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    May 15, 2011

    From Here to Eternity

    You are on a journey and we see you have packed your bags. We see all the things you put in your suitcase: marbles, engines, uniforms, particular nose clippers, and the like. We see paintbrushes, vacuums, picture frames, moustache curlers and pocketbooks filled with essentials like marker, liner, cheek enhancers, and ribbons for the hair. We are ready to begin walking with you on the staircase that descends into times you had been to long ago. Wait! Stop! We don’t want to go there with you! You can go there if you want to, but we’d rather go down laughing than go down crying.

    Do you see our point? You are on the journey of the lifetime in your Now. You are here to see all that has come into being in order for you to make choices and get it right, or better this time ’round. So, if you see yourself descending a staircase with essentials that we mentioned to you before, watch the signs carefully. You will miss the step often and find you have tripped, fallen, stumbled, clattered down flights, touching bottom many times, wincing with each bump.

    So, does this sound appealing? We want you to know that the more times you descend, the harder the falls and the greater the bumps. The faster the trips and the smokier the fires. Does this make sense? Do you know what we refer to? We refer to your going back in time, remembering the past, when the present is where it’s at. Yes, the present. The present is where the action is. The past is left behind for a reason. It serves to remind us we are here now in the present and we are fine. We are here and able to sit and listen and learn. We can grow and change if we are in the present.

    What happened to ” ‘Remembering the past,’ ‘Lest we forget the past,’ ‘The past reminds us why we are here today, for the past is a great teacher’ ?” Well, those phrases are neat, yet they sing oddly from where we sit. From here, the notes jump and bounce in odd directions, causing a great stir. We believe they hinder one’s growth. The notes of the past can leave us with feelings of sadness, dread, guilt, longing, and heartache. If we said you are to live and live and live in Now, the Now that is here at this moment in time, what would you do? Would you love this, or would you dread it?

    It is powerful to think you could be here and know how to be at any moment in Now, isn’t it? So powerful you could eclipse the sun. You could run a marathon and leave Earth behind. Even go to the Rockies, live on a peak, stumble down a ways to then return when you want after grabbing some juice to drink at the market at the bottom. You can do many things if you lived present-ly. Present-ly is a present to yourself. You could gift yourself with this present-centeredness. You could wrap it up, devour it upon opening, and remain still and peaceful upon digesting it.

    So, what about your liking the past? Oh, we see you have an affinity to past objects, memories, tokens and reminders of “the good ol’ days.” We want you to take the ribbons and curlers and machines and marbles out and examine them. Do they serve a purpose? Do they see you as worthy of a journey to Paradise? Do you see these as essential carry-ons? What is essential? What is necessary for you to bring on the journey? What? What did you say? We think you lost track of time and went somewhere where it was more exciting. The Now is exciting because all happens there. So, do you want to sit here and listen to carry-on essentials for your trip to Eternity? I’ll assume you do.

    Here we say you need the following: A glass of water, a gemstone of quartz — clear is preferred, a paper to write with and a pen, a person who you would share experiences with, a phone to call a loved one in the event you found the information being received valuable and worth sharing, a book on spirituality, a compass to guide you if you were lost, and a piece of cake. Why cake? Because the journey is sweet. It is delicious and luscious and all that could be stated with respect to richness. The cake reminds you the journey is sweet, dear souls. Never forget this. Not ever.

    So, we say, “Pack up and drive. Drive to the ends of Earth looking for things to move you — to take you breathless and motionless — to be at a place wehre the sun shines over all of Humanity.” We want you to go there and listen in the most glorious way. To see sunsets, mountaintops, landscapes and dreamworks. Come inside and see within your soul. Go to the length of your days by seeing all you can do and accomplish. This is our desire for you — that you try to envision yourself driving in a moment’s time — relaxed, refreshed, nourished — journeying, finding your True Self, your True essence. With the help of angels, guides, deities, and all lights, we await your embarkment.

