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    Darling SteveB 😀

    Listen, you write eloquent letters that address Adamu, but you realize that it is Zingdad who must exert the energy and time in order to channel a reply to these letters? You have certainly softened your stance and tone towards both Zingdad and Adamu, and this I very much appreciate, however, I would implore you to ask Adamu your questions yourself directly. Expend your own energy telepathing him yourself! I KNOW you can do it! We all can! Adamu will most probably make a concerted effort to channel you the proper info too because this is your intent and strong desire.

    Sit with an open document, hands on the keyboard. Breathe deeply …slowly and calm and clear your mind, balance your emotions and relax your body. Once you have done so then connect with Adamu by simply calling his name in your mind’s voice. Ask the questions you wish to have answered then just type the answers as they come. I suspect you type quickly enough so that this will not be very burdensome. Try it. I DARE you…no triple DOG dare you!! 😆 Ok, so I said that because sometimes it makes people do stuff coz ego says just DO IT! Prove you can! 😆

    Please try it, then let us know what you get. 😀

    Love all-ways,


    @Annu wrote:

    Hare Krishna
    You dont seems to understand the THING…

    It failed. It was like it will be visible for 3 days. I dont by that thing like you know I feel much energy around mee…
    This is to point to laugh if IF if DO NOT KNOW a b c spiritual understanding. Including Meyer and Wilkock.

    To pinch ONE or a FEW layers with something so called paranormal is nothing compering with A B C what Bhagavatam PURANA claims reveals etc. Look just what kind of being speaks there???

    They failed. No more this and that.PERIOD!


    Dear person, the THING is THIS: Everything is ALWAYS Perfect. You will do well to understand this concept.

    Sure its perfect BUT differance one; if I steal from you 10 dollars and repeat it any time you said its fine perfect where is your concept EVERYTHING/? You cant pay the bills and you have your concept of univers to comfor you insted. Is this your philosphy/??? Sure not. Couse you JUST do not know a b c Bhagavd Gita As It Is>>> Karma what is that?Time? Nature? Soul? Super soul? Reincarnation?<<< Answer said by Person/Sri Krishna( BHG GITA in 11;11verse method of improving what the GOD is so that any other one who claim IT must made the same proof as HE ) who MADE UP THESE CONCEPTS in first place which ADAMU uses and all out there.
    DOnt you think STRANGE to use words like karma reincarnation yoga telepathy etc without asking yourself WHO invented all these WORDS????????? :geek:

    He even explained where these conversations started in the first place…go there and read for yourself. Mike Quincey and his shit ‘chennellings are usless. They failed they have been in the hands of demonic entities for a long time undcovered in disgys. Wake up Zingdad.

    Read Bhagavatam Purana right NOW see for your self how really goes in Univers. You can find ALL subordination…

    Bill Meyer too said that many chennelers are shitzofrenics and possesd humans…

    Please refrain from pushing your DOGMA on our forums. DOGMA is not TRUTH. Individual perception is. You may state your views, but realize that “demonic entities” are your perception alone.

    Not mine, and not many others.

    Now, WHO are you? Someone I should trust for giving nice words on forum or be with DISCRIMINATORY set of mind to be able to choos what good what bad is…Listen young Lady dont give me lecture here! Try to refute logicaly arguments if can if not dont encourige deception!

    Philosphy without Religion is sentiment speculation of MIND while Religion ( western term NOT Sanskrit one which means DUTY or Dharma )without Phil. is Dogma or Fundamentalisam.
    Knowledge behind Puranas is Science. Which kind of ? Transcendental Science thats what the word Veda means in first place.

    Insted you should refrain from ‘YOUR forum’ like fals ego expresion…Thats not what your Univers teaches youisnt it?

    You may decide for yourself to believe or disbelieve in a channelers messages, but do not assume that this is the perception of others.

    Perceprtion differs from point where you are observing. If you stay low you will not see much what is high…Secondly amount of acumulating knowledge and even more REALISATION of it!

    You do not hold the truth for others. Please watch your tone and find a centered balance and unconditional love for All that Is which encompasses all beings in all stages on the path home to Love.

    Truly speaking. When doctor sees illnes he prescribed medicin according to SITUATION! So I am try to shake up some digit home setllers brains infront PC who are becoming more and more decived by OBVIOUS falacy of prophecy.Go to quincey prophecy chennelings se for your self>>>> no word from HIS SALUSA about why NOT ship is coming down<<<< He can cheat some cheap people without a b c understandings ( all books from Srila Prabhupada couse they are chennelled by Sri Krishna as he told many times )but not me. You will do well to consider this if you wish to continue posting in the Comm-Unity of Light. Please be a part of the Universal mind…not opposing to it. Perhaps it is YOU who should go and read Bhagavatam Purana, as it clearly states this of perception within it’s pages. Ignorance is not godliness brother. Wake up yourself, as it is you who acts in separatism to the whole, thereby degenerating your own code of living with hypocrisy and unrighteous indignation. Again, if Hitlers come here and says we Nazi are the best you there would be killed; I would use discriminatory set of ability to refute his argumetnts and make decision according to situation. But just for you sweet sister here what bhagavad gita speaks, just litlle bit of it…to understand what goodness ignorance and passion are… Chapter 14. The Three Modes Of Material Nature Chapter 14, Verse 1.
    The Blessed Lord said: Again I shall declare to you this supreme wisdom, the best of all knowledge, knowing which all the sages have attained the supreme perfection.

    Chapter 14, Verse 2.
    By becoming fixed in this knowledge, one can attain to the transcendental nature, which is like My own nature. Thus established, one is not born at the time of creation nor disturbed at the time of dissolution.

    Chapter 14, Verse 3.
    The total material substance, called Brahman, is the source of birth, and it is that Brahman that I impregnate, making possible the births of all living beings, O son of Bharata.

    Chapter 14, Verse 4.
    It should be understood that all species of life, O son of Kunti, are made possible by birth in this material nature, and that I am the seed-giving father.

    Chapter 14, Verse 5.
    Material nature consists of the three modes–goodness, passion and ignorance. When the living entity comes in contact with nature, he becomes conditioned by these modes.

    Chapter 14, Verse 6.
    O sinless one, the mode of goodness being purer than the others, is illuminating, and it frees one from all sinful reactions. Those situated in that mode develop knowledge, but they become conditioned by the concept of happiness.

