way of operating. (smile)

    Now, we discuss altered states of consciousness. Do you think there are men, women, children, pets, lizards — all inhabitants on land and sea who want to know this is real? I tell you this is so. All wish Ascension were told plainly, logically, and clearly. They wish seeing this as a true spectacle that can be assessed, measured logically, strategically. Analyzed, too. (smile) It is not a matter of breaking it down for you so you understand so well. (shaking head and smiling) It is about believing I return to ask if you’ve been able to take care of business, walk through good ideas, make much and give lots to others. When you grace us with a pleasant nod of “yes,” we take you to Heaven where others await you and journey with you once more. They’ve been waiting for a long, long time and want you to see them again as journeymates. (smile, hug to the one who cries near an entrance to the Academy of Soul Retrieval)

    One day is all this is. We have a marked calendar. She is seeing that the women, men know this day. Mary speaks to me, saying, “My group met. We discussed Ascension. Beautiful…” I believe the day is clear in everyone’s head. We go about this rather dearly, for it’s a very special moment. Souls are asked if they feel ready to be part of a distinct group of souls who want Peace, Love, Grace. God Almighty is happy becuase you are discussing this and treating this as a wave of Hope for Mankind. Yes. This is a wave and many are swept up in Love.

    I go to you, Jo, Mar, Mary Jo (snicker), “Let’s do this.” We take hold, see the others line up, greet many. It is a processional of souls. So many join in Love Everlasting. We bring true lovers together forever. They cry, sipping wine of sorts that celebrates entrance to Heaven. It’s a drink of wine that makes the breast surge with Love. Our “spirits” are non-addictive, pleasant, legal, cost nothing and are worth more than you can price tag them. (laughter and jeers from Archangel Raphael who says, “Drink in alcohol form kills if you are a fool.”)

    There is more to say about the way it comes in to you. You see Light as a hair. It’s thin as a strand and it takes you under its spell. It’s a fracture — a thin line going into your head without your knowing that you have been hit with Love. (smile) All through the Earth realm, each individual soul is given the choice. We don you with the ability to understand this message. Some brilliant ones tinker at ideas and can decipher code. Other less fortunate creatures are not adjusted to Light messages in this manner so we adjust our beam accordingly. We like to adjust so all creatures on Earth are able to hear our Lord Jesus, Yeshua, speak.

    Hail, Mary! She, too, joins the circut of Light as we join hands. It is Beauty. Sheer, absolute Beauty.

    So, my dear ones. Have you decided? What is in the name that causes such surrender? My name, Yeshua, causes upheaval with some. Religious persecution, domination by the priest? What gives you chills when I share the name they give me? I, too, came to realize this is such a special place — Earth. You, I — we are human in that the feelings of living in a beauty of a place is sad to imagine as old, corrupt, nearing death to be reborn as such a gorgeous Paradise. Well, if you want me to say “Fred,” I’ll say this so you have little to shun.

    Now, play. Play. It’s playtime before we go to you and ask if you want to be part of a New Earth. Please remember the tissues. This one’s a real tearjerker.

    Love, Yeshua ben Yoseph


    You can call me Ray, or you can call me J…

    Dear Erik,

    Pleasant dreaming is how I say you live. Good-bye to old ways. Dream big — beyond what others normally process, spit up, out for a day’s calling. I say you familiarize yourself with blends of material that weave together brilliantly. So, we say you have masterfully created wonderful titles to your collection. The collection? Yes. You collect such fantastic works of art. We engage in discussion at a date that suits you. For now, we say you artfully collect. More another time.

    What does Joanie, our friend, say? She speaks:

    Dear Erik,

    Your video was beautiful. I was mesmerized by the visuals and taken by the mantra. The beauty in his eyes — in Master Babaji’s eyes… I saw gorgeous eyes. His soul is filled with Love. We are honored to have his presence with us now, always. Thank you for gifting the forum with this piece.

    Love, Joanie

    Yo! David! Hey! Jesus! C’mon, Master Yesh! Blow the joint! Hey! Get in the mix if you wanna see his (Erik) return! OK. Good. Sit. Relax. She’s ready to revere and scribe your words, my Man…

    Michael is funny. I see how he reacts to those who funny page the forum. Erik. Good. Thank you. My name is hallowed, I know, yet to see a soul understand “a name is a name is a name” makes me happy. Thank you. (hug, wide grin)

    Your eloquent introduction is equivalent to a song I wrote. It describes a piece of matter, a simple stone. Maybe you are able to do this — see all things as notes on a keyboard. Or, a reflection in a pool of water. I see you caress information. This is pleasure to you, man. I see you get it well. Truly
    well. Now, I wax poetic and reflect. You can see that I am able to reflect, too, on matters of the heart. Each heart beats in synchrony, yet the beat of a soul differs from the neighboring one that sits close, harmonizing and singing a tune of Love. We have the universal music to sing, as we chorus as a reflection of the next beside us. You draw courage from reading about disaster. Another finds courage from despair they’ve experienced in life on Earth. I believe similar, different sums up universal Truth, ways to find happiness, solace and support. All are searching for guidance. Each has a whisper inside that says, “Hey. I wish Peace. Find my way. Help. Peace. Show a way here to me, please.” We continue, for it is now time to answer you. (smile)

    Yeshua ben Yoseph comes to the floor. He sits, reflects. High level discussion is at the fore. More joking at another time. We bring serious words to her forum at this time. (Joanie’s note: He is taking on His formal name as He was casual and joking before and wishes to speak in a more formal tone.)

    I am here to discuss the Lady, her journey, your pivot to another realm. I challenge others. Some say it’s time to leave. They push us to come sooner because Earth quakes much in terms of pain. I am unable. Creator is not permitting entry at this moment. I continue.

