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  • in reply to: Questions for Zingdad and Friends #13191

    Hi Zingdad,

    I might be off the beaten track with this one but here goes.

    A direct question that probably does not have a direct answer.

    I would like to connect directly with my Inner Self/Higher Self/God/Life/Guides/s etc.

    For so long have I engaged in readings from people who are able to do this, Zingdad yourself, and my other favourite – Neale Donald Walsch, both of you have changed my life completely and has changed lives for those that are near and dear to me.

    I know for everyone that this is a different process and works differently for different people and you need to do what it right for you. But I have not been able to work out what is right for me.

    I get frustrated at times that when I sit still and ask for a conversation – nothing comes through.

    I don’t want to talk about Life, The Universe and Everything, these are things that are covered well by Zingdad and Neale.

    I wish to discuss my loved ones life purposes. To understand the paths that they are travelling and to offer assistance, if asked, how they can change things so that they do not drift off the path.

    Make sense?

    It fascinates me to read books like Robert Schwartz’s – to be able to delve into a person’s pre birth planning process astounds me and I feel I could bring so much more love and light into peoples lives if I was able to relay this information to them. It will also help me to understand my loved ones purposes in their lives, how it is that they are with me and I am with them. To be able to offer comfort in times of need.

    I don’t want to connect for some self indulgent reason of self satisfaction.

    My heart yearns to have a conversation for the betterment of others.

    I know my Guide is waiting for me – I just want to say “Hello”.

    Any tips?


    in reply to: Mark Huber ill #13110

    If you want the updated Mike Quinsey stuff


    Yeh: kinda weird about Mark Huber – maybe he is delving too deep into it all and his family are being forced to silence him cause he comes up with some far out stuff that is not reported in the Main Stream Media, even stuff that I don’t see posted on Above top Secret.
    Oh – and anyone who is into it – Blossom is now back to good health and will resume posting, hopefully in the New Year, can’t wait to hear what the FOL have to say about everything that is going on, mind you, they do tend to distant themselves from most stuff that others channel


    in reply to: Are You Ready? #12880

    I too am not sure if I am ready either. I have alot of questions running around in my head as well, not really sure what to believe anymore, there is so much happening at the moment with all the various sources that it can get pretty messy. Sometimes I feel I am ready to go and then I want to stay, I feel that I still have alot to do here and really enjoy alot of aspects of duality. Maybe this is where I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be doing right now. Maybe this time around I was to be given a taste so next time I will sink myself wholey into “it”. I don’t know. Maybe my time here was to bring myself closer to the truth so that my family can learn and as my children get older they to will get closer to the truth.
    Maybe I am on the right track and I am ready. I think I am going through alot of uncertainty about what is going to happen with Ascension etc..will there be a show etc.
    On a side note…the movie 2012 is about to be released here and they are having a night of disaster movies on TV here on the weekend…yeh…nothing like speading the fear…….good one!

    in reply to: Mike Quinsey – Oct 14 2009 #13060

    Thought I would add this in as well…..

    Blossom hasn’t been able to Channel since 23rd Sep

    Oct 19, 2009
    The Lights on but no-ones home!

    Hello again kind people
    Just to say that unfortunately I am still unwell, therefore unable to do channelling. I know many are eager for the next one, especially with Mike Quincy’s Oct 14th/16th channellings creating much excitement. See http://www.galacticchannelings.com/index.html
    Clearly it is not meant to be for me to channel at this time.(Having trouble connecting with myself ,let alone anyone one else!!)
    I must be doing great work on some other planet … because I certainly don’t seem to be about much on this one!!!!
    Mean while …… keep your chin up ….
    Many thanks to all for your continual support and well wishes.
    Continue to spread that
    Love Light Laughter & Golden Rays
    Bloss …

    in reply to: Mike Quinsey – Oct 14 2009 #13059

    I thought I would keep the Mike Quinsey information going.
    Not sure if many people follow him but it will be interesting to hear what everyone thinks as things progress….