    Your embarking on a journey of the soul can move others, as well, to journey for themselves. This is powerful, my friends. This has Courage and Hope and Promise written all over it, for your journeying can bring others to move themselves up and out and away from doldrums, doldrums of existence that burden themselves and their loved ones. The cycle breaks when one begins journeying and another starts, too, and so on, and so on.

    You are able to see this. We believe you can see this and make this happen. We believe you know how to wrestle with yourself and come up with better solutions. We see you searching and it is about time you grow into new jeans. Do you see they fit loosely? Do you see you need trimming and concocting formulas to split up how you wear clothes differently? You need much in the way of adjusting how you walk, run, sit, wear boots and walk in the mud thatis called Life here. So, pick new clothes out, put them inside your carry-on, along with what essentials we recommended and zip up the bag. The donut’s cooking and almost ready to be placed alongside your bag, my friend.

    So, go off and journey. Find a friend, a loved one. Do this so you are able to express all you find to another so they are touched and moved and awed, too. You will see miracles occur. True, honest to God, miracles.

    We see you standing at the gate, so we’ll say “Good-bye” now to you.

    Love always,

    David and The Divine Ones


    You, John, are part of the picture we see with many folks loving you, yet you are unaware that they do. We feel you are in a situation, a jam. This is what we see. For others to love you, you are able then to go to a level where plants grow, trees spring forth, and birds sing incessantly. So, we’re saying you have love that is so powerful that you’d fall over if you knew you were loved this much.

    We say to you here that the way she writes is true. She writes the words we say and you receive them on the screen in front of you. She knows you and wants to say she loves you as a dear friend. She is one soul who comes forth to show you you are loved. Do you see this? Do you see how this is here for love and for kindness to you?

    You are greatly loved by Zingdad. He is another soul who is on your life path to heal and love and cherish you. You have now two souls to add. (smiles)

    Now, we’ll talk about the ones who are in the picture, yet you see them as ones who are not love-ers to you. They are peripheral in this respect. They sit and think and eat, yet they don’t love to you. So, with this I say each one is love, has love to give, and works in a way that is different. We see them as operating in different capacities, too. We see each person as able to give a little here and a little there.

    We are ready to say they love you for what they are able to do. This is elementary, yes. This is the tip of the iceberg. We want to tell you you are one of many who feel alone and unloved. You are one who wishes grand feelings, yet has found little in this area. I say you are feeling love when you walk outside and then sun rays are on you. Love is a call from one who cares. It’s a singing, a tune, that grips you cold and hard and moves you to a place that’s big and wide and just plain crazy-silly with love and joy.

    You can see we wish for you to know love in different ways, John. We want this to be a time when love surrounds you and keeps you in arms of hugs and kisses from anything that moves you to depths of pain and sorrow. Love will heal your aloneness. It will take time to see that the love we speak of heals. It is also about the way to take care of yourself. If you take care of yourself, the time til Ascension will fly. It will speed healing if you work towards full healing.

    So, with this said, we wish you love and joy and all things moving you through to places adorned with majesty and royalty and gems and crowns and jewels. The way we like to see you is full of love and light, always.

    Til our next meeting,

    Love always,

    David and The Divine Ones


    David hi! There was a lot there for me to take in and I really had to think about it. Again I feel love as a word is bandied about to much and I will always be careful in how I use it. I am in a tight spot in my life with my health and it has a certain amount of control over me but I dont give in to it. I do believe that certain people come together for a reason and I am lucky to have found Joanie and Zingdad as they have set me straight on many things . I am on a journey and maybe someday I will find all the answers to my questions but in the meantime I will keep searching and questioning hoping for that final answer.
    I have a love for you David and your friends because you earned it. All the Best…………….