    Gaia is a special one. (wink) She is clear how she resides in the scheme of evolution. Very clear knowledge about birth. (smile) We can show options, yet she chooses when, how, where all takes place in her birth. Now, some are ready to go join Gaia in her ascension to higher densities. Others wish dimensional shifts, instead. We’ll talk about the concepts you brought here.

    One term is density. I discuss what matter is here before our eyes. If one sees matter, a reality exists for that soul. Therefore, there are realities of different perceptions for different souls. When Gaia is in a dense, material state, she’s a globe. (smile) A round ball, spinning, rotating, orbiting in space. Dense is matter, molecules combined to form a reality.

    The dimension is the level in which one’s consciousness is developed to perceive matter. If a highly evolved souls is in the dimension higher than Earth dimension, their perception in Earth’s density will differ from the younger, less evolved soul that skips, trips over matter in third dimension. Two souls, both in the density of Earth perceiving reality differently due to their dimensional difference of perception.

    If a third dimensional soul wishes to leave Earth, they choose anti-matter techniques to leave. Engage us in discussions and we’ll tell you lots. (wink) So, leave via ship if death and transportation is your way to escape to Treasure Island. (laugh) Or, one may wish death, leaving the vessel to migrate through chambers (portals) that take them to other locations. It is choice. Each soul chooses why they go, how they travel, when they leave, and what they hope to experience on the way. If you engage a soul in discussion about choice, many say the personality affects decision on all levels. The person, funny, wishes trips of fantastic proportions. Funny beams, laughs, tricks of the eye — all tremendous in how they influence the experience of Ascension. If you post about somber, you’ll get somber in return. Same in the name of Ascension: A serious, formal one will chooose “out of here” by way of little reverie, fanfare. All as it should be for this particular soul. We love movies and enjoy ones that are crafted specifically to the liking of the soul producing the masterpiece. (smile, shaking your hand, Erik)

    Gaia is dense. A ball of rock. Water, air, too — all spinning as an orb together to form her “shell.” We conclude she leaves the shell and bounds for destinations of her choice. If the spirit leaves, the shell is there for caretakers of the New Earth. The reality, the fifth dimensional consciousness is now a New Earth Gaian influenced one. She left, yet you remain in a higher dimension with a dense form that looks different and seems familiar. Trick of the eye, we’ll say, for your dazzled eyes will sing — just sing…

    Come look. Here. Right here. A toe, finger, thumb, crooked arch. All perfect. The joint, muscle, tendon, knee, bridge of nose. It’s done so well you’ll marvel at the way we shape your body. Mer-ka-ba. Yes. It is a vessel that carries your body if you are surfing in space. Does the body (Lightbody) take a rest with travel? Oh, sure. Mer-ka-ba is a way of flying. (We enjoy your description of travel, Maria. You can really talk space trip travel in a flip, funny way.) A Lightbody flies in a way unlike ships. Point A to B=nanosecond (actually shorter than this, but there’s a translation outside of your understanding now). It involves thought. Switch: On. Off. On. Yes. Like this. Go. There. Yes. Now, shift. Good. All with mental aptitude. You’ll enjoy this new method of gear shifting.

    Dimensions. We’ll explain she is in fourth as we write words. She’s fifth if healing others. Travels to places in Karmaville. (chuckle) This means, past, future. Present, too. Shifts between dimensions as a healer, channel. Switch in a second. That’s the game. if there’s a star being in a dimension outside Earth dimension (third), she’s traversing dimensions within two realities or densities. It is possible. Call a genius one who is able to take Love, stretch the image, create holes, jump between them and join in the middle. (smile at Mary) We see you wonder. All is possible. The hoop is both hollow and able to be filled simultaneously. Gaia goes, and in her stead, or wake remains a fluid essence of her play, her grand entrance. Both here and there, she’ll take part in helping you create movies in a spectrum that’s broad. Very broad. You’ll finally see multidimensional creation at its best. (wink)

    We move to the woman. She symbolizes Love. We put her there for you to see deep, serious visions, for she, too, is like you. She will see you as a partner when you leave Earth. Is this pleasing to you?

    Ah. Shooters on the TV screen for the world to hate. Ah. All the world’s a stage. Jesus. (laughing at the joke He made) (Joanie’s laughing.) Sure, one can choose to see this as a learning opportunity, yet it is so far from Truth. Many are deceived by images. The images portrayed in shows, movies, broadcasts are not Truth. Much is underlying in nature with bits of prophesy of death, destruction. It taints the mind. Feature cataclysm and you have gripped fear. The average person here is not seeing your view of death as mimicking farse, resurrection, Hope. You believe dark creates images, therefore it is possible to play in a way that entertains. No folk tale is without an edge, however the dark create pieces to tantalize, whisper and draw so each soul gets taken from Peace, Prosperity, Love. You see, Erik? You understand. It is easy to learn. Your level of understanding is great. However we try to educate one about the danger of media, they continue playing. Most are inured to images of lifelessness at this point. Sad…

    The emotions spoken of are hindered from expression. The wails of pain, the grimaces that delight youth beckon them to continue behaving in a depraved manner. Each person here is taken from Truth through this manipulative distortion of reality. I understand, appreciate your wise outlook. The conscious ones are awake and you are in the circle. Many cannot assume your understanding; they are journeying at a pace that is slower, or they are not at the position you are in at this time. Tremendous pressure is on youth to conform. Cheating, rivalry, competition are expected. Yes. Too many people engage in swarms of activity involving death. I believe I’ve made my position known.

