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    Heya Shylo

    Was wondering what happened…

    36 000 plus. Sheesh!!!

    Did you ever get to checking out the anti-spambot filter I emailed you about? This has worked MAGIC on my site. Not one single spambot since its installation. Its called EasyCalcCheckPlus. Not a very snappy name but it IS extremely good at netting all registrants that are either not real human beings and also human registrants that are known spam offenders. It reduced my registrations by about 60% but the 40% that I now get are all “the real deal”. Schweet!

    Linky: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/access-a-security/site-security/captcha/11964

    Good luck with the radio station!

    Big love!

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    Hello Jim

    Welcome to the Book of Light. As you can see I moved your intro. 🙂

    Things have been a bit quiet around here of late but welcome to the site and I hope you find what you are looking for. Let me know if you need anything.


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    You are right! I’ll take that up with the site owner.

    Glad you got your download though.

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    twits are getting cleverer.

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    Hi Purple

    The place that says:

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    Be Here Now / 38Mb

    But not to worry. Here is the link:
    Click here to download
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    Heya purple

    I just tried and had no problems. So I can’t say for sure…

    Were you logged in to the site when you tried to download? You must be logged in or downloads don’t work. Go to https://book-of-light.com and check on that page to see if, under “Who’s In The Book?” you are recorded as being online. If not, log in ON THAT PAGE. There is a separate login for the main site and the forum. When you have logged in, go to https://book-of-light.com/content/ebook-be-here-now again and try to d/l again. Let me know what happens!

    Oh and welcome to BoL! Things are pretty quiet here these days but there is lots to browse and enjoy.


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    that’s irritating, to say the least.

    I’ve found a plugin that I hope will help with this. It fixed the same problem on my site. I forwarded it to Shylo – lets see if she can implement it here… and if it’ll help.

    Thanks for your vigilance, Silver.

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    Can’t fault you Silver! I’m certainly not saying you made a wrong choice. I guess its just my intuition. And the fact that I have been hit by this strategy a couple of times. A quick scan of the text and it seems legit. But if you actually read it, it’s gibberish. There is no logic or intelligence there (it looks like what they call “spun” text). Let it go and the poster has an “in”. Then all hell breaks loose. So I squashed it before that happened. I thought to just let everyone what I did there and why.

    Cheers mate,

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    The above is an example of “spam gardening”. The post is gibberish but it looks more or less legit. And this post itself breaks no rules. So it gains the poster (which is almost certainly a bot) access to the site. Then, when we aren’t looking it spams the living hell out of the forum. Even if we are wakey and we move in to clean up, they might have hundreds of spam posts up for a few hours. And if we are slow they can win big in forum-spammer world.

    So anyway. I moved it in here and banned the eedjit.

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    oh good one, Mini! I love butternut! One of my favourite things to do is to seed it, halve it and bake it (just like you do) but with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. You won’t believe it, it tastes like some kind of dessert. Seriously YUM.

    in reply to: Gosh It’s been so long! #13156

    @quietsound wrote:

    My Goodness!

    I’ve been away from here for awhile and just decided or was tapped on the shoulder to pay a visit and now I’m glad I did.

    I hope you are all well! I’m doing fine. I need to take a look around the site!

    Merry Meet!

    Nice to see you again Terry!

    It’s gone pretty quiet here generally. But things seem to go in cycles and maybe we’re about to get busy again?

    in reply to: …Starseed… #7430

    @echo wrote:

    Ok. So, please excuse my language, but the shit has hit the fan. I don’t know who I am anymore, but everyone else seems to. I know that sounds very dramatic and emotional… Stupid hologram. I feel so alone.

    Hi Echo

    It does sound a bit dramatic and emotional. But that’s not a bad thing. If that’s how you are feeling then you have the right to be dramatic and emotional.

    So what’s doing on? In what way has the “shit hit the fan” for you?

