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    @Patte wrote:

    I do feel the same ! The last two days I have been brought awake by terrible headaches, and my ears are ringing all the time.

    Yeah. My girlfriend had a big headache in the night of the 12th too. She attributed this to stress but i tought it was the change of the energy on the planet. But if I say that to her, she will laugh at me !! 🙂 I am used to it tough! 😀


    …at another site that I blog at people also spoke of being aware of a shifting of energy…and some interesting dreams were recounted…


    So , you think it is a shift of energy that makes me feel this way? OK, from any thing ‘bad’ comes something good.The headaches and ringing in my ears being ‘bad’, and hopefully this shift is into a higher vibration, which accounts for the feelings of closeness. More love in my body. I like it!!!!!!!!


    Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards

    Much love
    Soren Kierkegaard


    Alright, I will jump in here. I’m not sure if I just WANT to feel this so badly, but I was very tired in the 3-4 days before the 14th. I was sleeping a lot. I also have a little headache and my ears also tend to ring a little. The headache could be because of a cold, but I mainly had sore throat some time around 1st-8th, and now my nose is runny for two days. No idea.

    But what I am REALLY feeling, and I’m pretty sure I don’t make this up, is that it’s MUCH easier for me to apply Love to ANYTHING!!
    At late Oct 12th, I had a long conversation with my brother, and we came to the conclusion, if nothing happens, we would be pissed and he said he would doubt that those beings would have a desire to get in touch with us. I also was a little pissed on 14th and today, but as soon as I focus on LOVE, IT’S JUST THERE!!
    Really, I just say “I want to response with Love”, and it’s there INSTANTLY (for example when I feel pissed about them not having shown up ^^). Maybe this is part of my own natural spiritual growth, I don’t know, but I would rather think it has to with Oct 14th. Have you read about those Love crystals being installed on Earth?

    And there’s also a little awareness growing in me. Something that says “look behind the obvious” or “see it differently”. Well for most awakened people this is the way of life, I would also say this has to do with the seeming “failure” of the Oct 14th mission, but as it was said in SaLuSa’s channelling, this wasn’t a failure at all, we just fail to see it this way.
    Weell this could also be part of my individual growth, it is undoubtedly, but it is still something I feel very strongly since yesterday.

    We’ll see. :mrgreen:
    Love to everyone!!!!

    P.S.: Haha, Annan, I suggest putting that into your signature!! It seems to be pretty meaningful to you. 😆


    Im gonna have to admit to feeling very changed by this whole thing and i cant really describe it! all week i’ve been thinking what would i do if i came face to face with a space brother, what would i say ? what would i do ? and how would i react ? could i give him enough love ? or would i say something stooopid like can i go for a ride!!

    Something in me just wants to let go of something i cant even recognize, until then i shall endeavor to let more light in..and learn.

    much love and hugs to all of you


    @Ricky wrote:

    Im gonna have to admit to feeling very changed by this whole thing and i cant really describe it! all week i’ve been thinking what would i do if i came face to face with a space brother, what would i say ? what would i do ? and how would i react ? could i give him enough love ? or would i say something stooopid like can i go for a ride!!

    From my point of view I think you will feel as you recognize a longtime friend. So there won’t be any shyness or uncomfortableness. I think the energy of Adamu channelled by Zingdad gives a good idea. Someone accessible and open to talk and listen. Surely there is already some of them with us since they look so much like us. Maybe it’s that kind gentleman as the counter the other day, or that funny little girl asking for funds for the local church. Who knows ?

    So… lets make friends ! 🙂


    nice answer my friend mesa liken it 😀


    I have some questions that I hove adamu can answer through zingdad.

    …What are the changes we can expect to encounter regarding our ascension to the higher levels, as we get closer to 2012. Do we see things as they really are? Will our whole physical lifestyle no longer make sense according to our books?

    …How should we act upon these changes so that we embrace them and not reject them.

    …If the changes we feel greatly effect how we see our daily life, then how exactly will we go about the rest of our lives (until 2012) when we are in the process of ascending? Basically, does the ascension process take time on earth, or is it completely instantaneous upon death? Which leads me to my next question…

    …Do we need to die in order to ascend? I’ve heard mentioned by a channeler that we have the unique opportunity to ascend while being alive.

    …I’ve heard mentioned by a channeler before that dogs played an important role in the development of the human spirit. Being a cat lover 🙂 what has the cats roll been throughout mankind? More specifically, I talking about the common house cat.