    We believe free will is a gift. A choice to play is give. A decision is made. The decision has outcomes at levels so deep that people here would cry if they understood how the impact is felt. I cry thinking of this. God Almighty has allowed these dramas to unfold for It’s sake. All lessons learned bank on new lessons learned and banked. Creator is here. It is. I Am is able to see, know, feel, be in all It’s capacity. Why does Atlantis sit in caves, oceans, mountains? Continue journeying together. (smile) We’ll discuss this more the next time I speak. I will discuss this in a David’s piece next week.

    Thank you, always, for your Love, Erik. I love you. You are a friend, who returns to help us find more to understand, embrace Love. Be well, my dear. Love is your name.

    Love, Yeshua be Yoseph


    David’s Guidance – 8/12/12: “The Ascension – Part 9”

    Joanie is asking questions. We see she wishes we address concerns others have and she has been unable to answer for them. It is a pleasure to bring information to your shores. (smile, glance at Magdalene who writes volumes today)

    We wish to assure you it is your journey how you examine the information given. Retrieve bits, process, examine what is Truth in your eyes. We see some question if you leave in body. We believe some remain, yet many do not. It’s a choice. It is a matter of matter. (laughter in the Hall of Habitation of Souls) If you choose death, the incumbent energy is that of Lightbody. Some wish physical form; that pleases them. Switch to Lightbody and vice versa? Of course! Why not, we ask? (twinkle in Commander Numath’s (pr. Noo-mah) eye)

    Now we join Pleiadian forces to share information about tribal loyalty. There are souls wishing to ascend if their mates go, too. It is sad they choose such strict guidelines. Many are lost, wishing to leave, yet another prevents… prevents?! No! No one prevents one from ascending! No one. If you wish Ascension, you do this for your self. Not for others who are able to decide whether you, they, others go. One is to claim authority for themself. Long, arduous tasks involved you, for lifetimes to reach the level of awareness you currently hold dear to you. If one wishes leaving, they go to gain access to more than what was previously available to them.

    Sparky, the dog, is a personal friend. (smile) (“Ruff!” from Sparky) He goes when I go. It is true. He’s ready. We go. “Now!” And we jump high up to Heaven. (smile) There’s Katrina. She stays, for she’s not ready. Do I leave her for others to mate with her, or do I arrive at Destination Paradise because I love Love?

    Ah. You get it. So, I say, “Let’s move to some interesting notions about the Quickening.” You fly to your destination. It is a matter of time sped up so fast that you are revolving, spinning quickly without realizing it. I tell you this is so. We see Earth’s rotation involved in “freewheeling activity.” It’s delightful.

    Heaven prepares you for many wonderful events. Trust the weather is also changing. More will have rain. Others silent streets, hot, toasty. We say time stops and you decide where to reside. Choice abounds. We offer several choices. You fill in blanks for creative measure. We enjoy — we wholeheartedly enjoy creativity that you possess. Go and look up “How to make a sandwich.” (chuckle) Many ways, ideas, terms. It’s so easy. Different breads, flavors of spreads. Go find a knife to cut it. Choice. Reason to toast the bread? Panini? Fer sure! OK. Many ideas as are your choices for leaving to other locations, dimensions.

    We are convinced you’ll enjoy the spectacle we put on for you. It involves Light. Can you see dark rooms aglow? Do you envision dark rooms furnaced with fire, flames of Love? Can this happen? Darned tootin’ it can! (laugh out loud)

    (Commander Numath is elated. He makes a stage for himself, returning with a few Commanders to illuminate the words he’s shared here.)

    I bid you adieu and bring Commander Pleah (pr. Plee-ah) to the podium. There is more:

    We say, “Hello.” It is a good day. We pleasantly affirm you are part of the universe’s stage. Enlighten to the end, we hope. Enlighten to the end… It is wonderous to see you and your Earth people gather so well for decision making about Ascension. Many conversations. Groups are forming. People achieve great knowledge. A real societal leap for humanity. I am honored to speak here. (Take away the microphone. I do not need this. Many are able to hear in their minds.) Please talk telepathically. You’ll see it’s easy if you attempt every day to speak to others in your minds. The boyfriend tells the girlfriend, “I love you” with a message flash of Light in the mind’s eye. Good. Try this and you’ll see sparks! (laughter)

    We are able to produce Light. It is used for transportation. If ship building is your penchant, see Commander Numath. Assistance is there for training. We will consdier all applicants. (wink)

    So, the Light is made up of subatomic particulates. The matter forms objects, including ships. Our transportation is special. We fashion gear to transmit energy, too, so others can beam down to Earth and return unharmed. Do you see this on Star Trek TV show? It is so. (smile)

    Can you drink water? Please do this all the time to reach a hydration level that is satisfactory to you. It completes your physical make up.

    Now, go ask Commander James (pr. Jay-miss) if he will speak. Here he is:

    Thank you. Pleased to be here now at this auspicious moment. Thank you. I appreciate your telling ones of Earth that we enjoy the view and enjoy discussions of Love and Ascension. Can you continue this? Please do.

    Intelligent reports of meteor showers. Yes. If you are searching the sky, we beam Light to say, “We are here! We love the Earth and it’s people!” You are saying, “Meteors.” We say they are rocks beamed through channels so you can better understand us, how we operate, what we live by (oaths of Love), and when we see you, which is quite soon. If you look, see the Light flashes. Each pulse is a comment that radiates our Love — each wish that we hope you see as worthy of ingestion. Partake in the lustre of it. It truly is remarkable.

    Now, Jesus awaites our call. He is Yeshua to the many. (smile)

    Yeshua speaks:

    Give me a second. I’m on hold with Commander Ashtar. “Yes. You have locked yourself out of your ship? I’ll be right there.” (chuckling) (“The boy is a comedian,” says one Commander to another.)