    I have an old dog. He’s really old. About 17 or something. And he is very nearly stone deaf. But when you say his name he pricks up his ears and looks around. I guess I’m a bit like my old dog. My name was mentioned on this thread and here I am. LOL

    John there is just one thing that I “get” for you and it is this: that you should endeavour to love yourself magnificently. I understand that you have learned a lot in this life about service. You have had much thrown at you and learned a lot about courage and forbearance too. But – if my intuitive ear is working right – I believe you have not found your your way to simply loving yourself, as you are, without reservation. And John, I humbly submit, that THIS is where the gate to heaven lies. It lies in self-love. So, if I may be so bold, I am going to suggest to you that you give yourself some homework. It goes like this:

    1. Step outside of yourself for a moment. Imagine for a moment that you are not this person called John. Imagine instead that you know him very well but are not him.
    2. Now think. What would make your dear, beloved friend, John, feel truly loved, valued and cherished. What would show John that he is accepted and loved right now, as he is. Can you come up with something like that?
    3. Do it. And when you do it be conscious that this is you, telling yourself how much you love, appreciate and value yourself just as you are.

    See how that goes for you and consider repeating steps 1 to 3 at least once a week. Try to keep it fresh and creative – because of course you don’t want to bore your beloved friend, John, with an unimaginative, repetitive expression of your love for him, do you? 🙂

    See how your life is changed by this. I think you’ll be amazed.



    ThankYou All and especially Zingdad for whom I owe much. You have all shown kindness and guidance making me realize I am not alone ,not at any time all I need to do is reach out.I have a long road to travel but with such strength and honesty and friendship the trip will be a short one! And of course Joanie holding my hand along the way! 😉


    When you feel you have reached the road of many directions and the one you want to lead you home is ambiguous what are you to do. Is there not a time you deserve the easy route after a life of difficulty and pain trying to do the best possible you can? I trust in your answer. ThankYou


    This is where we say you can decide whether to take the road that is challenging, or take the one that feels like it’s easy and smooth. You see you are at a crossroads and this is the time when one can go ahead or take a step back. You can procede as you have been, but make sure that if you choose to continue, you know that the road is dangerous with snakes, littered with cans, and doomed by animals lurking at every turn.

    You are the one, John, who put yourself here to learn and grow and change. You chose a body that would not commit to doing the things you wish it to do. Therefore, see whether there are times when you realize this. Think of the times when you might listen to all you have done, all you can do, and what is needed in your growth now. You do have much to learn. We see this and know you can learn because you are so intelligent. You get points we make, where others may miss them.

    It is here we wish to point to the fact that you are pleasantly in the middle of a heap of trouble. “Trouble?” you ask, quizzically. “Yes. Trouble,” we answer. You see, you’ve had enough with us and all life’s offering, and you want out. We see you’re done with “trouble.” Therefore, you’re in “trouble.” (smiles) We will explain. What we say is that you are in the middle of an experience that can be described as unique to John, yet it is common to every man and woman who walks and talks and learns and changes. You are right in the middle of the space called “terrific” and “unique to John trouble.” We see this as terrific, yet you do not. You see the bad. We see the challenge. You see work. We see undoing some ideas to get to a place of pleasure after the storm passes.

    So, we see you as nearing the end, yet the end is not what YOU see. You see death as ending the experience. We see learning through your pain as ending a glorious chapter in the life of John, the Divine One Who Sits, Ponders, Listens, Loves, and Wishes He Were On Cloud 9 Instead of On Top of a Fucking Toilet Seat Crying. Is this possibly the way you see it, John?

    We’d like to tell you that the way to get through all of life’s experiences is by getting THROUGH them, not OUT of them. How THROUGH? Well, talk to your Higher Self and ask him, John who resides in your aura, your spirit, to guide you. He will ask whether you wish to live or die. You go to the place that makes sense and answer him. He will offer you direction and take you to places that are new and good. And then, when you get to a new place, or point of reference, you will climb to levels that enable you to take care of yourself through this time of pain and suffering. You can do this John. We know you can.

    So, this is our answer today. Is it what you wanted? expected? How do you feel? What is your answer — your response to us today?

    We love you. Take care and let us sit quietly with you, holding your hand as you journey through and around this time of difficulty.