    Hey – I know what you mean about feeling so alone! But it seems that IS the human experience. I think we all feel desperately separate and disconnected all the time. Some of us manage to hide this fact from ourselves a bit with the relentless chase of the rat-race… or whatever… but at core I think we all feel this way. But you are apparently feeling it really acutely right now. So? What’s up?

    in reply to: Questions for Zingdad and Friends #13207

    Daniel MacLean posted the following question on my Facebook page:
    @Daniel wrote:

    Hi zing, remember those crazy days Oct 2008 when THEY were supposed to disclose? Well, these days are alike. Many of the respectable channelings are buzzing with imminent disclosure, although this time no DATE was given, thanks God! Well, in 2008 I was very connected with U and ur sources from beyond the veil and I would really appreciate your personal view and maybe Adamus’ about the days we are living this time. Not a confirmation, but a shearing of views and hopes. Cheers

    Hello Daniel

    Yep the 2008 event is still quite fresh in my memory. And, you know, I have come to understand how very perfect that all was. In so many ways. I think many of us “grew up” a little though that experience. I think planetary consciousness was subtly shifted though all that. But anyway… I’ll get out of the way and let Adamu talk to your question:

    @Adamu wrote:

    Greetings my friend. You are correct in your sense that disclosure is immanent. There is certainly a heightened sense of anticipation on the planet right now and there is also an increased presence of ships of all descriptions in your skies. Both of these things are true. More and more governments are opening up their secret “UFO” archives and beginning to release the information they hold. Bodies such as the United Nations are preparing to engage with extra-terrestrial life. All this is true.

    So what is has changed?

    The difference now is that you… earth humans… you are changing your collective consciousness. You are opening up to new possibilities in a whole new way. Where before the notion of engagement with extra-terrestrial beings was cause either for derision of fear, now there is a new willingness to believe that this is possible and more than that, this would be a wonderful thing. And this new, elevated consciousness is essential. Let me tell you why.

    There are many, many different planetary civilisations from this galaxy and beyond who are interested in what is going on on planet earth. Vast armadas of craft from these civilisations are present in your planetary environs. But one can, broadly speaking, classify these beings into three groups: negative-oriented, positive-oriented and neutral. Those of a negative orientation have a self-serving interest in your planet. They would like to strip your planet of resources and particularly use the planetary population for their own interests. Some would like to use your genetic structure to provide their dying civilisations with a new, more robust vehicle for incarnation. Others would like to see you serve them as would-be slaves. There are certainly such beings “out there” in your planetary environs. Then there are those of a positive orientation. These are beings that would like nothing more than to assist you to find the most balanced and healthy way of being on your planet. I can speak for one of these later civilisations, the Pleiadians. We see ourselves as something like a parent race to your own. We feel profound protective love towards you. And we have, for all the ages of the existence of your race upon planet earth been keeping a careful eye over you. Watching and waiting for the moment when you will have matured to the point where we would be able to engage with you as equals.

    Why have we not come before? Let me address that using an example with which you are familiar. When a child or a young person makes a mess of things there is the kind of parent that rushes in, takes the problem away, fixes it all up and makes it okay so that the child feels no repercussions for its acts whatsoever. Then there are parents who, with their hearts in their throats, stand back and let the child feel the results of its actions and let the child find its own solutions. The first kind of child never really grows up. Such a child is dependant on its parents for as long as they live. Such parenting is not healthy for any concerned as it fosters continued dependency. In the latter case, the child grows up strong, self-assured and independent. Such a child becomes a wonderful contributor to society and will, soon after coming to adulthood, be valued by its parents as a full equal.

    You see?

    We are very happy to be the later kind of parent. And you are indeed growing up strong and independent. Yes, you are experiencing many trials and many tribulations as you walk this path. But you are learning faster and faster. And you are very soon coming to a major junction in your collective consciousness. It is a point in your planetary history when you will decide what kind of civilisation you will be… predominantly Service To Self or predominantly Service To Other. And as a result of that choice you will open yourselves to a whole gamut of other new engagements and experiences.

    The negative oriented beings have tried to get what they want from you and have tried to influence the outcome in their own way. They have been like the overbearing parent that would have you be eternally dependant and in a subordinate position to them. But they have had very minimal success. They are significantly less advanced than the positively oriented beings and so have been vigorously kept in check as we have enforced a kind of a quarantine as you make your way to maturity and decide for yourself, with the minimum of interference, who you will be.