    The day approaches and we hear your call. We hearten when we see you arrive. It is Love at first glance. Peek over the horizon, for I return. I emit a wave that luminates — simply, grandly, purely luminates the world you live in presently. I will offer the opportunity to be part of a unity-based experience unlike others the world has experienced before. Your existence includes famine and starvation, killing and war, deprivation. Smoke out the others so you may inherit the Kingdom. I bid you entry. If you wish peace, this is The Way. Thank you. Love is your name.

    Now, we conclude. I say, “Magdalena. You are sweet for telling me to assist in the Ascension paper you scribe. It is good. I appreciate the diligence today. God granted me a princess. God is Love. She is your name. (kiss on cheek)

    Today, we celebrate returning to Love.


    David’s Guidance – 8/18/12: “The Way We Are Walking In Time”

    This piece is a cumulative effort put together by many races. There are a number of black, brown, red, yellow ones. White has a presence, yet a colorful array of skin tones is here for your pleasure. We walk in time to music altogether. All of us. Together. It is such a pleasure to talk as one voice, despite our apparent difference of tones of flesh. How do you like the unity? It is one way — one, solid way to be. Now, how are you reacting to many people of many races ascending with you? Is it beautiful? We are glad you see pink, purple, too. (wink) So many tribes of Love that unite. We are ready to continue as one unified voice for this piece. (smile)

    How do you core the apple? Put a device in the center? Do you cut through the center? What is the method you see to eliminate the core, the center of the fruit you eat? We are asking because it is possible to do this several ways. Some lift skin, some peel with the device (peeler). It’s a routine you’ve made for yourself. Now, there’s a new routine that presents itself to you. I believe the Ascension has many believing they can do anything they desire within the scope of goodwill. (smile) Are you ready to move from your way (habit) and try a new method resonating perfectly with your being? I think you are. I think many of those reading David’s Guidance are hoping they will enter an age of enlightened beings and new ways will be introduced to them.

    We are to tell you about karma, release, forgiveness at this time.

    The moment Yeshua speaks is upon us:

    The night is when we work with Earth souls to lift, alchemically, many residual “messes” in your aura. Chakras are cleaned, restored. Angels are here to take away residual effects of planes and chemicals dispersed through the clouds. I deliver messages, too. We all have roles in the Ascension — monitoring, tracing, logging. Satisfying to us.

    What is your job? You are to take a friend, channeler and ask, “What is happening to me? I feel different.” Kindly ask whether there is more to eliminate from your soul. It’s advisable you seek one who is trustworthy, kind, fearless, balanced, notably instrumental with respect to channeling and healing. An eBay seller of these services is unadvisable. (chuckle)

    We have much to eliminate. You hold half of your baggage in your heart chakra where sadness, despair lies. If you go in, clear the area of all you’ve ever felt with respect to sadness, betrayal, anguish, heartache. All you do is place a crystal or picture of one in your mind’s eye over your solar plexus. Put intention on the heart, which is centrally located in your torso. Apply Love as you go and say, “I release this, that which is in my heart that holds me back from knowing my true worth, Divinity.” Please say this when you are peaceful, uninterrupted, clear in belly and mind, not tired, and can remember these words. Thank you.

    Commander Numath (pr. Noo-mah) approaches the podium to speak:

    I believe confusion exists around Lightbodies, flesh, leaving, dying. I wish to explain what dear Joanie has believed to be so so that many can further understand your developing make up as a crystalline-structured Lightbody.

    We take atoms, sub-atoms, quantum particulates. We put them, generate them so they exquisitely form to make a you that is “diamonesque” — as exquisite as the perfect diamond in the universe. We place deposits, chemicals of Light over the body to create form. If the form is right for you (your soul tells us if this is an accurate representation of our Master work), we place this in stone, so to speak. We leave this image for Ascension. If you care to admire it, see the Akashic record. It is the picture of you before you took on figures in lifetimes. We place a casket over the Lightbody and wait.

    Now, there’s movement. Light is here. You choose departure. What to do? I believe some stay exactly as they are — intact with organs, all parts. Some chose death to leave the flesh for other permutations of Lightbody-ness. (smile) So, if we discuss how you live in a body in fifth dimension when others are without the shell, we say, “This is your choice — whether to be with some who have flesh and others who aren’t wanting this on their spirit form.

    It is difficult to imagine no body. You live in a body. One that’s fine and good for you. If you want something different, try a new body. Yes. Imagine that you are in a new set of wheels. (laugh) Yes, car metaphors get guys every time. The ladies: You’re in a new set of Manolo Blahniks. (smile) The way we describe transformation is this: You shift, experience many trippy (Joanie’s word) things as you fly through time. It is truly wonderful. You’ll be aware of what is happening and be able to change, effect all you wish for.

    So, if the body fits, wear it! (laughter)

    Now, we discuss the matter of alien substances that crept through the layers in the atmosphere recently. Please hail Mary, Father Mother God, Abraham, Jacob for allowing this to play out in order for us to capture rogue elements as they permeated through. You felt sick, angry, shaky, scared. All is resolved. Battles won. Over. Done. Good.

    We have issues with perpetrators who wish to calculate onslaughts. No being, kingdom is able to take what is yours. You are ascending. This is your right. We keep the channel of happiness open in order for you to complete your goal. (smile)

    Many discuss fear — waves of fear. Some are releasing lots. Some are not. It is choice. If there are fear waves, slow down by intention your releasement process.

    Joanie, my Mary, asks about the cloud formations. She sees Michaelangelo in her face, as she describes it to me. (wink) I say the Keeper of Light is here. We see a new horizon. Please see this is announced in a way you will understand:

    I keep hold of the clouds so they shine on you at night, day. It is possible to have openings where spaceships hide in order to monitor behavior, note passings of enemy, traitorous ships in your skies. I hide. We put many formations in clouds so you feel our presence. It is so. Yes. (smile) I need assistance. Please shine Love to the cloud masks. Energize them. Put intention that ships remain hidden always. Thank you. Be well.