    Love, from us All

    David and The Divine Ones


    Me as myself John Dycke is tired maybe even worn out; all I look for is rest and comradarie. I dream of my family in peace and love. I look to go forward with them in kindnessholding hands with the animals in love and understanding. To Much……I dont think so! Thankyou for your wisdom and guidenss. I hope we meet at some time.


    Hello and the Best to You All! 🙂 It seems the older I get the more I relazie there no definitive answers in time to what happens here! I figure it is designed that way as if there was a final answer then this relm would lose its purpose. How do you teach a child with bad thoughts or find the existance of a quark, or even com to understand existance itself and its purpose?????? You dont because the game would be over! We here of living in no time yet we cannot preseave it,we here of teribble things to come yet like sheep to the slaughter we just goly gog along.Or maybe nothing but good is to happen and we go our happy blind way. I do beleive there is a plan but one that we will be left out of and what will be will be. Our existence on this planet is miscule in it’s historical life yet we have done more damage in that short period then any other animal. I think we are a failed experiment doomed to learn nothing! I struggle with my life as others do and hope at least I walk away with some pride and new lessons because I know I have suffered and suffered alot and alone. So to the planner of this existence I say you have failed because the human race has failed! Thanks for listening
    John of Arc


    You, John, are about to see how this works. It is here we say the plan has come to an end. The play is one that we put on for ages, and now the theatre doors are closing so the actors can rest. It is our privilege to share what we put on, for you have been onstage for eons. (smiles)

    It was when beings wished for more, wished to live an experience that was third dimensional, that we schemed and plotted. No. This was not a plan to hurt or harm. It was to be loved, cherished, adored, admired by millions of partaking souls who’d ask for parts. Truly! ASK for parts in the huge play of Life on Earth (that’s the play’s name we’re giving it). (smiles)

    We started to see the play took on Light and Dark. The players were weird, funny, exotic, erotic, mind-based, loving, out of bounds, and clear over the top happy and joyful. We had it covered. What we didn’t know was what would come of all this.

    It’s a work unfolding. The play had earmarks of instances that would go down, but there was lots of room for will — free will, that is. If you took the people coming to us for help in matters concerning all that took place the last time they visited Earth, you’d find the answers we gave were, “Go back and learn this,” or “Go to the side that felt bad and see it from that angle.” If we saw that a soul was confused, there was guidance, direction, counseling, and teaching. We took care of the ones who returned. You see, you did this, too. You returned to see why you had created traumas, tragedies, downfalls, and the like. You said it was the thing to do — to come to see that all is about learning for the sake of one’s growth.

    I see you are here, yet we believe you’re angry. Angry that others took their lives and made a shambles of them. Took hopes, dreams, and tossed them. Just threw them over the side and didn’t watch whether they sank or drowned. It is true. This is true, John. The ones who decided to sink did so because they felt they needed this. They chose sinking. You chose to be who you are today, as they chose this other way for themselves. Many, many on Earth chose to sink. Their choice. Did we plan this? No. We set the stage, threw in props, made costumes, and let the cameras roll. It was part of Divinity. Part of All That Is’ wanting to see a play before Its eyes so it could learn more, see more, do more, know more, love and feel more so when it continued “living,” it would know why it did so.

    It is here we say we know you are rightfully angry and disappointed. Many dreams unfulfilled or forgotten in time. Many others are feeling as you do. So, we say to you and them, “We love you and wish you are doing what you love for yourselves now in the time on Earth today in the Now.” We want to point out that you should look at the ways you took yourself to places that were just marvelous, brilliant, uncanny, incredible…just SUPERB. You took yourself to places others couldn’t go to. You did it, John, Yes. You did. Others took out letters of their name to be free of burdens. You added more and monogrammed them on a shirt so you could stand out and be different: strong, respecting of others, true to your beliefs and values — a host of many different things that caused your soul to stand among others who sing songs of harmony and peace. You stand among those who believe you can do anything if you believe.