    16-October-2009 SALUSA

    The Light has suddenly surged and taken another upturn which delights us, and long may it continue. Bless you all in the name of the Creator.
    As to be expected, the news about the declaration to be made acknowledging the existence of your Space friends has caused a stir. There are some of you who are cautiously accepting it, and that is always desirable where other events may eclipse it. However, as a high point in our plan, it can be taken as a positive move that will take place, unless the overseers decide otherwise. You have been awaiting such a first move not knowing from where it might come. Now it is nearly here, do not allow your expectations to run away with you. It is but the first of a whole chain of events that are planned. Remember that all of our actions are dedicated to bringing you what is yours already by divine decree. They are based on the truth regarding your purpose for being here, and to ensure that you are fully prepared by the time Ascension is to take place.

    What will soon be apparent is that the new times opening up, will give many of you the opportunity to be of service to the Light. Some of you have been searching for a way to do so for a long time, and your desire to help has not been ignored. There will be plenty to do as the truth unfolds and projects can begin to go ahead. Everyone here at this time has been aware of what may be asked of him or her, and came to Earth for that very purpose. Naturally, very few have any recollection of what their life contracts are, but feel the urge to put themselves forward for selection. We know all about you and have your profiles upon our computers. In fact, should the need arise; we can also locate you no matter where you are at any time. Your Government has planned to use their technology to control your every move, but we can say that it will not go much further than it is now. Freedom of movement and speech is very much at the forefront of our plans, to release you from the Draconian laws that now reduce you to not much more than slaves.

    Your dreams of a state of Utopia upon Earth are not unrealistic at all, and in the course of time you will see all that stands in its way being removed. However, allow time for the forces for good to be set up and become operative. The technology and equipment are ready, and our Supply Ships have enormous capacities to hold more than sufficient for your needs. Your engineering and manufacturing industries have been savaged by the quest for ever-increasing profit levels, and the consequent loss of contracts to foreign countries. The economic and financial position is also leading to a lack of work, and even so if we suddenly required your facilities they could not cope with our demands. That we are fully aware of your problems, means that we have provided for our own needs, and will also help you update your machinery and methods.

    Once the changes really get started, you will find that they will take place at an ever-increasing pace. Speed will be of the essence so as to keep any inconvenience to you at an absolute minimum. Forget Man’s ways as ours are so advanced that in spite of the amount of changes required, they will in no way be labor intensive. Even our robots can be programmed to carry out quite complex tasks. We are already in a far more advanced stage in computership, and have quite intelligent models that are extremely clever and able to solve problems. Our Motherships function almost entirely through computer application and usage to very high standards, to the extent that they are almost independent of us. All of this technology is to be yours as you rise up more to our level of understanding, and can be trusted to use it wisely and only for the good of all. Sharing is a word that goes with love and service for the benefit of each other. There is no personal ownership involved, or monies that exchange hands

    We know that at heart you are beautiful souls that will take quite naturally to a new way of life. The separation that you have experienced from one another for many thousands of years, will pass into oblivion and you will wonder how it was brought about. The Controllers of Earth and its people have deliberately set you upon each other, to keep you under their control and in a frequent state of chaos. Peace is coming, and when the old threats are removed you will see how readily people can put aside their differences, and become friends. The spiritual aspect of life will return and be understood, and it will be realized that you can be your own teachers by looking within. The schisms that have caused so much trouble in the past will be consigned to the scrap heap. It is possible for different beliefs to live side by side, providing there is no intent to thrust them upon other people. The truth will bring you together, and it will be acknowledged that there is but the One God.

    Dear Ones, be prepared to think anew and leave your selves open to new ideas. Those who refuse to move on will be allowed their freedom of choice, but they will remain in the lower vibrations, which they cling to. There will be every opportunity for any soul that is seeking to find a way of satisfying their needs, and at the same time create a pathway to Ascension. There is nothing to be frightened of, as you will lose little and gain much more than you could imagine. Consider how you would like to jump ahead a thousand years by your present standards, and enjoy all of the benefits it would bring. That is realistically what you stand to gain, and not least of all upliftment to a state of full consciousness.