    Chapter 14, Verse 7.
    The mode of passion is born of unlimited desires and longings, O son of Kunti, and because of this one is bound to material fruitive activities.

    Chapter 14, Verse 8.
    O son of Bharata, the mode of ignorance causes the delusion of all living entities. The result of this mode is madness, indolence and sleep, which bind the conditioned soul.

    Chapter 14, Verse 9.
    The mode of goodness conditions one to happiness, passion conditions him to the fruits of action, and ignorance to madness.

    Chapter 14, Verse 10.
    Sometimes the mode of passion becomes prominent, defeating the mode of goodness, O son of Bharata. And sometimes the mode of goodness defeats passion, and at other times the mode of ignorance defeats goodness and passion. In this way there is always competition for supremacy.

    Chapter 14, Verse 11.
    The manifestations of the mode of goodness can be experienced when all the gates of the body are illuminated by knowledge.

    Chapter 14, Verse 12.
    O chief of the Bharatas, when there is an increase in the mode of passion, the symptoms of great attachment, uncontrollable desire, hankering, and intense endeavor develop.

    Chapter 14, Verse 13.
    O son of Kuru, when there is an increase in the mode of ignorance, madness, illusion, inertia and darkness are manifested.

    Chapter 14, Verse 14.
    When one dies in the mode of goodness, he attains to the pure higher planets.

    Chapter 14, Verse 15.
    When one dies in the mode of passion, he takes birth among those engaged in fruitive activities; and when he dies in the mode of ignorance, he takes birth in the animal kingdom.

    Chapter 14, Verse 16.
    By acting in the mode of goodness, one becomes purified. Works done in the mode of passion result in distress, and actions performed in the mode of ignorance result in foolishness.

    Chapter 14, Verse 17.
    From the mode of goodness, real knowledge develops; from the mode of passion, greed develops; and from the mode of ignorance, foolishness, madness and illusion develop.

    Chapter 14, Verse 18.
    Those situated in the mode of goodness gradually go upward to the higher planets; those in the mode of passion live on the earthly planets; and those in the mode of ignorance go down to the hellish worlds.

    Chapter 14, Verse 19.
    When you see that there is nothing beyond these modes of nature in all activities and that the Supreme Lord is transcendental to all these modes, then you can know My spiritual nature.

    Chapter 14, Verse 20.
    When the embodied being is able to transcend these three modes, he can become free from birth, death, old age and their distresses and can enjoy nectar even in this life.

    Chapter 14, Verse 21.
    Arjuna inquired: O my Lord, by what symptoms is one known who is transcendental to those modes? What is his behavior? And how does he transcend the modes of nature?

    Chapter 14, Verse 22-25.
    The Blessed Lord said: He who does not hate illumination, attachment and delusion when they are present, nor longs for them when they disappear; who is seated like one unconcerned, being situated beyond these material reactions of the modes of nature, who remains firm, knowing that the modes alone are active; who regards alike pleasure and pain, and looks on a clod, a stone and a piece of gold with an equal eye; who is wise and holds praise and blame to be the same; who is unchanged in honor and dishonor, who treats friend and foe alike, who has abandoned all fruitive undertakings–such a man is said to have transcended the modes of nature.

    Chapter 14, Verse 26.
    One who engages in full devotional service, who does not fall down in any circumstance, at once transcends the modes of material nature and thus comes to the level of Brahman.

    Chapter 14, Verse 27.
    And I am the basis of the impersonal Brahman, which is the constitutional position of ultimate happiness, and which is immortal, imperishable and eternal.

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    Peace & Love to you on your path forward,


    …books are fine…

    …but they should merely point to the Truth that we All have within…

    …the lesson is to re-member the diety in all of us…

    …I respect the sacred scriptures of the Hindhu religion…
    …this is but one facet of the gem that is Knowledge…

    …thank you for bringing these truths to our attention…

    …however , I *feel* the tension of the “bully pulpit”…

    …tell me that I am wrong …



    Different paths to realization are prescribed by the three Vedas, by the Sanhkya, Yoga, and Shaiva doctrines, and by the Vaishnava shastras. People follow different paths, straight or crooked, considering one best or most appropriate for their temperament, but all paths lead to Consciousness, just as different rivers flow into the same ocean. — Siva Mahimnah Stotram

    We’re getting a little off-topic here… we could split this into a separate thread, but it would very likely make an interesting seed of a question, should you have one for Zingdad or Adamu. It’s always good to have another perspective on the truth, don’t you think? I find it clarifies a lot of things, beyond the simple question at hand.

    We can all agree that we each hold the truth, like a branch of a tree.
    Please don’t hit anyone with the branch you’re holding.


    @Rumi wrote:

    I searched for God among the Christians and on the Cross and therein I found Him not.
    I went into the ancient temples of idolatry; no trace of Him was there.
    I entered the mountain cave of Hira and then went as far as Qandhar but God I found not.
    With set purpose I fared to the summit of Mount Caucasus and found there only ‘anqa’s habitation.
    Then I directed my search to the Kaaba, the resort of old and young; God was not there even.
    Turning to philosophy I inquired about him from ibn Sina but found Him not within his range.
    I fared then to the scene of the Prophet’s experience of a great divine manifestation only a “two bow-lengths’ distance from him” but God was not there even in that exalted court.
    Finally, I looked into my own heart and there I saw Him; He was nowhere else.

    @HariBoL wrote:

    Sure its perfect BUT differance one; if I steal from you 10 dollars and repeat it any time you said its fine perfect where is your concept EVERYTHING/? You cant pay the bills and you have your concept of univers to comfor you insted. Is this your philosphy/??? Sure not. Couse you JUST do not know a b c Bhagavd Gita As It Is>>> Karma what is that?Time? Nature? Soul? Super soul? Reincarnation?<<<

    Still missing it Hari. There is always a much larger picture. It’s perfect in your given example as well. If you steal 10$ from me, then perhaps you need it more. You get the energy of my money, but you take energy from me therefore energy shall be taken from you as well at some point in balance. You end up poorer then when you started my friend, because you took from the Universal Mind (you stole from yourself as we are all ONE) and did not return Love to the One. I end up richer due to my understanding of perfection, you end up richer for the lesson you learn in greater unity. We all get perfectly what we need, and perfectly what we don’t need. The bills are not important…they will get paid eventually. The lesson is much greater then the turmoil given to learn it….or is the turmoil given greater then the lesson? Either way….I stand by my statement: Everything is ALWAYS perfect.

