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    Hi all, well first thing this morning I printed off chapt 9 and brought it with me while kids were doing swim team… Soaked it up with much enjoyment… I laughed the hardest over you Zingdad thinking you could be deluded!! 🙂 you certainly are not!! and the talk about being delusional. I guess we all here could be classed that way if we were to openly tell people what we feel to be the truth. Speaking of sharing stuff I am actually in a small group that gathers twice a month and discusses similar things with a MINISTER – yes a religious man of faith. He is very cool and pretty open minded. It is a great group as there is no judgement just openness. This minister oversees many churches in the area/ He senses a problem within churches.. – separatism… If anything it is opening his mind to other possibilities. Its all FUN!! I am sure we freak him out at times!
    Anywat, got to run here. Thank you Zingdad for sharing your fear of doubt and discussion with 8. LOVED IT ALL!!! I cherish all that you are so generously sharing here.

    Yours Mystically

    Jilly 🙂


    Thank you Zingdad and others for the warm welcome in this forum.
    I just read Chapter 9. And can’t wait for the ones to come. This book is really great.
    And of course the aspect of doubt was an important one – and very wisely dealt with.

    Love to all


    Hi Zingdad,

    Chapter 9 is just great, I just got goosebumps and almost tears in my eyes when I was reading this.
    This resonates with me so truly. 😆

    And 8 is right about the only way to not have fear is to look at it. 😮
    I remember my own fear of phones and speak to people I could not see. But then I got a job offer to be on
    a helpdesk. I decided to get head on with my fear and took the job in South-africa. And for doing that, this
    head on confrontation gave me a family. And now by reading this chapter I am understanding now how you can turn
    this fear around into something positive.

    I also was thinking about the question 8 was asking. What if the singularity event will never happen?
    And before I read on I was thinking: if it wil never happen , I just will go on and try to find answers and
    go deeper untill I find the experience with the divine one. I will not let fear debilitating myself. 😉

    I think Zingdad your were doubting yourself because you were thinking about how the others would think about
    it. And 8 is right, it is our own way to go, and relly only on yourself and your inner truths and don’t
    try to get validation from others. That is a lesson that I also got in this lifetime.

    So now I look at uncertainty as a journey to the fantastic world that is outside. I also notice by reading
    this Ascension papers I more think/feel with my heart and less with my mind. Also when I first began to
    read your Ascension papers, I felt my heart was leaping with joy and truthfulness of what your are writing.
    I felt I finely found what I was looking for and that in a way , I was (kinda) home. 💡

    Your writings means a lot for me and really want to co-create this wonderful experience. And every word I am
    reading, and everytime I go out there on the internet and… go in to myself to find truth, I feel more alive.
    Sometimes when I read something that really resonates with me , I feel myself glowing up, if feel energy and
    love coming out of me, and feel a lot like a beacon.

    I love everyone in this world and beyond and… wish you all an internety of light and love. 😀


    Thank you, Zingdad. I very much enjoyed reading Chapter Nine. Like all your writings thus far, I continue to feel a very strong resonance with the questions and answers. My wish for you (and for all of us) is that the chapters continue to flow with ease.




    Well about 2 weeks ago i managed to read 4 chapters in a row, now back from france i have read it to the end…. and wow… 8 ball eh! ha… he made me laugh and i thought “what a steam roller”!! but the second thing i thought was he reminded me of Bashar then afterwards i noticed Dan already mentioned him, funny that.

    I can only say that everything within the papers resonate with my beliefs and it has taken me hours to read it back to back, i couldn’t stop (my poor eyes)

    I really dont want to get over excited and say HOORAY FOR EVERYTHING i will be very British and say… jolly good show.

    Betweeen the Renegades the 9s the 8 the Joys the Adamu’s and the Anica’s….and everyone else on here… well i am staring to feel spoiled.

    I am truly grateful

    Zingdad keeping going man, and love to all.

    P.s remind J-D of his compromise regarding a new conversation on“other frames of reality” 😉 ….. seriously i cant wait 😎 😀


    Hi zingdad,

    I just wanted to say that I mentioned your Ascension papers on my blog: http://lisasgeomagic.blogspot.com/

    Wish you and everyone internal light and love


    “Your Inner Truth will set you free”


    1.Fear of people in power- powerlesness
    2.Fear of losing-lack -getting robbed ,losing money, death of loved one.
    3.Fear of nothing after death.

    I still get twinges of every one of these to some extent, even though I have been working with this concept for 20 years.. changing beliefs from ones that have been controlled by fear for what feel I have had to deal with for many lifetimes!