    …Since I know or feel that in 2012 life as we know it will be turned up-side-down, does that mean I no longer need to keep up my educational studies or other “life requirements” that I currently would be happy to give up?

    …What is the extraterrestrial view on what we call video games? Are video games good for our souls? Do any other specie of ETs have something similar to video games?

    I hope this post is in the right place and I’m not making a fool of my self. I’m new here btw.

    Lots of love.



    First of all, I’m not sure if Zingdad will do Q&A-channellings anymore, he said some weeks ago he had enough stuff to do, so I’m not sure if he will be able to answer your questions.

    Wow, two of your question are also very interesting to me: the part with the cats and the videogames. ^^
    What I can say you with pretty much 99% reliability is that nearly all (maybe all) animals on earth are more or less telepathic, also plants and even rocks or simple objects like a table. Everything is consciousness and has an aspect of its being in higher dimensions, actually I guess in higher dimensions MUCH, much more than we are able to see here.
    You could very well “talk” to your pet (not English, but on an emotional level, maybe with symbols, not sure), if you just knew how to listen. From my understanding it is something you can learn if you try hard enough – but you will maybe have to try for a few years, so I wouldn’t lay my focus on this but rather wait till 2012 and focus on your ascension. ^^

    I can maybe give you my thoughts on some more of the questions if you wish.
    Yes, we have the abilty to ascend during our lifetime, during THIS VERY LIFETIME. What will happen then is entirely up to us humans. After we made the leap in the 5th dimension, we will have much broader consciousness and we will really be self-responsible, as an idividual and also as a collective, and we will be free to rearrange EVERY single system we have, including money system, educational systems, free energy, and so on and on. It will be entirely up to us.

    I guess describing how the higher dimensions will be like for us is pretty much impossible. You probably won’t receive a direct answer like a big and colorful explanation. It’s like explaning a blind person who only sees “black” the difference between black and all the wonderful colors green, pink, red, … you know.
    What I can tell you is this: I have read in some channeling that if beings of the 5th dimensions come down to the third (consciously), it feels for them like when we go into water and try to walk there, and when we will ascend it will feel like we have lived in the water our whole life and for the first time experince how it feels like to move in air. That’s why it’s also called 3rd/5th density.
    We will also be able to instantaneouly manifest physical things, objects, anything. We will all be telepathic, we will be able to shapeshift (I think) .. one of the first things I’ll do is fly over some mountains as a wonderful eagle! 😆
    We will get out of the duality, which means we simply can’t and won’t experience fear, hate, pain and so on anymore. Our frequency will simply be too high to experience it. Our whole focus will lay on unconditional Love, Joy and Ascension – moving ever closer and closer to God. This is the ultimate goal for every form of consciousness.

    Haha these are my little 2 cents on your questions. Anyone, feel free to correct me! 😆

    Oh and, on a side note, NONE of your questions will ever be considered ridiculous here. Every single one of us, including you, has gone through the process of awakening and are now on our way to enlightenment and 5th density. EVERY one of us has asked questions. You can only receive answers when you ask questions. Asking questions is the first step to great knowledge. I have learned (and I can really GUARANTEE you that), you simply have to form a question in your mind and think about it, and the answer will find its way to you. It’s really that simple.
    Bottom line: keep asking!! 😆

    P.S.: Big welcome, glad you made it here!! Love to you!

    Two more little thoughts on videogames. First of all, we are allowed to do things that are FUN for us. Even more, we are recommended to do things that makes us laugh and make us be happy and make us enjoy our lifetime here. So playing games you like is anything but bad, it helps you enjoy life.
    The second thought, we have the birthright to have free will and free choice. So NO ET being or spiritual master will judge you (or me :lol:) for playing video games. I guess it’s perfectly fine with them, they know how hard life can be “down here”, so they probably wouldn’t tell you to stop with it. Do what suits you, do what feels right for you, and you are on the right track. There’s not much more required really. Do what you suits you at every second in your life, and you will automatically ascend if you have it as an intent in the back of your mind.
    By the way, check out this if you want: viewtopic.php?f=73&t=264


    …ufo says…

    I guess describing how the higher dimensions will be like for us is pretty much impossible.

