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  • in reply to: David’s Guidance #13679
    Bigfeet E

    Hello …

    Greetings accompanied with a heartbeam, like a sunray that bathes the skin with a golden glow and carresses its wearer in a moment of eternity …

    As i sit here imagining how to fill the page with the subjects i feel adressing , it slowly takes form from word to word, clothings of sentiments, meanings, intentions bend in to expressions… It is not fully planned out in beforehand, but it flows as it goes along, forming itself as it were. Same like it is with creating a drawing or painting or music. Recieving – transforming – releasing. It’s nice to see it happen at a comfortable pace giving it enough s-pace , so you can observe it happening while doing it at the same time…The rythm…like expressed language of one’s heart. It’s funny. It’s like watching a flower that is opening its petals and reveiling itself in beauty, or like watching a dot of ink flow out in to whatever it becomes on a blank sheat of paper.

    Why do i start this way ? I guess to just share how form takes place and giving myself and readers the oppertunity to wonder over the process and thanking it with a smile and realisation. It’s just … beautifull, amazing, perfect. And all together a nice prelude towards how creation is, can be felt from numerous different angles of perception. Multiplicity of forms born out of the same source at the same time. Fluïd like clouds, yet different in patterns. Like the nature of female and male, matternal and patternal. Always both, everlasting playing on the rythm of life. Life on the plane of Earth, Gaia, So(l)-phi-a(um).

    In my travels of wonder or observations i sometimes think about how ascention is discribed here (and other places) on the thread. How it is that She (earth) will ascend along aswell. Meanings of discriptions are blend and i need to analyse and feel the messages at the same time to uncover the full extend of the meaning. Trying as many points of view as i can find to come to a satisfying conclusive overview. Here i come to the crucial point of my quarry’s.

    It seems like when we – creatures living on earth’s skin – are to ascend, we leave our matterbody or transform it so in both cases it equals the lightbody (Mer-ka-ba ? question on the side). And when Earth/Gaia/Sophia ascends it is not so clear that the process follows the same nature, as it’s said that Earth as matterbody will still be present yet probably in a different and improved way to be because it starts a new cycle availeble for souls to attend. Here we come to the ways how dimensionality and density are involved , i puzzelingly suspect.

    When we talk about a different or new earth i presume that earth’s consiousness expands in the same way we do, attaining herself in a broader frequency and thus ‘occupying’ more dimensions then previously and on multiple density levels aswell. So it seems ,from the 3rd dimension and density, evolution just keeps it course on a lineair fashion in time. All along ever changing aswell in its own rythm. Mind me, i’m just trying to overlap multiple points of view in together here 🙂 Same way dimensions get overlapped in the, let’s say, frequencyband of Creator of One, wich is both no-thing and all thing, all that is and all that not is… ?

    Perhaps the topic dimension vs density could be adressed here on it’s own for a bit aswell. I think i speak for many to see some light shead on these 2 , cuz like myself i’m very interested in both . I know Zingdad is busy in full education from Adamu and … in his own work around these humungus topics aswell, and we all eagerly await further amazingly chapters to follow in his/their efforts. But that doesn’t make me any less cravingly curious about your take, dear Da-shua, i mean Ye-vid…no SolomonTomjhfvjhfaezer … sorry fingerslipped there 😆 But seriously, you and/or any Guest appearance of love that likes to tag along.

    How’s that for food for questionthoughts ?

    It is here i like to send my written gratitude with most beautifull colors, tastes of fruit & sugar on top to Babaji for his words of guidance, Master Hilarion with his green bag of wonderfull tricks, all souls and shakti’s involved yet to be identified and certainly the host & producer Jezus & Joanie for the efforts.
    What a team !

    By the way, ofcourse i had to do some research on Babaji and master Hilarion, as i had’nt heard of their names before. Found a powerfull compilation on youtube made in honor of Babaji & Shiva i just had to share here. It inspired me during this post.


    Turn up the volume Joanie & enjoy 😀

    Sex. I can talk with haste if this is uncomfortable for you. The limit you put on yourself is one person and that’s you. You’ve had difficulty in this area learning about women. Read books on what women desire, true pleasure, Peace, Love. Romance with flowers books that women read. This makes a full-fledged gent long for the woman he wishes to court

    Yes well … guess all has bin said allready.

    Had a dreamvision a while ago, just between awake and sleep (that’s cuz why i remember),of a most beautifull apparation introduced with a woman with golden blond hair and dress with a certain intense expression in her eyes observing carefull and deeply in the distance. I know cuz i sort of zoomed in on that expression, so close i could see this in incedible detail. This was followed with waves of most sensible colors of pastel interflowing. Kinda overwhelming me with sensations & then i caught myself slipping in to instinct Erik again…
    Don’t know if this was my own projection or a brief visitation, but for a moment i was aware of myself being dreaming there. ‘t Was a weird & special sensation but to short to cling in for continuation of the grade of awareness. It was a nice experience and reminded me of some equally lucid dreaming long time ago. I guess the trick lies in the capturing with attention within the flow of moment.

    How is this, this upset world that aches, destroys good cheer? Do you like this feeling when you view hate crimes, videos of war, lust, greed, revered motion pictures of hate, vengeance? It is amazing. Violence in the home. We see many who play games on computers of death. Why is this allowed? Children are present. Adults are present! It is horrifying to see the world change for the worse over a mere tantalizing bit of fear. This fear eeks into bones. Then it creeps to the blood, surfacing through pores. Eyes are ablaze and it’s over. Yes. Well… It’s not over if you turn this baby of rot around.

    Hmmm, i feel compeled to have some thoughts in return bout this. As i spend time doing this sort of ‘play’ myself, i can share some of my findings around this. Violence in the home is not healthy, i know. I grew up in a violent ‘home’ , but not over digital ways in the first place. What i’m getting at is that violence, horror, war, lust, greed and the likes of the list can indeed provide the devastating subliminal impulses imported in to minds, young & old. Often the way it is presented bring all sorts of views of battle and struggle that wants to cover so called good vs bad thrills. The audience grade their quality by personal choise of thrill or other type of emotion they are open for to recieve.

    I understand this is brought deliberately for the masses to keep in check, feed their fears for profits agenda’s. Yet at the same time i find it challenging & even educational. Mostly not in a direct way offcourse, but it certainly can provide, imo, the possability to simulate the emotions they can induce and reactions in the observer, wich on it’s own can be less harmfull than when it would actually happen in their lives. At certain point they can even be recognised as it is, dispite the intention to dull the sences, and you can let it slide. From there you can view seemingly violent games as adventure, playfull game.It is fiction. Like when y’where a kid playing in friendly competition with friends, pets, … It is open for joy and laughter.

    When i engaged myself in learning a branch in martial arts, we learned shadowboxing. This was explained as a fight with an imaginairy opponent. But the real dynamic of the teachings was to learn about yourself. To free oneself of one’s own negative emotion, to discipline mind body & spirit in manner of introspection, to be able to defend when attacked without loosing temper of hate or fear and hold the balance. Strenghtening the body, focus the mind & clearing the soul. Selfempowerment with respect of life & love. The only ‘enemy’ is a fiction created by false ego.

    Is it not said all pain & drama can be a teacher ? All i’m saying is , it can speed lessons up. A catalyst. If it wouldn’t i don’t think i would be here learning aswell. I guess that is what you ment in the last sentence of the quote. In general ofcourse very unhealthy …. but it can make teachings of true Love all the sweeter. And then again maybe my opinion is not really shared by the most. A double edged sword symbolises the 2 choises in it can be used , in Tarot it is symbol of the mind. Love is still as ever the greatest Force.

    At the moment my attention is grabbed towards human’s history regarding Lemurie, Atlantis, ancient civilisations, nephilim, star wars, intentional dna manipulations, and so forth… Why was this allowed ? I believe it has simular reasons of lessons that was allowed in honor of free will and God/Goddess’s wish to learn and teach their creations. But then again, there is most probably a lot more to it then i can concieve right now.

    I must be getting to bed now, so i ‘ll take my leave.
    Maybe i will see more of you there, but i likely won’t remember 😆
    Hope i brought some good wood to keep the campfire going.
    It has bin my pleasure again.

    Goodnight every One!

    Bigfeet (back to the mist)

    in reply to: David’s Guidance #13675
    Bigfeet E

    Dear master Yeshua & all who bare whitness to my words,

    I feel you can pluck the right strings that gives me the chance to unwind some greaves & stresspoints.
    It’s a prerogative to know having some helpfull attention recieved.
    Yeah Joanie, that’s you included for a great deal ! If it werent for you, this would not be possible at this point in time, so your skills are to be praised once more.