    The idea that all these lifetimes are happening simultaneously ..It helps that there is no ‘re’ to incarnation.. The One is. 😀

    It helps because you can help heal your fears in other focuses other than this one they in turn heal your fears in this one. The point of power is in the present.

    In one spacious moment you can heal many fears… then move on to find more beliefs inside that need a touch of unconditional love from yours truly. 😉

    I could ramble on for ever about fear.. I better spread it out over several posts.. hehe

    @multi (on another forum) wrote:

    Fear isn’t evil either.. due to ideas and assertions of the the 3 major Abrahamic religions for many centuries and a general mismanagement of our emotional tools that get us all from point A to point B,fear has become the the predominant emotion … it and it’s associated emotions get top billing when dealing with any situation , person or event. Many positive attributes like courage and compassion are often so tainted by fear, they have seemed to become confused distorted fallacies of themselves. Empathy and the true meaning has been ignored because unconditional love is not the prime emotive force, fear is.

    Meat consumption and television , the positive ionised oxygen, and a lifetime of beliefs about the world and ourselves that is seemingly ruled by the emotion of fear,to the point that it makes people sick. We can use it with aggression to ‘get things done’ ..but it is often applied in a negative way and creates the opposite-> ‘stagnation’…you can realise how really beneficial fear and aggression is when you unlock unconditional love from your hearts ,accept and apply that to the use of your fear. We would not be born without it. The fixed variable should be this love not fear…. that is the big issue. That is why society is the way it is.

    Great news for the churches and mosques.. they have been confusing and contorting fear in all its forms for your spiritual entertainment for many ,many generations. Meanwhile we as a species have forgotten much about how to create reality with out fear as the predominate force.

    Only the associated emotions of fear like,sorrow and anger,hate and jealousy ,greed and contempt get any real airplay. Love is a chained and shackled creature bound with conditions, locked in a cage of solid guilt. No light shines there.No Christ helps you free it.Only you can choose to lift the conditions and use love in discerning your beliefs, love and accept the polarised nature of this reality and your own human nature.


    Ok, I am going to ask, and it has been asked before and I still can’t work out if there is an answer.
    I have read the Ascension papers and absolutely loving it. A co worker is also reading it so it is great to have someone to bounce off.
    But I really can’t work out what happens to us Physically at the Singularity Point. I understand what happens on a mental, spiritual level and it truely is wonderful and I can’t wait for when it happens as I know the outcome will be right for me. And Zing did touch on it how we only get a sentence on the bad aspect but paragraphs on the good aspects.
    But a part of me I guess wants to know what happens to our physical bodies. Even if we do ascend higher than 3D.
    If we stay in 3D do we basically crumple to a heap on the floor. If we ascend do our physical bodies do the same thing? And then our souls pop up somewhere else?

    I am guessing this will no doubt bring about either a really complicated answer or the shortest answer in history or some may think – “Man, don’t you get it?”
    Well, maybe I don’t. Maybe I have to wait for more chapters to unfold. I am a part of the game unfolding on this forum for children and loved ones, and I am chomping at the bit.
    Does anyone have any specifics, I am hoping…….


    I think it’s a great question

    I can’t say I really know, there seems there will be a few ways we can manifest this.. a crystalline body or a light body or perhaps we do leave our 3D body in a crumpled heap and venture off as pure spirit bodies… it maybe only limited to what we believe we can create for ourselves.

    Myself, I like the idea of a crystal body but this maybe an aspect of creating a light body, all I can say at this time is I am hoping I can create something from the body I have left ( after 1/2 a century under the influence of the veil)

    I love crystals and the earth so I am creating ideas where I could go on to assist in a non physical earthly support system, I feel eating less meat at this time is helping to create a ‘lighter’ body.




    …what I am getting is that this whole planetary/ humanitary shift is unprecidented and we are doing something that is cutting edge…

    …even those that are helping on the other side are moment by moment sorting possiblities and probabilities and it’s anyone’s best guess…

    … in other words… it’s a crap shoot…

    …we are all co-createing a global dimensional shift…

    …we are a carbon base life form system at this time… as we increase in frequency modulation there are very educated guesses that we will not be dropping our bodies but transmuteing to a silica base life form… much more refined with many upgrades and improvements… but still very physical…

    …it would be retro to want to keep the old form…

    …but there is the free-will card…


    I have held crystallized DNA in a test tube in a biotech lab. It was like a strand of tiny white crystals on a silken thread. Our DNA structure is already crystalline, and resonance is triggering overtones of vibration. Perhaps that transmutes matter and the extra energy we pick up is released as the visually perceivable vibration of light? Like a lightbody emerges from within this carbon-based form, and base carbon is transmuted into a crystal that holds light.