    @Rumi wrote:


    Even when you tear its petals off one after another,
    the rose keeps laughing and doesn’t bend in pain.
    “Why should I be afflicted because of a thorn?
    It is the thorn which taught me how to laugh.”
    Whatever you lost through fate,
    be certain that it saved you from pain.
    A Sheikh was asked: “What is Sufism?”
    He said: “To feel joy in the heart when sorrow appears.”

    You see how even in pain and suffering, all things are perfect? “it is the thorn that taught me how to laugh” “To feel joy in the heart when sorrow appears” This is when lessons… become greater understandings.

    who MADE UP THESE CONCEPTS in first place which ADAMU uses and all out there.

    The concepts where always there…someone just labeled them….the concepts are greater then any dogmatic labelling….nobody created these concepts, however many share their meaning. Universal truths are like this….shared by the ALL. One should not put all their faith and belief in one dogmatic lesson, but find the lesson in their own path forward with illumination of the hearts knowledge.

    Now, WHO are you? Someone I should trust for giving nice words on forum or be with DISCRIMINATORY set of mind to be able to choos what good what bad is…Listen young Lady dont give me lecture here! Try to refute logicaly arguments if can if not dont encourige deception!

    I AM. This is our website, literally I own it, figuratively you own it. I simply ask you to respect others viewpoints as you only hold your own truth, not that of others. NO, you should not trust me, nor should you trust any religion or words outside of your own heart. Your truth is within your own heart. My truth is within mine. There is no lecture sweet person, only a perspective offered. There is no encouraging deception, rather, encouragement to allow others their lessons in discernment of channeled messages for themselves. It is not for you or I to judge the lessons or painful circumstances required by others…you only own your own experience and may NOT stake a claim to the experiences of others… find balance in your hearts understanding of unconditional love.



    You have right Annu it is exactly this way if you it says.




    …WORD !…


    Did you read Bhagavatam Purana on your own Haribol or were you introduced to this teaching by a Master?
    If you have a Master , could you please give me his name and a proof of your Master and Disciple relationship?
    Could it be the famous Angry yoga Master 👿 ?


    @opalescent wrote:


    Different paths to realization are prescribed by the three Vedas, by the Sanhkya, Yoga, and Shaiva doctrines, and by the Vaishnava shastras. People follow different paths, straight or crooked, considering one best or most appropriate for their temperament, but all paths lead to Consciousness, just as different rivers flow into the same ocean. — Siva Mahimnah Stotram

    We’re getting a little off-topic here… we could split this into a separate thread, but it would very likely make an interesting seed of a question, should you have one for Zingdad or Adamu. It’s always good to have another perspective on the truth, don’t you think? I find it clarifies a lot of things, beyond the simple question at hand.

    We can all agree that we each hold the truth, like a branch of a tree.
    Please don’t hit anyone with the branch you’re holding.

    i dont mean to be cheeky in any way, please forgive me… but the words…. pipe and put that in…. come to mind.

    love love and more light to your good selves 😀


    Oh wow, SteveB, I offer my appologies I have been somewhat otherwise engaged and did not see that you had sent Adamu and I each a letter. I checked in with Adamu and he is most willing to respond to you. As soon as I can block of the time to do this I will post it here. I am sorry if I was a little scratchy with you. I guess I was feeling just a little tender myself and I went to the defensive position far sooner than I normally would have. But things are moving forward at such a rapid pace (in my life anyway) that I now realise I should just have stayed the course a little longer. But that is all behind us. All I wanted to say is that a full reply from both myself and Adamu is forthcoming.

    Oh – and to the other forum members that leapt to my defence. I am touched by your kindness and loyalty to me. I really am. But I DO feel SteveB has the right to express himself as he has. I mean most of us felt our world view shift around this issue. No one likes to feel like they have been taken for a ride. So, Steve you’re okay with me. All of these interactions are an opportunity for growth and learning.


    Hi SteveB

    First a letter from me and then a letter from Adamu in the next post. I feel quite strongly motivated to share with you my story. I hope something in here will be meaningful to you or at least to some of the other forum members. I will tell my story in the context of answering you about my name: Zingdad.

    The thing is I am right now bestriding two different lives. I have one foot in my “old” life, which was the result of a boys dreams coming to fruition and I have another foot in my “new” life which is what I now dream for myself. I am just about done with the transition and will soon leave the old life behind. Now in the old life what I wanted was to be seen as “serious”. I wanted to be a big man in business. I wanted my own company. I wanted to be successful. I wanted to make lots of money. I wanted prestige and status and loads of ego polishing. I wanted to be the boss. And I pretty much got all that. As I grew from a boy to a man I succeeded in these ambitions and then found them to be not all they were cracked up to be. So I decided to grow from being a man into a mature spirit being. And I discovered some new goals. I recreated myself. I decided all that gumph about being serious and esteemed was just my attempt at getting everyone I met to look at me and go “oh my goodness what an awesome guy you are”. I wanted people to love me. And the reason for this is quite obviously that I didn’t love myself. Now, some people did respond with love. But it was never enough. It never made me feel okay in myself. Given that I have always been a spiritual person I was anyway on a particular path. It was really just perfect that I came to a place where I was ready to give up on the old and spring forth into the new. So after much metamorphosis a new being is now emerging. And who is the new me? I am someone that really knows who he is. That sees himself clearly. That has ceased to tell himself self-limiting lies. Someone that stands in his truth. That aspires always to his highest good. That loves himself greatly. And BECAUSE I love myself as I do I can, without hesitation, tell you that I love the whole world too. So what I seek to do, Steve, is to express love to everyone that would wish to receive it. And I am willing to receive love in return. Now people often get a bit squeamish about the word love. It has come to take on some rather warped connotations in our current society so I’ll give you some examples of how exactly I am wanting to express love. But in order to do that I need to tell you a very brief story.