    I see you have questions. Oh, yes. There. The brown jacket, tie. Yes. You. Please say what is of interest.

    “I wish to understand what is your natural way of living. Do you sit? Do you find activity? What is your regular way of being? I see you talk to us, yet I’m not sure if you are doing other things, too. Thank you.”

    OK. I love to eat spaghetti with sauce. I enjoy horses. I live on fruit, specifically mango, figs, grapes. In the summer, I lie in the sun all day munching on pineapple spears. To you, you see a grand one who lives mightily. I humbly live as all people would live. Gesture to me. I approach and discuss this in private. Heal. I heal for a living. (laughter) Yes, Mary is my wife. We enjoy our company very much. I also pray. I eat. I love. (laughter) It is time to say adieu. Thank you, dear, for asking about my life, my living, for ones do not know the Yeshua living, residing in the universe. I enjoy you and wish you blessings, always.

    Love, Yeshua, The One Who Is Multicolored In All His Aspects Of Love


    David’s Guidance – 8/29/12: “Take Over the Boat”

    So, it’s a new day. Many are in trouble. There’s work that has to be done. Row. Row the boat. Upstream… No! We are saying you need to move in a direction downstream. Yes. Down the stream you go. There. Better? So, put the oar in the water. Take a dip. Move through. Skim the water, moving the oar as you would a bat that needs to be driven through the air, slowly, to contact the ball. Yes. Baseball. We’ll just move on. (smile)

    The boat. It’s a metaphor for all you carry in life. It’s filled with essentials like rafts, pigeon shooters. Hey! Why are you taking that along? Ah. You have things here that are not part of a healthy diet. (smile) What’s here? Lard for the trip? Oh. I see your diet is meaningless on the journey. Well, we’ll see you when you are over the hill, downstream and a bit larger than when you began your story.

    Let’s discuss boats. They come in cruisers, ships, wharf-type vessels, dinghies. There are several that keep others from entering their waters. Battleships really throw a punch. We each choose the vessel and what we do with it. Do you like the choice you made? If so, good. If not, what to do? Would you like refreshment? What is possible to change so satisfaction’s guaranteed? (wink) If you eat better, the dimensions change. Try making lighter, tasty dishes. Most are good tasting if you add mustard, ketchup, relish, sauerkraut, pickles. Condiments can add to smaller portions for a pick- me-up. What did you say? Sulfites and corn syrup? Well, you are correct. If you choose carefully, you can avoid preservatives that are harmful and ingredients that raise your blood sugar levels.

    Always choose a friend in the process of making the sandwich. If one wishes tuna, have a burger and split them. Variety. Some always stay with similar food items. Switch out your choices. Please!

    Now, what is necessary about vessels and journeys? We know you wonder why we are discussing this now on Book of Light. We believe the structure you inhabit is weak because its nourishment is low. Please see you eat well. We need inspired members of the New Earth. They come high, light, happy, free. The encumbered gentleman who had much on his plate needs to work through issues. Lighten the load. The vessel needs baggage release. “All aboard the Love Ship! All aboard! Taking passengers with recipes for success. Pleasure runs also available!” (wink)

    If you’re wondering whether you need to work through issues, we say, “Yes, because it’s necessary for your growth.” So, take time to go find a friend who is able to see you with the weight on. All the weight you’ve put on. Then, tap them on the shoulder. Say, “I need guidance. This is tricky. How do I find my issues? What are you able to see that I can’t see?” Have you thought of doing this? It’s easy if you know one person who is able to see you in and out, porthole to porthole.

    Can you see why we need Lightworkers who are in business and ready for action? We need Light. Yes. Come forward to see why. Yes. Over the edge is a booth. It’s alone to itself. If you peer over, you’ll see God Almighty. Its countenance shines always upon you. So, the booth is ready for a grand prize announcement. All are winners. (wink) You see Light and go! Up! Away to higher dimensions. Within your consciousness lie issues that are to be examined, rid for better circumstances to be experienced minus the debris that is shed. If a soul wanders with such baggage in the hold, they weaken, or lessen their fragrance or ability to move higher.

    Can you see this? What motivates you to rid the hold of the waste, the nonsense? We believe you each are motivated by different things. Each of you propel forward with different incentives. Go inside. Work with Archangel Michael. He keeps fires burning so you may see power, strength and wisdom as tools of enlightenment. Raphael takes the wounds, comforts the downtrodden, makes Peace in many situations.

    Guard the tomb. “What?” Yes. It’s what you do. You stay closed. It’s tiring to watch the door remain shut. Why are you closed, dead? Seeking new experiences? How to do this if the chamber’s sealed tight?

    I see you’re sad. I’ll stop. Or, will I refrain from mentioning how you continue to remain at a standstill? It is entirely up to you.

    Go find a dear one. Talk about ships, baggage, holds that carry nonsense and ways to embark on a cruise of a lifetime.

    I love you. Jesus is the name I call myself if one is unclear. Yeshua is a name I prefer. Thank you.

    Love is your name.

    ~Yeshua ben Yoseph

    Joanie is the scribe. She writes endless volumes for us. I thank you, Love. You are a dear. x


    David’s Guidance – 9/8/12: “The Way We Find You”

    It is part of a plan, a great plan, to see you through change. We find people struggling with messes they’ve made. Many are finding it difficult to retrieve what is lost. It’s a game. Yes. Planned game. Go inside. Breathe. Find messages. Retrieve parts of your soul that were destroyed. Bring Light to them. Release anguish, suffering.