    The adventure is about to begin in earnest and you may pinch yourself to see if it is real. You are gradually leaving the illusion of gross physicality for a refined state of being. You are gravitating towards a more realistic dimension that will be more consistent with your higher vibration. It was never the plan that you should remain in the 3rd dimension forever, but take your place as Galactic Beings in the next stage in your evolution.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased that at last we can talk of implementing an important development that will lift your spirits. You can look forward to more exciting news as time goes by, as once the ball starts rolling there will be no stopping its progress. The Light has suddenly surged and taken another upturn which delights us, and long may it continue. Bless you all in the name of the Creator.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

    19 Oct

    It is a joy for us to see how many of you have made a positive response to the coming announcement about our existence. We do not really need much in the way of publicity to reach people. The presence of our craft and the many contacts made over the last 50 years, have ensured that we have a place in your minds. What it will achieve is official recognition, that will sweep away the cover-ups and false stories about us. Those of you that accept us have no difficulty in finding all of the proof that you need. However, many people have blindly followed the rejection of us by those who have no desire to move on, or welcome a new Age. Humans do get into fixed modes that make them feel comfortable, and they become very insular. Events can no longer wait for them to raise their consciousness levels, as certain changes must commence very shortly. Moving you into a new paradigm requires many changes, and it is essential that they start in accordance with the Divine Plan.
    When the truth of our reasons for contacting you is known, it will offer a lifeline to those who see no future for Humanity. Suddenly your souls will be uplifted by the promise of a way out of the chaos deliberately put upon you. We are allowed to help you as your spiritually appointed mentors, and because the cycle of duality is coming to an end. You are not meant to see out this period by yourselves, and the plan has always allowed for guidance and direction so that you arrive at your true destination. Ascension is simply upliftment into the higher vibrations of the Universe, and it means that you will be part of it unless through choice you decide not to participate. However, as simple as it sounds it has far reaching effects, and nothing will be quite the same again. It is a wonderful event that allows you to move into the beauty and peace of the higher dimensions. It comes as your right, and is an opportunity that will not come around again for thousands of years.
    Start preparing in your minds for the changes that are inevitable once we can arrive openly amongst you. You will be kept informed of what is taking place, and with our assistance you can be sure that there will no area on Earth that is without contact. We can if necessary superimpose messages onto your television sets, without using your conventional means of doing so. Once our plans are widely known, there will be few if any that will object to the upliftment that will be taking place. To gain the return of your freedom will in its self be a major achievement. Big Brother may be breathing down your neck, but we will curtail their covert operations and plans for greater control over you. Knowing this we hope you will take a broader view of what is happening, and not allow concern or worry to enter your minds. Certainly do not react to the news that speaks of the need to introduce martial law, as fear is like a cancer and spreads quickly. Rise to the challenge and cover it with your Light, and you will be helping restrict its power to entrap people.
    We expect you to come sailing through these coming months, and your faith in us will be justly rewarded by knowledge of the latest contacts that have been made. They will answer much that will arise in your minds as to why it has taken so long to happen. It has not been for the want of trying on our part, as we have contacted many leaders over many years without success. Our aim was to offer our technologies providing a finish was put to war, and instead peace was established. However, instead your government turned to the Space Beings you know as the Greys, and brokered a secret agreement to allow them bases on Earth in exchange for advanced technology. Many of your recent advances have come from this source, and for example you would not otherwise have had your chip or laser technology. Therefore what should have been directly for your immediate benefit through a peace agreement with us, was secretly used to gain world dominance over other countries.
    In the Galactic Federation no civilization tries to set itself above another, indeed there is a policy of sharing so that all may benefit from each other for the good of all. This is a measure of how far any civilization may have progressed, and sadly yours is largely caught up in service to self. However, we find the influence of those who do care for others is gaining ground. There is an expanding consciousness that accepts that you are All One. It will not take much to bring the love out of other people, and when it is seen that all of your troubles come from policies that have set you apart, things will change.
    You are not all equal viewed from a purely material point of view. That is not the individuals fault, but centuries of subjugating tribal countries to slavery. It is not without coincidence that they have been way behind the Western world for so long. The Illuminati have worked their plan for total world control for far longer than you might imagine. They have not had it all their own way, and Lightworkers also laid down plans to combat their ultimate attempt to enslave you all. The quiet resistance has concentrated on raising your consciousness, so that you could find the truth for yourselves and act accordingly. There have also been provisions made to bring abundance and change your lack of material wealth. It will mean that the schemes for fair sharing can be instigated, and no more shall any be too poor to provide for themselves and others.
    It is not just the Galactic Federation that will appear on Earth, and as we have often mentioned, the Masters will also return to put right the false teachings that have passed as the word of God. At a much later stage your Inner Earth family will surface to also help you through Ascension. As you can see, the operation to lift up Mother Earth and all life forms will be attended by multitudes of Light Beings, who act out of love for you. They have always been near to you, but now is the right time for them to appear and renew their friendship with you.
    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and share your anticipation in respect of what is to come very soon, that shall move you more into the Light of understanding. You are One Family in the eyes of the Creator, and none are given favor above others. It is you who do the choosing as to where your future lies, and as time passes by we expect many more to seek the path to ascend. Be of Love and Light, and live life as one who seeks to spread it wherever you go.
    Thank you SaLuSa
    Mike Quinsey.