    As I was awakening spiritually I found myself in some deep distress. I felt there was stuff I needed to know and understand in order to move forward. I needed to understand the causes of some deep pains in my psyche, how they came to be there and how I could find healing. Stuff like that. So I learned to talk to my spirit guide, a being of the most magnificent pure truth who (for some complicated reasons) I call “8”. HOW I learned to channel is a long story better left for another day. But it took me lots of time and buckets of sweat and tears before I had something that I trusted even in the slightest. But the process was good and the stuff I was getting was profoundly healing. So I continued with it. And in so doing I remembered a past life in which I was the protégé of the most amazing wise being. I decided to channel a discussion with him. To see if he remembered me and to see what had happened to him. Just a catch-up with an old friend, you understand. Well. The discussion that followed was one of the most moving experiences I had had up till then. I was just amazed by what I got from this guy. You see up to that point I had been perusing spirituality. I had not even given the whole UFO/ ET thing more than a cursory glance. It just wasn’t my bag. Certainly I had never encountered any of the exo-political writings that I now know exist. And here I was talking –in my own head – to someone that claimed to actually BE the Pleiadian civilization! I didn’t even know there WAS one at that point! The stories he told, man, they were just wild. On the one hand I was completely fascinated and absolutely loved what I was hearing and on the other I really suspected that I had very firmly and completely lost what remaining shreds of sanity remained. But it was really compelling so I kept talking to him. And at some point I went looking on the ‘net to see if anyone else had vaguely similar experiences and I can certainly say I was dazzled to find how much of what I had discovered was “known”. I will add that the perspective and context that I had gained was quite different from most of what was on the net… but the general gist was the same. So anyway, given that I had a different perspective I thought it might be nice to share that with people. Give them something different to think about. So I wrote up my first channeling of Adamu and very tentatively put it up on a forum. I was quite pleasantly surprised by the positive reception. And that is how that started. Since then I have grown and changed so much I am hardly the same being at all. It has been an interesting ride. And still I haven’t told you why “Zingdad”. Believe it or not, I’m getting there. You see I had to explain to you about the channelling or you wouldn’t understand the next part.

    I have always loved music with a great passion. But as a listener, not a performer. I tried as a child to learn to play the piano but gave up pretty soon for reasons of general laziness and lack of commitment. I decided I was better suited to managing a hi-fi than an instrument. Now, part of my current business includes an audio production studio. For the manufacture of radio advertisements and interviews and so forth. I had employed a sound-engineer to manage this facility. On the production computer he had loaded some really amazing software that allowed him to produce, with the aid of a keyboard, some really cool music. I was entranced! I couldn’t believe that one could produce all those sounds on just one machine. I decided to do something audacious. I decided I was going to learn to do this. So I got a copy of that software for myself with a keyboard and installed it on my computer at home. Well, the most amazing thing happened. I could instantly make music! It was just about effortless. As soon as I figured out some bit of the software I could make music with it! I just knew something incredible was going on here. So I took a break and spoke to my spirit guide (I was at this point getting very comfortable with the channeling thing already) and I asked what was going on. He explained that it is possible to channel much more than just words. I was discovering that I could channel music. It was coming through me from my higher self. Since I had worked so hard on “opening the portal” more of it was now available to me. Now I know that sounds pretty out there. I’m not sure I would believe it if someone else told me this. But it was my experience. My lady-love had gone away for the weekend on business. She left her non-musical guy on Thursday night. She arrived back on Sunday night to find a guy that had not only learned to use a the software but had produced a whole complete song! And it was pretty darn good, if I say so myself. She could not believe it. Our friends couldn’t believe it either. I had to show everyone how I did it or they thought I was just having them on. And SO: all these elements came together for me. My spirituality, my writing, my channellings, my music… all of it added up. I began to realize who it was that I wanted to be in the world. I wanted to be a person that expresses love to the whole world through music and thoughts which may be channeled or they may be just straight from my heart. But I decided that I no longer wanted to do anything that was about conflict and manipulation (as the business world always is). I am going to just express love. So now I am going to buy this huge piece of pristine forest. I am going to live there in a state of absolute harmony with nature. I am going to grow my own organic fruit and veg. And I am going to give the world my music and my writings as a gift of love. And I believe that the world will love me back enough that I will be able to sustain myself. And so you see Steve, I needed a name for that character that was going to express himself to the world in this way. The one I chose was obviously Zingdad. And you know, the very thing that offends you about the name, that it is so irreverent, is one of the things I like most about it. I personally do not want to be taken seriously. I am not about credibility. I very much do not want people to decide that I am a truth speaker and that they must therefore believe what flows from me. That is the opposite of what I want. If people want to read my words at all then I would like to ignite in their hearts a desire for them to find their own truth. I would want them to only ever trust their own hearts for what is true for them. You see Steve I don’t want to tell the world “look at me, I am amazing”. I already know I am amazing and so I don’t need to be told this by someone else. What I want to tell each and every person in the world is “look at YOU, YOU are amazing”. And that is what every single bit of what I do is geared at. In myriad and subtle ways that is what I am saying over and over. But you can’t just tell people this. They don’t believe it. You have to be prepared to play a little. And you can’t go out there saying “hey! I love YOU!” to everyone. That’s just creepy. So my own soul-essence comes to bear. I am really a very playful and joyful being. That is my style and who I really am. And so it would be completely inappropriate for me to present myself as anything other than that. And if I now decided to work up a persona and a pseudonym that was serious and heavy then I would directly be stepping out of my truth. I would fall straight into the ego trap which is a crappy thing when it happens to a channeller. I’ve seen it happen to a few. It screws everything up. So you see Steve. I actually insist that you do not take me seriously. I am not a truth speaker. I am more like a court jester. If you see truth coming out of my mouth then you must conclude it is because something I have said has resonated with your own heart. Not because I am some kind of authority figure. I mean no “Zingdad” could ever carry any authority, right? And that is where it is at. I am Zingdad. I am here to engage directly in the consciousness of this planet in the noble act of turning fear into love through the medium of joy. That’s what a Zingdad does.

    So I hope you now understand me a little better. You asked a very simple question and I just about gave you my whole life story. Because I wanted to. And I only ever do the things I want to.

    And now that you have MY story I shall go and get Adamu’s reply. Which, I must say, I am not asking you to believe. It is not believable because it comes from me. It is not believable because it comes from Adamu – after all it is only me that says it comes from him. And I very well might be utterly insane. Right? So it should only believable to you if you find inside yourself a resonance with it. I’m saying it’s only true for you IF YOU SAY IT IS. Trust yourself Steve. Trust your truth. Only by exercising your own truth can it get stronger!