    Do you see the pain? Is it visible? Taste or smell this that you’ve endured for ages? It’s time to release all that you’ve created in this dreamscape. You are to work, not sit. Work.

    Why do I, Yeshua, encourage you to go to pain at this time? I believe you know. It has been stated on Book of Light that one needs to release what bothers, instigates, troubles, “thorns” them in order to grow, change. Why am I saying this as the dawn of a new age approaches? Each of you surrenders to Divine will. “What do you mean, my Lord Yeshua?” I say your Divine will is to be addressed, studied. Accomplish feats. Go to stars, find Capricorn and Uranus in transit. Remark how you’ve been meddling for decades with issues unresolved. Then, go back to Earth space, find friends to release for you the suffering, the bonds that hold you in chains. Each soul’s bound with issues. Chains are real when they disturb the person in their daily goings on.

    So, I remark to the lady in the red vest, “Why do you cry? Have you helped yourself? What have you done to pick up pieces from past lives to get to a healthier place now? Why do you claim you aren’t responsible?” I see many walking without information why they are in trouble. Many channels await your arrival. How do you sit without asking whether a truly difficult situation is from a lifetime gone by? I see some have consulted friends. Others meditate. When you are ready to release the pain, people will guide you why it has come to be this confusing.

    Disaster. It’s a disaster if nothing is done. Some implode, crying they have failed. Others blame friends, relatives for what has occurred. Do you truly know why a situation unfolds as planned? Do you understand free will and how this manages to switch plans that were chosen to unfold today?

    We understand confusion. Many grieve. Some are OK. They continue as if nothing transpires, yet their soul cries. We see you cry. Each has issues needed to be unearthed. The cause of the issue is important to identify because karma may be released, entities extracted, and lessons can be learned so no party needs to revisit the issues in another lifetime or reality.

    Entities. I have not discussed this with you. It is a sad truth to have to discuss, yet it is my duty. Do you believe the aura may sometimes thin to allow other sources of negativity into your being? It is so. There are numerous ways that entities can come into a spirit. So, we say if you rage, roll, rollick, it’s possible negative energy resides inside. Have you felt afraid? Paralyzed? Confused? Stuck? Do you always fear the worst? Can you see yourself in a space that is very dark? We believe these signs are indicative of entity involvement.

    Can you see God streaming into your soul to cleanse all that is bad, confusing, harmful? It is a way to counter the negative energy residing inside. Please try this exercise: Hand on solar plexus (window of opportunity to power and all related to strength). Believe you can eliminate all negative energy inside your being. Now, blow the fuse. (wink) Shine immense Light down your crown chakra (top of your head where Divinity connects to you always), allowing this essence to flow, stream down through the gut, out the toes. Straight through layers of energy within and outside your being. It is easy. One must be willing to release what bothers them. Without the intention to clear up all that does not serve you, you cannot make a shift to a higher vibration.

    Now, negative energy comes in many forms. There are those that wish to trick you to believe one person’s dishonest. This type of mind play is deceptive. Consider a trap you’ve been placed in. Out you go. Can you eliminate the energy that holds you hostage? If it is impossible for you to clear yourself, healers are able to eliminate them with ease, grace, magnificent success.

    There are energies that wish embodiment. They locate a spot and sit till it’s a good time to surface. Illness of the bowel, colon is an example. See if your remedies work. If not, an energy elimination may be necessary.

    We see multiple types of energies that wish to break your mind up into pieces. Some cry, others rage. The emotions that are dulled to where there’s no pulse. These can be negative interferences.

    So, how does one distinguish a problem from a negative interference? It is difficult, yet possible. Take a measure. See if you cry long periods of time. Illness that is normally short in time to heal that, instead, lingers. Feelings of betrayal, paralysis, moodiness that do not seem to come from a specific place. We believe energy of negativity may be afoot. Counselors discuss energy. Some do. Yes. It’s good to discuss how to resolve your issues, whether they are related to trauma from past lives or energies that interfere with daily activities.

    “How soon do I get started, dear Yeshua?” I think you know this: As soon as possible. “Why? Why do I need to fix all this? I’m stuck. Just stuck.” I believe you know why. It is to fix, cleanse, repair, renew your spirit. The day approaches when you are in space time reality. Heaven is near. You enter Home. New Age, we speak of. (chuckle) The people who work on you as you transition help release ills. If the layers are deep, unresolved issues require assistance involving makeovers, if you would. Making over is like seeing how it could be in another light or manner. Work with guides to figure best case scenarios. Put yourself in machines to try out the methods. Learn and grow till you’re free of lessons and can move ahead to the Gates. It’s this way. Work is done as you fly to us. (smile) We believe we see you agreeing that you work here so the trip Home is faster.

    I suggest each soul sit and contemplate whether they are ready to release the bonds, the chains that are holding them back against the wall. If they can unchain themselves, they’ve made headway. It’s jobs like these that leave you hungry for more release. If you like liberation, take a step inside yourself in order to bring you to a free Kingdom worth living in. I highly recommend it.

    Truly, you are a Master of your own domain.

    With respect,



    David’s Guidance – 9/19/12: “Protect the One You Love”

    I see my Mary wishes to discuss the topic relating to protecting one’s loved ones, including themselves. It is important to discuss this. I feel we need a background given before the topic of White Light and Love is offered.

    Today, many see others sad, feeling blue, all around confused. Some are targeted as just crazy. This is illusory, for we feel more is happening and people do not understand the depths to which this goes. If we look closer, we see angst inside one person that creates auric thinning. Another is ready to explode with anger. This is opportunity for an entry by negative energy. If another is submissive, gives in, is depressed a bit, the energy of dark matter filters inside chakras, systems, the psyche.