    in reply to: Welcome the Light #12897

    More recently from Welcome the Light

    Breaking News Update: Mark Huber/BethTrutwin

    The following report is of such importance that we delayed it until we could verify details with Sanat Kumara. Beth/Mark met him along with Ashtar and Cdr Soltec–in charge of all earth communications–aboard the New Jerusalem yesterday. We are well aware of how other reports were misunderstood on another occasion. We present this information as the best available, while directly in their presence. Some details are still in the field of potentials and will be reported later. Ashtar will be talking to us all on the 9/22 CC with Susan Leland. He will clarify these matters at that time. Be assured that this is of the highest importance to each and all upon, within or above this planet. This historical event will commence at 9:09PM on 9/21 and will continue until Noon on 9/22, in the Lake Titicaca area of Peru & border of Bolivia.

    Here is the latest report from A-Team Members in Peru, headed by Madame X. The prior two reports[9/16 & 9/17] on the Equinox Event, were posted on our Yahoo Group: MarkHuber_GRT_Intel.

    When it was considered to take a few people to Qoa Island, the Portal opening is so big, the energy will be so strong, you would combust. The site was changed and you were moved a safe distance away. Later, a group of you will go there. The Diamond Heart, the Cosmic Heart of the Earth Mother, Gaia. The Diamond heart is opening to the eternal flame, Source Flame, brought by the Kumaras.
    Master, Keeper-Guardian, of Qoa-The Eternal Flame of Life needs to be integrated into the physical bodies first or this high energy could sicken or destroy all attuned present. What do we have to do now? Physical relocation to another nearby site at the 13,000′-14,000′ elevation has been chosen and is already known to your group.

    Sanat Kumara’s Starship is coming. The fleet represents 9 Different Commands–Directed by Sanat Kumara– who must enter first, then the others can follow.

    Sanat Kumara and Twin Flame:Lady Venus- will come down and contact (Madame X’s group) For whole A-Team. On September 21st, the Starships Will appear over the Peruvian Andes and they will Open a path for all the Kumaras-The Highest Beings need to come down through the Qoa Portal first. This is a Huge Celebration of Life-All these Ships will be entering the Earth Dimension and decloak.

    They represent 12 Rays and 12 entrances or gateways…bringing the Solar Golden Energy of the Holy Kumaras. A-Team Ground units will form a pyramid from Peru, Kauai, Kona-HI, Santa Fe-NM and the Central US. This will activate a completely new timeline of Gaia’s Golden Star.

    Our group has decoded the old solar disk and taken the ancient energy which will be replaced with a pure new golden disk which we will encode for the new cycle.