    Let me try explain my view why forgiveness is not being done as you asked.
    Where do i start, where is the beginning …
    It is not so much i can not forgive myself nor others, i can. But it is a loophole that i keep generating over time . Bit difficult to roll out here as summerising all influences is somewhat scattered.
    Me thinks it builds up from the point of not being able to be myself, explore myself, that i keep losing overview of myself, dependantly from what angle it is i wish to be at the given moment. Much of that is the knowledge that it is me generating unsuccesfulnes. Restrictiveness is to be delt with on just about everything that paves my path. All things considered it doesn’t feel like i am the creator of my path & all there is to choose is the path of least resistance.

    Much of that comes down to the teachings of Lao Tse’s not doing. That seems to be the point where i go & leave. The stress comes on a daily basis, from my body, my (useless)work, my environment. And i do deal with it as long as i can hold on, but when the lemon is squized out, it has no more juice to gives, y’know. More pressure then brings the teeth out & the wounded animal becomes selfdefensive.

    For long time i only seem to trying build more overall stamina & found ways to do this , even think i’ve fairly grown in that department. Apparantly still not enough. Mastering this balance between hard & soft is a continuing walk on the rope…Always seeking alternative ways to implement … Gonna stop babbling bout this. It doesnt really come out the way i wanna put it & it sounds i’m looking for excuses.

    I agree i should be more socialy invested, only connection has its failures in most cases. Kinda leaves me feeling alone more then all One. I feel closer to animals then people much times. They have the gift of being more genuine in their respect then humans potential. And where it not for my own struggle with animal desires, i guess my life would have bin much easier in the sexual department. Even writing this word down does not come without uneasyness. Yeah, big drama-karma there. No answers realised yet, and a large stressbuilder to for that matter, when not channeled for own energycontinuims.

    For the matter of duality within consious out-of-body experiences, i rose the question because it is what other ppl report in their travels, not so much my own cuz i’ve had none of those experiences that i can recall whatsoever. I mean like, o i can see my body lying there & i’m floating here & all that. But what i was refering to was that ppl exactly recall fighting within 3D environments or connecting 4D (?) realms where they even encounter other souls who are also there – astral traveling – wich with whome they afterwards, back in 3D reality, can concur the event being taken place.
    Wich brings me to a need for further clarification of duality concerning struggle, battle instead of harmony between opposite ‘parties’.

    Furtheron i sure would like to wake up out of dreamstate when in sleepingmode into the realm of possibility . Think thats gonna be a tough nut to crack, so pls forgive me if it doesn’t work just yet.
    Must admit it sounds very exciting … Only thing that kinda keeps me on my toes is the message i clearly found in the teachings of Shri Mataji, wich i still hold dearly, is that she didn’t approve of this sort of activities. Maybe she holds different views about this now ? The whole matter reminds me of shamanistic ways like for example Don Juan from the books of Carlos Castaneda…

    I must admit i still have difficulties in viewing Light as discribed in many contexts. I can only imagine in how it is percieved in many ways. I presume or understand the way is very different from our daily 5 sences, yet i believe i’ve come close in some occasions in using the 6th sence, although very briefly.

    Anyway, i’m happy to report that i’m feeling better again then when i posted my previous post and weeped some waste out of my heart wich clearly helped the process. Let’s hope i don’t slip into that same groove of the old LP again.

    Many many times many thanks for all the trouble that’s bin made in my account.
    Sweet surrender, bliss & love.

    Bigfeet, refreshed. 😉

    in reply to: David’s Guidance #13666
    Bigfeet E

    Hi again everyone,

    Well it’s bin a while & that’s because the urge to speak has left me and i keep finding myself stuck in a no-man’s-land.
    All i seem to do is work & flee in some videogames. I can not seem to get any motivation going & when i do it’s blocked.
    But enough of that here.

    That’s quit a surprise you revealed there David aka Yeshua (aka Sananda ?), but i do understand the motive very well.
    I can tell you there’s no hard feelings from my side for that whatsoever, only surprise.
    In fact it doesn’t really matter to me in the sence that i have no rememberance of knowing you before as in a 3D seperate way.
    So David or Yeshua i approach in the same way i would approach any other for social interacting. Being me just sizing up an other as in any other encounter.
    Ofcourse a bit different knowing that you are not under the same rules of earthly life, that made it somewhat easier for me to come out of my shell.

    Judgement is such a hard way of interaction, of life. I see & feel it every day. Many times i get sucked in to it aswell if i don’t hold my guard up.
    And , able to be my own worst enemy , i place judgement up on to myself aswell. Sometimes accurately, validly & sometimes not.

    I know , i know, forgive myself & all that, but somehow it doesnt really invoke me feeling i stepped forward, just back where i started.
    Can not discribe how frustrating this is, and keeps being. (sighs)

    Let me just throw in a question that has bin lying on the back of my mind.

    My imagination or fantasy has brought me some … good positive feelings in the past, but it just feels as an unfinished wish that i never can seem to attract to materialize.
    So that kept me flying about in the fantasyrealm for ages, repeatetivly … each time less vividly untill one sinks to bottom.
    I keep wondering if or what if life in the higher realms is going to be in the same fashion ?

    The feeling sticks with me that this is a misunderstanding & doesn’t make sence.
    You have explained that there is no way you need to earn ascention, but yet it does in the sence one needs to be aware, as in fulfilment of one’s self, in order to raise vibration &
    to be able to make a realised choise for the momentum to arise. At the moment i’m so not aligned in this line of sequence as i feel can not get my attention to that goal without fullfulling the Erikwish.
    Distracted as i am , i strand on the crossroad yet there’s no tangible feel for roads to engage. The longer i stand the deeper it blurrs. Friggin indecivesisness sticks its head up again.

    Another couple of questions that arose was concerning the lightbody.
    Many ppl have had vivid out-of-body experiences, as in there astral travels. Yet some report still dualistic surroundings to be found.
    Is this the realm of tresshold that needs to be travelled trough before ariving truely in higher realms, or is that a totally different matter ?

    And secondly,
    When one is able to consiously build their chi or energy high enough to encounter all kinds of new abilities etc. , can this be considdered as the lightbody present within the physical ?
    So basicly i’m trying to identify the lightbody a bit as chi or astral or any combined sorts of names of bodies. Or is this going to be something never heard of entirely ?

    My regards,
    Bigfeet, phasing out.

    in reply to: David’s Guidance #13619
    Bigfeet E

    Hey – Hey 🙂

    Yup , it’s me again.

    Might i say : “What a web we weave” (smile). And what i’ve read since my last post looks like a classic example with what i meant with the term => mental labyrinth.
    When tracing it back to its source, clearly one sees the fabric it is made of. A projection created out of misunderstandings, born out of unknowing wich is known metaphoricly as the Veil.
    Every-body is under its influence as it is meant to be as part of this game in Matter we call ‘Life’ . It’s purpose lies in the oppertunity it brings for Source to scatter itSelf so more ‘alter Selves’ can be, come and become.

    So every act of misunderstanding truely lies within one’s own unknowing with themselves. Many ‘blames’ and other escalations can come out of this as we all know.
    And eventually none are valid , yet only are when one gives it the power of belief. With all emotional attachments you might wanna contain it with. Etcetera.
    This presents a solution of clearing ones own veil by lifting it trough selfexploration within.

    And there you have,very roughly discribed, a way to clear all misunderstandings or threads of web of ones own spinning wheel.

    We have saying here wich translates like : “I can’t see the tree trough the forest anymore.” 😆
    Just thought i’d make an observation .

    Have to say i’m glad to see some records come straight regarding Lord Jesus’ life and the confirmation of Him having lead his life on earth beyond the cruxifiction tale.
    I’ve heard this supposition couple times before trough different means of Him travelling by Tibet even where he is remembered by another title.
    Also within France , from the rosecrusions i think, where he lived under some controlled tendency together with Mary Magdalena & also Mother Mary. I only vaguely remember.
    So thank you for telling us & i think we all like this to become free knowledge.

    It seems ‘the official’ easter has come and gone and allthough the christian church weaved its webtale about Jesus’ ressurection, i always found these tales to hold some coded truths.
    From the little i know from the christian bible lots of coded messages are present or so i interpreted. It seemed quit obvious , at certain considerations, these were deliberitely written that way.
    Also most of the time molded into metaphors to capture its spiritual nature. It’s funny how certain dark intentional agenda’s from some of those tales turned around into light , when the human mind
    used free interpretations to flip-flop (see, it’s good for something, 😆 ) its meaning into a more liberating fashion then otherwise, in all sorts of ways.