    Soon you will be ready to make the great choice and your planetary civilisation will make the quantum leap from being “planetary aware” to “galacticaly aware”. We are confident in the extreme that your overwhelming consensus will be towards the positive. That you will collectively choose for “Service to Other”. But that will be your choice. And then you will move one step up the ascension ladder as your planetary civilisation makes its way Home to full Unity Consciousness.

    I trust this addresses your question?

    Keep spreading your light as you go,
    Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation

    in reply to: Questions for Zingdad and Friends #13205

    “Steve I.” sent me the following question:
    @Steve I wrote:

    Are there multiple realities, meaning where there is more than one of us as observers and creators in our bodies but with different beliefs, consciousness, realities and outcomes? Maybe Adamu can answer this? Sort of like a tree branch expanding but with other outcomes but we as observers perceiving it as one experience in linear time but not multidimensional.

    Hello Steve

    Thanks for the question. It seems 8 is best positioned to address this question.

    @8 wrote:

    Steve, you are begining to awaken to a greater awareness of “what is”. This much is evident from your question. Yes, indeed, there are mutiple realities. I have co-authored a piece with Zingdad on the subject of Dimensions which you may read here. This will help you to understand the bigger picture.

    But you ask specifically about one being holding different beliefs and experiencing different outcomes. This is an interesting question. There is a “cloud of possibility” which you could most certainly envisage (as you suggest) as a tree branching outwards with infinite possibilities. There is a “greater” you… your inner-self… for whom all these possibilities are real. For this being all the choices you could have taken co-exist. They are all true. But there are certain choices that are more interesting to this being. These are the choices that lead to the outcomes that your Inner Self desires. These occur where the the opportunities for soul-expansion and growth are optimised. And your Inner Self invests more energy and attention in these time lines – which are really just routes through the cloud of potentiality.

    So who are “you” and what is “your life”? You are the particle of your Inner-Self that is currently engaged in limiting its self-perception so that it can imagine it is just one being and has only one perspective. It is using this single perspective to observe its progress through one possible route in the cloud of potentiality. As you make your choices so you are navigating the cloud. You bring certain experiences and interactions to yourself based upon what you choose.

    And it is so, of course for all other beings. All are such “clouds”. This means that you, by your choices, can choose the “version” of the others you will engage with. Just as they can for you. I will give you two examples: In the first example: two people are engaged in a romantic partnership. They come to have difficulty with each other. Each thinks the other is at fault and they fight. They each demand of the other that they must change. But neither will concede and the animosity increases. The relationship terminates. In the second example one of the beings sees that he has brought this angry interaction to himself by his choices. He sees that he, himself, is the author of his own difficulties. He makes the choice to be the change he desires. He changes. He literally “retunes” his outer-reality to his new inner-reality. He finds that his partner is willing to undergo a similar process. They find a much deeper more loving understanding and move forward together.

    A final note, though Steve. Each beings’ cloud of potentiality is finite in scope. That is to say there are certain choices that you would take… and it would still be YOU. Then there are choices that you would not take… or it would not longer still be YOU. There are live you would not choose to live and experiences you would not choose to have.

    I do hope this addresses your query.

    in reply to: Questions for Zingdad and Friends #13201

    Hello Nekodos

    What a wonderful rebuttal! I don’t AT ALL mind you “fighting back” a little. This is such fun!

    May I begin by saying though, that I am making my own life difficult. My proposition is that one cannot prove anything. But if I am to defend this proposition then I am essentially trying to prove that we cannot prove anything! LOL!

    But let me address some of your points and see if we might not come closer to agreement…
    @Nekodos wrote:

    Actually, a hypothesis leads to a theory, not a fact. That’s why it can change later on, it’s never a fact, “just” a theory. However these theories are usefull.

    You are entirely correct, and on this we agree. I find myself in agreement with those who are doing “good science” who understand that there are only ever theories. Good theories are those that are useful in explaining our experiences of our universe.

    What is not useful is when people begin to label these good theories as “scientific fact” and begin to entrench them and wish them to be unchangeable. This is what I was talking about. So I think we are in agreement.