    Each of us is a Kumara from Earth. We will have more upgrades and we will be in position to do many things, including Invisibility; walking through walls. All of the higher gifts. America, Sourthern France, South Africa and many Shamanic groups are now working in Peru.

    We are coding the new solar disks for humanity’s use on Terra Nova. All need to be engraved on the new solar disk.

    We are starting from zeropoint.

    Each A-Team member should be in their assigned positions. Documenting the Opening of the Solar Portal will be done by video camera, other cameras and tape recorders. You will have involvements from 9AM to 9:09 PM when the ships arrive. The work will complete at noon on 9/22/09. There will be 9 motherships in Peru. It’s very important to be centered in the heart. There will be a Big Show. It will start and spread with the 12 rays across the planet and there will be motherships decloaking over all major countries. 12 origins will be represented: Venus, Orion, Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius, Arcturus, etc.


    More on Website http://www.welcomethelight.com

    in reply to: Welcome the Light #12894

    Thought I’d post it in case people can’t get to the site

    Mark: Questions about Changes Post NESARA – 9/3/09Posted by admin On September – 3 – 2009
    Mark first keep up the great work. Know that I do work with you in spirit. My questions to galactics, I will post to my contacts as well I will share [with those having] mutual interests.

    How will we teach and embellish galactic society principle to the masses? How long will this take and what categories are best to start with?

    Can we insist on municipal governments donate plots of land so the galactic’s can build healing centers and or housing for poor and homeless.

    What is the best approach to develop and distribute new technologies such as replicators, communication devices and transportation alternatives as well as healing technologies?

    We should get governments to give us land for technologie development locally and regionally. Will the technologie development be able to be maintained locally rather the regional issues?/

    Why have the lightworkers been forced to go without financial support for so long without a mulititude of ways to bring funds our way. No it is not karma?

    Thanks for your time and input send contacts asap to me in BC



    Thanks for your interest, personal and group involvement in the great work in which we are all engaged.

    The first general answer to your questions is that Lady Master Nada, will be the one to announce on World-Wide-TV/Radio…NESARA. That will commence 36 hours of non-stop information on all related subjects affected by the changes which will commence on 9/9/9 when the upshift to 75% of Full Ascension crystalline power support capacity. Within another 36 hours after that information has been received, individual fundings will begin according to LMNada’s Announcement details…expected to be around 72 hours after Announcements.

    Individuals–except for a small percentage of criminals precluded by serious unreadiness to participate in a positive manner– within US,UK,CANADA, and AUS will receive funds. An exact sequence of funding elsewhere will depend on local conditions. However, massive pools of funds will be employed in all areas to relief the basic needs and then new infrastructures and gov’ts will be established and monitored for honesty,equality and integrity. Everyone on the planet will have received individual funding benefits within 12-15months maximum of Announcement.

    Because we will be rapidly changing the structure and nature of living everywhere on this planet most of what now is will be unnecessary and will be removed and replaced with non-toxic essential structures and practices.

    We will be returning to living in communities of about 10,000, which will be self-sustaining; non-toxic with clean air,water, soil and without need for petroleum burning fuels. Since all will be generated locally, there will no longer be any need for buses, airplances, ships,trains or trucks. That will not affect the economies as all will have funds sufficient that work as it now exists will not be required to provide clean, non-toxic shelter, food, clothing and new communications means will be introduced.

    Within 10 days of Announcements and Starcraft decloakings, we will have waves of ships landing around the world. The galactics will off load and implace 5D equipment and devices to clean up water, air, soil and atmosphere and all that will be completed within 30 days of the landings. Some work has already begun. We have posted some information about use of replicators. Understand that…initially…these devices and equipments will be under 5D+ security and custody.

    The basic plans and arrangements will be clearly delineated following Announcements. All immediate needs have been arranged to be met by galactic assistance from the ships…during the initial days. There will be no essential shortages of necessities.

    All of those who are interested and asking to help will be gladly contacted and provided with whatever is needed for them to advise others of how to obtain what is needed.

    The Venus Project of Jacque Fresco is an example of knowledge that is now available to create self-sufficient communities that–once constructed, non-toxically–can be administered and maintained by as few as 7 individuals…for quite long periods of time.