    Ofcours it was also a large attempt to override (overwrite) some more common cultural beliefs originating from many other pagan systems that currently existed back then.
    But it all comes back to ressurection/renewal/etc. within the cycle of nature, as on a microscopic and a macroscopic level.
    Many pre-christian stories tale of the feast of Spring, and that’s how i like to regard the energy that lies beneath the surface of mythical stories coming from all sorts of cultures.
    I think non of us can say we can not feel it, and that’s cause to celebrate … isn’t it. So hereby i sound my thanking horn towards the Gods/Godesses of the energy of Spring.

    To carry on about these codes and interpretations i’d like to just ‘cross’ one example of a long list. Just to give a taste and maybe material for future conversation of this fashion.

    Lets take the cross. This symbol has a large history in meanings, but let’s stick to it in a manner the so called christian church wanted it proclaimed.
    In order to controle the masses i believe or think they came up with brake down the ancient symbol to give it a tone of negativity, wich still lives today in all kinds of situations i might add.
    Before the symbol existed in much more positive ways, like the egyptian ankh for example, wich stood for pro life and came from energetic structures mapped into a symbol.
    So they ‘demonised’ the symbol and used it for destruction, elimination, etc. to poison man’s own energetic system.

    But within these tales of crusifixion lies also coded messages, so i believe, of truths to be discovered and decoded by individuals who can dis-cover this.
    When you place the ‘christian’ cross symbol over the full image of a human the intersection corrolates with the heartchakra.
    When you place it over a front image of a face it corrolates with the agnya chakra or the third eye.
    I mention these 2 to keep us within the story of the Jesus’ crusifixion to point out how these 2 chakra’s are being targetted for controle.
    So basicly they wanted to root out man’s creative love and mind centers for theirs bidding to overrule. To controle the hearts and minds of the masses.
    These are ‘rituals’ of darkness with knowledge of the energysystems of life. And with dramatic cruelty they bend man’s energyflow with surgical precision.

    Now i jump to a point in the story where Jesus said that trough Him is the way to God.
    I ask you to take the same 2 energy centers and see how they connect to Jesus’ teachings, when said somewhere that the gate is as large as the eye of a needle.
    This, to me, touches the subtileness that needs to be handled to enter these gates …

    I once had a vivid dream of being a large and strong entity, supposedly, and i was standing before a tiny gate wherin lies a divine shining force.
    And i wanted to enter but couldn’t cuz i/ego was to large. Some guiding entities sort of explained or confirmed my sudden understanding that i/ego needed to unbloat/shrink in order to progress.
    Then so i/ego magicly did become of the right proportional size after this realisation. And then standing before this door, entering … i woke up, feeling humbly blissfull …
    Seems alot like Alice in wonderland, doen’t it. And so ended my nightly lesson. But the rabbithole goes much deeper … 😆

    Perhaps that Master Yeshua himself could give a comment about these thoughts , because i’m no scolar of the bible.

    Now i’d like to pick up where i left in my previous post and nice large answer that followed.

    @Joanie wrote:

    When you sit, do you think before you write, or do the words come flowing like a river? I wonder…

    Well …
    That’s maybe more like it, Joanie, like plunging a bucket into my well and hauling it up to taste its freshness. 🙂
    So yes, i think and contemplate before i write and i sip from an underground river. Yep, i think that about sums it up, haha.
    It’s not like being flushed over, more like a dripping tap that fills my cup. Then i twist my glass and taste it, untill i say : ” Aaaaah !”

    @Joanie wrote:

    What does your signoff mean? I’m curious

    Oh, i thought that was a bit selfevident, but i gladly elaborate.
    It just plainly means i do not own a car. I used to have a motorbike , but that didn’t run well with me.
    Someway, somehow it allways got broken or something else got in the way to prevent me from enjoying the ownership.
    At certain point i just had enough with all the troubles that followed me and decided to make a personal stand against powermongors of oilsheiks and made a vow to myself to never buy an oilspilling vehicle again.
    This last i did when i came to learn of the existing scam they pulled on people by holding us in the dark regarding free energy or zero point energy, wich could solve all problems in selfsustaining energyproduction.
    The stunt they pulled on Nicolai Tesla and all … disgusting.
    So i dicided to travel by bicycle from then on. When i need to travel further distances i use public transport or rely on the helpfull goodness of a friend or aquintance.
    This has restricting consequences ofcours, but i find the alternate not acceptable anymore. To much cars allready anyway.
    Now i’m soaking chemtrails for 3 :mrgreen:

    Thank you David for adressing my questions and your practical jokes 😆
    If i had still hair on my head i’d pull some out out of played annoyance and laugh hilariously as i get it … Bigfoot with 2 t’s haaahahaha …

    Thank you to the woman who was dressed in yellow and likes to arrange the presence of flowers known as Commander Mathilde. I was wondering what exactly went trough you when David discribed you as weeping.
    I presumed it was accompanied with a sence of relief, a chance to speak, some acknowledgement. You gave us good info to read, and i’m much obliged for that. May i say that somehow your name and it’s meaning
    suits you well for your title of position.

    Thank you Commander Numath for your addition and precision. I liked your thought of the contense of my ‘banner’, allthough i seriously doubt it will work out in all that glorious discribed manner.
    I do applaud the readyness you all carry out to give a major helping hand regarding the rebuild.

    I still feel very much in confusing statelike conserning my own personal possible oppertunity to ascend.
    Am i ready ? Am i able ? I mean, talking about it is still just talking about it.
    When it comes around to do the actual walking, that will be a whole other pair of shoes.
    The actual moment of departing out my earthly tempel, aka. my matterbody. The letting loose of my last breath in a fashion that needs total acceptance from my part. As it is as bin discribed their is no other way
    and automaticly survivalinstinct will kick in. To overcome this in a fully determinated choise is a daring concept to take. Not as easy as pushing a button of an elevator wich is an allready accepted act sort-of-speak.
    I guess that momentum of truth is very intense when it should be met with a spontaneous flow. I know i have to prepare myself for this moment.

    And on that note, i was wondering what to make of this date that has brought forward : 21/12/2012
    Now i’ve seen some numerological significance with this, but i was still under the impression that ascension was totally not to be puzzlepieced with earthly time measurements.
    That infact it was to come when readyness of the individual is presented BY the individual him or herself.
    Could this be a bit clarified in manner of approach ? I kind of remember to have read some of this in the messages of Adamu, or was it 8 … can’t recall exactly.
    I thought the date of 21/12 marked the allignment of celestial body , resulting in this magical moment when every living thing on earth will be affected in a way that each individual will experience according their own
    receptiveness within that moment. But in fact that this moment can not be pre-measured within timetables. Like a countdown haha.
    From that line of thought, when the alignment has passed, ascension would still be possible but not with those same massive oppertunity window …?
    I’m sorry , just writing it down as i put my gaze on it.

    Talking about time, i must go to bed now.
    Laters , Devinators.


    Bigfeet, wondering of free-dom & freed-Om, oxo & 8

    in reply to: David’s Guidance #13587
    Bigfeet E

    Hello again, dear souls of the biggest Heart ever,

    Thought i’d come back & ventilate some more.
    Let me start off with a piece of gratitude

    ° to all who care’d to speak for me & for everybody who care’s to read what’s bin expressed
    ° to all who care’d to listen with ‘engelengeduld’ (patience of angels)
    ° to all elementals who do the work they have bin created for
    ° to mother Earth who gave us a place of birth, nurturing, lessons of life and is about to be reborn herself
    ° to all her habitants & visitors
    ° to all infinite

    As i read trough the messages since my last visit, i pounder where to start my sentences.

    Dear David, i would’nt discribe my thoughts towards you as daft nor crazy like a fox.
    On the contrary, i hold it close to me and i see your words as very heartfelt.
    So it is with all the Guests with a capital G who wants their hearts expressed on the matters at hand.
    Allthough sometimes, at first, it seems to have no immidiate effect, the vibration of intent is active and sets changes of oppertunity in motion within the current dynamic.
    But ofcourse you all are fully aware of this, otherwise it would’nt matter, literaly and figuratively.

    @David wrote:

    Very difficult to love when you don’t love your own self. This is true to me. It could be true to you, too.

    No arguments there. Not a new concept aswell, allthough it actually is when it works to be as re-minder.
    I admit the thorn runs deep, timely reinfecting when not fully cleaned out. As i know that vibe even can infect others, hence another reason why i like to keep it contained within privacy most of the time.
    So sorry John that my little poem took you off centre, no faul intended there m8. 😉 Luckely you got yr focus quickely back on track, shows your own progress. Great.
    And please feel no need to compete, as there is non from my end.