    So, John. This is where we say you can see, if you wish, many ways the play succeeded. You can nominate yourself for a Tony, if you wish. You are just beautiful. Thank you for your participation.

    With Love,

    David and The Divine Ones


    This is the end. The end of the first part of your journey. We see you’ve been taking time to go places, but we see you’ve forgotten the most important part that’s needed. It’s a pendulum. Yes, a pendulum. Why do we see you need one? Because in order for you to go here or there, you need to see whether the place you choose is healthy, happy, or dull and boring. So, go to the nearest apothecary and pick up a dear ol’ pendulum for yourself.

    We see you’re stunned. No, confused. Why? We’re suggesting you figure out how to navigate through storms with tools that bring comfort, joy, peace, a will to not overlook things, and also comfort in seeing that what’s before you is real. You should see that we put tools before you so you can achieve maximum certainty.

    Huh? What? You say we’re misleading you? Well, we did, and we will if you ask us to show the way to certain outcomes. What’s this? A rebel? The rebel speaks. Please come forward. We see you are just about to be in the face of the mighty, great warrior, Michael. Is this about trust? Do you know you are asking for trouble when you see we want to confuse or mislead you? And then again, we do this so you’ll see more between the lines.

    OK. Let’s talk. Pendulums aside, please. We forgive you for taking out your anger here. It’s time to talk. The first piece of information that we wish to relate is about feelings of control. Do you know it’s illusory? An illusion, at best. Take care to know you are going to see many ones who love to think they control all and think that the control is a possession. There’s the Controller who sees the world as one that can change for him/her with a wave of his/her hand. Blink. Done. Changed through me — my acts of will.

    So, the Controller is here and the Controlled Ones also come, too, with the picture. Controlled Ones see themselves as dutiful creatures who bask in others’ pure glory of perfection, domination, stupid glances, and arrested development. We need Controlled Ones for Controllers to control. (smiles)

    Have we gotten you to a place that’s confusing? So, have we? All the time we choose this method of enhancing your wits, (smiles) we take time to let you down gently. We see it’s for your own good. Try to see the bright side. It we give it to you straight, you’d cry. You’d ask, “Why’d you do this? It was easy. Make me think a little, why don’tcha?”

    The earlier you get this, the better off you’ll be. You can try to figure, but we’ll make you figure more. It’s part of our helping you grow, change, adapt, shift. Grow and be merry!(smiles)

    This is where it’s time to catch a breath. Do you notice how you’re eventually going to be able to sit, listen, learn, be? Do you think we have a plan? The plan changes, yet we have one. It’s part of the agreement you made before you came here. You showed the way and we came back with more. It was/is a work in progress. How about the times you asked what you could do to see more, know more, learn and grow til it was about time to lie down and nap? Exhausted? We see this. You can rest assured (smiles) that the moral of the story is, “Be careful what you wish for.” For when you ask, we will deliver, and you get to find more pieces to fill in the puzzle — on your own.

    So, it’s not to figure. To figure is neat when you are traveling and need to figure how long one gets to sit and listen to mother talk about her dress shopping before arriving at your destination.

    We figure you are figuring that figuring is almost a bad word. It’s when you figure that you dis-figure. Hmmm. Dis-figure means to work through til it’s undone and wrong. How do you know when to figure and when to allow? Just do the math (figures…) “If one gives you lemons, count them.” No. Trust they are perfect and leave them to be yellow, shiny, aromatic, and pretty to look at.

    So, can you do this? Can you take care to let the world go, losing yourself in more than thought and instinct? Can you go there, lost, to come out new, knowing that the world still has four sides? (laughter) We see it’s not funny if you’ve searched and come up with conclusions that are incongruent. If you go be lost and return with memories, ideas that stick and make sense, we say, “Good job.” If you return confused, just as lost as before you left journeying, we say, “Go again, procede til you’ve got a handle on this.”