    Property ownership will necessarily change and all this will also be explained in the initial days.

    New Healing Technologies will virtually replace existing invasive, cutting, burning and toxically medicating patients…allowing most hospitals to empty and be converted to the new procedures and methodologies.

    All upon this planet had to sign an agreement to wait until all could be included with assistance. The ones who will be replaced have especially targeted the ones who want positive changes. We all knew what we were coming into and we all volunteered to participate until a critical mass had been achieved. That means that until 51%+ welcomed changes, we had to continue to work towards that. That goal has now been achieved and assistance can be provided.

    Each step has a particular impact and the sequential flow has to be maintained at all times. We as a collective had to Ask for Peace. That happened on 9/1.

    All existing suppression programs/endless loop tapes in the Master Holographic Matrix programs required representatives of us all to Ask. When we took all dark/light representatives back to Source, all the councils terrestrial, celestially and beyond had to agree. They did. Then the removal of all that was not in accord with Peace, Love, Unity and TwinFlame/Twin Heart balance was allowed to be removed from the New Earth Timeline Master Matrix.

    All that occurs at 9:09 on 9/9/9 guarantees the solutions will be forthcoming.

    It will be–for most–the realization of their most sincere visions and hopes.

    All else will then follow in steps on 10/10/10; 11/11/11 and 12/12/12 as additional Crystalline activations of planetary crystals bring us up to 100% of Full Ascension support. Those wedded to the Old Timeline will quickly either change their ways or be relocated at various threshold points. However, all who ask and follow the internal guidance they receive will be included.

    All must be at 100% Crystalline 5D+structure and activation for that final step. We will Fully Upshift as One Unified Collective Human Wave of Consciousness.

    There is more than sufficient pristine land to provide for all who will be here.

    When all of existing ‘toxic stuff’ is removed, our local needs will become easily manageable without need for far away resources. The Magical Realms, which are an essential part of Earth Mother, will be rejoining us and assisting us in discovering how to grow really healthy and wondrous foods and in bringing enormous delight back into every environment including the hearts of our new children–Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, Platinums, etc–who are ready to show us new ways to do everything with Love, and in Peace and Joy, that will not fade.

    Replicators will be used to create and duplicate fully vibrant materials, devices and foods and will take the drudgery out of most everything. Nanites will quickly be introduced and then living structures will become possible as they are on the ships.

    As DNA upgrades continue most families will become fully telepathic and new souls will be ‘called’ and prospective parents/surrogates/foster parents will volunteer to foster many new ones during the transition and Ascended World
    New Era.

    Anti-gravity lifting devices and various non-polluting vehicles will replace all existing transportation and we will not need roads…allowing all that concrete to demolecularized, so the planet can breathe again. Vehicles will be silent and require little to no maintenance. Travel to anywhere on the planet will be inexpensive and sentiently guided by Artificial Intelligence…so no accidents will occur. Weather will become 70-73degrees year round as the axis of the planet is restored to Zero Axial imbalance. Terraforming of the earth and other planets in our solar system has begun.

    Accelerated holographic learning technologies are being introduced now to our New Kids of all ages…during their night ‘cycles’. This will be revealed soon…in greater detail, and they will demand these fully positive and supportive techniques be brought forward to replace existing schools and methods.

    Beth and Mark have visited sites where this is underway. It is phenomenal what even babies can learn in a single session of this nature. Much of this is non-verbal instruction and can be augmented in various ways by prepared teachers.

    Spiritual development is the most required element to achieve full ascension and this will quickly be possible as all basic survival needs are met and the DNA upgrades and activations restore capacities long ago lost that will be remembered, embraced and redeveloped with joy and delight.

    Unlimited potential exists and this realization will catalyze everyone into action and dreaming new and more expanded visions. Dream joyously and dream larger.

    More details will be forthcoming after 9/9/9. We are becoming the 33rd Galactic World and all that that implies.