    Interesting in how this time is wanted by souls who want to be here and experience the coming ascention.
    Kinda made me wonder the workings behind the reason why. Was it because they need the experience for growth ? If so, how does that fit with their being at pre-birth state, allready merged with Heavenly sphere’s.
    Takes me back at looking to the growth-arch a soul claims, handles, etc. When all reasons start out and for Love, i imagine the multiplicity of reasons are probably endless, infinite aswell.
    So whatever choise, it is defined by Love itself. God’s famous cycle or better yet spiral of lifebreath …
    (Come to think of it, i’ve bin with these conclusions before, so little deja vu moment)

    Many thanks to commanders Jay-miss and Nu-maa for their personal note .
    You speak of portals, space-vessels of different types of sorts. Very intriguing and fantastic that breezes and boggles the mind.
    Mentioning it together with the nature of spiritual ways concurs for me again how much they are intertwined, if not very much alike. Where to draw the lines …? So different from 3D spacetravel concepts we like to imagine.
    I guess it will reveal itself when the time is ripe for each individualy. Let me say i’ve noticed as much of curiousity from us earthlings as from the writings in name of Galactic Federation of Light and many more.

    There are so many channels that come forth with the most beautifull information and feelings and i like to keep tags on the ones that touched me dearly.
    And naturely here on the book of Light has become in very high regard as one of ‘m.
    Don’t you just luv people like Joanie ? YES, WE DO ! 😆 Thx again Joan (hug)

    I have noticed that all this information carry such a big plan, covering an immense broad scala of ways that involve … change (to keep it very simply put) . Trying to connect the dots in all keeps me in awe.
    But a couple of things (actually a lot of things) are a bit unclear concerning these changes and the aftermath there off;
    There are those who will ascend, vibratoraly leave the physical plane and then there are those who will stay.
    Now, many channels speak of progresses for the better on the physical plane that involves the cleansing of the earth, new energy sources, new social structures, etc … all to create a heaven on earth/paradise by those who stayed.

    Ofcourse it will take it’s proper time to evolve, but my point being : How does this effect the main line of lifelessons on earth when the troubles of duality today will have come to an end.
    Is this part of the New Game that will be played, sort of speak, as it has bin portrayed by the great messages of Adamu ,8 ,Joy-Divine, SaluSa of Sirius, Matthew Ward, the Archangels, Hathors, Andromedans, … and so many more ?

    I mean, what happens to the lesson duality provides on this planet ? Will it really just dissipate out of existance here and how will this effect evolution ?
    I suppose, when reading that other 3D worlds in existance, still playing out the duality game in their respect are being prepared in a simular spiritual involution & evolution, and that Earth stood model for this new way of Divine Game.

    Also, it seems i read here of portals discribed as ones that are like fixed in a physical position and others that are like our own personal spiritual channels that lead to the etheric (the ones who need cleansing sweeps of ‘debris’)
    Are they one and the same or am i missing a point here ?

    Let’s keep it at this for now concerning questions. Sometimes so many pop to mind it’s hard to keep track.
    As for now i need to stay focused on my own healingprocess and not linger to much on puzzles that hold me from that.
    My head to much in the clouds makes me forget where my feet are. 🙂

    I’ll finish off with a blink from my dusty gem (lol) and wish to see more postings to come, that includes from John, Julie, Denise, Dorlie & all that dared to speak.
    Many happy monitorings be wished for all great beings who do it so smoothly according Creator’s Plan.

    A last humungus thank you for those who came to earth and teach the ways of creation.
    To many to name i guess.

    Bigfeet, no oilspilling vehicle required.

    in reply to: David’s Guidance #13566
    Bigfeet E

    for teen faerie brew are i

    that time of the year
    when lovers come near
    the power of faeries
    with red and blue berries

    i see them in eyes
    i see them in smiles
    where is my faerie
    distant for miles

    once had a dream
    observing her glory
    she had no face
    that is my story

    when moon is high
    i sure like to try
    but for now the merge
    waits timely go bye

    Bigfeet, same old circle

    That was my last years poem i made on & for 14 februari. It was my truth then, before, as it still is now.
    Struggle, apathy, lost in dreams, etc. are such times leading to and from darkness.
    Lessons to the test, yet only as a swim in quicksand. I do not complain, just point out the experience, to give it a breather.

    Your words on the subject ring so very true & i’ve seen myself come to many similar conclusions.
    The answers for relieve are easely said, yet i can not see them done.

    Have no knowledge of such friends, such places. Go further you say, but the lybarinth of walls go on & on.
    Stil breaking down my own, but they build up faster as mushrooms on a wet springday.

    Music indeed is a great medium & i surprise myself sometimes how much it can mean to me.
    Take’s me back to a place of more input of my sences. But it’s just temporarely & it fades with time, sences and dreams alike.

    Sorry, no happy vibes today, nor questions to express. Just kinda recovered a bit from a nasty cold so energy is low.
    Seem to have a condition developed that leaves me weak whenever some kind of love-time arrives in the kalender.

    Nevertheless my thanks for the words that we can come visit whenever we do.

    Bigfeet, vacuum.

    in reply to: David’s Guidance #13528
    Bigfeet E

    Hi there dear Joanie,

    I see you hold feelings and thoughts that makes you doubt a foretold future.
    Can’t say that i don’t stand on that same cliff aswell from time to time, peeking in to an abyss of uncertainty ,trying numerous ways to get full taste of what it would be like.

    But its an odd thing, this is, and for me its part of a process of loosing and finding myself again, as a loop that marks a lesson on its own.
    And once you feel back in the saddle, you probably laugh of how it transpired and re-member yourself , and value its worth.

    It’s like venturing to far into the future, or the past for that matter, and try searching for something that was always within reach in the present.
    Only just out of focus, so you stretch wandering to glittering dust, only to find it back to were you were and are. In the tree of y’r own heart and mind.

    An ancient game we play with ourselves, don’t we, old habits that die hard you could say.
    Comes with the terra-(s)tory of being incarnate as you say,exitingly exploring outwardly & forgetting the innerway.

    So let’s meet what comes when it comes as we are now in the Now … spontaneously. (hey there’s that word again 😆 )
    I’m glad i’ve met you Joanie, so i can meet me in you & perhaps you meet you in me.Hope we can continously meet each other in various ways.

    Talking about being palaces of mirrors, ain’t that Great ?

    Namascoffee … i mean Namasté
    ( 😆 , sry little joke )

    Heyah John m8,
    Thanx for the feedback there.
    It’s a bit of a mindbender there y’know, trying to say what i wanna say, when i can’t wrap my head around it & then spit it out in a foreign language aswell.
    But i’ve grown to like it as it is, and its even more satisfying if the message actually comes trough.
    Kinda used to be talking to walls. Tends to duplicate their behaviour & raise some walls of my own sometimes.
    Then we get the old kinda ego-castles-scene with hardheaded rulers, hihihi.

    Hello again Brothers & Sisters of Beyond,Divine Ancestors,

    It is me with the sizable mass under his knee.
    Ok, maybe exaggerating a bit but it’s noticable to see. 😆

    We find you humorous in that your feet call you a name: Bigfeet. How did you arrive at this, Erik? Who is big, Erik or your feet? Do you enjoy feet that are big, or are you hoping they shrink later when you ascend? We laugh lovingly, yet we are curious about this. If you wish to share, please do.

    Well it’s funny that You ask.

    It kinda sprung out of needing a nickname, an alias for identification on the internet.
    As i first came in contact with this medium, it was mainly for computergaming that drew my attention. Mainly as some kind of warriortype, trying to skulp my fiery character out.
    This aquired an alias to get myself to be personified as a character wich holds a anonimous feature. So commonly i wanted to come up with a name that holds elements of uniqueness.

    And just as our birthgiven names, or for every word for that matter, it discribes a meaning that is sprouted out one’s own perspective/imagination. (love that nation btw :lol:)
    I’ve always found it interesting there’s some kind of profound synchronicity in the way a name has bin chosen/given and how it interacts with what or who has bin named.
    As it supposed to be reflecting inner elements, it turns out that the named reflects itself in to the name aswell.

    For example my birthname : Erik.
    Wich means (in flemish or dutch):
    ° e(e)r = Honor.
    ° ri(j)k= Rich.
    Wich together becomes ‘rich of honor’. There are some other derivations aswell and hold equal truths.
    But i just mean that i would first subconsiously grow myself to the meaning of the word & hold it dear to be.

    So ofcours i wanted my alias to have a worth or value in the same way, as all young people do heheh.
    Imagining what could be and translating it with what was presently availeble to see, i chose my large feet that would make its unique imprint upon this Earth and thus within the digital world.
    I’m rather large in length compared to others aswell and in my younger years the contrast stood out even more.