    @Nekodos wrote:

    A scientific definition of time? It’s simply the measurement unit of change, just as we use feet/meters for small distances. If you’re talking about past, present and future…I’d think the general consensus is that only the (ever changing) present exists, past is memory and future has yet to come.
    So if time in science is nothing more than a measurement unit, the theories created with them surely are valuable.

    Okay… I like this a lot! I disagree on the details but I like the result anyway. Let me explain. I don’t agree that time IS the unit of measure. Just as I don’t agree that space IS the meters we are measuring it with. Space and time are, according to Einstein, one thing. But we don’t know what that thing IS. But that is less important than the understanding you have about time… it is just a measure of change. I agree with you very much on that count. I also agree that there is only the ever present NOW. Yes. We agree. And I also agree that scientific theories that are based upon time as a unit of measure are useful. If they describe our reality then that is wonderful. But none of this detracts from the point I was making. When we talk about time (as when we talk about distance) we are talking about the measurement of SOMETHING. And yet we have no idea what that something IS.

    I am not arguing we should cease to do science! I am certainly not arguing that we should cease to examine our reality. Not at all. I am simply saying that it is equally useful to come to the realisation that what we have are theories built on theories built on theories. If you keep digging the “stuff” at the bottom of all these theories is… unknown! And that should give us pause for thought. TO ME this is quite a radical realisation. It means I should stop looking for THE TRUTH outside of myself. I should stop seeking THE TRUTH in external authorities. I should seek it instead inside in own heart and in my own experiences. This is what it means to me. But implicit in this understanding for me… is that it might mean something else entirely to someone else. Another person might come to the conclusion that it means science is just still busy finding the answers and will, in due course, solve all the mysteries! 🙂 So my proof that there is no proof really does prove nothing! 😆

    @Nekodos wrote:

    Why would a theory be irrelevant, just because you don’t fully understand all things involved. Take the theory of gravity for example. We know gravity exists, what it does and how it works. We don’t know what causes it or even what it actually is.
    It’s a force that pulls with a constant power, for earth that is 11.1km/sec (escape velocity). Without this knowledge, we wouldn’t be able to send anything into orbit. So we don’t know it all, but we know enough to help us in life…That is pretty much the “proof” I’m looking for here as well, something that can help me in my life.

    I think maybe I have explained myself a bit better already.

    I don’t say scientific theories are not useful. Not at all. Without science I would not have a laptop upon which to type. There is very little in my life that is not provided to me by way of science. And I really actually love science and find it fascinating. Science is a very powerful tool for describing and understanding our reality. Particularly because it allows for every changing and expanding understandings… which is exactly what we call “scientific theories”. Right? So that is cool. What I am saying is that science will not offer us “ultimate proof”. All the theories are built upon other theories and ultimately, these theories do not rest upon anything that is absolute… that is concrete. There is nothing KNOWN and PROVED that cannot later change.

    So science is a useful tool and we should continue to use it as such. Nothing more.

    @Nekodos wrote:

    I don’t know…That’s not how I feel about prove, sure you pin something down to one thing. But it could still very much change. If you don’t pin down a certain definition of something, it gets rather hard to communicate… Imagine everyone having their own definitions for what words mean, conversation would be utterly impossible!

    Ah! Yes, absolutely! What you are talking about here is a “consensus reality”. We come to an agreement about certain things. We create definitions. As a silly example – we both look at all the infinite variations of colours in the light spectrum and we agree “THIS is blue, THAT is green and that over there is red”. It is so because we agree it is so. For no other reason. I believe is the same for the spirit beings that created this universe. They agreed certain things would be so. We that are incarnated here experience it as it is because we agree to it. We have created the rules by which we live… by which our reality functions. We experience it as being so because we agree to it before hand. Otherwise nothing would make sense at all.

    But definitions and agreed-to concepts are not proof. Because, these too can change. They can be re-negotiated. Or you can meet someone that doesn’t agree to the consensus. Our little consensus reality is not the whole of all that is. It is just our little bubble that we have agreed to play inside.