    MarkHuber/BethTrutwin, Friends and Family of One Representatives.

    in reply to: Very nice latest BGC – 20th Aug #12846

    Rock ‘n’ Roll, lets go!!!!

    Couple of questions:

    “You have been made aware this day of a finer vibration and what has been put to you as a “buzz’ that is circulating regarding an event that may or may not take place in the coming days.”
    – What does this mean? What event? Have I missed something?

    “There is a transmission that is occurring via a different source at this moment. We are the Higherarchy. We wish to advise of an intelligence that has discovered a manoeuvre that shall reinforce that which your hearts expect to BE.”
    – I’m confused on this one……What intelligence? Earthly intelligence?

    Thanks UFO for picking up on this one from BGC.


    in reply to: Saturns Rings #12831
    in reply to: The Ascension Papers by Zingdad #12593

    Ok, in my own head I get it. But will post it here so it’s “out”.

    3 types: After ones individual Singularity Event (SE)

    1. Those that choose to come back to this 3D reality on “this planet – to fight it out, will die at the Earths Transition because simply they cannot ascend to 4D with Earth.

    2. Those that do ascend but will go ‘somewhere else” to some other reality or experience of “their choosing” depending on what they experience during “their SE”.

    3. Those that do return to 3D Earth in this reality as they have a contract to ride the transition with Earth to 4D to be “Keepers”.

    Now I just have to figure out what happens to the bodies of those in number 2 – which I feel will be me.

    I am also interested in the process that has been described as the “3 Leaving Points” when the God Light peaks. As it gets closer do we on this forum kind of keep a checklist (sorry – that probably didn’t come out the way I meant).

    Maybe in a way I am trying to work out what will happen to me, either 2 or 3 I am guessing……I am not sure if I fit the “profile of an Earth Keeper” but then the Job Description has not been presented in it’s fullest yet. I do have a genuine love for the earth but I am not sure if I could call myself what some people may describe as a” Greenie”. I would love to be but this reality does confine me somewhat…..

    in reply to: The Ascension Papers by Zingdad #12589

    Ok, I am going to ask, and it has been asked before and I still can’t work out if there is an answer.
    I have read the Ascension papers and absolutely loving it. A co worker is also reading it so it is great to have someone to bounce off.
    But I really can’t work out what happens to us Physically at the Singularity Point. I understand what happens on a mental, spiritual level and it truely is wonderful and I can’t wait for when it happens as I know the outcome will be right for me. And Zing did touch on it how we only get a sentence on the bad aspect but paragraphs on the good aspects.
    But a part of me I guess wants to know what happens to our physical bodies. Even if we do ascend higher than 3D.
    If we stay in 3D do we basically crumple to a heap on the floor. If we ascend do our physical bodies do the same thing? And then our souls pop up somewhere else?

    I am guessing this will no doubt bring about either a really complicated answer or the shortest answer in history or some may think – “Man, don’t you get it?”
    Well, maybe I don’t. Maybe I have to wait for more chapters to unfold. I am a part of the game unfolding on this forum for children and loved ones, and I am chomping at the bit.
    Does anyone have any specifics, I am hoping…….

    in reply to: Pre Birth vs Reality Creation #12727

    I think I have been given the answer:

    There are Pre Birth Agreements together with Reality Creation.
    Even though you have certain things mapped out for you during your soul contract and the pre birth planning stage – it depends on the level of awareness and consciousness you develop during the 3D life as to whether or not you are aware that you can create your own reality thus changing your pre birth plan.

    Those that plod along in a Service to Self reality and Service to Others (and still yet are not AWARE) will no doubt live out their pre birth plan.

    If you are a Service to Others or a Unifier and are AWARE, then you know how to create your own reality thus everything will be positive during your lifetime and could possibly be different than your pre birth plan as you during the 3D life have increased your level of awareness and consciousness.

    Well, this is what rang true to me…..

    in reply to: Déjà vu #12482

    I have just started reading Courageous Souls by Robert Swartz and from what I understand, deja vu is the remembering of your pre birth agreement. Well, that is how I understand it anyway, just my 2 cents…

    in reply to: Marks Corner #12427

    It continues……

    Monday, May 11, 2009

    Transition Events

    This is my 38th posting to Mark’s Corner for 2009. I am most pleased to welcome, once again, Adrial; her message is in response to questions that you have asked.