    Lateron i came to learn even more associations, resonating more in depth, that came with the name Bigfeet, all according with how i or others would came to create with it, as i became more active in other activities around on internet.
    kind of reminds me on the story i heard about how certain native american tribes used to change their names when some experience came about & they would bare a new name.
    The same goes for my alias picture i choose to display aswell, a little baby with huge feet, kinda like saying ‘spontanaity with big potential’
    Bit of selffulfilling prophecy, isn’t it haha . Ok, a rather extended explaination,and i could go on further, but hey, you asked. 🙂

    It points out just wonderfully how it is possible to be a teacher and a student at the same time, for your self and of your Self.
    Once one discoveres this aspect of learning, it can bloom in every possible way to be liked… if you let it.

    I thank you all for the information reveiled over my previous lifetimes, it does create a finer picture & helps with acceptance.
    And however it came to manifest in this lifetime, i’m still curious if it was a former life energetic blokkage that caused the physical birthdifficulties wich led to the spinal condition that i have to work on today.
    If it is possible to share. Just like to pinpoint it in order to see the nature of happenings, it intrigues me greatly in the way it works.

    @Lord Krishna wrote:

    You, friend, are my friend. We join minds. If you wise, you good friend. (chuckling, smiling) Therefore, wise because my friend. Many moons you sat talking with me. I see you wonder why I sit till you show yourself. I sit, wait until Truth arrives and we meet (again) to sit, drink apple mixture, talk Love and all good in world. Love is in heart. Go take Love in, dear friend. Now…

    Thank You ! I’m looking forward to this meeting anew. Now indeed … just incredible …

    @Shri Mataji wrote:

    You are my friend. I sit near. Close eyes. See Light. Imagine bright, wonder. I sit near. You glow, friend. Keep imagine. Now, we sit. It comes up and shines. I envision Light and you, too, envision this (stream) inside. We now take breath. Good. See Light. My system is about Love when the energy comes through body…

    I can not express my gratitude what it ment to me when Your teachings crossed my path, really. For now i just envision huggin You in silence.
    I did not know You have came to cross over. Your presence on Earth will be dearly missed , i wished i’ve had witnessed more closely in teachings.

    @Mary,Mother of God wrote:

    … How do we differ? Kundalini, the worm-serpent Love, feels in a warm glow through energy centers. Mother is the warm, universal Love. I, Mother of God, speak Love through Joanie, all who speak with channeling. She, like others, speak ‘Mother Mary’ Love to you and all she encounters. Therefore, Mother of God is Love teaching in a universal, spoken manner. We all are Love, yet we enter consciousness differently. Do you see the difference? …

    I think i see Your point , and the Bridge that connects it all . Lost for words here now, just captured with feelings of Bliss …
    As i can’t get questions triggered at this moment, please feel free to to express more on the topic. I think many haven’t even heard a single bit on utilizing this amazing Force, inspite of the numerous teachings allready given.

    @David wrote:

    I see you are Erik, Bigfeet. I am happy to know you. We are friends and long to talk at The Ascension. I wish to chat for (eons) of hours about Life, Love, Politics. You can wait up till we meet soon. (laughter)
    By the way, the shoes that are next to you… Do you walk barefoot to have Earth beneath your feet? Good to connect your spirit with Her Light.

    As am i to have to come aqainted with You, David Who Knows How To Wield The Branch Of Love. I’m gonna hold You on that chat, hope we can make it a feast were every One is invited.
    I’m not the festive kind of guy, but thisone i won’t care to miss for anything. You can call me Big-ear by that time, cuz that’s what i’ll probably look like. 😆
    As for the expression i used ‘walking next to my shoes’ is an commonly used one within Vlaanderen (Flanders) over here meaning over- or underestamating y’rself.
    But i do like to walk barefoot very much, only problem that comes with that is that my left leg is 2 to 2+ cm to short, wich translates in to much twist on my bone/spinal system and all that supports it.
    So i can’t stay for to long this way & have to compensate with some type of elevation.

    Got to go now, so i say goodbye’s for now.
    Hope to prop some interesting questions for next time. 😎

    Bigfeet (supporting a rainbowbridge of hearts )

    in reply to: David’s Guidance #13538
    Bigfeet E

    Hard day ; tough week ; testing times … these ‘hollidays/holy days/days that imply wholeness’ in my line of survivalduty. (work)
    What in fact states as free time/spiritual freedom measured in timelength has become nothing but exploitation of commercial greed.
    So in these times energy is drained to limits, and today it resulted into a clash and outspoken mutiny.
    Told my ‘boss’ he should speak for himself, instead of his intent otherwise, exclamating again i’m not of the blindfull breed.

    I love the man, never had such a considerable one before, but sometimes still bends to much to his masters rule.
    He’s kind & thoughtfull, and i thank him being most constructive in many ways.
    But wishes not to create to large of waves towards superiors, so we get to be overpacked like a mule.
    And thus trust in the man gets broken when minor issues get blown out of proportion, and these become darker days.

    And as i’m thinking to add to this theme, a buddy sends me this great speech of a beautifull man.
    It says it all, that what lives & thrives me to hold in my banner.
    Late soul of Chaplin says it so much better then i can.
    Just incredible synchronicity in this moment and spoken in artfull manner.


    Hi there dear Joanie, David & all Lords & Lady’s of One,

    I feel like bringing my gratitude again for the words that have bin given.
    Must have read it like 20 times or so to let it really sink in , probably wil do it some more. 😆

    You spoke to me of the Akashic Records.
    Had heard these terms more in the past and had a notion in what these could hold, yet seem an unreachable mystery at this time.
    I understand one needs good skill to actually interpret what is recorded. Not to mention access aswell.
    Still need to do more research on that … homework (scratching my head staring in emptyness)

    You say i have wrote for you (plural) several times, i assume this was during previous lifetimes ?
    But i get the message you wanted to lay out , as in as long it serves a way to help someone to help themselves to find/shift their truth.

    @J/D wrote:

    You discuss much regarding nerves. Is it possible the system is wired where you anxiously experience many things? Do you think the women feeling is about nervous system issues? If so, this explains lots. OK. So, nervous and anxious, yet wanting Love. It is here we say you drew a plan for this and now you live this plan. You said, “I wish Love and will learn about this with terror in my heart.” We suggested alternative methods before you arrived in this lifetime. You said, “I am strong-willed. I’ll take this journey.” and you left, were born, grew to now where you feel scared and want Love.

    This is interesting !
    A clue to old questions that have to do with the Why i am to be as i am, and to Who i am at the same time.
    I used to seek the source of my difficulties towards the past and even previous lives in how karma played its role that brought me to were is in the Now.
    The whole birthing situation, the unbalance that i was born with, the whole ’cause & effect’ game.
    I understand that karmic always play out in current lifecycles & hold the key to the energetic pattern that needs to be worked on.
    But it never answered any pre-birth reasons. So i’m glad you wanted to share this with me to add a piece of the puzzle.
    Still kinda points me to a personal lesson/mission into why i made that choice.

    @J/D wrote:

    So, I commend you and trust you understand how you fineigled this. (smile)

    Ok, i had to look that word up in the dictionary. English is not my native tong, so i have to do that many times haha.
    You point me to the law of Murphy, at least its what i got out of it, so i’m thinking it all comes back to balance, selfcontrole, growth oppertunity.
    Taking hold of my own faith, responseability in dealing with opposits/duality & find my way back to unbalanced proporties.

    @J/D wrote:

    OK. The word “potential material” is on the table. Please answer this: What are you referring to? Also, if the balance in life involves another, how do you balance without another? We may misunderstand, therefore, please clarify your intended words about counterparts, balance, shifting past, present, future till you’re OK and able to function well. Thank you.

    The point i was referring to was that i deem myself not to be romantic material as it is . My life thusfar has bin focused on balancing male & female energy without another, as life has guided me to do so.
    It is the search again to resolve chain of interacting cause & effect on physical unbalance that plays on the emotional and mental and spiritual level. I mean that it seems rather unresolvable to hold a balancepoint in where all can be cooparative and … straigtened out. (so hard to explain in words) This has me running in circles and the best way i can approach this point is when i seclude myself. But even then i can not hold it in that point.
    This has me working so that i feel unable to be worthy partner, with the questions of past and unfruitfull visions for potential future leading in a unwary present.