    Thank you for reading my somewhat long winded story.

    with love and laughter

    Bigfeet E

    @Zingdad wrote:

    And you can’t go out there saying “hey! I love YOU!” to everyone. That’s just creepy.


    Zingdad wrote:
    And you can’t go out there saying “hey! I love YOU!” to everyone. That’s just creepy.

    …maybe that’s why I get those strange reactions… 😕 😕


    The bellow is a direct channelling from Adamu in response to SteveB’s letter to him:

    I greet you, my friend.

    You demand explanations and I am very happy to provide them. The time is right. My answer to you will be a message which will find a form that will go out to many more than just yourself. Because it is an important and timely message. I’m quite sure the answer I have for you will be quite unlike what you would have expected and I am not sure it will sit very comfortably with your current paradigm. But I believe it is none-the-less a message that you should hear. And irrespective of that it is my truth. Which is, in the final analysis, all I can offer.

    My friend. I shall like to start by telling you a little story which I think you shall enjoy. It goes like this: who do you think was the audience of the messages I passed through my young friend Zingdad? Many would like to pretend that it was only the oddball UFO-believing fringe element that looked at messages like this. Many would like to pretend that those who do believe in extraterrestrial life are a little unbalanced. Do you know why this is? It is quite simply because those that hold the reins of power on your planet know exactly how true it is. And they want to keep the knowledge out of the public domain. So they work to taint the whole subject with an air of the ridiculous. They manage to quite firmly insinuate in the public consciousness that only those that are a little peculiar in the head are interested in the subject. No serious person would give it a second glance, they aver. And as they are in control of the media, and as the media sets the agenda in your societies, so it has become. But the very oddest thing about all this is that the most “serious” people of all, the very people that have orchestrated this campaign of disbelief, are believers themselves! Yes, the power cabal members are themselves believers. Indeed they are more than believers, they are “knowers”. They know it is true that there exists extra-terrestrial intelligence and that it is here on your planet in space ships because over the years they have met with various members of different extra-terrestrial groups. And they have even chosen to enter into agreements with certain of these beings. They sought always more power, more leverage, more military tools and the extra-terrestrial group that promised such things was granted certain rights in exchange. The point of me telling all this again now is that it is then obvious that your earth cabal know that there are space beings “out there” in space ships. However, the group they have contractual agreements with is most certainly not a member of the Galactic Federation of Light! No member of our organization would act as these beings have. And it goes further. We have let these other space beings know in some very firm ways that they may not act with impunity. I am now telling you that we have curtailed their activities very sharply. We monitor their moves and we make very sure that they act within certain bounds. If they overstep and we catch them at it then there are consequences for them. You see, we are engaged in a very delicate operation in your planetary sphere. And there are others with other motivations also here. And these others have a rather uncomfortable alliance, but an alliance none-the-less, with your hidden leaders. And so the men of this power cabal know very well of our existence. And they know very well by now that we are a superior force to the one they have allied themselves with.

    Now. Put yourself in the shoes of the power cabal for a second. Just think it all through. Would you not very much want to know what we are planning? And if you or your operatives came across such things as the various channelings and so forth that go out… what would you make of them? I’ll tell you this… they certainly did look into this issue! Often quite heavy-handedly. Up to quite recently channellers and other people that got too close to the truth were silenced. Sometimes with threats and sometimes forcibly. And sometimes permanently. At first the cabal operators were quite confused. You see they could not understand how it could be that ordinary people living ordinary lives could be acquiring information such as this. Certainly there were too many facts that correctly corresponded with what they knew to be true – and had successfully hidden from the public – for this to be a fluke. So they visited such people trying to find out who they had spoken to. Who had “leaked”. They simply could not believe that all this could arrive in this “telepathic” form. But in time they had to admit it must be what was occurring. Totally uncontacted and unconnected people were somehow “in the know”. And they cabal operators also came to see the stupidity of their crass and heavy-handed measures. Each person that was silenced suddenly gained extra credibility. Suddenly their message was elevated. The reasoning is quite simple: If they shut you up it must be because you have hit a nerve. So it finally dawned upon them that this was counter-productive. And then some great Sherlock amongst them realized that they should actually allow this to continue because it was actually a source of intelligence for them. They were learning more about us via these channelings than they could get from their alliance partners. You see that alliance is so rotten with mistrust that it is near to worthless now. But anyway, instead of silencing the channellers they began to monitor them… absorb the “intel” that they could thus derive. They also hit on another sadly typical brainwave which was to put up their own channellers. They wanted to keep the real channels open but still muddy the waters with some other sources of information that were misleading. They planned to keep the people of earth confused and to find ways to keep discrediting the whole phenomenon. What they simply cannot get their heads around is why their channellers, who put out carefully planned and scripted material, just don’t seem to penetrate the planetary consciousness. It just won’t work. Maybe they’ll get it one day. Lies carry no light. It’s that simple. And light is its own motivator. Truths that need to be heard have wings. But I digress. All of this is really just to have you understand that any channelled messages from the Galactic Federation are not only absorbed by your earth cabal and their alliance partners but are indeed taken quite seriously by them. Can you see now that we are not just talking to beings like you? Can you see now that there are profound implications to what we might say – and not say? Can you see that we must be very careful about what we say? And that there might be some very good tactical reasons for saying something. Or for NOT saying something? Of course you can. A glimmering begins to appear, I am sure.

    And on that note I shall take a moment to say a quick hello to any members of the loyal opposition that have gotten this far: “Hello friend. Smile. You’re on candid camera!”

    Sorry I could not resist. And now I shall return to normal programming.

    Now that I have sketched the above scenario I can also tell you that we are not, in fact AGAINST your power cabal. They are not our enemy. Neither are their alliance partners, these other space races. You will struggle to understand this at first but I wish to tell you that we love all these beings. You see we know that we and they (and all of you) are really ONE. Really. We know this absolutely and unambiguously in a very direct way. It’s not a platitude and it’s not a metaphor. It is the simple truth as far as we are concerned. The great difficulty is that you don’t know this, your power cabal don’t know this and their space-faring allies don’t know this. Not yet anyway. Or at least, if they do know it then they know it in a theoretical way which leaves them feeling very uncomfortable.