    So… yes… I agree 100%. We need to agree to stuff before hand or else there is nothing we can experience together… nothing we can share… and no point to this life. Without this there would BE no life. But these agreements do not constitute “proof”.
    @Nekodos wrote:

    How about if I ask you to prove it to me in such a way, isn’t that my free-will decision then? You obviously have the free-will right to decline such a request

    I find this quite funny!
    You are asking if it is possible to, as an act of free-will, give away your free will.
    The answer is yes and no.
    Yes, you can choose to experience the illusion of giving your free will away. It is called being a victim. This is discussed at great length in The Ascension Papers. We come here to this reality beyond the veil so that we can forget that we are creator beings. We remain in a state of forgetfulness by experiencing ourselves as victims. We enter into agreements with others that they will pretend to victimise us. In return we agree to pretend to victimise them. It is a big game. But when we are IN the game it is often anything but fun! It is sometimes very painful indeed. And while we are here being victims we believe we are not the creators of our own reality (for these two concepts are mutually exclusive). So we believe that we are not the holders of our own truth. The truth is “outside” of us. And so we search “outside” for this truth. We give our power away to institutions such as religion, politics and yes, even science. They must tell us what is The Truth.
    Yes. We can do this. We can use our free will to give away our free will. We can ask other to prove to us that we are not the creators of our own reality. We can. We have. And we are, to one extent or another, continuing to do this all the time.

    But if we want to awaken and remember who we really are… if we want to discover our true creator nature… then we should probably stop doing this.

    Don’t you think?

    It all depends what you want. If you want to experience yourself as a victim then give away your free will. If you want to experience yourself as a creator then claim it. And enact it. And own your own inner-truth. And CREATE! 🙂

    @Nekodos wrote:

    No no no, religions and governments don’t try to convince us with proof, they try to convince us without any proof, we simply need to have faith!!! Isn’t that much much worse? A religion telling me I need to believe in god, because they say so… It cannot be done! A government making cannabis illegal without informing the public about the possible uses of the plant…That is taking away my right to be a creator being WITHOUT giving me anything in return!
    If religion would have any valuable proof, I’d be a believer. Taking things on faith just isn’t my game, believing that anything is true if I want it to be doesn’t really do me any good either…

    And here we agree 100%. Religions and governments try to pretend they have proof. Certainly they tell us they are the holders of what must be true for all of us. We must do as they say. So they tell us. They know what is best for us. So they tell us. But, you are right, they have nothing and they do not know what is best for us. This is what they keep messing it all us so badly.

    I agree 100% too that we should not take stuff on faith. That is exactly my point. Stop believing external authority. Trust YOURSELF, your heart, your intuition, you experiences. These are the things that will guide you to your truth.

    If things outside of you are useful… then use them. Like science.

    If ideas/ philosophies and beliefs outside of you resonate with your own truth then… agree with them. Some of the stuff inside some of the religions is pretty darn good! If you like it include it. But only because YOU say it’s good.

    @Nekodos wrote:

    I’m getting to that conclusion as well, just play with these ideas..Don’t try to prove them. Problem is that it’s all so wonderful I really want it to be “true”

    OH BOY do I ever know where you are coming from! I really, really do understand what you are saying. For myself I have resolved it like this: if it works for me then I say it is true for me. But I agree with myself that I might at some point find a “better” truth. If I do then it is okay to let go of the previous truth and move on. Otherwise, if I don’t, growth will always be painful. Coming to new realisations will always mean hurting myself over the fact that I can’t let go of my old truth set.

    @Nekodos wrote:

    It’s not for me, but it sounds great!

    …and I TOTALLY respect that! Not only am I willing to see that what is true for me no might not be true for me tomorrow but I am also willing to see that what is true for me might not be true for you. This does not make anyone at any time “wrong”. For me “truth” is dynamic and subjective.

    @Nekodos wrote:

    The thing I realized after I had read your post, was that I don’t think I need to ask any more questions to find this proof that I’m looking for. I believe if I would just take the time to actually try and get in touch with myself, I’d quickly discover if there is, indeed, more than meets the eye!

    YES, my friend! So, so much more! Everything you need is already right there within you. “You are an infinitely powerful, eternal, immortal creator being.

    I believe this about you as I believe this about all of us.

    Thank you so much for this discussion!

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