    …I think a good analogy can be drawn from the movie …

    …What the Bleep…

    …when Capt.Quantum describes Flatland…


    Thanks you guys. It’s all slowly becoming clear to me. I can’t wait until 2012.


    hi everyone… i am reding the posts here… i can´t beleave that i am reading…in 14th oct. i am very very very tired and i don`t know why..the night of 13th i sleep very well..and in the mournig of 14th i don´t work..i was at home because my office don´t works that day.. but in the midlle day (12:00 p.m.) i start to feel tired very tired..i go out of my home for food and my eyes began to close of dream..like if i was working all night… a headache too. and never think taht day about the ufo.

    is wonderfull now for me see that i am not the only that feels that kind of thinks. somethink happen that days…now i am reciving a lot of good notices for everywhere..job, family, money, etc.



    Hello, I have a few questions for you to pose to Adamu when you get to it if you would please Zingdad.

    In the recent past (50-60 yrs)there were two alien craft shot down over New Mexico. When the U.S. military got to them they found human body parts inside the craft. My question is who are these ET’s and what were they doing with human body parts?

    In the Ra material of the “Law of One” series of books (1981), Ra refers to the galactically local organization of light beings as the “Confederation of Planets”. Why are there so many discrepancies of the name of such an organization in other channellings e.g. “Federation of Light”, “Galactic Federation”, etc.? Either all are right or all are wrong or somebody is making up BS and only one is right.

    In “The Wave” series of books, by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, The Cassiopeians say that the Orion group of negative beings are a dieing race and that they want replacement bodies. For centuries they have been manipulating human DNA to get the bodies they want. So when the time is right, before ascension, they are going to come en mass and start their campaign of slaughter. They intend to take the population (93% of us) and slice them into parts(while conscious) to be used for their new bodies and in the process they are going to feed off the negative energy given off from such a cruel death. Is any of this true?

    Also according to Ra, the beings from the Sirius star systems are still in third density, so how can they be channeling messages to here on Earth let alone know what’s going on down here?

    If the forth density is the one of love, then from a third density Terran’s point of view is it possible for a negatively polarized being in the forth density to be able to come across as behaving like a positively oriented being of the same density? If so how does the Terran tell the two apart during a channeling session?

    In the up coming ascension I get the impression from Ra that it is more for the soul than the flesh. That’s why they say that all beings of third density must go through the death process before ascension. Can you shed any light on this?

    Is time/space an overlay onto space/time? Or is it more like what’s on the other side of a meniscus like barrier?

    When somebody is staring at me in a crowded room how do I know exactly where to look? Is there some sort of communication taking place in time/space between souls?

    During the ascension, you choose what path, positive(light) or negative(dark), to follow (thats the whole point of third density). To determine this choice are all of a persons past lives taken into consideration or is it based on just the last incarnation before ascension?

    How many channels being received now on this planet are being sent by forth or fifth density negative entities?

    Since our collective Free Will as a planetary species cannot be violated , why was there an announcement that there would be a light mother ship appearing in our atmosphere when not everyone on this planet is ready to believe there are such things as ET’s. Such a sighting would violate their free will. I would think that highly evolved beings would know this already.

    Sorry for the number of questions and the apparent negativity of some of them. but they still are just questions.



    Hello my friend

    I must appologise but you obviously missed this:

    I have recently come to see that the Q&A sessions that I have been doing with Adamu is conflicting with other work that I feel I need to do in this regard. The issue is it IS quite time consuming to do this and I always feel I need to be quite fresh or otherwise I don’t do it justice. Unfortunately my life has become increasingly… interesting… the last while. With the first intimation of the Lightship coming I have been thrown into a flurry of activity around that. But that isn’t even the beginning of it! I have become extremely busy on every front. My work life, my life as a musician, my spiritual life… every sphere has just kicked into high-gear.
    So I find very little time where I am able to do work like this and I find that time is now taken up by the rather urgent and active process of the coming Lightship showing and all that is involved with that.

    So I am going to take a break from the Q&A’s and focus on the direct messages from Adamu (and the other beings I work with). When things settle down a little (as I hope they eventually must) I will let you know and re-open myself to Q&A style interaction.

    from here on the Adamu thread.

    I was forced to make a choice between spending time and energy in the work that I was being asked to do by Spirit or spending that time doing Q&A for people. There simply was not enough time for both. And things are just getting more crazy in that regard. So I do apologise but I simply cannot be offering that service at this time.

    I would suggest to you, however, that there really is nothing special about me other than that I chose to figure out how to really listen. If I can do it then you can do it too. And then you’ll never have to ask someone else again. And it will bring with it untold spiritual gifts. I highly recommend it. And you don’t even NEED to do that. Your truth is in your heart, my friend. Meditate, be still and listen to your inner self. It’s all there.

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