    What i meant with -‘Belief can come a long way, yet only if one is grounded enough to have a compare counter balance aspect.’- is that projections do not nescesarely manifest when you can not manifest it in yrself.
    At a certain point you just give up on the belief all together , cuz they don’t seem to lead to a positive manifestation, to be retrieved later on when certain balance is found again, to be lost in another failsituation.
    And thats how i bump from ‘picket to picket’.

    Did this make any sence ? 😆

    @J/D wrote:

    Ascension is not a reward. It is a choice. You choose whether Ascension is what you want when the Light shaft comes in in 12/21/12. If you wish this, fine. If not, fine. We have no expectations. If a person is ready to live without fear, and they want free will, always, to be on their side, exuse the crudeness, but, “Shit! Enter, and the time of your Life is Now!!!” (laughter and slapping David on the back)

    Love the way you put it, only hope i wont freak out . (as in back in haha)

    @J/K wrote:

    I write as a friend. We traveled as friends. We met, talked. You, wise one, are tremendous. You, now, unaware of this. So, I say you can think I may be correct. OK? This new document (of information) stuns. How do you like information you are wise? Yes. A person traveling for hundreds of thousands of lives. Earned knowledge each moment you breathed. I see you scared. I wish friendship. I, Lord Krishna, am unafraid and I hope you ask my assistance at any, all times, friend with feet too large. (smile) I wish you Love.

    Wise ? hundreds of thousands of lives ? ( excuse me when my jaw drops to the floor)
    I used to have a vision of working my way to become wise …
    Thank you for the kind words and i hope to learn more about working Vishuddhi and the whole chakrasystem for that matter.
    The reason i mentioned Your name in the first place was because referred You as a happier man, knowing of the perfect match with Shri Radha.
    I thank Shri Mataji for her work here on earth & how i’ve came to learn about our divine system.
    Yet i have to learn so much more as i could have. So best way i can in asking your assistance i use in meditation, wich is on a poor level these days.

    Maybe i have a question for any One who feels like adressing it.
    I have learned about Kundalini, the Holy Spirit , The Mother.
    Can i regard Mother Mary as teaching in the same way?

    And finally to a person who has’nt bin introduced : “Hello, I am Erik, with whom do i have the pleasure adressing to ?”
    Please feel free to speak. 🙂

    I must go to bed now and i’m sorry if i’ve bin vague in my english again.
    Time to catch some sleep & my warmest greetz to you All .

    Bigfeet. (who sometimes walks next to his shoes)

    in reply to: David’s Guidance #13515
    Bigfeet E

    Ok, that was a lowsy attempt of dreamexplaination minerwise, luckely there’s David to bring us a more informed view. (tumtidumtidum 😆 )
    Still, it was nice trying to play Sherlock , even when i thaught to had swong a ball , gazing to where it went, while it was still lying in front of me.
    Remind me to hold my tong in the future, John. :mrgreen:

    Then … next attempt to put my thoughts in chronological order …

    We see “hermit” on the page. If you reclusively hide, then how might you share time with others? Impossible to do, we believe. Get out? Do you? If so, are there places that are ripe for socializing?

    It’s not that i don’t know all this, the world around me doesn’t feel to answer my needs, and it is that i’ve come to be acustommed to venture in to my own imagination trying to determine what it is that i want, without being held back by my own limitations on a physical-emotional-mentally-all intertwined & interacting mix. I’m totally out of touch with the customs of my surroundings as they usually do not fit my principals & likings. I feel it’s not the worth to be adjusting me as so that i have to be someone that i’m not. It’s my experience that i’m being judged & deemed not fit in eyes of many. So i keep secluding myself to still have the freedom to be me, and for that i’m being judged aswell.

    People keep holding the notion to not look behind the surface of what they project. I know this, cuz i’ve done this myself aswell & it’s easy to recognise.
    It seems many are looking for some kind of archetypes & cling to this to reflect & project trying to determine their reality. So i hardly get out anymore, i don’t feel like spending my time in area’s that thrive on alcohol & emotions that don’t sit in tune with me. I rather wander inside then on the outside where failure lies around every corner. Eventually i realise it has it’s limitations aswell, and get nothing done.

    Go see if the woman is in. If you find a reclusive one, “Yay!” But, if they hide outside of your hermitage, you are to go astray (leave the domain and walk to where they are hiding.) Is this comfortable to do? Why, if it is uncomfortable? Please help us see why you “hermit” yourself.

    Comfortable i see when it comes together in a spontaneous way of circumstances, not that i have go and search for it, but rather that 2 individuals find eachother and let the magic happen as it could unfold.
    Uncomfortable is what always lies before me when it comes to facing intimicy’s that go’s beyond the friendly base. It’s just terryfying, unmanegable. Then panic kicks in and i flee the scene or am just numbed out and can’t see how to act or do, resulting in to a deadzone. Or when i try to touch the table, the table is allready occupied.

    When i last talked about being spineless, i wasn’t beating myself up, i was being truthfull.
    I have this condition on my spine that robs me of my strength. Nervoussystem is twisted easely if i don’t keep attention to it. Years of trying to determine the source & trying to solve it, better it, balance it lead me to looking at all levels that are in my reach. Made some successions to better it, but i don’t see a way to solve it completely. So that’s another part in consideration of seclution that holds a big factor.

    Then i could express the attraction factor. Sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, aswell inside as outside.
    But i don’t see myself falling in love to someone with a total sweet personality yet unatractive exterior or the other way around. Not that i wouldn’t love them as a person respectfully ofcourse !
    I guess over the years of learningexperiences it has become much harder for me to actually fall in love , either allowing myself to or allowing the other to, as i don’t see myself as much potential material in that manner.

    Allthough i haven’t even painted the whole picture in what all strains of difficulties it leads in detail, it leaves me looking rather stuck potential futurewise, unrevealed pastwise, balance battling/resting/holding/reflecting/acting presentwise.
    Belief can come a long way, yet only if one is grounded enough to have a compare counter balance aspect.

    Do you like the job you have? Is it OK for you? Do you enjoy people? We believe you allow others to walk by when you have not addressed them.

    😆 In essense , there’s not much to like, as when employers goal is only for themselves.
    Basicly its structure is set up to enrich the top, the piramid structure of greed, and so it seems to be the same all over the world right now.
    My day is pretty much planned and calculated for me to having devote my energy in to their agenda, with little or no time to socialize or act on spontaneous encounters.
    Yeah, i have to sell my energy for their money, if i don’t i have no meanings to have a roof over my head, heating for warmth, food for my belly, etc.
    People tell me i should be glad, as there are many others who are much worse off, and seem content with their slaverylike existance & glue themselves on their comfortzones without regard to nature oftenly.

    And talking bout the ruining of nature i need to deal with the constant poisoning of the air instigated by the hidden dark rulers who plan to whipe out large populations.
    People as myself working outdoors have bigger exposure to these toxic substances that destroys our immunesystem, attacks our energysystem, andsofort…
    All this has devastating effect on keeping balance on every level, so that adds to my ‘difficulties’ greatly.
    They will probably be pleased if they should read this, but then i’ll give them the message that i’ll combat this in every way i can.
    I keep the faith tides are turning in this big clash of dark & light … but i degress.

    So all things considered i think i rather handle it the best way i think i can, and it is as you said, that it is me-myself & i who has to lead the life in full response-ability.
    No doubt i still have much more to learn. And in many ways i feel i’ve not mastered anything yet & thus will not earn ascention as of soon yet.

    Krishna says,

    You, dear Erik, are walking, waiting while I walk, wait for you to come happy. You are here to find happy. Can you see how you are happy when we meet? So, we will. I see us meeting and joining to talk about events and instances when you and I were joined for months as friends. Do you believe this? It is true. So, take happy. Put all near you, around you that feels happy and live, breathe the Light of it. This happy is what makes us happy together. Come see us as happy and we will be, dear Erik, the one who is now on site called Book of LIght. Come. Happy. Thank you.

    To be honest, i’m stunned/baffled to see this message, and somewhat ashamed as i can not exactly recall we have met as discribed or even recognised as such.
    I’m so honored that you are willing to speak with me, yet i feel uneasy as i still hold habbits that are unhealthy and appear as such in the spot before you.
    David says i can call upon you for words, yet i feel uncomfortable/unable to do so most of my time. Sometimes i think i’ve learned much yet accomplished nothing.
    I do try to find happiness in wich form may be, yet fragile it seems to elude me on moments of weakness. I’m sure you’ve heard this more than millions of times…

    I’m a bit lost for words right now , so i’ll draw my post to a close.
    Rests me to summon my gratitude to all teachers that have come to pass my path, and they are to many to mention .
    There’s so much more i’d like to study, but at times i loose heart or just want to … seclude because i lost intention,focus,courage or just to hide from an unbearable world.
    So i can put on the hermits hood & get back on (a) track.