    Greetings to everyone. Some would call me an angel, however I prefer the term “celestial” as it conjures up fewer images of a being with wings – of which I have none. Celestial also implies that I am ageless, that also is true for I have been around many millions of years. I return now to answer questions.

    As to specifics of pending events, yes there is such a thing as planet X or Nibiru. It has an elliptical orbit about your star. It is from this planet that the Annanuki came to Earth. Nibiru will have no further interaction with the new Earth as Earth’s light is becoming so strong that beings from Nibiru will have no desire to approach her. Also the armada will be defending Earth from any intrusion by the Nibiruans.

    Furthermore, Nibiru will not make a close approach as her orbit has been altered by the energies of certain celestials and star peoples. Yes, it is within their power to alter the path of planets. How else did you suppose that galaxies were formed? How else do planets maintain their perfect rotation about a star? All is not left to chance and evolution; the hand of God and his designated associates can be seen everywhere.

    As you already know, time is speeding up, so it is no longer a fixed liner measure. Time will be further accelerated until in the final moments it will appear as if everything has transpired in an instant. As I have already indicated, there will be a trifurcation, a sorting according to choice. During this time of the trifurcation there may be hardships, both for those who remain with Earth and for those who leave. We do not know the extent of the personal difficulties for anyone, as we do not exactly know how Earth will react to the righting of her axis and the breakup and removal of the moon.

    The exact number of people remaining on Earth cannot not known as many personal choices are yet to be made, however judging by the current leanings of humans, we estimate it will be about 12%. Much will be determined by reactions to pending events. Will people rely on love or fear?

    Agents of the dark energy have replaced many of your top people in corporations, governments, and religions. They form a tightly knit alliance that is withstanding change to existing structures and beliefs. Because we not foresee that you as human beings will be able to thwart their plans, events of off-planet origins will occur. They will be beyond the control of the dark energy or any of his agents. It will cause everyone on the planet to reconsider who they are, what their basic patterns are, and what they choose for themselves. These will occur as a series of events over the next months. There will be no mass landing or appearance of the ships of the armada in the United States until the military no longer wishes to engage them in battle. This is for the safety of the humans of the planet.

    Keep in mind that earth will return to her pristine state, before she ascends into a higher frequency. This will require some time for all on the planet to accommodate to this, including the animals and plants. Although all could be done instantly by manipulating energy, it will be more beneficial for all concerned to accomplish this more gradually. Keep in mind that you are both physical and spiritual beings. All must be accounted for in this transition.

    Also, p lease keep in mind that there are limits to what I may disclose to you. We do not allow you to foresee the future in the same way as we who see the all-present, because there are many choices involved, and because there exists the need to allow each person to choose in the moment. Based on observing you for thousands of years, it is my considered opinion, an opinion shared by many others, that mankind is unable to overcome the dark energy and its agents without external assistance, thus the armada of starships and the many non-residents who walk the planet to assist you. We are restoring your DNA so that you may more fully function knowing the truths of the larger universe, and be less bound by fear. Those who enslave you limited the solutions you are able to conceive. The schemes, constructs, and beliefs imposed on the humans of earth must be dismantled before you will be truly free to create your own future.

    The preparatory stage of initial events, which many have spoken of, is now underway. More visible signs of it will manifest themselves in the coming weeks. Keep in mind the vast scope of the transformation of Earth and her six billion humans. This is but the first of many events making up the totality of the transformation.

    A caution, many things will be reported in the coming months. Not all of them will be true. Not all of them will come from the light. There will be deliberate misinformation. Events will be deliberately withheld from the public. We will keep you apprised. Look to your heart to know what is true for you. See all from a place of love. Do not fall into the fear that will come from many directions. Stay with love through all.

    Thank you Adrial, it is nice to hear from you again.

    in reply to: The Law of One #12384




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