    And so here is the game plan. On the one side you have the force for unity. That is us. On the other side you have the force for disunity. That is them and everyone that wants to play their game. What we want to do is help everyone to know and understand the truth about themselves. In so doing, those beings that “get it” will liberate their own consciousnesses, will step into their power, will know their unity with All and will be freed forever from the victim states which allow them to be used and manipulated by others. Such beings set themselves on a path of true mastery. They become amazing, magnificent creator beings. And the beauty of this is quite stark: you see, you gain all this amazing magnificence and power precisely through a process that acknowledges that you are an intrinsic and indivisible part of the oneness of all. So the result of all the amazing creative powers that will awaken within you CAN ONLY BE that you set them to work in a way that is to the good of all. Using them to hurt another or gain power over another is not only unfathomable but actually impossible. To behave in such a way would mean that you have somehow lost the consciousness which allows you to have such abilities and you would therefore not have them anymore. So you see: We desire to help those like yourself to see and to know a little more of who you really are. That is our motivation. But can you see that this would be directly contrary to the wishes of your power cabal? They wish to remain in power. Having power over you is what they think makes them feel good about themselves. Why they haven’t noticed that they very seldom actually DO feel good about themselves I cannot fathom. They must be quite unobservant. But none-the-less, they feel it is in their best interests to keep all planetary inhabitants pliant and under their control and so they strive for ever great handles on your behaviour. More control and more power. Clearly having you discover your own self mastery is a disaster for them. When beings do awaken in this fashion they suddenly lose interest in the silly lies that is politics. They discover the bag of mind-deadening doggerel which is sold as entertainment through the cabal-owned media loses all its flavour. They cease to allow religious leaders to tell them what to believe and so, there too goes that lever of control. In short, such a person is lost to them forever. And disaster-upon-disaster such a person is an infectious problem as an awakened being instinctively goes about awakening those around him or her too.

    Now, friend Steve, you have been horrified by the atrocities committed by these people in their wanton desire for ever more power and control. You decided to use what resources you could bring to bear to fight them. I applaud that desire. However, I will offer you my perspective. You will not, and cannot, beat them like this. You cannot fight hate with hate. You only make more hate. My dear friend, it will horrify you to hear me say this to you, but from where I stand you actually assist them in their agenda if you fight them in this fashion. Do you know why? It is because their whole system thrives on fear and dissent. If there is either fear or conflict then people are playing their game. They are past masters at utilizing this. If someone stands against them and that resistance movement gains some power then they find a way to put their own person up as leader of that opposition group and then they lead the fight against themselves. They spill the blood of passionate but innocent people like yourself on both sides whilst they profit in myriad ways from the war that rages and the attendant fear and misery. These and similar tactics have been played out not just on your planet but through the ages and across the galaxy. We have fought them in every possible way, trying innumerable tactics and I tell you this with firm conviction: as long as we fight them we lose. But as soon as we switch to love we win. And so we are winning. We are at a point now where the tide has completely turned. There really is a situation of the last “die hards” that we are now dealing with. And can you see what we now must do? We do not wish to crush them, to kill them, to defeat them. No! We wish to liberate them! We wish for them also to discover their true magnificence. Because, as I said, they are us as, are you. We are all ONE. And we come to remind the parts of self that have forgotten this that it is so. Including the power cabal. In fact especially them. And so, Steve, if you wish to know from me how it is you should go about fighting them then I will tell you your greatest battle is actually within yourself. If you would find true inner-peace and self-love then you will have won. You personally will be the victor. And then it is unavoidable that you shall by your very presence and existence help others around you, everyone you come into contact with, to similarly come to mastery of self and victory. And this process then will gain momentum and before you know it the great enemy – the members of the very inner core of the dark cabal – will also be finding awakening. And then you and they and us will all join together as one. We shall have absolute knowingness and understanding of all that occurred in this whole game across this entire galaxy. And we shall delight in the shared power and knowledge. And then we shall go on to create whatever new, wondrous and magnificent creation it might please each of us to do. We will be done with duality and the concomitant pain, fear, strife and conflict. Between us all we will have extracted every permutation of learning from it and because we had unified we will all of us know what all those variations are. We will all know everything that is to be know from this system. THAT is the power and the value of the systemic ascension that is now to take place. Can you see that this is an almost impossibly beautiful and powerful prize? Can you see that the pain and suffering that is endured as a result of the illusion of separation is more than compensated for once that illusion is overcome by ascension? I really do hope you can. It is a grand prize indeed.

    And if you see it this way then you will see that, in fact, the power cabal is not your enemy either. They are beings, just like you, who are playing a role. They, just like you, have bought into the rather compelling illusion of their lives in your version of reality in your density. And they have played out their roles very well. They have provided you with a great evil, menacing enemy against which you might strive. For indeed how could you be valorous if there was no evil enemy bigger than your self? And valorous you have been! So do you see what happens, Steve? You are actually a great and powerful spirit being. But, by procuring that you have forgotten who you really are, you have allowed yourself the amazing gift of rediscovering yourself anew. You come to find out who you really are, when you don’t know who you are. Can you see how amazing it then is that you come to discover that you are a man that stands for justice? One that will not just expend energy but actually put his own being at risk in service of a greater good? So this is good to know about yourself. And this is an example the kind of value that can be extracted from this process. And the flip-side is equally valuable. The dark stuff. I will tell you Steve, that each and every being on the planet has within this lifetime and the ones that that have gone before engaged in some darkness of their own. Each of you have played both sides of the game. In some lifetime somewhere you have each been a manipulator and a destroyer. And Steve, I put it to you that it is precisely this knowledge that you hold inside of you… precisely this uncomfortable pain of your own transgressions… that motivates you so powerfully to fight the evils of the world. I suggest to you that you are seeking to balance what you feel deeply within your own soul as your own hidden wrongful acts by making things right in the world for yourself and others. You seek redemption in this way. I don’t need you to agree with me I only wish to use this to make a point. Can you see that it is possible that someone’s own misadventures can become their motivation to do good in the future? In fact I would go so far as to say it is always thus. Every single soul hits a low point where they decide to turn around and begin to do good in the world. And then, when they do, all their darkest deeds become the tools for them to do their greatest healing in their world. And you see, Steve, once you are willing to recognize, own and claim all your own darkest deeds then not only do you heal yourself of them but you gain them as a tool. Now you can have true compassion for others who are similarly troubled. If you see that the members of the cabal are in many ways a different face of yourself just in a different phase of their progression then you will understand things much more as we do. You will see that you no longer will wish to hurt them. It is abundantly apparent then that their hurts are actually the problem. Hurting them more will only exacerbate the situation. Helping them to heal is what will solve everything. You see? They are one with you and I. All we are doing here is healing the self.