    Look at Rob Rancher. He works on the farm, tending horses. One gets away. He’s cool. The next person, Lona Star, gets news the pigment on her dress faded at the cleaners. She gets furious, tears at her hair, holds a grudge, and can’t sleep. What could cause this? It’s about energy. Pure and simple. The woman creates an opening, possibly the size of a pinhole. We believe this is a fragment, a piece of her that wishes to leave for other places for healing. The rest of her, intact, remains. A hole the size of a pin head allows forces of negativity to work their way to sites in the etheric and physical body.

    If you wish, we’ll take a male example. A man, Tom Thumb, is sick about the work. He complains. One day, he’s axed, loses the job and quits activities that are pleasurable outside the workplace. Sits, drinks, complains. Alcohol allows negative energy to consume oneself as one consumes it. Yes. The depressant is one factor to allowing forces entry.

    Why do you drink? Ask yourself this question: If I put a glass in front of me, is it my desire to feel good? If “yes” is the answer, prohibit drinking.

    The children come to us with energy that is swift. It moves quickly. New spring — like a new spring that’s erupted and bubbled through cracks in the Earth. They enjoy life until a tragedy occurs. Some are disrupted by divorce, others mainstream living with peers who bully, play games that are evil-based and fear-laden. Others are taken in droves by movies, pictures on TV, songs of rap. It is a shame because the parents see and allow the activity to occur. We hope all parents see this “ad” on Book of Light, take note, consider a new viewpoint.

    Addicted children on medications. It comes to our attention there are those who wish to feel better, yet doctors push gems that are pink-coated and lolli-flavored so the mental health of the patient is improved. We see harm. If the person that is now numb cannot feel anger, sadness, they wallow in a hell that cannot be described here. It is at this place of psychological distress that negativity emerges, enters and maintains a stronghold on the child who is stuck in medicine hell.

    The people change. They are you. Yes. You are in charge of what you do, who you see, what you believe. If you have clarity about this topic, very well now. I see many are here to learn how negative forces affect you, as well as how you can protect those you love, including yourself.

    Today, many are here to see that Love streams through Earth for higher vibratory levels to take hold inside all of the inhabitants on the planet. It is part of a design, a plan to effect substantial change for evolution, advancement of all the species. So, we include man, child, beast. All are affected by the influx of energy. As the field rises, so do other atomic fields. Nature — the plants — are affected, as well. Creation here on Earth gets a boost. So, Love enters in waves to affect everything that lives in order to offer the possibility of movement to higher dimensions.

    Adam and Eve are here. They wish to say to you this:

    Dear Ones, We are put on Earth to raise your consciousness. Forsake not the apple. It’s juice is ripe. Taste the fruit. Knowledge is power. Yeshua says we need to learn and become so much than what we already have become. Grow as you are. Be as you can be more now at this momentous time. It is important to see this is about improving one’s ability to be free of negative forces that impede your growth. Stamina, willpower come from steadiness, grace, fortitude. Mark the day. It is soon. We see you and raise our glasses to you. Merry and bright. Love and Light,

    ~The Twosome in Time x

    How can I tell you Light is God? I will try, dear audience. You have seen wonders, no? Well, I show this by way of flashes as they come through your consciousness. Take the seed of life. Put this in an ova and watch a birth. This is Godforce. Yes. Light. Light is miracle incarnate. Light is Love Everlasting. God is Light in ray form. I say this to enhance the topic of protection. If you can protect yourself by way of Light, you’re set. (smile) Can it be? Can one really be protected if they destroy a seed that’s dark by shining Light (Godforce) over it? Well, I daresay it’s possible. (chuckle) OK. Try to move the apple form the Tree of Life. See if it’s possible. The apple wishes to remain near its source, the tree. If a negative energy is near Light, it goes crazy. Loves Light, for the enegy coming from this Source is gorgeous. Feeds off it, wanting, taking, sucking Lifeforce from its roots. Can you take seeds of dark and create a vacuum where it can no longer shine evil and all negativity on a being? Sure. Why can you think this isn’t possible? I believe you need spectacles. (smile)

    Have a time with this: Two sisters work in a jungle. One picks berries and has fun at this. The other trims branches, but does not enjoy her trimming job. The trimmer complains. Despondent and then quiet she becomes. Inside, a little roach enters to create havoc. She succumbs because she is unaware of forces wishing to take Lifeforce from her. We see her cry. The happy sister wishes to help. She creates a virtual cocoon for her sad, crying sister by visualizing beautiful sunshine. She places this on her sad sister. The shield of Love is warm sunshine and the evil roach that resides within cannot find Peace. Try this. See if the amount of Love you have for someone can be held in a structure that is warm, Light, bright, cocoon-like, strong.

    Can you see how one is able to grow and shift if negative energy is removed? We believe that people are able to take care of one another by placing Love around the one who is sad, confused. God’s healing power, It’s “all” force is able to combat mucho. (smile) Can you see yourself duelling? Well, sometimes it’s about fighting and we don’t enjoy saying that, but it’s so. We believe that Love is what this is about and after the energy drain is remedied, your loved one is left welled up with happiness.

    OK. What if you feel that there is a problem inside yourself? We think shining Light of Godforce is every bit as powerful and effective as it is if you show a friend how you can protect them. Yes. It is so. Take care to be calm. Think positively. Then draw an arrow to your brain. The crown chakra sits above the head. Top part of the skull. Go and sit with the intention you’ll have a blast. No pun intended. Blast Light of God and imagine streaming this down to your toes, through your body, in a line to the crotch and further till your toes tingle. (smile) It’s truly possible. Every cell will be affected. You are able to effect change, dear one. Trust God Almighty. We believe power lies in your eyes and it is possible to remove energy that is destructive when you trust God.