    … just some Tuesday afternoon musings.


    Ok, in my own head I get it. But will post it here so it’s “out”.

    3 types: After ones individual Singularity Event (SE)

    1. Those that choose to come back to this 3D reality on “this planet – to fight it out, will die at the Earths Transition because simply they cannot ascend to 4D with Earth.

    2. Those that do ascend but will go ‘somewhere else” to some other reality or experience of “their choosing” depending on what they experience during “their SE”.

    3. Those that do return to 3D Earth in this reality as they have a contract to ride the transition with Earth to 4D to be “Keepers”.

    Now I just have to figure out what happens to the bodies of those in number 2 – which I feel will be me.

    I am also interested in the process that has been described as the “3 Leaving Points” when the God Light peaks. As it gets closer do we on this forum kind of keep a checklist (sorry – that probably didn’t come out the way I meant).

    Maybe in a way I am trying to work out what will happen to me, either 2 or 3 I am guessing……I am not sure if I fit the “profile of an Earth Keeper” but then the Job Description has not been presented in it’s fullest yet. I do have a genuine love for the earth but I am not sure if I could call myself what some people may describe as a” Greenie”. I would love to be but this reality does confine me somewhat…..


    Hi everyone

    My apologies for not being very present here.

    Syme, you ask a good question:

    @Syme wrote:

    a part of me I guess wants to know what happens to our physical bodies. Even if we do ascend higher than 3D.
    If we stay in 3D do we basically crumple to a heap on the floor. If we ascend do our physical bodies do the same thing? And then our souls pop up somewhere else?

    And then there are some good answers. Even though this isn’t addressed yet in The Ascension Papers – and it will still be – I can tell you right off that my answer for me right now is in exact agreement with Multi’s:

    @multi wrote:

    it maybe only limited to what we believe we can create for ourselves.

    What I am getting is that there is SOME degree of certainty about some of the things that could happen leading up to the Singularity Event. But after that… all bets are off because you will only be limited by your own desires and imagination. You see the Singularity Event, by it’s very nature, is an opportunity to wake up, to shake-up, to re-think, to re-create. Who on earth could possibly guess what we will decide to do with ourselves after such a deeply transformative experience? I guess you are the only one that could even begin to decide for yourself! Each of us is unique and each of us will choose something different. Some of us will agree, of course, to co-create something and that is one of the functions of the Ascension Papers. As it unfolds so it will become an invitation. J-D and the rest of my family are busy creating a a reality. But the game is more fun if there are more players. So we are issuing an invitation. As The Ascension Papers unfold so you are going to be able to get more and more of an idea of what we have in mind. And you are going to have the opportunity to make input into the grand design. Then – those of us that have chosen it – can go play inside that reality after the Singularity. So that is one outcome busy shaping up. If you become observant you might start to discern other invitations being issued. Most are not as candid as we are being in The Ascension Papers. Most are saying “this is the way it will be” and if you get sucked into that and agree with them then you are implicitly accepting their invitation. Which is pretty unethical of the “higher” beings involved but, hey, no one makes a victim of you without you agreeing to it. So that’s also happening. But the point is there is a HUGE amount of possible outcomes for each person and, as Will put it:
    @Will wrote:

    …what I am getting is that this whole planetary/ humanitary shift is unprecidented and we are doing something that is cutting edge…

    I concur completely with that. We are doing something utterly new. All manner of beings from other planets, from other galaxies, from other universes and indeed from other whole realities have gathered here to observe and sometimes even to take part to see how this is done. Doing what we’re doing here is all new, new, new! So no one really knows exactly how each being will experience it or what the details of the process will be. But there is something I know: The greater outcome has been set. It is to be the most delightful possible outcome for all involved which facilitates their exit from the game. That means magically happy surprises all along the way. And when you understand how the Bright Ones create then you’ll understand that they don’t need to know HOW to get the outcome they want… they only need to agree what the outcome should be. Then they play with their reality until they get it. They have infinite resources and infinite time and unending creative ability so they ALWAYS get what they want in the end. I’m talking about the folks at the top of the ladder now – the ones who are above and beyond any concept of duality and enemies and such silliness. At that level we all want the same thing. We are in unity and agreement. Now they (we) just need to pull it off. And they (we) will. But how the details will play out… that is to be determined. And we down here at the”coal face” are each totally a part of that process.