    Now maybe you gain some understanding of what we are really about. We are about healing the self in all its guises. Now I would like to tell you a little of what this “we” is that I talk about. We have used the label Galactic Federation of Light and this has caused many on earth to think of us as space men. Or aliens. I would like to correct this. People of a more spiritual bent talk of a concept called the “higher self”. They refer to a spirit essence which is much greater than that which is incarnated. It is that which includes all of the various “past lives”, the present incarnation and is something more besides. This model is close enough to accurate that I shall use it to explain. Imagine now that these higher-selves are themselves part of something greater. And these greater ones TOO are part of something greater. Then you begin to understand that there is a kind of a hierarchy. Right at the very top of this hierarchy all of the beings are of course ONE. Inevitably. One way to look at it is that the ONE fragments itself and those fragments fragment themselves and so on and so on until the bottom most rung is populated with a great many fragments. Please understand that this is a very crude description and is badly flawed in many ways but a more accurate description would be nearly impossible to do given the constraints of your current earth perspective and my needing to put it into your language though my dear Zingdad. But it will suffice to allow me to get to my point. In this model there is a group of beings right up near the top of the pyramid. They can look “up” and see that they are ONE. There is no doubt or confusion about this for them. They are the ones that set the creation of the whole rest of the pyramid into motion. They are called various things when referred to in some of your scriptures and esoteric writings. Elohim, Bright Ones, Shining Ones and so on. They are the “we” I refer to. I am, from a certain perspective, one such being. I am also conscious of myself as being of a somewhat reduced consciousness in many other roles and in many other realms of the various densities. My dear Zingdad recalls meeting my consciousness in an early incarnation of his. In that life I was known to him as Adamu. He keeps using that name as it has pleasant connotations for him. But that name is very near to irrelevant to me. I have no need of names. But if he uses it then he refers to me. And as I love him very dearly I will respond when called by it. But that is a side issue. The point here is that my consciousness includes and enfolds that one and a great many other lives, if I can use that term, in a great many different states of being and levels of consciousness. At the very lowest density of my existence, at the bottom of the figurative pyramid, I am very well represented. Those beings which have populated the planets in the Pleiades, and are then called the Pleiadians in your frame of reality, are almost exclusively of my own consciousness. I am them and they are me. In exactly the same way my consciousness is present in many lives right now upon your planet. I shan’t go into the technicalities of the story of how this came to be but I shall simply state that a good percentage of earth’s inhabitants right now are as Pleiadian as I am. You see the label “Pleiadian” is as useful as the name Adamu. It’s a label. As long as you like it you can use it but it has no eternal significance. But anyway. I tell you this that you might understand that my consciousness is there with you on planet earth. I am living amongst you. Though I dare say the overwhelming proportion of myself that is there has no clue that this is so. The illusion of separation is powerfully worked. And the rest of humanity? Those that are not “Pleiadian”? They are, almost all of them, fragmented from the other Elohim in exactly the same fashion. And where I am the Pleiadian civilization the other Elohim have expressed themselves as other space civilizations in other places around the galaxy. There is a very small percentage of beings on the planet right now that are not of the Elohim. Zingdad himself is one such. And these are all here by invitation and are aligned with our goals. And our goal right now is to heal all the portions of self that are hurt so that the ascension process can occur.

    Oh yes, the pyramid I have sketched is most certainly not All That Is. From our perspective it is but a grain of sand on the endless shores of All That Is. But it is our grain of sand and we love it dearly. And yes, we are also aware of our own consciousnesses engaged in other reality constructs all together. I tell you my friend, when you are ready to open your eyes to the glory and splendour of what REALLY is “out there” you will never ever cease to be astounded and amazed. Eternally unfolding magnificence lies before you. And do you know how you begin the process of seeing clearly what is “out there”? You begin by looking inside yourself. Because in reality it all is inside you. If you are really one with All That Is, then does it not make sense that that you will find it all inside yourself? If you seek God then you must seek within.

    And so, if you have chosen to follow my whole narrative thus far, you will have gained a much better understanding of who we are and what we want to do. And now finally I can begin to get into the issue of the lightship.

    Would you believe me, Steve, if I told you that what has happened, and continues to happen now, is exactly and perfectly right? That we have not made a single error? That we are not at all embarrassed or ashamed by our failure to “show up” but indeed pretty pleased with ourselves? If I had started my reply to you like this you would have been aghast, I am sure. But now that you have a greater context maybe you will be ready to see why this is so. You now understand our true motivations and you have a beginning of an understanding of who we are. If you thought we were space people in space ships coming to give the bad men in power a good thrashing so that we could fix your planet… well then I am not at all surprised you were disappointed. And in that case I am afraid we will continue to disappoint you forever because we never will be that. What we are is you, only with a far larger perspective. And we are here working to heal ourselves. We created this system of reality to experience a whole range of states of being and it has been a wonderful success. But now it is time to end it so that we can do something else. So we seek to heal the hurt and traumatized parts of ourselves so that they can stop fighting with themselves just long enough that they might begin to see the power, beauty and magnificence of self. If they do that then they can see through the illusion and ascend out of it.

    The game, quite simply, must end very soon. We, from the very highest level of this creation, do not desire it to continue any longer. It has run its course and it no longer serves us. And so we end it. Considering that it is our game and we are all the players there really is no problem. I mentioned that the only players that are here that are not of us are here by our invitation. We desired them to be here. And they are very firmly in agreement with this agenda. So there is no argument. The game will very soon end. It will end with the whole system’s ascension. After the ascension there will still be an earth for you to live on if this is what you wish to do. There will still be a universe. But the system will be of a higher consciousness. You will no longer find it possible to believe that you are truly mortal or that you are not eternally connected with the oneness of all. You will find yourself in a process of becoming an ever more powerful creator being and then eventually be ready to create your own whole reality. Or co-create it with friends that you love. If you do that… if you go and create a vast reality of wondrous complexity and beauty with a group of beloved ones… well then you’ll be a bit like us, the Elohim. And seeing as you actually already ARE us, can you see how the fractal complexity unfolds into ever more wondrous magnificence?