    Fraternally ,
    Bigfeet (tracking footprints)

    in reply to: David’s Guidance #13508
    Bigfeet E

    Hi John,

    Looking at how you discribe your dreams, can i give it a shot in how they may be translated ? It’s just fascinating for me to do sometimes.
    Call it practice and a game (for me) and maybe give a helping hand (for you) along the way … a second angle of perception …

    So, dream 1 :

    I am standing on the top of a hill at night,on the side of the hill are houses (old) ;there are some people further away from me but everything is so clear it’s abeautiful night and I feel so good in my young strong body. I glance up and there are so many sparkleing stars;so beautiful that I’m awed; I can hardly take my eyes off of them.

    You are at a place of transition (top of a hill) after a climb of hardship (kidney failure), pausing and gazing at the stars that strike you with awesomeness, as you realise and see universal bliss. The old houses on the side can point out the past experiences (the pain & physical deterioration) you’ve just had ‘housed’/enlived. You enjoy in the sence of relief (from pain) in a more balanced working body (dreambody and maybe interconnected with your physical body that has bin ‘unclogged’by the physiscians?) The night-part can have double meaning aswell, as in going through a dark phase and then awakening on a consiousness-level inside unconsiousness (that wich was not seen before), like having nightvision as cats do. Kind of like the movie ‘Avatar’, if you’ve seen it, were the beauty of the night becomes suddenly clear when the firetorch (as in dayconsiousness) can only lit a small personal environment (ego)

    Dream 2 :

    I am halfway down this hill with some friends and we are so happy. Their is a restaurant in a basement nearby so we go and enter it . We are laughing and having fun but the owner ask us to leave and we are sorry and leave still happy and feeling strong and good.

    So you venture at a more easier pace down the hill with dreambuddy’s (could be projected loved ones or even dreamguides in disguise) with whom you share your happiness enjoying fresh strength. You encounter a ‘sit-and-linger-stop’ (subconsious hall or the basement) but the owner (higher self ?) says you can not stay, so without further adue you continue your pace to ‘groundlevel’ (incarnate level) and holding the happy feel.

    Dream 3 :

    I am standing at the bottom of the hill and its still night but beautifully clear; I stand with a house on my left and a fence on my right and there is someone approaching me and I know he wants to hurt me. He’s throwing things but I realize he cannot hurt me as this is a dream and I laugh and push aside the things he is throwing but as he gets closer I realize I am penned in and I get nervous and wake up.

    Arriving at the treshold of physicality (bottom hill) you see the house left (your body) and the fence right (the border of in-and-out-physical consiousness). There is ‘some-one’ (could be a projection of yourself ,as back in physicality/seperateness) who you sence/remember as bringer of hurt/pain . You still realise you are in a dream but there is no escape (because it’s you), you ‘get’ nervous (back in the physical nervous system) and wake up (on earth)

    Well, that’s just my possible explaination for yah. Maybe it gives you a clou.


    Back to my conversation with David. I must admit i’ve bin putting it on hold cuz the topic grabbed me heavy hearted.
    Let me say i do appreciate the gesture you give me in trying to get me facing my scars. I’ll try & pick up out off your last direct response next time, i’m kinda to tired to paint a full picture now.
    Not to mention difficult to put in writing how & why it all came about. So much going trough my mind to mention, i can’t even pinpoint where to begin to replicate the web on paper.
    These few sentences took me aslong to write as the piece for John … Allow me to come back at a later time…

    Warm regards,

    in reply to: Here I Am #12940
    Bigfeet E

    Bastet’s gentle touch, gotta love it.


    in reply to: David’s Guidance #13486
    Bigfeet E

    Good to be back Joanie, i did check in from time to time but wasn’t really in a speechfull mood.
    Someone once tought me it is better to speak when one has something meaningfull to say, then to chatter a lot without pause. It seems David does the same . 😎
    I find that suits me well, and often my environment see it as an asocial aspect of me, but that is a bit to swim against the stream of banality that usually rules.
    It can seem somewhat provocative in ears at first & i trie to give it the tonation the situation deserves imo. Using many ways, seriously, clowny theatrical, gently, fiercely, etc …, just hoping i’m heard.
    Guess we all do that in our own way, don’t we. Anyway, it makes listening just as valueble as speaking and that gives room for beautifull conversation and information.
    By the way, so nice that you put some questions and views of your own in once & a while. As does David refers to you what’s going tru you along your writingmarathons sometimes.
    Just gives a way to get to know a bit more about you aswell, and we all like that offcourse. ^^

    Hello David & ‘Family’ ,
    Glad to see i got your interest tickled, i can only hope it did for some more aswell.
    Ok, hands shakes & in sparringposition 😆 , now you ask me quizingly

    “Is spontaneous one way to get a girl, or is it a way to be part of a journey without a girl, but closer to one?” Does this confuse? If so, I will reframe the question. If you wish spontaneity, will you try this, or is it hard to do? If you want this, is it instinct that prevents you from moving ahead? If you are “instinct stuck,” do you find ways to get out of, or remove yourself from feelings of this kind?

    Well, the biggest point i had trouble to feel/understand was how to connect one with the other whilst honoring the way in a manner of beauty, serenity, etc.

    First i needed to know, explore my unease, with feeling itself. Needed to look how to get free out unability physicly, emotionaly, mentally, spiritually cuz it was all so torn up i was more robotic then alive, even from birth on.
    Long story short, i searched anyware i could whilst growing up in a serious dislocated family, i felt always i had a disadvantage of unbalance either consiously or unconsiously. Bit hard to discribe actually. A bit more then instinct stuck i believe. So it took me a long while to the point where i am now, and still i’ve not grown that much imo that i would like have to. Now i’m not the one to whine about the past. Think there’s bagage from previous lives involved aswell.

    So the best way i can deal with the instinct stuck part is to just focus on the spontaneity. I’m not the hunter, the elbowbudger, the seducer, the alpha when it comes to ‘getting’ a girl.
    I need to keep it on a brother/sister energy level, to have it on an eye to eye hight with mutual respect & friendly love. Always dreamed it had to be so profound/sacredlike i could not stand for my own instinctlike urge but only in private fantasyworld trying to fill emptyness. Once back reverted to spontain safehaven, i wouldn’t feel no desire anymore, hence no intemate pleasure, no sexual excitement, banned from consious existance.

    Today the choice is getting by with what the muze of the day brings, with as little of dreams as possible conserning romantic involvement.
    I’m still the heremit i used to be, but with more consious focus on being spontaneous as possible. Probably not there yet but I rest at the tree of contentment with whatever i can .
    It was foretold, written in the stars (astrology) that it would be difficult & so it was.

    I think Lord Krishna was probably a happier man … 😆

    May i thank you for the advise that you gave, with the roses & all .
    I’ll just take the blossoms iff you will, there quit some nasty stingers down below. “ahhh” … i mean “ouch”.

    Interesting explaination again regarding spirit, yet not fully comprehended.
    The question was rather ment how one soul becomes as indivual (in-divide-dual) within the spiritrealm as before it has ever ex-perienced in a birth/life, as it is & always was one with One (God/Godess-Creator,…)
    Is this the ‘splitting’ aswell ?

    And might i ask if anything more may be said about the energetic roles of Lords & Lady’s

    Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary; Angels Michael, Samuel, Auriel, Gabriel, Raphael, Ezekiel, Shmuel

    I’m afraid i know to little there i’m not so familiar with the christian bible, just bits & pieces.
    My lecture has bin more focused on other cultures and Sahaja Yogateachings (wich where lord Jesus is well documented), extraterrestial …

    Must go to bed now, early morning.
    My gratest sympathies & goodnight.

    Bigfeet. 🙂

    in reply to: David’s Guidance #13472
    Bigfeet E

    Hello every one,

    My-o-my , a lot has bin transpired since i last spoke. Took me the whole day to get it all read.
    Very nice to see all these … Q&A’s that bin touched on.
    A lot of drama reveiled, pleasantness, passion, compassion, humor.
    As a whitness to this all it feels like having a TV again a bit, for me to observe.

    That’s what a like to do a lot, being an observer.
    Gives me a perspective that ables the practice of being non-judgemental and learn how others present their views aswell.
    I’m sure you all know this aswell, and the value it holds when considering it with your own views.
    Together with the fact that when you practice this to contemplate your own views, i find it a very helpfull tool to play with wich reveales that ‘inner knowing’ wich is mentioned a lot before.