    The first part is getting to where you have told yourself to allow others to figure things out if you cannot. Also, to see you can be normal, complete, whole, sturdy, when you aren’t sure. Also, to remind yourself it’s too bad if others see that you’re on the path and they would like to see you off, over, under, within, instead of on.

    Before you dis-en-figure your ways, please be sure to look both ways. You may need more than a walk across the street once. It takes practice if you’ve not done this before. Trust it will work. Trust all will unfold Divinely.

    The part you’ll need to address, as well, is when one comes to you and asks you to figure and guess and wonder, too. If you go, you will get caught — caught in tangles, webs, journeys that embitter, embroil. Take moments to consider whether this is needed now. Don’t consider why. Just ask when, how, what, who. The “why” is the killer. It’s the one word that will stick you til you bleed tears.

    So, have we told you more about what you do if you be and allow? We have told you more, but this is EVEN more. What about allowing negative to flow so you are one with
    All That Is? Does this sound correct? No. So, if you were allowing, we would say allow good, not bad feelings. Bad is bad for you in ways that are diminishing — diminishing to your body, spirit, Temple on High. If you can imagine birthing gems, this would be what we wish for you — not giving wretch-ups, instead.

    The most important part to remember is that we love you and wish you all the happiness on your journey. If the sweetness becomes sour, bitter, fruitless or there are unaccounted messages of harm, doom, loathing, then you need to find help. If the help is positive, you’ll move to a place of genuine comfort in not knowing what is happening at that moment in time. If you see you are reeling, stop. Just hold up on the brake. Shift to neutral. All will shift, too. Neutral’s fine. (smiles)

    So, continue journeying. Pendulum needed when figuring is necessary, not desired. You see? You’ll get this. It works, so work it!


    From The (Divine) Ones, David, too


    Greetings David and Friends 🙂 . I’m afraid the only place’s I’ve been going is the Hospital 4 times in the last five weeks with kidney stones, gets expensive riding in the ambulance’s, never mind the pain and I drop off the end of the world for those to far away for me to contact when I dissappear like that. And yes I do get a little grumpy. And Yes your confusing me (a little ) . I’m not interested in the petty going’s on of people who wish to run or be runned by others ,thats not my way. I,m not worried about what I wish for as I have no control over that; you know ….peace on earth;all people loving each other,etc. It’s hard to let things be when I’m intrenched in it; its like being a 3d human…its what you are,,,for a reason so I figure lets be good to each other and ride this train together but thats not what were here for ;right now. 😉 Some people as Zingdad have worked hard and learned much about the spirit world and have become teachers and helpers but my path is different, I’m the hunter,the seeker,the student and am learning things the hard way. I’ll admit my life is difficult but at least I’ve gotten to live one! I so much hurt for the inocent children of this wrold as children are truly the innocent and have not been jaded yet by this 3d recreational camp. So I leave you with Peace and Love and yes you did confuse me 🙂



    We are about the first of many “group-beings” who will confuse you. You are the first one who says that we confuse, OK? So, we delight that we are tested by the John of Ark, or shall we say Almighty John of Legendary Acts. (smiles) This time, we’ll say that the words put forth through Joanie were about more than the writing. It was about figuring. Figuring is all that she can do when she’s rutted. “Rutted” or stuck in a rut. We had figured she would figure that the figuring didn’t help, but she figured we’d figure out a way to figure something for her. It took trials to get it. Now she got it and is very much on top of her game.

    When figuring works, it feels fluid and smooth to touch, taste, hear, sense all around. You, John, figure when you are lost or confused. When it’s time to figure out what to do, you do it.

    So, we say this piece is about knowing when to figure out how or what versus why something happens. If you’d like, we’d take you through an exercise that might help you figure whether you do the same as what Joanie did before she “got it.” She took pains to get to where she is now. Do you wish to learn more about this? It’s better to do this when you feel healthy and spry. If you are tired, you will have greater difficulty figuring what we’re saying.