    But first we have to end THIS game. And one of the rules of this game is that every single point of consciousness that is able to make choices must always be allowed to make whatever choices it wants. It is very important to us. It is called Free Will. If we were willing to break that rule then we’d have no problem. We’d just present ourselves to you in the grandest, most dazzling display and say “Hi, we made you. That makes us your gods. You have to do what we say now.” And then instruct you about what you must do next. And then you’d all ascend and because your free will had been abrogated so radically by us you’d internalize the message that you are small and insignificant and we are amazing and glorious and you’d release all your ego and cease to be an entity unto yourself. You’d stop creating. You’d just return to the oneness. And we would have taught you EXACTLY the opposite of what we wish you to learn and in so doing have destroyed a huge part of the value of this whole system. So we can’t do that. So let’s go back to first principals: We want you to learn that you are creator beings. That you create your own reality. So then it is obvious… we can only have the game end for you by having you choose to end the game for yourself. You must choose. Or to put it correctly you must create this for yourself. Of course we can give you some nudges. We call it offering you other choices. But you yourself must choose. Each and every one of you. And we are here now stepping up the power on the offering of the choice of ascension. We put it before you like a box of chocolates and then, as we go, we keep making it a little more obvious and a little more tempting.

    And that is what the lightship is all about. How? Well let’s see what happened here. We have played quite dexterously with planetary consciousness. Through the channelings and so forth we planted a seed that was quite enticing and beguiling to you. We put into your consciousness a seed of hope and wonder. And I’ll tell you we also put the power cabal into a bit of disarray. You will be quite surprised at the plans they had in place to counter our arrival! They were ready to enact some pretty draconian measures against you to keep you from revolt. And they had arrayed all their secret technologies to make us look like attackers and so forth. When nothing happened all their plans fell to naught. All the resources and the effort expended on dealing with us was a profound drain on them. That it was all wasted was quite a shock. A great deal of chaos ensued and chaos is always a window for change. If it is used correctly the change can be for the good. And it was and continues to be. There are some positive changes afoot in their ranks which will start becoming apparent to you in due course.
    And for yourselves? The good folk of the planet that were hoping for the lightship? Well I can say there is a trend. The more you wanted this to happen the more you believed it was going to arrive as a saviour. In other words those that wanted it most fervently were generally those that believed it would swoop in and fix up your world. That it would rescue you from your own creations. Well I am sure you can see by now that this is not something we would do. Again, this would teach you that you are not the creators of your own reality. So we simply couldn’t do this. I must explain that we don’t do things in the same way you do. When we plan or contemplate or discuss things we don’t use words. We use realities. You think your world is in the only reality. It isn’t. It is one of a great many probable realities. And so we can play endless scenarios out and not just theorize what will happen but actually KNOW what will happen by seeing that it does happen. So there is indeed a probable reality with a lightship in the sky on 14 October. There are many others. But we focus ourselves and our greater energies on the most desirable outcome. You do this to. Without confusing the issue I will simply say that you are experiencing the most desirable outcome where we have managed, in one go, to defuse a whole lot of difficult consciousness constructs. We have caused a profound amount of healing. Those in the power cabal have been caused to expend efforts on this project which has effectively killed a whole host of other projects which they would otherwise have enacted to further traumatize you and themselves. And as this didn’t happen, all the plans they put in place with all the technologies and resources are now useless. It was a massive blow to them. And no one was hurt or killed in delivering this blow. You see? I said we’d defeat their war machines without a fight. But I know this is not what you were expecting. You wanted a big show, so that you can “believe”. Well I tell you this would have actually caused your consciousness great harm and would have won us very little benefit. And so we will not do that. Instead we have positioned the lightship in your planetary sphere in such a way that it is not quite visible. You will each see it when you are ready to see it. But you will not see it in the old way. You will see it with your spiritual eyes. What it is doing is beaming into your consciousness grid the energy of joy. It is making it easier and easier for you to believe in a positive and joyous outcome. It provides the planet with a certain sense of irrepressible positivity. You can much more easily choose to believe that things are going to be just fine. But you must choose. You must create.

    And so, my friend, I have all but exhausted my dear Zingdad in the desire to tell this tale. But of course this missive is something that will find its way to quite a large audience eventually. You quite kindly offered the catalyst for it to flow with your questioning. The time is right for these understandings to go out: We are here. We are with you. We are in your skies and we are you. We love you. We love you so much that we will respect any and every choice you make. Even if your choices are horrendously painful to yourself and to us. We will respect that. But we love you too much to not at least try to help you to release yourself from your pain. We love you so much that we want you to be the most magnificent you can be. And we know that the most magnificent you can be is something that is way beyond what words can give meaning to. We want you to discover this.

    And we are very busy in many different ways telling you this. And every time we tell you this we give you the right to choose. The whole lightship phenomenon with the aforegoing channellings and the way it has played out, and continues to play out is all a part of this. And do you see how that action perfectly set up the conditions for this very communiqué? This story that passes from the heart of me through the heart of Zingdad and reaches out to the heart of everyone on earth? Can you see how this is just one more way in which we offer you that choice. That this is another amping up of our offering? Then maybe you’ll understand the process a little and maybe you’ll understand that our offering to you will continue to get clearer and more powerful until every one of you has either finally accepted of declined our offer. But you must each decide and you must know what you are deciding. So it is a process. If you actively choose to engage in the process then things will go easier with you. If you fight it then you will only bring to yourself more pain and confusion. It seems the obvious suggestion then is to choose to know. To create that you will have all you need at every juncture to make the very best decisions for yourself that you will ascend. To work to release all the fear and pain and anger that you hold in yourself that you may come closer to seeing yourself with the eyes of love.

    And now I must conclude. Because even thought there is much, much more to say there will be other opportunities and that is sufficient for now. It will give you something to contemplate.

    I wish all that read this love and peace. If you are able I would invite you to close your eyes for a minute or two right now. To feel the energy centre of your heart and to see if you can open that energy centre just a little. If you can then I will be there to offer you love. You should be able to feel something. Again, this is not proof of anything that will take away your right to choose. This is a simple offering of love that you may choose to experience.

    Love and love and love


    Where is the applause smilies when it is needed??
    I re-create this to a apllause smilie for the moment :mrgreen:

    Much love
    Annan the Nordic

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