    I know as any other that it is easy to loose sight of things, situations when you are to cought up inside a drama wich one self has helped creating.
    That’s where the manner of being an observant comes in handy, taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture.
    From a place of peace, calmth, yet powerfull & attentive it’s much easier to observe all around you as you reflect it within you.
    Not getting unnescesarely cought up in the events of a storm on sea but as a mirrorlike surface of a sunlighted lake.

    This usually transpires after something happened, as in a way you look back at events.
    But i find it also possible to keep this state-like ‘view’ when you are in that moment when it happens.
    Otherwise, you can also take it further as when you no longer feel anything anymore, as to opposite of being to wound up and loose yr self-focus .
    It’s like attachment that you give in any situation, to much is to hot and attention is burned, to less is to cold and attention freezes.

    Although i’ve come to learn this tru intelligence first (like written word) and then tru wisdom as living it in my own experience,
    many times i forget to be this way, as my attention is allready bin directed in an unbalanced way.
    So ‘attention’ is of great importance … when one wants to be in controle without forcing it tru false ego desired willpower.

    To BE love requires getting to KNOW love, freely and unbounded => spontaneously !

    Yet we often confuse spontanaïty with impulsivity. The impulse, i believe, roots its nature from instinct.
    And our instinct roots, i believe, from our animal nature, our matter-body’s, our unknowing caused by the veil.
    As born in our innocense (in-no-sense) we are like wiped clean from previous remembrance of personal identity.
    I understand this has it’s reasons conserning karma & the lifeplan wich one needs to unfold.

    Spontanaïty , i believe , roots from the soul , that wich still knows, our spirit nature.
    And being spontaneous requires the connectiveness with love and the knowledge of balance of instinct.
    So we can grow spontaneously, ripen the instinct to intuÏtion.
    To be able to attune mastership of life on earth … again, so i believe.

    All this putting in writing brings me to a question, i did’nt know what to write here in the first place actually, just wanted to be back here again. 😀
    Not that this question has been knawing at me for a long time or something, but i think i came to this point on myself before.

    So here goes :

    Assuming what i’ve said before was correct, how does our acomplished ascension fit in with future lives wich are to be, wether in the flesh or not ?
    I mean, it seems like the buildingblock or basis for our multdimensional awareness and beingness.
    I can only further assume that it is of the same quality as it always was, just more refined because of teachings of multiple lives.

    Is a spirit being ‘born’ at first aswell, as spirit ?
    And if so, is a spirit then also ‘new’ , or unconsiously in matter of knowing, only consiously in matter of being ?
    Following that strain of thoughts, is that ‘why’ spirit yearns for all possible ways of infinite creation ?

    Ok, that was question upon question, 😆 it’s bin a while since i stretched my attention into spiritual manners.
    Hope i pleased you with bringing questions, as you seem to like it so much. 😉

    Much Love, Bigfeet (still standing)

    in reply to: David’s Guidance #13345
    Bigfeet E

    Thank you Joanie/David for your reply and a warm welcome to Germaine, Jesus, Mary of Migdala, Mother Mary, Tutankhamun, Michaël, Auriël, Gabriel, Raphael, Kuan Yin, Djwhal Khul, Kuthumi & all on the long list from myself. I’m looking forward in what you all have to say …

    And before i move my fingers to speak more,

    @Joanie/David wrote:

    … Promising Not To Write Here Again (laughter) (hugs to you)…

    am i still welcome to, or was that meant for just the matter i was adressing before ?

    A supposedly ‘not so clear & direct’ Bigfeet, who can flipflop & slip a slippery sloap when lost sent of directive. 😆 😉

    in reply to: David’s Guidance #13370
    Bigfeet E

    @jldy wrote:

    Bigfeet. I do not know why you deleted your last post as I read it and found it very touching and truthful. You are searching; do not stop looking!

    There are times you have to stop looking, have to close doors … as it is not such experienced as doors, more like breaches in the hull.
    Breaches made by cliffs that ripped it open, due to ones own bad steering of the ship. If you don’t plug the breach, soon the ship will be flooded and sucked under.
    Call it a survivalmechanism, one gets the oppertunity to contemplate, recalibrate in order to live another day without to many bruises.
    James Brown made a lyric about it : “A man has to go back to the crossroads, wich where he found himself.”
    Generally spoken, i just panicked. I was overtaken by :

    1. the shadow of lust, the possebility of making love to a beautifull woman & to recieve the same in return. All just a projection based on an illusion that has no way of manifestation in an honorable manner.
    2. the shadow of shame/guilt, wich was born in the aftermath of letting myself go following the unfruitfull illusion of hunger.
    3. the shadow of untruthfullness, a bit of the same as point 2, but i felt no longer being tru with myself and what i had said in the previous post, and wanted it deleted untill i came back in to the light with what i did say.
    4. the shadow of selfpity, the numbed drenched feeling of unworthyness, unableness, powerlesness, failure.
    5. the shadow of stubborness, anger/rage towards myself for loosing control again to that same old circular foolishness, so worn out it’s has become a trench instead of a path.

    And probably a couple more of wich i can’t think on right now, but i think you get the gist … untill room was clear again for some light of acceptance/forgiveness.
    Thanx for the interest anyway.

    @J/D wrote:

    OK. How are we with this? OK. How about Love? “What?” you ask. We say, “Go find the meaning and report to us.”

    Ah well , i’ll give another shot.
    Forgive me that i won’t be as elaborate as previously, but i’m still a bit weak in the knees.
    I’m sure you saw what went on, but hey, that’s what spineless idiots do from time to time, playing the what-if game wich bare no fruits.
    Thank you for the ‘nameless reminder post’ anyway … hah cheeky, but i had this allready in conclusive perspective sort of.

    So love, yes …
    Love to me is only worth in it’s unconditional expression, in whatever form it may be manifested.
    So my goal is to follow it in that direction the best way i can, with all my falls and standing-up-again’s, as possible.
    Going with the flow isn’t easy when one lost touch with it, so the flow is the basic of love & life to focus myself upon.

    When speaking in ways of romance and sensuality/sexuality i feel it can not be any different. So my search for my ‘sync’ has to be put on a hold until a simular lovely one presents herself on my path.
    As in the matter of recognition i think i’ve required a certain amount of capability with the method of ‘reading’ people.

    On the other hand i feel less confident on finding it anymore. Wich makes me wanna live like it is a fairly closed chapter, ending in mineur without having started yet.
    But i rather just stick it in my inside pocket for a later day when something ‘could’ happen. Otherwise it’ll keep buggin me & steal me of focus and energy to much than i care for… for now.
    No garanties offcourse , i understand, just gotta rebuild faith & clear the channels again.

    The reading of ppl does not fare that well when everybody wants to mask their hearts & are holders of deception.
    It’s becoming obvious and quit a turn off for me. The game has bin compremised to much with unspoken rules of roleplaying that makes things unnecessarily complicated & unattractive for my taste.
    Hell, i’ve bin even succumbed by it myself & makes me create my own dumbness & unease in the matter. I guess most of us still need to grow in there.

    Do you believe you can just drop anchor till waves rush over and crush your spirit? How does this serve? Does it? Do you see you are able to pitch, yet find balance amidst storms if you reel in anchors, set sail while exhibiting care not to rock too much?

    How bout just balancing the storm without having to ride it, seeing the storm is illusion created, centered rising / uncreate the storm and enjoy the bliss.
    What’s the point to keep riding the same rollercoaster for a short thrill ? Fun ? Maybe for a while yeah, but then what ? A different rollercoaster ? Where does it end , looking for unending thrills that have only imaginaire winners and losers ? Does one not get tired of this game? I do.

    Wich brings me to the story the All/One wanted to create diversity to enlive all that can be. And so it is and here we are. Apparantly ‘IT’ (for a lack of better term) wants now this game here to end aswell.
    When we, the diverse ones, see the ‘joy of drama’ – as you’ve presented it – has worn out it’s welcome, like a child loosing interest in its toy, its attention grows further to ascend joy to its original state of Oneness. Then is this not the way to go ? Forget about the storm, embrace the flow …? And taking this back to every-day-level-on-earth to live in a more harmonious way, with understanding and being in the loop ? Or would that undo the thrill of challenge and become boring aswell ?

    Bunch of questions that have one focal point, i know.
    Has this, when you speak of mixing water with oil (wich i presumed meaning mixing higher & lower consiousness) come into place with what i am trying to do, and does not work ?
    I know i’m trying to find to see the middle path in my love-question on all levels. I must bring it together, for i don’t want to choose one or the other. It doesn’t make sence.
    The world is filled with failed marriages and broken compagnonships. And i don’t want to end up in that position aswell. I grew up in one such.

    I leave this for now.
    With warm regards,

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