    We want to see you are taking care and resting when you can. Please ask the angels for help with all your concerns. They wait and are ready to assist you, John, brother of men, dutiful friend and warm companion to all who dwell within the space you occupy. Please trust the ones who give you daily repetition of silence, for they love you and wish you all that life offers you. Who are these silent ones? The ones who are unknown to you and love you, despite your knowing them. They are in your life — your world — and love is part of the fabric of humanity. So, when you are ill, remember the ones who silently love you and remember that Earth loves you, too.

    Love, The Ones Who Give Back Terrific Moments So You Will Cherish The Best, For The Other Not-So-Good Times Are To Be Spent Without Thought

    David and The Divine Ones


    Confusion is a way of life for me 😉 so confuse on as I’ll unconfuse it eventually! First time for me to come in first, Yaaa. 😀 As for figureing things out; that is an eventuality for me or maybe even an event 😉 . I have a short story I would like to tell you as I mentioned not to long ago to Zingdad. During the last five weeks of my trial with Kidney Stones and Fibermyalgia (pain,lots of it) about a week and a half ago I couldnt handle it any more and reached out asking for help (well, Begging) something amazing happened to me (amazing because I realized;understood it for real this time) ,I was visited by some spirits while I lay on my bed in state of half awake and half asleep. I remember little of it but I KNOW it happened. My mental anxiety completely cleared up and some of my pain. it was like a mericle; I feel happy besides the remaining pain and I remember some of what happened. I am extatic about it and thank those who saw my need and stepped in.
    As for Your offer I would love to do that but I dont know if I am well enough to put the consentration into such a thing. You decide, I’ll realize 🙂 .
    ThankYou for All
    P.S. Mother Earth is my Friend; I love her forest and the feel of the wind, to listen to the rustle of the leaves in nature; it’s marvelous.


    We are happy that you are better. We are thrilled you had assistance from our helpers here who cater to those who ask for help. You are about the first person here to be thrilled with an outcome that is so very positive and miraculous. We feel you can appreciate the wonders as they occur daily, for when you see, you know. You can see that the outcome was more than true belief that the way you operate is merely through exercise. If you see you can think without time, then you are ready to start doing more and more that can help you. If you try to imagine yourself here, then think this. Think you are here with us, yet you have the body. The body is fast, quick to heal, so imagine you are here healing it. This is what we suggest. If you take a moment to do this, to think as we do, then you can heal. Heal the ills residing in you. So, take time to sit. Imagine you are here. When the moon is high, it is more powerful for healing. If you choose to sit when this is occurring, you will feel grand luminescence in your soul. Take the Light, use it to light your body. Flare up the core and use it as a tool for brightening you, just to quicken the healing that your body is able to do.

    When we walk, we also talk. So, talk while you sit. Tell yourself you are truly healing. Tell each cell it’s loved and that the Others love them, too. Yes, we love the body as it is a a part of us, since we are part of them. Together, we are One with All That Is.

    It is truly the most beautiful thing one can do, and this is to heal oneself. If one can imagine this, they are Masters. Masters of the very type who can be with themselves, talk and run back to where the problem first originated, and let go. Let go and receive Light, Love, assistance from us. If you believe we are here, you can believe you can heal yourself. Try to see whether you have enough strength to do this exercise. If you are tired or in pain, do not attempt this. It works best at times when you are strong and alert.

    We see you wonder why we tell you this, John. We are here to advise that you are able to do more than what you believe you can do. If this is something you want, try to get this, as it is part of your birthright. Yes, birthright. You have the ability, the gift, to take control and take the things out and move things in if you wish. If you want to go to a new place, try our method. See if you are able to do more than what already has occurred with regard to your health issues.

    So, if we have told this to you before, we apologize. We feel you are able to do this and we wanted to share insights so you can grow, shift, make positive change in your life.

    Take the time needed and see. Just let us know whether you are able to visualize a well John.

    That’s all. Good luck. Good tidings.

    Love, from The (Divine) Ones, plus David, too (smiles)

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