    Why is darkness in the ethers? There are many ways to be God. Some choose to play in negative ways in order to learn about Love. If this is what suits them, it is ordered as such by Christ and All That Is. So, please. No judging of dark energy. Just bless, forgive, release. Thank Creator for all that you have and believe, know, love, cherish. It is good to believe you are assiting those who have not seen Light as a happy way of being. Instead of living fruitfully, they are drawn to ways that create disturbance. Your energy improves when you read this. We see many are justly advancing as they see dark as part of God’s fabric.

    Lay out clothes. Take new ones. Put them on. They feel good, right? No? I think some are afraid to feel good. If this is your choice, we bless you and hope you return to this message.

    By for now. I am off to eat strudel. This is the Hungarian pastry that is my favorite. Please excuse my table manners. I’m hungry for more. Just more, I say. (smile)

    Love to you in Earth reality. My Love is in your heart, always,

    ~Yeshua ben Yoseph


    David’s Guidance – 9/28/12: “The Matter of Time”

    If you took a candy bar, wrapped it, filled daily the shelves of a store with numerous bars that you wrapped, might you say you were stocked well? I believe so. The run on candy bars isn’t likely. We feel you’re set. Sweet notions are all set in your liveliness, countenance. Chakras are full of nuggets of goodies. Complacency does not appear to be your game. So, we believe it’s time. “Time for what? Referring to 2012 scenario predictions, Yes?” We believe you’re excited and wish many treats — bits of info to suck on for succor. (smile) Yes. It’s about time. (smile)

    We see the ships flying. Joanie predicts many that will assume global positions for awakened beings to see. We are expecting this Ascension scene to be like a ship parade. Are you sure you want to believe ships come? Huh? Many think you’re nuts. Out of your mind. We think you are grounded in reality. Peace within you. You are OK. (smile) The others assume ignorance; it’s too difficult to believe this fantastic story.

    Joanie wishes you understood this well. I’ll offer her a moment to get a grip on the pen for her Mary to come to the fore to speak:

    Yes. I wish all will see when the ships arrive. Soon for you. This is a big scene of Love we bring to you at Ascension. The door of Heaven opens, allows us to bring you fantastic images by way of super-sized beings that are discs. Just tremendous. Thank you, dear souls. We appreciate your cooperation when we asked you to slow yourselves. No use in biting down hard, expecting our arrival to wish our arrival now — immediately. (smile) I understand Joanie is sad, wants to leave. We remind her it is Service above all that keeps her in her place. We are having talks. (hug to Joan of Arch) She has moments of wanting ships to beam her aboard so she may go away, never to return. She has come so far. Thank you for being a great Light on Earth. I do appreciate all you do in Earth reality. Most children beam at sight of you. I see you gleam when they approach. Yes. It is fine. Continue…

    Now, upon entry to the atmosphere, we’ll show all the useful tools for cleanup and rebuild. Many workers delight in this project of magnitude. Carpenters, engineers, crafts people — all hands on experts will be needed. Apply skills. All will shift and appear clean, new, regenerated.

    We show you cumulative effects of radiation on atmosphere planes. We will store much needed particles to disperse to recreate general balance in the field. All is to be taught. Many children will learn the way of Love in environmental cleanup. (Mary notes: Women are included in the term ‘men.’) If you wish technology to be introduced, we gladly offer all we have learned so New Earth teems with new ‘inductees’ of learning. So much to learn. It is wonderful to see eyes ablaze with excitement.

    Can you picture children reading in a bed that’s lined with information? Just fabulous. Sleep to learn. Learn by lying awake. Information seeps into the crevices of membranes touching them with fabulous concepts. Just lie and learn. (wink) It’s truly spectacular. Some wish heady tales. We’ll tell you some: If Mars were to arrive at your doorstep, would you say, ‘I’ll think about whether to go Mars or remain in your present experience.’ It is possible to jump experiences, establish yourself doubly, to have twice the fun than a singular experience. How does this sound? Can you create fire? Do you wish to germ up a place to see if you can scour it in a fell swoop? (laugh out loud) There are possible repercussions, however, for creating fun. (smile) We see loads of guests knocking at your door to play with you. Are you able to accommodate the hungry-for-more friends? (laugh) Yes! It’s possible. All is possible.

    It’s a matter of time. You can see we wait patiently to see you. It is your job to also sit and wait for the moment Christ and I return to say, ‘Would you like to go to a place that is beautiful, new, and full of wonder?’ Can you envision us all together as One? It is so. We wait for you as you wait for us. We love you.

    Joanie has time to write more. We turn the tide and discuss Love. It is time. (smile) Some wish more, so go to the store, buy a fruit, eat the succulent, ripe piece and enjoy. When you’ve had enough, consider whether this fruit is to your liking. If so, please vision more of the same. If there is a bitter aftertaste, consider upgrading to a new variety. We encourage more. Find what is a match. The message here is pretty simple, dear travelers of Love in Earth reality: The beauty of Love is to see this in others’ eyes. You know you are Love. Now you switch vistas and encourage same visions as you see yourself. Choose who moves you, expands and permeates your soul. If they shine, you know the Love is real and beautiful. No settling for dingy. We have been there and want upgrading to new heights if your bitter taste remains.

    Go find a friend. Discuss Earth’s transition to a star. She (Gaia) looks for a beautiful residence while you take her shell, expand it and make a new home for yourselves. We watch in excitement.” (smile, hug to Joan of Arch)

    ~Mary Magdalena

    My dear Love. She is a woman I adore. Yes, we married. Yes, it is so. She is the woman who carried children, bore them. It is so. I am so pleased Truth is unfolding in news reports. Thank you for placing designs around her so she can feel redeemed. Bless you all, dear ones of Earth.

    Love is your name.

    ~Yeshua ben Yoseph

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