    So, yes, pretty much anything is possible. I know many folks will want to shed their bodies and return to spirit. Their bodies will be too “heavy” due the relationship they have had with it. So their experience will be the analogue of “dying”. I personally won’t be doing that. I love and respect my body far to much for that and that choice isn’t right for me. I will be re-resonating my body to light… same as I remember them doing in Lyra (I describe that in my “first life” story in the intro chapter). I will then, in Light Body form, be able to re-manifest a body at will. Which I will do. I will re-manifest back on earth and then travel with Gaia into a higher dimensional reality. But then I will also be aware of myself as a multi-dimensional being who is also engaged in other expressions elsewhere (though I can’t really imagine what that will be like with my current frame of reference). So that’s me. Others will do other stuff. For example, I know quite a number of folks are going to get an “airlift” home. 🙂 What I mean here is that there are a lot of “wanderers” on earth who very much belong “at home” on some other planet in some other star system. They will get to go home.

    I cannot possibly tell how many other permutations there might be and what folks will choose come the final event. It’ll depend to a great degree on how much “awakening” happens between now and then, I think.

    There will, of course, be those that remain FIRMLY undecided. Those that, despite all promptings to awaken and to choose a polarity, simply keep choosing for “no choice”. That’s valid too. They will, I believe, get to go to another planetary reality in the 3rd Density again. And here is something quite interesting: Time, you may or may not know, is circular. These people actually begin again at the “beginning” of time. They are then the very earliest civilisation at 3D! They come from earth and yet, at the same time they are also a civilisation that lived on a planet somewhere far away in the galaxy some billions of years ago! Which is a pretty wild thought. So they start again and ascend when they are ready. And here is the NEXT funky realisation. The moment they DO ascend they are already there with us who ascend now at the Singularity event. You see, when you leave “time” you are outside of it. If you leave time now and I only do so in a million years then we are, both of us, outside of time NOW. No-one before or after the other.

    Mind-boggling, huh?

    I don’t know if I have explained myself properly these are strange concepts and I only half-understand them myself to begin with. But this is what I have for now. We will deal with all this in greater detail later. And yeah… you are going to create your own answer to you own questions. We all are.


    …I don’t think you boggled quite enough…Z…

    …it comes through very plain…

    …on thing to remember when you start to get concerned about …” is my family getting separated”… etc…

    …is that our conscious thinking level does not have the full picture… that a part of ourselves *knows* what is happening…

    …the fearful part is our little self…

    …I flashed on The Wizard of Oz when you spoke of your friends getting the airlift home… and Dorothy clicking the heels of her Ruby Slippers…

    …”there’s no place like Home… there’s no place like Home”…

    …at a certain level of Soul Growth… Everywhere is Home…



    Wow, Zingdad, I’m just getting around to reading your last post, and I say you are hitting the bullseye with some powerful wisdom. Understanding the powers of gestalts is key to creative abilities, and you are explaining that nicely. The law that says like attracts like is shown clearly by folks getting together around ideas and creations that become empowered by the gestalt involved. (Anyone who has played music with others knows about this one!) And that same dynamic can draw folks into accepting others’ beliefs without them being based in personal experience, with entire civilizations (or heavens) being established around them, as we’ve seen played out on Earth. With more freedom, we’ll see many reaching out for the nearest support to catch their new balance. Rather than having structures such as predicted futures and divined procedures of a controlled reality, I’d say the beauty of the unfolding event we are sharing is the support structure set up to accommodate new freedoms and the unlimited possibilities of an infinity (and in infinity, all possibilities are eventualities). Although this has always been the case, as you know from your relationship with J-D, it is apparent that the Veil is thin enough to make this unfolding accumulate speed as it reveals the multitude of support available. We are in the era of transparency, as many have concluded. With new freedoms and perceptions, fear will be ended more quickly – the light is growing stronger, which is what thins the Veil and makes folks recognize the transparency. But this means the fear has to come up – deep seated fear is rising as the energy increases. Old karma being dealt with, and many are having fears about all kinds of things – even the rising light. But this fear can be seen to be burning off quickly – the swine flu scare isn’t taking off even with full efforts by all the media and authorities, as an example. The support for the “tellers of the way it is” has dropped considerably by their own polls, and people are standing up to look further. Who hasn’t heard about the Ascension one way or another? Who hasn’t had to consider that the president lied to create war? Space ships are in the news one way or another more and more. It’s wake up time, and what’s needed is a nice warm greeting by those who are already awake – a nice, clear view of what’s going on delivered by a sweet guy on colorful website open to the Universe saying “don’t worry about a thing…it’s time to get up and play.” Thank you for such astute wisdom to go along the writings!!

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